Castillou Way on the north end of Salt Spring is named after my grandfather Judge Henry Castillou. My mother, Sheila Cumming (nee Castillou) was Henry and Mintie’s daughter.

I have been doing research on his life for quite a few years now and am now focusing the Salt Spring Island stories. I spent all my childhood summers at my grandparents place there and have the fondest of memories.

My aunt Josephine Stackhouse (nee Castillou) mentioned she knew Dick Toynbee. Is he still living there, if yes do you know how I could contact him?

Castillou’s bought the Cotsford’s farm, I think? Are there any of the Cotsford family still there? Henry and Mintie knew lots of people there, both locals and those who visited. Local names I have heard stories about are: the Sampsons or Simpsons, Toynbee, Bullock, Cotsford, etc...

I’m hoping to be on Salt Spring on Monday August 30 or Thursday Sept 2.

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Jolene - meet Bob Rush - here is a wealth of information for you.

Yes, I know something about the Castilou family.
Henry (sometimes called Harry) was the staff lawyer for the District of Coquitlam when I worked there from, 1975-1982. He would be around age 90 if he were still alive. His sister, Jo, was younger. She and I were both members of the Grouse Mountain Ski Club in the late '40s.
Their father was a judge. Up in the Caribou, I believe.
They were related to the Greers. Mrs. Greer lived at 2401 North End Road. Died perhaps 10 years ago now. Her daughter, Betsy Lane was over visiting their house this weekend.  Lin Beattie, now in Braehaven, is a member of their extended family. He and I were in high school together in Vancouver.
Feel free to have the person contact me, and I can put him/her "on the trail".