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The Historicals Meet the Hystericals

A History of the Hysterical Society, 12 May 2010

Accession Number An Address to the Historical Society
Date May 12, 2010
Media video




Speaker 1 0:01
And then and then we found that that was but we didn't want to do other people's materials so we actually

Speaker 2 0:09
because commas are big issue at that point and we had a condom delivery service and and marketing department at home and condoms me I remember the one of the calls was BC fares yep well yeah get we can make the other we can make condoms like that uh huh welcome aboard and have a safe trip okay that

Unknown Speaker 0:35
was and I'm sorry the line was parking in the rear

Speaker 2 0:44
like church Hello 10 million condoms yeah we can do that

Unknown Speaker 0:50

Unknown Speaker 1:00
not BC Ferries should do that you know and break up those staterooms they shouldn't be able to turn this thing every 20 minutes

Unknown Speaker 1:20
I got my cell phone talking to him.

Unknown Speaker 1:26
Number it's 537

Speaker 2 1:34
Some of the songs reads we're hoping to get a piano here but what we forgot to ask

Speaker 3 1:39
Mikey did most of the songs I've done a couple of myself but Mike was always the great lyricist always liked this video and he was always funny. Do one

Speaker 1 1:53
channel wrote some good we could do if you want to do the song with the course.

Unknown Speaker 1:57

Unknown Speaker 2:00
chorus chorus

Unknown Speaker 2:13
a course here

Speaker 1 2:30
normally we would use a strap but I don't have a strap because actually, we had we had a sort of semi social conscience political focus to a lot of the stuff that we did and and some of it came through in the songs and the auto blog. This one This one is about came at the end of the sewer fire after the decision was made to put the treatment plant in the middle of Ganges. And some of us thought that wasn't really such a really strategically great idea. But a lot of us islanders

Unknown Speaker 3:07
think our excrement doesn't speak

Speaker 1 3:12
so they wrote a song in the song it references the chorus it references references Tom, and Ron and then there's a third person so Tom Of course as Tom pointed the rod was Ron McQuaig. And and in my mind they were Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham. And then the third person is just the CRD director of the time. And so I did Diedrich Bluth I think.

Unknown Speaker 3:37
Sing it well here hear it

Speaker 1 3:38
No What's your name? The jewel that fills Hudson and kellyboat and Kelly those your hearts Yeah, what

Unknown Speaker 3:46
can you eat? Eat

Speaker 1 3:53
well away downtown the other day, much to my surprise. I wasn't sad. I wasn't blue. But I had tears in both my eyes. So I stopped into Luigis for a coffee and a piece of pie. But the air was thick and I felt like sick and I've heard this young man cry he's that Oh good lord is now plugged in Oh, burn your clothes. There's something rotten in the heart of all GaNS? Is it right or wrong or different blues? Well, I really never know that tell you the truth that they can seek and to me that's the core. Yes. So

Speaker 1 4:43
So I asked a local worthy a realtor of Intuit explain to me in a word or two how a village so God and cute, good smell like an ethnos on a summer's day or a ditch full of greens. I went No problem sir. Here's my card I'll tell you we've got the time. But

Speaker 4 5:06
oh by

Speaker 4 5:18
the time or rod or rules or

Speaker 1 5:24
rules, I don't know by law that story article started 10 to 20 years ago, before this building boom, while everyone in town had a septic tank. Well, they did if they had the roof budget the boys got together. They just happened to own the town. They chose health and their Kosei level. And their solution made a few folks drown because they decided to pump that shit out to sea. And that started a war of words between the forces of dark and the forces of light about what we should do with our turns. While arrest as they say they might want in the day, we got three miles of pipe and I built a boom man good health or so they say but in their unselfish haste to help us burgers led us down because they went in filled that treatment plant right in the middle of

Unknown Speaker 6:31
everybody saying

Speaker 1 6:44
Tom on the rod or Kelly? Well, I really don't know.

Unknown Speaker 7:17
That was our pitch. I didn't mind

Speaker 2 7:19
a sewage treatment plant but didn't want to say golden ocean because it never fix them when they fail. But if they fail on the land, then they fix them because it stinks right? Ours actually. I mean, that whole epilogue their dialogue of the sewer thing ended up with it was about 15 or 20 years of Costas city, between everybody and and the eventual outcome was that the feds threw a million bucks or more at it. The province insisted it get installed without going to a petition, or a referendum which of the two criteria for public works to happen in this province. So it was ordered in by cabinet edict. It went to the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the government, the CRD lost, and we the sewer alternatives committee one, and that's the week later, it was ordered into by cabinet edict. So the long and the short of it from the initial plan, which is only going to go 300 feet of the Ganges harbour and went three miles. And the treatment level was so great. It was the highest level of sewage treatment in BC history. And the cost because the government threw so much money into it. The cost actually became less for the property owners than what the original faulty proposal was. So in Salt Springs that had the left and the right, fighting. And in fact, what came out of it was a benefit to all of us. It's not a bad sewer system overall, and it was cheaper. Pardon me.

Unknown Speaker 8:52
Even to your point,

Speaker 2 8:53
yeah. So worked out to the best for all of us. This is exciting, because he won't because we

Speaker 1 8:59
were invited here because we're supposed to be hysterical. And you're being historical.

Speaker 5 9:11
When did Mary start doing her own monologues?

Speaker 1 9:15
Well, Mary started doing that when she refused to attend any more rehearsals.

Speaker 2 9:24
Mary did and there was a women's workshop at community said, a weekend workshop. And Mary did a stand up a reading. And Carrie and I were still married at the time and Carrie home came home and said Marianne Williamson just did this thing. And it was so funny. You guys should follow her and see if she will perform with you. So I phoned her and she said yes. And I said, Okay, well the deal is you get five to seven minutes and she said the piece is 11 minutes. I said okay, well we can cut it in half and do first the piece is 11. In our system, we do five to Seven minutes that way for bombs. We don't lose the audience and she said the piece is 11 so that she didn't know it was 11. Because we would elect a producer for the show, right? It was like nine people all prima donnas. And then we'll see. Okay, you're the producer. Okay. So he had to get the chairs on the coffee. And they got 10% of the tape worked up to $11. And

Unknown Speaker 10:32
is there anybody from Canada Revenue here? We make no money

Speaker 5 10:41
you know where my favorites and Mary's was? What if the three Wiseman had been women? That was wonderful. And what really cracked me up at the very last, not only would they have read a map, they would have asked questions. And then she said they would have brought a cast

Speaker 1 11:06
moment for Mary, I think in a skit she did with artery when he's a realtor and taking around and she keeps on asking him, you know, how much rain do you get here? And he can say, oh, look the deer or look at the salmon or look at the lumberyard. And she won't answer the question how much rain together? So she says Mr. Chalmers stopped the car. So he stops. She says she looks at is it. How much do you get here?

Unknown Speaker 11:35
Oh my god, like

Speaker 1 11:42
that's a real mistake. Because from then on, she had to work the F word.

Speaker 2 11:50
She got invited to do the United Church Senate in a Victorian all the all the churches come together. And so she called me up. She says, I've got a gig and I said that what is that? She said the United Church Senate and Victorianism. What's the Senate? The church elders and stuff get together? And they want me to do 11 minutes, 11 minutes? And she said yes. So I thought I'd do this. I'm going to do that. And they do this. And so then no, she goes away and does it and comes back after the weekend. And I said, So how'd it go? She said, Well, I had them in stitches. They were in the aisle. And I said, How long do you go on? And she said 18 minutes? I said, I thought you said 11 minutes, she said I hadn't counted on the laughter. So on her on her dying bed and other deaths that have been on her dying, that there was this, women of Saltspring got together and honored all the women of Saltspring that had done things over the last 20 years or whatever. And so there was like 25 recipients on the stage at artspring. And Mary by that point, could only be in a wheelchair. And so she's sick in her house and I go over to visit her and I said I hear you I didn't get invited to that woman thing at Spring and she said oh no well they were just doing real women not characters that I hear that when they will do on stage they give you a standing ovation for five minutes and you haven't said a thing and she says That's right. And I said I told you cut your materials

Speaker 2 13:33
once we got this thing going, which was like a total a lot of fun, right? We started touring to the outer islands like Saturnian on Main and Galliano and fender and Gabriel luskey, Denman Hornby Cortez. I think that Victoria the Trinidad we did the normal the duvet convention and the park.

Speaker 1 14:05
Shortly after we we performed there, that's where they said barely worth the price of admission.

Unknown Speaker 14:11
Admission was free

Speaker 1 14:18
to park because it became a hangout for drug addicts and the crack dealers relationship.

Speaker 2 14:26
We did the show. So we figured out somebody knew how big the lock was a Kathy eight spark. And because we've been selling out to crowds on Saltspring for 100 seats that off center stage. We decided we did the rough math on how many people could actually stand on the park and listen to us. And we thought that we're going to charge the money so we had somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 people we could cram into Kathy eight spark at eight bucks ahead. So that was a $3,200 door. And when we got there we realized things were not going it wasn't with your park. It was a cut through between an intersection and another Kenny was performing with us. So now we got like eight or 10 performers and maybe three people walking through the sparkler crowd there and he's the cabbies talking and it's an intersection which is like a four way intersection with red light red light so no matter what you're doing the trucks were either slowing down or to take off but excuse me he was doing this routine this truck pulled up I guess it had like three dogs in the back and they all started barking Oh Dietrich glad to see you made people news funny

Speaker 2 15:44
professionally, what have you what's your insights into the historical society when we brought you on as a to give us crafting

Unknown Speaker 15:55
of crafting

Speaker 6 16:01
graders we had a great time when we did paradise loss or whatever. The fun thing on Twitter, right to teach us well, the fun thing on the tours though, like they said, offstage was even funnier. And by the, by the end of two days away with them, you know, like to main island, Pender, etc. When you got back, honestly, your mouth was stuck in a muscle because you couldn't get it was like this constant gags going on the whole time. More often than not. They were extremely difficult to work in terms of direction. They're exhilarating to work with in terms of creativity.

Unknown Speaker 16:47
You're running for politics.

Speaker 6 16:50
Brought Henry wolf here from Toronto. I guess he was with me. Yeah, and after they've done many, many shows, he's a famous actor, director and Canadian highlight of the theater, originally from England. Anyway, he came all the way to give him a workshop and after five minutes, and they knew him already, they honored him. But after five minutes, he said, Well, I'll tell you what, boys, you talked about it when you get ready to listen to me call me back. And then he flew back to Saskatchewan

Speaker 2 17:26
was writing a good joke as a difficult part for us was repeating it three more times. When you get a good joke, and you're like, oh, let's grab on to that

Speaker 6 17:36
you do it. And when he talks about Mary or the others editing vote when I think it was their second nose, our first paradise thought there was so much great material, I still have it. It's about like this, that for the plane, you need this. And we kept trying to have rehearsals and opening night was maybe four or five nights away. I remember

Speaker 2 17:56
the moment on stage and I was in the audience and I wasn't in this particular scene. And so I thought, well, I'll just time the scene. You know, they've got the script here that time. And they're doing their work. And I look up an accountant. And I said, Guys, we got a problem here because our script was like 120 pages. And I did the quick math and we weren't doing an hour and a half show. We're doing a four and a half hour show.

Speaker 6 18:24
For never in a rehearsal, we could never you know how you do what they call it run through. We get about a third of the way through and it was maybe 10 o'clock at night. You know, we did about a third. It's rude. It's like 11 and over. And I'd sit them down and Sir, because we've got to edit. People have to give up material we got to and that is no no, I can't cut that. No, no. Okay, tomorrow, we're having around three, I want each of you to invite a friend or someone knowledgeable about fear to this run through and we'll have a meeting at the end. So and we will go until it's over. So we did we started the show. We ran through all the data. It took about four and a half hours that they all came into cert on look at each other. Okay, I'll give up a couple of

Speaker 2 19:13
minutes chopped and had it Yeah, and then it got chopped together. Yeah. So there's a whole paradise lots half of paradise Lots has never made it to the state

Unknown Speaker 19:21
and great scenes to some like

Speaker 2 19:29
that was where we learned if you're going to use a prop like inflatable boat, make sure it stays inflated. And secondly when it sinks when the air goes out of it. If you're doing it on the floor. Nobody past the first girl can see it. So as a human child, we're in the rubber boat and the boat deflated.

Unknown Speaker 19:49
Disappear disappeared. That was a good scene. That was a really good scene. tapes do that show series, a series a whole line on

Speaker 6 20:07
the legendary Saltspring handyman. You kept phoning to repair your plumbing. Yeah and this you know we're going on this show and then somebody would find the handyman and get the message leave the message, the show would go on we'd found the handyman and then finally it turned out a month later,

Unknown Speaker 20:26
I'd left the island a year ago

Speaker 1 20:36
actually was too proud of the shadows not here because shadow was a great great he believed in writing down his material which really made him such a novel class member of the group, but so he would have come up with with with a written scripts, like Conan The librarian and the Shakespeare brothers, all the Shakespeare brothers will and Bill Hicks. And they were they were great. And we actually sort of stuck mostly to the scripts to that they were

Speaker 7 21:04
there were a couple of times where we actually had lines that

Speaker 5 21:13
was the queen conceived before

Unknown Speaker 21:16
after King George

Speaker 1 21:25
where things are conceived what happened to her

Speaker 3 21:31
story because like most theatre companies, nobody wanted to go on first. Nobody wanted to open the show. And of course the Queen seemed like a natural to me because she can open anything she likes.

Unknown Speaker 21:46
Supermarket she's going

Speaker 3 21:48
that's why I started with Queen was that I got the first and nobody would object.

Unknown Speaker 21:57
She's made the Queen's great.

Speaker 3 21:59
She's a wonderful SAP. I think she's really useful for Saturday.

Speaker 2 22:04
So the Queen lightened reads on the side. Didn't you like?

Speaker 3 22:12
Baldy? Eric booth a lot of people, we also even very short, very small, small.

Speaker 5 22:33
You were part of this group? And you thought that not for you had you?

Speaker 3 22:36
Oh, no, no. I needed something to start the show. And she was very appropriate.

Speaker 2 22:44
And when we went to all the islands, there's always something happened on the island, right? Like you get the information from the ferry workers on the way over, or whatever newspapers you've got. So then that gets funneled into the Queen's routine, or the news report or whatever we're doing. And we did that when we were doing paradise lots. There's a moment where we April's direction, we four or five of us start dancing. And then we go into the audience and we bring up various members of the audience to dance with us. And so we're doing it on Saturna. And then that's the Saltspring shuffle everybody change a partner change it, you know, yeah, and the up with someone new. And so we're doing that. And then all of a sudden, the audience goes deadly quiet on Saturday, and we don't know what's going on. We're just doing the show. And at the end of the show, people came running up and said, How did you guys do that? We said what they said, How did you know? There was a couple Harvey? Oh, and presumably lights on the driftwood. Priscilla Harvey and facilite were a couple. And then Priscilla ended up with John from the store. And Harvard he ended up with? Yeah, yeah. So yeah, but however unsanitary

Unknown Speaker 23:53
won't mention any name.

Speaker 2 23:58
Turner, which has a total population of about 300 souls at that time, these guys split up. And for 11 years, if one of them was in this meeting, and the other one came in, one of them would leave. And they had done that for the last 11 years. And lo and behold, we go into the audience and drag three people out of the audience. Two of them happen to be Priscilla and their whole community having ignored one another for 11 years. And I'll start dancing

Unknown Speaker 24:30
the audience

Speaker 1 24:36
after you mentioned the news, and we were very influential release to do the news and just picked that was a good way to work local material and and I remember doing a news routine and I think I have personally responsible for John Lomas leaving the island because because we're like we did there. Every team about shopping on the island and one of the things was that now estimate that the foot two foot was the name of this hardware store Gulfstream. In fact, the 1000 SPF sunblock that he was selling was really just relabeled latex house paint. And then we also talked because I don't know if you remember gentleman's historic but it was very hard to get service. And so we did the whole routine about about not being able to get service at Gulfstream supply and how people were going to dunk and where it was rumored you could be served on the same day. And about two weeks later, we closed the store and moved to the interior.

Unknown Speaker 25:42
It was your fault.

Speaker 2 25:46
Any questions you have, and I remember we got lost on we're doing Gabriel and Gabriel is an island like this. And we got lost, and we're going to the place where the party was, and we just totally got lost. And after about 45 minutes of driving on a small island. We came up to an intersection and answers. This looks familiar looks a lot like Hornby. She was yeah, she was brilliant.

Speaker 7 26:24
What I remember most about and was her remarkable ability to sit through one of our brainstorming Paradise Lost sessions, which would go on for three, four hours of just people throwing on all kinds of stuff. She'd go away overnight. And next they come back with a script. She put it together like you know all this, which is

Unknown Speaker 26:48
why don't we have all those that

Speaker 7 26:51
just took it into your head or wrote it down and went back and moved it around. And

Speaker 2 26:58
together. I credit with putting it down on the hardcopy. Yeah, because they were the two that were doing that right. They were they were like she made the original application for the Canada Council grant, which was refused. The second year she wrote it as a joke, and it got approved. So we got to Canada, the deal was we have to do eight performances, we have to hire a dramaturge as part of the contract, and then we got paid to write and so that they said you have to do eight performances and by the end of the second run we've done 35 performances became very very even though what you would call a forcus borrow the script and all the music and they did it down there as their show and all the issues that I mean whether it's Ireland or wherever it's all the same right? It's growth and where our kids going to live and you know our kids can't afford to buy here that's happening the world Okay, anyway, there's some questions there's one video you had any of the shows video No, Dave Davies did a bunch. Is that permanently lost or well, they're

Speaker 3 28:03
not lost. I'd have outbursts from those I think we probably have most of those skits also on other videos from the shows that we did. With Dave it was a setup where we rehearsed and did three nights. We did a public performance last night and sort of rehearsal the first night and then two nights in between we did the video shoot for various reasons that didn't ever get published but they're all still there.

Speaker 2 28:44
I still haven't. And everybody's got a collection of something to tell you about Harry

Speaker 3 28:48
if you trade me that one from man Hall a couple of years ago give me an eight minute

Speaker 1 28:55
one that came from the shark cable in Duncan came over and did his show and ran it for like four years on as you know other spoke to have their community determined that they are right so they wouldn't be run this tape and I was in Victoria by then then people say

Unknown Speaker 29:13
hey, I saw you on television.

Speaker 1 29:17
On the oven for five years. What are you able to accomplish guys? I don't think Peters a nickel for Yeah. Did they pay us?

Unknown Speaker 29:25
No they didn't know they didn't want to sit at the contract. Tell you guys we didn't get typical lawyer. We've heard you on radio. Are you coming back?

Unknown Speaker 29:43
We'll sit now we're doing a radio show.

Speaker 7 29:46
We were going to talk about after the Mexico we went both went away. So we haven't really talked. We talked about talking but we never knew if anyone was out there.

Unknown Speaker 29:56
Went and delivered coffee. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 30:00
How to get reception.

Speaker 8 30:05
Do you remember when the logging truck drove around town and you two appeared out of nowhere, the whole rediem prompt you stumped it and just rallied us all it wasn't it was a really dramatic matter than logging down.

Speaker 2 30:20
And I said, I don't know what's going on. But all the downtown Ganges is closed off. And I hear you're bringing in the SWAT team.

Speaker 7 30:26
Oh, this actually, you know, there's some video of that kicking around to people remember that was I wanted to write a movie. And that was going to be the opening scene. Like coming down the hill and seeing the truck stop. And this crowd on each side and this and the police and the door. I mean, it was a brilliant scene. Do you

Unknown Speaker 30:47
remember what you said? They're taking the babies children

Unknown Speaker 30:55
always got punched out that it was me. They didn't like stumpy.

Unknown Speaker 31:14
Yeah, do you remember when you

Speaker 6 31:17
it was St. Mary's Church and a group screen you interviewed God told you not to be so silly.

Unknown Speaker 31:36
Remember, God has no memory. God has constantly in the mouth.

Unknown Speaker 31:48
Any other questions?

Speaker 5 31:50
Do you use the island mostly for your practicing costumes?

Unknown Speaker 31:55
The island? Do we get

Unknown Speaker 31:57
most of your stuff on?

Speaker 2 32:00
Lady mental and washi I was beneficiary of knowing Jean. I forget her name brind'amour, Jean Renoir, who started who really liked our comedy and would go and worked at the thrift shop. And so whenever something came in, after a period of time, she phoned me up say got a bag for it. And I go over your house and open this bag up. And like Jane Milton Baldwin, these parents would be there or Mike Webster's was like you put something on and you go, Oh, I this is gone. And I can see how this was she was the main supplier of my costume. And it came from ligamentum. Primarily. Yeah. And other people that died like people die. You're lucky enough that they die in your house. You get all their stuff.

Speaker 1 32:54
That's true. But we didn't spend a lot of money. Thank God for this

Unknown Speaker 33:00
question. But I

Speaker 6 33:01
just wondered that show when are we give birth?

Speaker 2 33:08
Give birth twice once was the pregnant man with the interest fertile implant. And the other time was Mary and Joseph. And you were Joseph to my Mary. Yeah. You're referring to that was the one he was trying to cram it back. And because of course Joseph couldn't understand what do you mean it that he was sure that this shouldn't be coming out and it was coming.

Speaker 2 33:47
For me, scripts for those sort of someone like read, read primarily wrote the Latin building inspector, but it was over a period of about two or three weeks. So the benefit for working together like one reason I were doing that separate from the rest of the group, because

Unknown Speaker 34:06
it's only a two person, two person.

Speaker 2 34:09
So when we as a group got together because quite often never got to see the other people's stuff. They were on stage and you were backstage getting changed into or whatever. But we did that one and I remember coming on stage and Sid said to me, we did have to be recorded. And the first time is that correct?

Speaker 3 34:26
I think it was complimentary. Jim Elementary,

Unknown Speaker 34:29
Jim. No, I

Unknown Speaker 34:30
think it was set man.

Unknown Speaker 34:36
You guys worked up, which is high praise I took

Speaker 6 34:49
although they do kind of a burrow from the roots of Cambodia, you know, which is an old Italian apartment theater. They have structure like they would have a general structure For instance, before a show would start, they quickly about 10 minutes before a show would start, they throw up a piece of paper backstage. Okay, who's on first? Who's on second? One second. There's the intermission five minute bit. And they can usually often have a costume wrap their adult so what are we wearing? Well, I don't know. Just try someone which is one of the appeals to because it's like walking the tightrope.

Speaker 9 35:26
You mean you can really go shallow writing and grabbing costume and then walk out and do

Speaker 6 35:33
what we did is quite thrilling, but it pulled off. And so in their minds, because you got to have that, you know, that rope, that anchor that keeps you moving. And then sometimes it would have lines but then in the moments there'd be these, this brilliant improv which is their favorite thing to improv just like committees, same thing. You knew who the character was, you knew generally where you were going, but you could adjust it in a minute that somebody came in the door late or a fly flew through the across the stage or they go. So they're masters that

Speaker 1 36:04
we did a show in Beaver point Hall for the erotic, erotic festival. And I was so underprepared an unbeliever that I wanted to quit. I said, I'm never doing this again. You are to me, I am not doing this. We went on. And I swear it was the funniest damn show we've ever done. Brilliant. These guys good looking night in Canada. play by play guy hitting on a girl and then there and we're doing Shilo and I were doing the play by plays and all the sports terminology. And at one point we had to go we weren't sure whether he scored or not. So we went to shorty with the micro Ken who was Arvin, over in the corner thing and he said, shorty, what do you see it

Unknown Speaker 36:52
took he actually he's, he's there we are down here.

Speaker 1 36:56
This little guy. And he said, Well, look, I'll just pull back the labia here and go in. There's nobody in here. But I'll tell you, there's a lot of room on this. Somebody's coming in.

Speaker 1 37:13
It was a brilliant. Thought you could actually do a guy with a mini camera inside.

Speaker 2 37:21
You came up with idea on the pregnant man, like a candidate. He said, Let's just listen to quarks and quarks. And, you know, that shows EI and they just they managed to take a fertilized egg implanted in a male gorilla and pump them full of estrogen. And he actually brought this thing to full term. That's the truth. And I said, Oh, and he said, levels a guide. Where would it go in the Valley into your scrotum gets up in the control and space. And so then we ended up with this whole routine, which was me arriving on his TV show prior to the birth of my first interest Squirtle implant.

Speaker 1 38:02
And again, that was one of those things that we use kind of repeatedly was the Frank Frank show with your genial your genial host Frank Frank with how the show was called to be frank

Unknown Speaker 38:14
winters call was

Unknown Speaker 38:16
just like the news. It was great.

Speaker 2 38:17
Yeah. It was a steal from Frank riches. To be frank was Frank. That's right. All right. It was like a total fun thing, right? Because he got anything that went on. Like right now we got the islands trust issues is not wanting to video cameras. They turn Paul on here. Trust me two weeks, two months ago, and so we were you know, so we would take that and then we would say look to him right now. Get this out of camera. It's not legal to have a camera and a public meeting. Is it alright if I put a condom on it? Is that recording sound down? I can't hear you.

Speaker 1 39:02
Five there's five of us. Right. So how about a $500? A permit

Speaker 2 39:06
$500 permit to get a camera and a meeting? Yeah. Todd, you're

Unknown Speaker 39:09
thinking so number think that's 100 bucks a piece? That's right. Excellent. Good one. That Yes.

Unknown Speaker 39:17
bucks apiece. Yeah, I gotta go. I'll see you guys later.

Speaker 2 39:25
Take them idea, whatever it was in the paper that was upsetting, or whatever. And then you just throw it into the group and then all these lines would come out and hopefully, some of them were funny and would get interjected into the show. And so the the hysterical society is the recipient of a lots of bureaucracy on this island and bizarre decisions that are made and stupid arguments like we came up with a drive by shouting on salts. That was a sign that things are going downhill. Do you know like the boardwalk that we're going to do this year the 20th anniversary of the non opening of the boardwalk. Coleman has agreed to tie the rope on it for another 10 years

Speaker 3 40:18
going over to main island I remember on the ferry and Larry Holbrook had gone was on main island at that time. Start talking about the new park that they were setting up and it was to honor some guy named Park. So it was Mountain Park Park. Parking for mountain park park

Speaker 2 40:44
district's department of redundancy department. We have various options we have a number of options we looked at there was Mount mount Park, Mount Park mount and park park mount mount mount park park will be erected same park here to mount mount park park park.

Unknown Speaker 41:11
And that's so good to meet audience. Thanks, killer Yes,

Speaker 6 41:19
I was just missing your men's group which were so brilliant. Yes. And you were trying to find things to bear your souls ended up with the car

Unknown Speaker 41:34
and the group hug we use love the group. Again, great.

Unknown Speaker 41:42
Alright, is everybody ready?

Unknown Speaker 41:51

Unknown Speaker 41:58
on enough questions, just a comment on how you're taking your comedy on radio. Is that working on? We have no idea

Speaker 8 42:13
it's fabulous. I don't know how you do it.

Unknown Speaker 42:18
So are you good? Are you gonna reveal this?

Unknown Speaker 42:24
The secret Yeah.

Speaker 2 42:32
And like Sydney, I've been carrying on doing the geezers and stuff and when income tax time comes, we have to declare our income from the various sources. And so I always rely on Sid because he's more mathematician I'm just too real to deal with numbers. And and so I will phone set up every year and say okay, how much money we make last year? Well until we started performing on the radio, we would have like a three or $4,000 income from doing comedy. And then as soon as we got on the radio, the only income we had that year was a $500 show where we did a radio show live at artspring the firt before the radio station the unofficial opening of the radio so we've managed to go from not getting paid and comedy to this 20 year career to get us to the point where we're not getting paid again is this thing supportive? If I found out alright so in answer to the question

Speaker 2 43:43
don't listen anyway so I was born in the Belgian Congo one of the things I learned in the Belgian Congo was part of this it's so if you watch my face yours what's my arms? What's my stomach? Oh my god. This is the only muscle I've never been able to control

Speaker 2 44:15
knowing I could do that, but I could do this with my stomach said I think thinking I should do the sports now your character pumps you up and can you just come up like this and then I'll stick a bicycle pump up your rectum and I'm like starts pumping that's all

Unknown Speaker 44:50
I don't know the word

Unknown Speaker 44:51
bollocky help just you

Unknown Speaker 44:52
know. The chorus is very simple

Speaker 2 44:55
and let me know before you go there okay. We realized and traveling around the world was the one of the issues in scoring. Not for all of us this increase in densities and population so we wrote a song about it and it's titled is if you love the island please don't come

Speaker 1 45:12
over to us anyway it was the verses

Speaker 3 45:17
yeah if you love the islands please don't come please don't come please don't come if you love the islands please don't come there's no more room for anyone that's okay for us and we'll do the verses all right you guys you love the island please don't please don't count one I got you got a yellow kayak and a mountain bike a chalk in the city that you just don't like you come here searching for the meaning of life you'll find it off not on the

Speaker 2 46:06
we got the islands trust and the CRD every second house is a B and B to overthrow the government join the PRC you're better off

Speaker 3 46:33
you could come for a visit or pass on through spend all your money like the tourists do. But if you're thinking about settling down do it off not on the

Speaker 2 46:58
we change our names houses to long term relationships are very few. You've got a relationship important to you P mid off now.