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On Psychic Experiences

Margaret Cunningham

Mrs. Cunningham gives details of the psychic experiences, mainly communication with the dead, that have happened to four generations of her family. There are quite a few details about life on SSI in her father’s and her own time.

Accession Number 989.031.037 Interviewer monologue
Date June 19, 1984 Location Cassette tapes box File #24 to File #48 Shelf 8C
Media Audio CD
ID 32:2




Unknown Speaker 0:00
My experiences of life after death. I Margaret Cunningham of central Saltspring Island and this is during the 90s 1984. I'm recording this as there has been. There have been so many occurrences of experiences of life after death for four generations of my mother's family. And this trade has been passed down from my grandmother to my mother to me and to a lesser degree to two of my sons and my daughter and grandson. Neither of my two sisters have this secondary ability. My grandmother ramus nary Professor Samuel Remus of Queens College, Cambridge, England in 1871. And he was given a position as professor of math at Durham University. My mother was eldest Nari middle daughter, like myself with an older sister Annie, and a younger brother who died when only a few years old. My mother was born in Durham in 1873. Because of the three small children, my grandmother was unable to go with my grandfather when he took his vacation to Switzerland. He was a teetotaler and did not drink the wines used in Europe and contracted typhoid from the water there, died and was buried at Sheridan on Lake Geneva. On my visit to England in 1972, one of my English cousins said he had looked for the grave but could not find it. So my grandmother returned with her family to her original home in Cambridge, living with her unmarried sister and brother, and the two girls grew up with the students at college. After 20 years of suffering from bronchitis and after me had married a clergyman Reverend Jeffrey Marshall, the doctor thought my grandmother should get away from the climate of Cambridge to the drier air of Scarborough on the North Sea. So she and my mother moved up there. They lived at 14 nuns for a row. The place is still there, as I saw it when I visited England in 1972. And they attended Holy Trinity Church where Mother had presented a bishops chair to the church, this being one of the many oak carvings which he did over the years. However, the chair was not there when I visited, and it should not been there years earlier, when my cousins had looked. Perhaps the bishop took it away thinking it was a personal gift. At this time, rather became acquainted with two of dead sisters out he marry 90 cake, who lived on the opposite side of Scarborough 34 Columbus ravine, which I also found still in existence. In the fall of 1910. The two sisters asked my mother to come and visit them when their brother raffles pretty schoolteacher on Salisbury round in BC and their and their sister Emily, that is who was also within. We're coming on a visit after 25 years in the remote western part of the world Saltspring Island, and whom they had not seen for all that time. Mother told me that when the door opened and dad came in to the room, a boy said to her, this is the man you are going to marry. She was afraid he would hear it. But he didn't. Although something must have clicked because when he returned to the island, he wrote and asked her to marry him, which he did following the following spring. After writing at Mardi Gras, dad's brother Fred Purdy met her and accompanies her on the train to Winnipeg, where he was caught in groups of figures in Indiana limestone to be placed around the dome of the new parliament buildings in 1911. She was glad of his company as it had been a long trip across the Atlantic, and then again on the train. On arrival in Victoria, Devon mother were married at the old Christchurch Cathedral on April the fourth 1911. And dad thought mother needed to rest for a couple of months after the long journey, but she decided after nearly a month she should go. She should go up and get settled on the island. Then act on the Victoria and Sydney railway for Sydney and birdie. It says Iroquois they both apply these waters carrying passengers and supplies etc through the islands and ran between Sydney and Nanaimo. Mother must also have second sight or must have had second sight or intuition at this time, as they were so lucky and traveling that day and making the trip to Salzburg. On her next voyage, maybe six or eight, the ship sank and a squirrel off Sydney as the looseness or load of hay in number shifted off the deck and the ship sank almost immediately. The captain saved some of his crew and the passenger is drunk. Needless to say there was credit court case afterwards. My grandmother wrote to Mrs. Bailey's earlier in the year and begged her to take her as a paying guest. She didn't like losing her daughter so far away from her. But Andy Emily very spoiled she could not take her as the low her husband had died. She still had five grown sons and one daughter. I had my Grandmother's Letter, and she's very sad that she died in 1915. On the night of her death, she appeared at the front of my mother's bed, although it was at least a month later, before mother received a letter for my DNA telling her of her death. This trait of being able to see a deceased person was passed on to my mother, and then onto me.

Unknown Speaker 4:39
Later experiences I felt that it would seem that the time and space as we know them mean nothing to the departed, as my grandmother who died in England instantly appeared to my mother 1000s of miles distance. In our family, I was the middle girl of three He must have been a continuous source of worry to my parents. As areas near death many times in growing up, everything seemed to happen to me. Never to my sister's as a baby Jersey cow milk do not agree with these two, they had to get an Azure cow instead. And when I first started school, at six years old, I had to be operated on for growth on my neck. Nature high fever, which kept me out of school for six weeks. However, I sailed through school like a breeze and being in the entrance class to high school and 11 years old, but the daughter thought my daughter should come out. So in June, when I was trailed by then, and had recovered from the operation. One day while I was working outside carrying a plate of biscuits to the garden, I slipped and fell and the china plate broke on a rock and cut the radial artery in my right wrist, dead bounded up and tightly and drove me out. In the horse with a horse and buggy to the doctor who put it in. We put in three stitches. From then on for a whole year I started getting fainting spells all the time, I had to go in and out of the hospital every month for a while. One day I wrote my I rode my bicycle down to the post office, which was situated at the end of North store, where the Saudi shop is now as at that time, there was no mail delivery on this road. I no sooner reach the post office and put my visor against the wall outside and I fell down in a fake doorway, fortunately and ended Tolson standing in the post office waiting for his mail. And he carried me into Mrs. Morris boarding house across from the post office store. And that year, it wasn't safe to take me out anywhere as I think it everywhere at school in St. Paul's Anglican Church on the Ganges Hill and even in the Hayfield when we were making a call. My father and mother drove a horse and buggy and we had no car until seven years later and never had a phone. So when an emergency arose, I remember once Dr. Lawson drove his car at breakneck speed to come to my aid, I couldn't breathe and was gasping for breath. When he arrived, everything in the room had gone strange and had just about an hour just about passed out. He diagnosis as an overactive thyroid, which accounted for the speed at which I went through school. I have never been so bright since the treatment was was painting my neck and armpits are down and I couldn't get any sleep at night. So I had to go to hospital for for several times during the year. So it was out of school for a year, even even then, when I had even then even even now, even now, quite recently, when I had an operation with about an anaesthetic, my breathing room seemed to take a time to recover to normal. If I am near anyone using a breathing machine, it bothers me very much indeed. After all these difficult experiences of growing up, I find these computers being kept alive for some reason. When I laid it when native native went to the royal Business College Victoria, I also attended St. John's Church in the UK and the Anglican young people's association there when I returned to the island to brick and mortar office in 1933. Reverend problem came to the island and was our Rector one night while I was sleeping on the on the, on the on our brand or when my sister in our lives. I had a dream, which was rather strange because I was standing up in there in the stream, I was standing up and I read evening dress, and I was talking to 200 people. And I didn't know what it was going to be about, I'm sure but the next day I had a letter from Norman said God who had studied about the AYP on the eye, and he invited me to come over and talk to an opening meeting where they were getting together a number of people for the AYP and Duncan and just seemed to be fulfilled almost immediately after I had that dream. He was the president of the Milan AYP Council, which we from when I was recording secretary, we had we had different branches at Jamaica's Naismith Memorial Port Alberni packs for Colton and Courtney. I also started a group for the Japanese young people who were here on Saltspring, about eight AYP and members including Norma Southcott, real Dobson and Duncan and myself, and others, of course, went to the Dominion conference in Winnipeg in 1935. Both Norman and we'll grow later ordained clergy in the Anglican Church. Real Dobson was ordained more recently, and was written quite recently was Rector of St. Mary's or baby Torah. He may even still be I don't know for sure. But nominally his brother Ernie Southcott were doing ordained in England, and he became the proof the pre roll of seven Cathedral on the south bank of the Thames below London. And both Norman and Ernie married English girls only remained in England to no return to Canada. And to have Eric just celebrated the present time ribbon bird Harrison ribbon John Bailey, both new gnome and also after the war nomen built a new church It's chaired in the Dunbar district of Vancouver, as that area was opened for develop Meant for developing homes for return men and their families. After this was established, he went up to Kitimat and a new town off the coast of BC, and between between between Prince George and Prince Rupert. This church was used by all denominations in the area. A few years later, Norman suddenly died at five minutes after midnight, just as the New Year was breaking. I didn't hear about it until two months after it happened. But when, when one of my AYP friends, Nora Williams told me about it in February, also during this same month in February, I had communication with a man from receivers who had been we had been we had died earlier a year earlier in February, just about the same time, and his wife had done and he had been holidaying in Hawaii, unknown and they had done and understood this particular time, he had had a very severe heart attack and had died. And it was on this day a year ago. It happened. So I think it was either in 1970 or 1971. It was the third week of February and it was rather cold weather. And I was at that time the President of St. Mark's Guild and I went up to some Mark's Church to see if the virus is on the older world, right. And sometimes they froze when we'd had some extreme weather. There were two badges there were three red and three white carnations nice bears. Mrs. Clinton had put in memory of her husband, as he as he loved her carnation so much. When I went to put the water on, to fill the water into the burdens that I lifted the one on the left side off the I heard a snap, as I put the water in, I just didn't think about it at the moment and then go the other way, and put the can of water back into the kitchen. And when I came in, and then I came and sat down in the pew and when I looked up I noticed that one carnation was missing when the white carnations was missing. So I went back to be older and looked around again. And I couldn't find it anywhere there. And I couldn't find it anywhere where I had been sort of in it suddenly hit me that that Mr. Quinton wanted to get in touch with me. And so I came back home and gave my husband and son their lunch. And then afterwards, I would have stayed in North America to speak to Mr. Quinton and he, he said to me, tell my wife, I love her Tell her I'm rooting for her. And so I said I would say after that I asked if I could speak to Norman sounds got and and he said to me, he had also had his rights are some of the new year just as it was breaking. And so he said to my wife that I will be right to marry and tell her that I didn't mean to leave her in such a hurry as they were five children to raise. And so I said I would and then I asked him what it was like there where he was. And he said, Oh, it's different as to how do you mean given the resistance or many ways. And so then I was going to ask him some more questions and just in the program. And so I came down stairs, I've been sorry, ever since that I did because I could have gone on talking to him for a long time. And

Unknown Speaker 13:09
then, over the years, several other things in more recent years have happened to me. In 1960s 1964. My husband sister, and her husband and her husband Victor and

Unknown Speaker 13:26
his co pups were riding down on me in their car to run

Unknown Speaker 13:34
forward to look at a new number yard that had just been opened up and on their

Unknown Speaker 13:40
way back. They were about halfway along the road coming down towards Ganges near some prices late when there were two cars that were at the top of the hill just above them and one big car over took the little one and crashed in writing to victim course killed him instantly. And she was that she was thrown right out of the car. And that same night. We were sitting around in the kitchen and the boy had been boarding at their place there came up and lost their son over was here and he hadn't been around and then about half an hour later at 830 He came up again asked the same question. But he wouldn't tell us what had happened. And at nine o'clock, the health nurse phoned up and said that your brother in law is no longer with us. And so I asked her what did she mean by that? And then she said that he'd been killed in this accident. And she asked if we would take over and work with him directly. Police Officer we went down there when they went down there and waited until he came in, finished with all the paperwork. And then we brought him home and I made a bid up for him on the couch in the living room. And we had something to eat and when everybody went to bed, I could not get to sleep and so even at two o'clock I was still not asleep and I kept thinking why did it have to happen to victims. And this was about eight hours after he had died. I know there will be six hours after he died and all of a sudden, I heard a lot of voices in the distance. And suddenly video appeared. These two people appeared right at my bedside, I could see someone in the distance who was in all in white, and had a red circle between his eyes, which I've later been told is the third eye. But anyway, I didn't know at that time. And so when they appeared, Victor was standing in his throne to drag the foot of my bed. And the other person was an angel, all in white, and beautiful complexion, beautiful hair. And the room was just as bright as if it had been brilliant sunlight, or even brighter. And so I kept opening and closing my eyes and looking at them to make sure I'd be on my watch all the time to make sure that I wasn't asleep and dreaming. And about four o'clock, I heard someone say she's getting sleepy. And so that I must have fallen off super well. Then in the morning, my husband had to go down and identify the body and see the director, Victor's burial, and so on. And that was, that happened in 1964. and various other things happened at different times. Were there in 1969, while I was ill, again, different times, very much so my husband went overseas and just before he went to England, during this last war, he was stationed in Windsor before they went over to move him and I went back to see him there in Windsor, Ontario. And I caught measles from him. So I was in the hospital. For about a week or two weeks, I was 35 pounds. So it was really sick. I had had a rash of measles inside as well as outside. And then I got another very bad rash in 1969, which doctors didn't know what it was. And it kept on getting worse over time. And I had heard that, just that time, there was a movie star in Hollywood, who who has died died of a rash that kept on getting worse, and the doctors didn't know what it was. So I thought I probably had the same thing. Anyway, Dr. Desmond sent me down to a lady victoria who was a specialist in, in blood disorders, and she told him to take a thorough blood tests and everything, and he would be able to find out. And so he did. And when I got back, and evidently, my thyroid had stopped working and has been so active before when I was a child, almost stopped working, so probably so. So now I have to take one central tablet every day, I'm Carteret in 1960. I was in the Dubya hospital having a full operation. And there was a specialist there who didn't have something on my big toe in any way. And I so every six weeks from the hospital there. And during the time that I was there, somebody came around the hospital visiting, the nurses thought he was probably they didn't used to hear him talking to people, I guess they thought he was a doctor. I don't know what they thought, really. But anyway, he came in talking about a religion, I can't think of the name of what it's called now, but but it has something to do with having soulmates and being a part of God and becoming God. I don't know that I could exactly follow that right now. Exactly what it was. Anyway. He got, we used to talk quite a lot about religion. And he used to visit other other patients there too. And anyway, one day, and we were told one evening, we were talking about this. And he said, Why don't you divorce guy and marry me? And before I could say anything, there was a loud bang on the table, you know, the bedside tables right beside the bed. And it was, it was just as if my mother had been talking to me and saying no, and I was short with that. So I told him, so and so then. Then he said, I'll take you to a spiritualist. So the next one I got out of the hospital, he took me there. And she said that it was my mother and that she had to talk to me and she had not done the table. She had to knock three times before I heard and she did say no, and I felt that this was all alone. And anyway, she said your mother is here now and your ID any her sister and her dad and everybody was talking at once. She says it was hard to understand what they were saying. And she said that Ariana was saying how nice it was to be with her sister, with your mother again, that they were all together. And then she asked me worse than the spiritual asked me. Did I have a brother? And I said no, but I had a young cousin sin that we went to school with. He was a year younger than I was. And during the war, he had to become an engineer Manchester and was on the VHS otter during the war when they were on Condit convoy duty between Canada and England. And at one point they were I think it was just off to the coast of Ireland. They were hit in the engine room and he was killed instantly. And we were very, very close. And it so happened it was about September the 12th or 13th 1942 I believe it was a year and I was in house at home and a different house what I'm in now it's where my Samrong is Now and the boys are both gone to bed, my two boys are both going to bed and I heard a knock at the door. So I ran to the back door for some people that were coming down to spend the night because my neighbor had her daughter over and her husband who was also in the Navy and, and they ended up with a desert so they could have my one of my rooms and spend the night there. So I was expecting them. But no one was there when I got to the door. So when I went to the front door, and there was no one there either. And I had this strange feeling that that was something that was happening very close to someone close to me, but not my instinctive feelings I had to do with guy that nothing had happened to him. But it was somebody who's very close to me, I couldn't think who it was. And I was told afterwards, that if I had said come in, that he would have come in, and it was my cousin Sam found out later. Because two weeks later, my cousin Phoebe Bettis in Vancouver got a letter from Ottawa saying that he had been lost in this auto I had this direct hit during the war. So he had appeared there. And I could have seen him right on he said, If I don't really know what to do that, but I didn't know anything about it. And so

Unknown Speaker 21:03
that was that experience with Sam. And then I've also asked to about about other things like Brennan when I when I saw the danger of God with Victor and I was told yes, it was to an engineer, Victor,

Unknown Speaker 21:24
an angel with Victor. And the person who is in charge of me is that her name is queen. She is the person that I was always spoke to, was a woman and I asked her what her name was. And she said, Well, you have never heard it. And I started wondering what what she must know everything's in my mind if she knows I've never heard it. So I asked her what it was. And she said the name is Queen X up rise X IoT device, Edie. And so when she told me that I had had four knives, I was in my fourth leg now that I had lost, they had lost track of my first day. In the second life, I was the queen of Naples and Lamberson. Allen was the King of Naples, and my daughter, Lillian was the princess of Naples. So we were a close knit family. And my third life, I was a boy who had been burnt to death. I don't know how to tell me anything about that. But I've always had a horror of houses burning, and I'll never forget, the terrible night ran them burns me burnt down, we saw the smoke, you know, from our place came up about the trees. And so we drove over there to see there were quite a few people there and this beautiful house burned to the ground. And it had been such a wonderful place to hold a lot of different things in the past and parties and so on. And, and for many years, I had been there to the to sing with their salesmen call society, we used to use that for training center in the overseeing there every week for all the winter months. So I really missed the place very much. So now I'm supposed to be my boss.

Unknown Speaker 22:58
I asked the queen. I said, I would like to talk to God. And

Unknown Speaker 23:06
he talked to me. And she said, Well, why don't you? God is pleased with you. And I didn't think I would be able to write and reply to talk to him. And she said, but I do ask for help and guidance all the time. Right judgment and new crisis are at anytime. Run certainly don't get help if you need it. I asked one time in my life and my cousin reading was very interested in me wanting to get married to my mother and father said no. And then I asked the Queen about about this. And she said that I was I was destined to marry guy to have a strong family or four boys and a girl

Unknown Speaker 23:56
was going to say something? Oh, yes. It seemed like a very strange thing. How are they cutting him family had come so many times. They are a nice time they settled right near where my father lived, which was a strange thing. They bought the property right down below he steals the first time and then they went off to Australia. And then they came back and bought the property on the first side of his property which was what they called Rock Road now. And then they left and went to Alberta and came back and bought the Stephens house where my brother and liberty was first teaching school here in south central on the island. Way back in 1885 to 1897 We're in a total family and we didn't close and all the old families aren't here at that time. Whenever my daughter Lillian was born, I wanted to find out her name it would be good for her that would make her musical because I really wanted her to be musical as I enjoyed music so much and I do and so and then he was in the hospital at the time. was born and she said write to this numerologist in Vancouver and he'll tell you so he wrote in told me to call her lineage, because all the ELLs in her name, her name would mean that she would be musical. And and then he taught and told me that I had to add the very worst possible name, I could have a dog and that's when I help resolvers popping up because the ARS in my name, and combined it all ends and Cunningham made a very bad condors combination that could have been when when guy passed away just recently said to me, when did you have any idea that this was going to happen? And I said, Yes, I had a fear that it might happen soon, because I noticed that very, very, sort of dull and she said, she had noticed that he lost all his faculty in his eyes. And I said, Well, I didn't know what that really made him. He said, Oh, yes, she does. She's taking a nursing training course now. And she said she had noticed it. And so she wasn't surprised about it. Oh, and there were two other things I forgot to talk about. And one was them. At one time, it was asking the Queen, a lot of things about what was going to happen in the future. Great, open, I got these answers. Do not pry, you must not priority, or you're pulling against where I realized that I messed up. Or what details. And so what but one time, I did ask her, if anything happened to guy who would look after me. And she said, and she gave me two names. And this was 15 years ago, when was called Herbert Boggs and it was called turbo turbo Marshall. I had never heard of either of these two people. I couldn't imagine what it would be about. But my question was not exactly. She didn't know how to answer questions. I meant that she answered this in a different way. As I found out 10 years later, when I was not very well, I had trouble with my back. And so I went to the local, local chiropractor, and he comes to the island at that time, and what do you think his name was Trevor. And then, after he thinks, he went in Duncan, and his name turned out to be Herbert Boggs, the two names that keep giving me 15 years earlier, that I couldn't, really was surprised about. I asked her at one time, said that I would like to write about my experiences. And she told me when I could when I knew more about it. So I suppose I hadn't done as much as I should. Have, I've been struck by one fact. And that is that all these contacts have been with men only, with the exception of my mother. And now I wonder if there's any significance to the fact that could, could men be stronger and more able to come through? Women? I wonder, does anybody knows? Much more your ads are just about covered everything. One thing in my husband's death, people were asking

Unknown Speaker 27:57
How could anyone hear a difference in the company of an angel, just eight hours after his tragic death especially when the angel stayed with him all the time for about two hours anyway, I know when they visited me so I don't know if I hadn't been worse. I didn't get