Marshall Heineckey

“The Story of Vesuvius Bay”
Presenter:  Marshall Heinekey
Samsun Narrows

The Story of Vesuvius Bay

VesuviusVesuvius Bay has a special part in the history of Salt Spring Island.   
On Wednesday February 10, the Salt Spring Island Historical Society is pleased to present the very interesting story of Vesuvius Bay as told  by Marshall Heinekey. Marshall was born and raised on Salt Spring, and through the 40s and 50s lived in Vesuvius, where three generations  of his family have been for the last 90 years. Marshall is a  toastmaster, and has recently moved back to his family's old homestead.

This fascinating program will include a PowerPoint presentation with  photos and data from 1860 to the present.  The talk will trace the  early establishment of the Vesuvius Settlement through pre-emption, the conflicts and struggles within the settlement, and the emergence  of the Bittancourt family. The role of the Sandstone Quarry in building Victoria will be explained.

Vesuvius1After WWI ,change came to Vesuvius, and the program will discuss the  homesteading of the Inglis, the Chapman, and the Goodrich families.  The presentation will focus on the growth of Vesuvius Bay including  some of its buildings, churches and businesses. The final part of the  presentation will highlight the presenter's experiences growing up in Vesuvius.


February 10 at 2:00 p.m. after the Historical  Society's general meeting, in Central Hall.  
Refreshments will follow the program


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