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Kathleen Rathwell

Kathleen Rathwell at Susan Good's house.
Accession Number Interviewer Usha Rautenbach, Susan Good
Date March 15, 2012 Location Susan Good‘s home
Media digital recording Audio CD




Unknown Speaker 0:00
Yeah, it's

Unknown Speaker 0:04
time to pass.

Speaker 1 0:09
And we're Susan. And we have Katelyn Roswaal. With us who was Kathleen Lacey when she was a child. I'm seeing this for for the business. Hey there the business end. Yes. So, before, before this interview, Katelyn, do you remember when Mary David interviewed you? How long ago was that?

Unknown Speaker 0:34
Oh, no one asked me. I doesn't J No. And

Speaker 1 0:37
I have to ask Mary but she didn't remember straight away.

Speaker 2 0:41
Before she came from rolling in the wrong room. She live in there. Okay.

Speaker 1 0:49
She could remember from that clue then. Yes. So that's

Speaker 2 0:55
the area down there. The ground was leaving the slide. You know, sliding off where and NASA was she was afraid of I think it was out of out of reach. And she moved up to a hilltop there. Back to the wharf. That's where she is now. Yeah, as far as I know. I can't remember everybody's moves.

Unknown Speaker 1:33
I didn't wait the beginning of it. You lose.

Speaker 2 1:35
Friends when you when you shift. Yeah. If there any kind of friends? Yeah. Make any splashing out. Hi, bossman. Brittany, everybody. Is the only anybody left. Wow. My age. Especially. They're all gone. Behind

Speaker 2 2:03
when you get to be 90 this year. Wow. Oh. It's happened to be on historical date. In September. Oh, yeah.

Speaker 1 2:20
Oh, which which day of September 12. The 12th of September.

Unknown Speaker 2:26
Date, remember? For sure.

Unknown Speaker 2:31

Speaker 2 2:35
I don't remember that. I have. I have the diary that my dad wrote. Today was born. diary that he wrote down when I was watching his story when I found the book. I have half the book. It's read diary. Anyway, where are we going from here? What next?

Unknown Speaker 3:02
So Susan's already

Speaker 2 3:05
named this was a big school. When I first went there who my brother wasn't there because I was I was only just fixed on that on on the 12th or something. And the school went in on six or whatever it was after Labor Day. Yeah. So I was five, five and few days right, left over and that's my sister Mary. She was two years old and she died. And this is Sophie Rowland. Rose Lumley.

Unknown Speaker 4:04
Mary Ellen Shepard Little lonely Lily

Unknown Speaker 4:18
This is Mr. George Shepherd. thread rolling. feel lonely. Second, his father's name is built efficiently. He was the oldest one he was at the top. This is

Unknown Speaker 4:52

Unknown Speaker 5:00
1010 chipper it's not a Fred is Ted Lloyd Rowland he died in an accident

Speaker 2 5:17
logging that's all those this is Edward in Lacey Nui is no en la cy. CY. Everybody's see why. Just a simple Charlie Well lonely

Speaker 2 5:51
Brother What was his name? This is Leslie Wilson. He used to live it last years. He was one of the boys at last year's. This is this is this is what's his name? Bill. Billy

Unknown Speaker 6:14
just so he's not there. Is Harold your brother?

Speaker 2 6:19
No, he isn't there was before he gave my guess. Yeah, this was earlier 20 2008 When I was there, I don't know. Edward was two years old. I said with younger would be later than that. That was when he was kindergarten I guess 1930

Unknown Speaker 6:47
before 1931 misfire

Speaker 2 6:55
Well, I have to think of that name. I can't think of it. John. John. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 7:01
there you go. Yeah, hey, work.

Speaker 2 7:08
He very good. 1931 Yeah, that's what

Unknown Speaker 7:16
he wants so school year 1932

Unknown Speaker 7:20
She'd been there six years Yes. She

Speaker 1 7:23
wished she was there from Oh no, it says here from 2009 to was

Speaker 2 7:30
first and she came after

Unknown Speaker 7:36
just saying two years.

Speaker 2 7:38
She was more than two years. She has more than two years

Speaker 1 7:41
she went all the way to 75 down here Yeah.

Speaker 2 7:45
Yeah 3531 to 35 that's

Unknown Speaker 7:50
529 to

Unknown Speaker 7:53
six years that's good. Could be well these are the same ones that we had before

Unknown Speaker 8:02
grilling them or is

Unknown Speaker 8:04
that the same photo or just

Speaker 2 8:06
arose another year? This was why I think this is Stan Stan

Unknown Speaker 8:24
nephew cousin Stan. Who his brother is Russ don't see it there when that 20 You disappear some of the names I'm doing better than I usually do. Edward Nash, me and that's Marian Sophie rollin.

Unknown Speaker 9:04
Mary Ellen Shepard and Lloyd Moreland. Dick Wilson

Unknown Speaker 9:25
Richard This is George Sheppard This is Fred road. You sit behind me pull my hair

Unknown Speaker 9:51
Danny Hirsch has Paris. Stan. The Romans I think Michigan One was a hairbrush there was a there was a group of people

Speaker 2 10:09
older older ones and then then the role and scheming after that I don't know what they were saying she was a Harris as well as a Roland or not is that be the way it was? Was there another Mrs. Role and there was quite a few of the Harris's we knew them all that went oh, that's one of the most

Unknown Speaker 10:45

Unknown Speaker 10:50
picture first

Unknown Speaker 10:57
that's not Isabella point Oh ha Isabella point I don't know any of them. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 11:07
no the teacher

Unknown Speaker 11:09
different tissue I

Unknown Speaker 11:10
don't know who didn't know her.

Speaker 2 11:12
Okay. That one quickly that might be beaver boy I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 11:21
I think we have more in in the other one these are Hawaii not people I recognize I don't know they could have been later on you know when I was

Unknown Speaker 11:37
nervous. It could be

Unknown Speaker 11:40
no school.

Unknown Speaker 11:44
Yeah. Well, like inside

Speaker 2 11:49
where's your straight room? Stall? This is the cloak well my guess is in and the peach tree we have so we have to go in the door there. I don't know. That's where we entered went through the book room into the main place. We had a peach tree and it produced peaches Of course. We had all those peaches. They were really good and lasted for a long time. And Mrs. Fortune used to get the peaches rather than when when they're normally at school. We had a garden along there. And it was a tree bush here.

Speaker 1 12:38
So were you taught gardening at school as well as just doing it at home?

Speaker 2 12:43
I don't think so. Time really we as forts and things we usually Auntie I owe the eye over that building a few windows but broken ones through the ball and didn't go high enough. And you'd run around here. Their nests, flagpole. We used to go in the morning and seeing Canada it gets reused to say

Unknown Speaker 13:20
I'm not sure it might have been

Unknown Speaker 13:24
the queen or candidate

Unknown Speaker 13:29
1927 Yes. I'm ignorant. I don't remember myself saying

Unknown Speaker 13:38
we say God Save the Queen. We're saying another one to may

Unknown Speaker 13:43
police. A police candidate must be must be

Speaker 1 13:51
looked it up and find out. So you talked about the sand table and sand hill? Where was the sun table? Was that inside?

Speaker 2 14:07
Or was on a big table at the back of the room. Straight up. We go in through the cloak room door into the main building and well, it used to be a cloak room

Speaker 1 14:23
at the end of this first school build um yeah, it's the same building but yes,

Speaker 2 14:28
when that was different. It was there was a big cupboard where we kept all the paper, whatever else was kept. But that was the back of the room. And the chimney was in this little room. We used to play games and there was only place to was and was

Unknown Speaker 14:59
three Many people are 20 people 27 children as a teacher

Speaker 2 15:04
when it came down to seven below teacher didn't teach his children there I don't think

Unknown Speaker 15:09
okay so was

Speaker 2 15:12
young at the end she had the children Betty Betty and and Teddy were the only ones and she had another one then that was Eric

Unknown Speaker 15:29
after she was there I can't that's another problem I didn't have to do anything yes face where you're gonna think about Yeah, it was over the war

Speaker 2 15:48
there was quitting wars over there too. And there was two boys in there my mom took pity on them and had them come over and we had parties with them thinking her way matter of getting them over. Don't never tell parents we're doing the shop keeping scores at nothing for them to do when you know the end of a war unless you mean pretty bad that was when they first came and of course they develop different things after the well remember, they kept store the store not you roll over to the wharf tie up at the wharf was the store, get the mail it was mailbox on the side of the Cudmore store.

Speaker 1 16:48
And that's what I remember reading in Ruby's diary. She was forever getting the mail or the mail had come.

Speaker 2 16:58
We had daily mail delivered and if they can deliver, it's like that. Why is it so difficult? You have to go and get it that just mean nothing. I mean, it's so funny. And same same going on here. Nowadays. We used to get Daily Mail

Speaker 3 17:24
we used to vary from Victoria.

Unknown Speaker 17:29
Wherever it came from.

Unknown Speaker 17:32
Another part of Salt Springs

Speaker 2 17:36
we didn't have any Daily Mail from her own place now. He had to come in on the very after it started

Unknown Speaker 17:46
1910 letter from Vancouver. It was here the next day

Speaker 2 17:56
1910 Very sharp. Very male. Well was up the valley you know where that that

Unknown Speaker 18:05
general store?

Speaker 2 18:08
No, it wasn't a store feed store or something. You know where that that elm tree is leaving out and that was the store. Edwards. Edwards had the store. And I remember going there with my dad with the wagon and the horse. That's the only time I remember the horse very much. We brought the horses from for training. Wow. We chickens. But we had chickens do

Unknown Speaker 18:49
you didn't have goats right at the beginning.

Speaker 2 18:53
We got them horse from the brides. I think we got one or two from them of their forefoot. And we had them from other places to visit and draw and I think we had one from we got one from increments. That's where Topsy came from when she was angor they've got the skin on the floor. And she used this keeps me safe. Nobody who says she get in there and

Unknown Speaker 19:32
she was so nanny

Unknown Speaker 19:38
she would do that too. What kind of stuff was in it was

Speaker 2 19:44
a bit more of long, shorter eaters. Yeah, that's the sort of thing and we have big sheet metal guard run. Rounded soldiers make the heat go other places besides sit net heater or reflector and the teacher used to light it she had opened the door so she had to light to the door. Yeah. Here's a place for you boy. Yeah, that's, that's this thing. Right

Unknown Speaker 20:20
is that before the cloakroom was built,

Unknown Speaker 20:23
so that oh this is the club.

Speaker 1 20:25
Yes, it's before this cloakroom the little extra room for the cloaks was built.

Speaker 2 20:32
That's this this building this building is there that that's the end. We used to playing hide and seek or we used to play around in there. Put it in the corner. Oh, that was quite a noisy thing that we used to tell him. How does that go? Were you ever way in the corner? We just had to keep changing corners. And you you get there and then with somebody trying to get the corner? It's like moving cheap chairs. It was harder than Yeah. Do you read? And then you had to get get around and get get a corner when somebody moved down it was fun when they were kids. Yeah.

Speaker 1 21:28
So Kathleen, I just need to know what you meant when you said that. That building is there is it on the other side? You mean Is this the the back of the building and that's the front?

Speaker 2 21:42
Are this supposed to be the teeth in the school? Yes,

Speaker 1 21:45
it's much much earlier before you were there. Was this is 1906 1923 This photograph is 1923 That's

Speaker 2 21:55
just about when the school started Yeah, that's what it is. This is just the entrance in here. That thing would be here I guess. Yes. Okay. All right. I didn't see it. I never saw it like that.

Speaker 1 22:10
So when you first went it wasn't when you first went it was like

Speaker 2 22:14
it was this place without any of that yeah yeah, we we had a door we had a door I don't know I just remember that oh that's

Unknown Speaker 22:24
not the way it looked

Speaker 2 22:29
Yeah, well this this is the cloak room now it was before it was destroyed. And that that's the door we end his as he can see it just edges in there. Well, that's the thought was turned around. See this is still only three window loss. Oh, I see. I see. Yeah, that's the same building. Yes. him further over to the corner. That's all maybe he is maybe did because they made bigger, higher winds 1234 I'm sorry for the same it's surprising how he can change things and fix

Unknown Speaker 23:17
the peach trees that were declared.

Speaker 2 23:21
This This looks like the result is it uses open in the middle. Let's open that hole right here.

Unknown Speaker 23:33
Oh, I didn't know.

Speaker 2 23:38
Here every once in a while we've gotten pretty hot in there.

Speaker 1 23:42
I cannot imagine 27 children and an adult in that little space.

Speaker 2 23:48
Double Double Double desks to on a desk right? Yeah. Not very you know the wide desk 888 Wilson four sons equals pencils. Yeah, that's good. I think we had sleep I think they had sleep to start with because we didn't get issues of scribblers years. And then we're you know, five cents or anything like that nowadays. $5

Unknown Speaker 24:35
at a bargain timestamp for

Speaker 3 24:39
pencils when when you use a slate and chalk in the beginning then sleep I

Speaker 2 24:46
don't know. We did. I did used scribblers and pencil. I guess I don't remember that part. I didn't do any writing for a while

Unknown Speaker 24:58
too little Have

Unknown Speaker 25:02
you dipped in the ink that was

Unknown Speaker 25:07
that was supplied.

Speaker 1 25:10
When When I wrote on sleeves, it wasn't like it was with a slate. Like stone and you write on it a white, a white mark, and then you wipe it off. We didn't have

Unknown Speaker 25:24
when where was this

Unknown Speaker 25:27
New Zealand very backward?

Unknown Speaker 25:30
Long time ago

Unknown Speaker 25:35
we thought the sun table

Speaker 2 25:36
that looks like they're attached to that other lady that you showed me with these? I don't know. See, there was a whole lot of schooling going on that I didn't know about the rest of the I left in 4019 42. I joined the Army in 43 in August, and I was doing correspondence. And so in that way this went on until 54 I think then that 53 years. So those are the people might might be anybody I know. There was people there and this is branch teaching. This was to miss

Unknown Speaker 26:32
you taught by Mrs. Hebert for

Speaker 2 26:35
what sort of she was there? I mean, I could inquire for how to do something in force on him. So

Speaker 1 26:42
you were doing Yes. Okay. Now, how old were you when you were doing correspondence

Speaker 2 26:49
between ages 13 And I graduated grade eight. And I went on until I left to went to the war in August. Okay. Schools are obviously 14 Selling that's when it went in it brings

Unknown Speaker 27:13
back a lot of memories.

Speaker 2 27:15
The war was over for GE Phillips where is that? That was the day I went to Victoria to join the army.

Unknown Speaker 27:25
Well, I didn't Yeah no worries when you oh here we got the pictures.

Speaker 2 27:32
No, that's a Baptist School. We had that window put in the residential dark on that side. North Side and wintertime was dark anywhere. We did no lights was just as big stove

Unknown Speaker 27:53
and daylight if there was any

Speaker 2 27:55
airs. You get to school nine o'clock.

Speaker 3 27:59
So no. Oil out so anything No,

Unknown Speaker 28:02
we didn't have any that fireworks

Speaker 3 28:11
I just want a bit of background. I've wondered about how many children your parents had.

Speaker 2 28:19
We had fun. My mum had a baby boy for first one in England. It was real good. But no his day she had nurses come midwives and they came from one one element to another and brought the bug which delivered my mom. Boy. And he died. Yeah, oh, that'd be awful. was so she actually had six children when it comes down to one that and then she left to see and scheme up to salt to Canada as a war bride on a ship that took six days or whatever it was. And people got seasick and all that sort of thing. They don't have it so nice as they have nowadays still promised. And from Montreal had cashed a train was quite something you know? Yeah. For her. Oh, when she was 30 years old.

Speaker 3 29:43
Did she have children when she left England? Well, it's

Speaker 2 29:46
one child that was born. The boy was born died. So She evidently it was very good. Beautiful child. Eldon had to be transported a miserable sickness. Whatever it was. wasn't long after Warren I don't think they had much. Life. I don't know. This. This looks like make me I was a queen in 1930 when I was 13 I was making

Unknown Speaker 30:28
fun. Got all those

Speaker 2 30:32
wins Mr. Morrison has was the print queen, teacher. Principal over last year, these are the ones before. These are ones before

Unknown Speaker 30:51
it says 948 and 28 guards

Unknown Speaker 30:53
later Oh yeah. She that was after I was awake. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 31:00
That's it long after.

Unknown Speaker 31:03
So I don't know Jackie.

Unknown Speaker 31:05
Oh, she

Unknown Speaker 31:06
Jackie seven.

Unknown Speaker 31:09
She can probably in the 20s for it. And

Speaker 2 31:11
there Steve the portion. One of these fellas I should know. I was at misses the fortunes. The day he was born. And she she was having a baby. And it was Steve.

Speaker 3 31:31
Did your mother go to help? With the with the birth?

Speaker 2 31:35
No, no, I don't think she had any helpers. She swears to people don't need him again. Well, she wasn't there when he wasn't the only one.

Unknown Speaker 31:46
How about your mother?

Speaker 2 31:47
Did she need help? When when? Oh, my my two boys brothers were born and home. Yeah, she had to Miss Smith from before the end. Mr. Mr. Eaton sister. That's when evil when she was and she she was a helper for one of them. which one had the other one? It was when we were my sister and I went down to our neighbors and stayed there overnight. That much. The rest of it

Unknown Speaker 32:23
was a new baby.

Speaker 2 32:25
And well we got to them but that remember that event? only remember the time when Ruby came home? Mum was in the hospital for her. Is that the demon? She was in the 40 cc Yeah,

Speaker 1 32:45
so how did she come home? What transportation was

Speaker 2 32:51
I guess it was very Drummond or somebody Mr. Mr. Shaw used to drive us around Betty a while there was other people Mr. Martel he used to come and get us on Sundays even even now

Unknown Speaker 33:20
the guy that Mr. What's his name?

Unknown Speaker 33:40
Villa they voted. Leak ombre we use the only film

Speaker 2 33:55
about the man that has the field and the leak and stuff. Bullock he even had the cars that we used to and last year only last year. Mrs. hepper missplay at car those days cars were very expensive. You you took them off so out of the garage where you were buying it drove home not even know how to drive new string cars yet get a girl when she got it from some girl and she said I had to get it home. And I didn't know one way you know she she had to drive it where she had to go. She's She found out again. If there I don't suppose you went very fast in those days I'm just gonna get up. You get there you get where you going. Anyway, let's have a look at some more pictures. Okay, yeah, I can tell you anybody in there except to Steve. Steve unfortunately I don't know whether I could tell you what it looks like is many looks like

Speaker 3 35:26
So Kathleen did anybody in your family get really really ill in those early years and me

Unknown Speaker 35:35
who been called off and I had my dad's look after bed in the kitchen mom looks after during the day and dad looked after doing the night wow I don't know those people have to be after there's Ruby see she was still around

Unknown Speaker 36:08
this building is here

Unknown Speaker 36:13
parking maybe that's Harold was like really? For overhaul maybe

Unknown Speaker 36:28
giftset. Switzerland's wondering

Speaker 2 36:31
that's what your sinks were this during kitchen. Billy where he we used to have fancy dress. costume parties. Mom used to make his own. Oh, whoops was keep paper daffodils and go down the hall. And we'd have music. So many play the piano one we danced merry go round ino children's dance Christmas party we had concerts. Great. Lots, lots of exercise. We used to walk all the way from the school all the way down to the full front hall to practice on the stage

Speaker 3 37:34
you know where the stage was? Well, it's not where it is. Now.

Speaker 2 37:37
There's many stages they took the stage this was up here Hi. I had to go around him back and get some stamps. We had programs that they you know just like everything else

Unknown Speaker 37:55
to know who that is.

Speaker 2 37:59
That looks like somebody I thought that looked like he was going to school much after oh everybody looks much like everybody else. This looks like Ruby. Okay. Show me like Harold is Tom

Unknown Speaker 38:31
I think

Speaker 1 38:33
because they are part of them. Were nasty collection. This photograph that's all right. We can there is there are many more pictures of that day. So it might be clear which one is

Unknown Speaker 38:52
this could be the name. I think

Unknown Speaker 38:54
they're wearing crowns she's wearing a queen that might be

Speaker 2 39:01
me. Yes. That's what I was seeing queen in this way Edward this must be me.

Speaker 1 39:09
Now is this a school play? Or was this your family having fun together dressing up?

Speaker 2 39:14
There was in the time and Mrs. Hepburn. Ah, okay, because we had this this arrangement including cleaner hearts. Is that whether it will be gone? Is it rainbow again?

Unknown Speaker 39:29
Yeah, it's not pretty

Speaker 2 39:35
this was this must be a prince or something. And he's got a crown on a minute. Snatch. That looks like Edward. He was the king. I think

Speaker 1 39:46
that's why there's a cook because it's always the same. The same

Unknown Speaker 39:52
time. Yeah, this is that's what it is.

Unknown Speaker 39:56
So that's you That looks enough like I can say

Speaker 2 40:02
it to you yeah that'll be it that's why the family that's why they recognize okay, I'm see that was I thought it looks like me in that movie. I know. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 40:21
This is Edward here. Yeah. Pharaoh Cairo

Speaker 2 40:26
and this might be mirrored this might be

Unknown Speaker 40:32

Speaker 2 40:32
man we do I don't know what we all did. I had the Queen's job this one somebody else too might be might be newly called her might be he was at school at a time lived down the road where where the the architect their lives was just the Yardley where they are your leisure No. Calder's had that house first. They built it. I think. My mom and dad did really well.

Speaker 3 41:24
Oh, yeah. Your mother? Oh, yeah.

Speaker 1 41:32
About your mother. Why would you tell her she's a pioneer lady.

Speaker 2 41:37
She was the one she there's there's me and then there's Edward. named Mary and there's Harold. Just right. There this during kitchen

Unknown Speaker 41:58
little kids are cheering fairy, fairy queen. you're juggling.

Speaker 1 42:04
And you've got to cook and some kind of general I think

Speaker 2 42:08
that's that one. I was thinking. I don't know who it is. But okay, there's another picture.

Unknown Speaker 42:15
Well, it's almost seen a day. And then this one with a

Speaker 2 42:19
dunce cap. I forget. I forget a person. See there? You see there. Yes. I know who that was. But this looks like the fortune boy.

Unknown Speaker 42:37
Ah, okay. Steve, Stan, Steve.

Speaker 2 42:42
No, not Steve. His brother older brother.

Unknown Speaker 42:46
Stan. was yes.

Unknown Speaker 42:54
Yeah. So how'd you get to go? Well?

Speaker 2 42:58
How do you think about why divine it and find out where to put down a hole? So who was the diviner? My dad? Oh, let's see. I could do that too.

Unknown Speaker 43:16
Why stick will usually in green. And you walk along. And when it goes down like that, that's where the water

Unknown Speaker 43:29
is. So it really pulls your

Speaker 2 43:33
work from you can't believe that it has any power your household with your thumb on end. And this is a funny position really. But it's it's the way it got a chance to go down like that. And dad used to go divine water. pretty cheerful people. I think this has happened to do it too. Oh, really? Yeah, she did. Well did. Julie. Oh, and then the how do you dig it from the shovel? Why, of course. Dig until you get there. And you get the water and when they get when you get down when you have to climb down into the water. The whole you you're making it because this cable right isn't just not a pipe waples You put a ladder down and use buckets to say here when the water starts coming in it comes in fast. Oh, usually so many minutes. You know. That's why they go. Why have your well is a good well, it's bubbling up and then fill up that hole to fill up the hole. So he didn't line the hole with anything as you went not all the time. It might get more done in certain places I called knighting voter really?

Unknown Speaker 44:51
Well your mother did it. I was curious.

Speaker 2 44:55
Majid help dad that's all great. I used to go there.

Speaker 3 45:00
Wow, she sounded like she was very capable.

Speaker 2 45:03
Mary. Well, she was to saw the Jags saw a cross cut solid dead on one end and the other, he couldn't take much of that action. But she was because she used to milk the coat the cows. The big cows, I always remember the big cows that they brought with Angus and black one and dark red ones. And they were big. I was so big and everything looks so vain. They carry a whole bucket will milk down and they used to be very heavy. milkers how many toast to them? The two big ones. Did they breed them? Yeah. Because we had taky Peggy and and Sally, that was eat meat brought with them. And then we had another one. Another red one. I don't think we had any more black legacy, oh, live their time. And their big cows and. And it meant that they had to be brought home. cows don't come home. My nurse was still. My mom used to go out and get them. And the only way he knew where they were was a big bale. That plank plank plank. Yeah, we had lots of land, over 100 acres. And there's lots of room to go roaming. Right. And that's why they say they hang on to the couch tail to get through the bush. They know how to go home when they feel you come in. But the bracket and you knew what bracket looks like and how high it can grow and have the kind of force that gets to be well coached going through underneath it to get rid of the flies and come out the other end. You know, find something eat everyone.

Speaker 3 47:26
So your mother did that. But she also would cook your breakfast in the morning and made your lunches did she?

Unknown Speaker 47:33
Oh yeah. Homemade Bread too.

Unknown Speaker 47:36
What did you have for breakfast? Most days?

Speaker 2 47:39
We had cornflakes a lot. We had cornflakes. We had porridge. I don't know good staple. We used to go up and we had the goats we had around 810 goat's milk and that my sister and I used to do that. Take a book with you and read it

Unknown Speaker 48:00
while you were milking the goats. Yeah.

Speaker 2 48:04
You will you milk you can drink read.

Unknown Speaker 48:10
So what about your lunches? Did your mother make

Speaker 2 48:12
your lunches? Oh yeah. She invented all kinds of fillers. So we didn't have the same old stuff all the time. So it was sandwiches. Yeah.

Speaker 3 48:21
Can you remember some of the fillers

Speaker 2 48:25
while she made made this thing with ginger and put through the meat grinder and stuff they did make it soft enough. We had sticky raisins I had repackaged and brought it with me. No we have put them in flat

Unknown Speaker 48:50
into the sandwich. Yeah.

Speaker 2 48:53
Trend bread raisin we had pieces of meat and stuff I suppose when we had it. Did you have honey? We have

Unknown Speaker 49:06
a peanut butter.

Speaker 2 49:07
Peanut Butter jam. We're doing any Arctic. Oh even went over the gun but never found anything. Not very much in a hunting business. My dad used to he get quail in season and Roshan pheasants but there's nothing like that anymore. When he was was cutting hay sometimes there's a pheasant has made a nest and just in the wrong place of course. And so easy to base hang on to their nesting and bothered moving near sizing. You decided he might catch up a little chick there So nice presents many rounds anymore

Unknown Speaker 50:07
and probably the witness

Unknown Speaker 50:12
yeah right from the back door or the front door used to get in the garden like they do and they wouldn't get there very long once he found out that they would come and

Unknown Speaker 50:27
meet with your vegetables.

Unknown Speaker 50:29
Did you have a big vegetable garden?

Speaker 2 50:31
Oh yeah. planted potatoes, patches, whitening strips. We used to have to lead

Speaker 4 50:42
they used to put the garden to preserve the food the beat in jars and

Unknown Speaker 50:49
Canada can fish can meet chickens

Speaker 3 50:58
Wonderful. So is your mother enjoy the flowers

Unknown Speaker 51:04
garden flower bed to everything like

Unknown Speaker 51:08
mother like daughter her late mother

Unknown Speaker 51:19
afternoon I came up here

Speaker 3 51:25
wasn't so miserable. I take you on a garden for some more tips

Unknown Speaker 51:39
was one event not sure what it was? What

Unknown Speaker 51:45
have we got gone through all the photographs?

Unknown Speaker 51:48
Black and white.

Speaker 2 51:51
There was more than one on that page

Unknown Speaker 51:57
take it out as a

Speaker 2 52:01
mirror. Mrs. Edward me

Unknown Speaker 52:13
This is thickening school. It might be after everything.

Speaker 1 52:26
Is this part of the trees? I'm sitting too far. Oh,

Speaker 2 52:31
Mr. Grant that's a flower. See the grants live down the bottom. Below was nine. I remember that piece of property or somebody anybody. My dad's where the grants had their house. And that house was built by Mr. Davis. Dad Mr. Cohen imagine and he could have been there to Mr. Davis and dead somebody else I'm sure to take Mr. Grantham was there by that time? For his time because he had he bought it from

Unknown Speaker 53:26
you remember when the picnic was?

Speaker 2 53:29
No we had picnics every year two or three times a year. Four or five times in the summer and we have a picnic all the time. So I couldn't tell you what the school picnic or non

Unknown Speaker 53:46
is a table there and there's people on both sides look like they're getting food and that's me and this is a man and I don't know

Unknown Speaker 53:59
that Mr. Hamilton wore a hat like that. Then we got a magnifying glass to increase the size

Speaker 2 54:15
this is a picnic boots on the ground. Maybe the school grounds because we had picnics there every year July till about five years ago

Unknown Speaker 54:37
and he is

Unknown Speaker 54:38
laid off there was a dog should have big dogs just know I couldn't tell you.

Speaker 2 54:56
Me to

Unknown Speaker 55:07
move me up here because a nomination boy changing

Unknown Speaker 55:22

Unknown Speaker 55:29
a baby now

Unknown Speaker 55:36
she means she was the youngest one of the

Unknown Speaker 55:39
year you're born 31

Unknown Speaker 55:50
Isabel point rate pairs that's it belongs to schools launch Isabel boy we had picnics as many as we could get to come to the picnic first of July

Unknown Speaker 56:19
never been there no other people or people from around now they also called the life anymore

Unknown Speaker 56:35
and there are young ones who

Speaker 2 56:42
don't realize they belong to that part of it that have to get them acquainted. Don't don't get acquainted so easily anymore. People don't visit like they used to. Not not that far back. This is just a few of the old folks that still remember how to do it.

Speaker 1 57:13
And to have a public picnic

Speaker 2 57:18
we used to have it on the beach sometimes. Jim was one of the one set picnics and he lived up on the hill where Ruby that property was all he had. He had a cow and used to roam on the road and drowned Mr. Patterson used to take it to his place on a piece of property right by the beaver Points. Paul is still Patterson when he used to keep it there until June we give it back cow was one of these fellows that never come home you never know when you're going to find it that's that's Paul Rouen he was crippled

Speaker 2 58:21
anybody with a hat on sending me movie movie night you should wear hats. That looks like Mrs. Drummond.

Speaker 2 58:44
See they've lifted the bottom of the road weight by the food offered in Germany Mrs. Drummond on the corner here. Tom Roland. He used to go down from school and play crib with there's quite a guard character. Watch me there.

Speaker 3 59:15
So I've seen you were saying that your mother used to try and get customers to come for parties at your house

Speaker 2 59:22
to two boys. Yeah, we had a children's party. So let's see.

Unknown Speaker 59:27
I wondered about the parties.

Speaker 2 59:32
Play games and the days when wagons are quite common. Children's wagon. Picture was cut Morrison. Gordon and his brother Walter knew them. Gordon's been around on Salt Spring a long time and he's dead now. But his brother used to live on the south being when he went to Thetis Island or someplace to live. And he died there and I was told by his wife that he died quite some days. You weird before. Anyway, that part's familiar. But I have a picture of it we'll days

Unknown Speaker 1:00:27
he used to get together and play cards.

Speaker 2 1:00:30
Oh yeah. Lots of time. We used to go finish that was finished. We used to go down my dad used to like to go to Hamilton's Davis's and they did with chalking and how Sony only way you get company was before radios you know. Mr. Davis had the first radio it was it was crystal Oh sets and you had hearphones You have take turns the music words on there. I don't remember what it sounded like but that's what we did.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
time ago.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:15
Everything's before cars.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:19
What about church? Did you go up to Fulford

Speaker 2 1:01:23
or, Boy Yeah, roll down the road to church. Oh, down to the to Jackson's place where the where the playground is right now. Oh, yeah. And there was a field there and you had to walk across the fields to get onto the road and the road used to go up the hill there they moved it down a little bit.

Speaker 1 1:01:53
So it's just walking all the way to isn't Mary's

Speaker 2 1:01:57
is a mile and a half mile and a half not I don't know why they changed kilometers anyway. miles further. Even when you save when you write it down, it's a lot easier to say.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:18
So the whole family pile into the rowboat?

Speaker 2 1:02:22
Yeah, well, whoever went to church dad didn't go as often as but he used to go special Easter and Christmas and stuff like that. But we didn't go in the wintertime use of walk services went so often anyway I don't remember what happened in wintertime. And the church had a heater in it like the one of the kitchens and school something like that. And Willie the older one of the only boy that was in the Shah family he used to go down and light the stove

Unknown Speaker 1:03:09
to warm it up before

Speaker 2 1:03:11
put it on good fire and chimney is to go up like this and move along from here to there. Your wallet Wally and that hang with wires don't have them there. And that could be very dangerous because that get too hot. A chimney get old red.

Speaker 1 1:03:32
And as she said in this interview, that's probably why St. Paul's down in Ganges. Yeah. So the I

Speaker 2 1:03:40
fell on that when it was whole ring was still there. And my mom was in the hospital burned down. Terrible. I don't remember what it was like inside. I don't know whether I ever got there for

Speaker 1 1:04:04
this another thing that was happening in Fulford, Katelyn, you mentioned here and that's politics.

Speaker 2 1:04:09
Oh, that's it was that was an FBI report more. Oh, was he on their point? Elena, Elena point I was crossing heartburn around the corner. They didn't have anything much to do with the hall. Okay. And further on. That was Mr. Mr. Monk. He's the one that made the font. carve the font. This in this church now. And here's the walk from Ellner point to church. Oh, wow. When he did bring the boat down here and let me full burden. Welcome there.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:50
Nobody was unable to get there. He used to come in. He had a wonderful voice.

Speaker 2 1:05:00
Hey, do I learn that I can play the violin and never did it your mother played the origin. Yes, she paid the tunes.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:11
Did you have any musical instruments at home?

Speaker 2 1:05:15
No, only the piano once a long time after it was sort of run out of I don't know Ruiz place. How it got there. But anyway, we had the Oregon from someplace. And when we used to practice on that, where she went to church she and Mrs. Palmer Mrs. Farmer were the organist at St. Mary's

Unknown Speaker 1:05:46
How did Mrs. Palmer get there?

Speaker 2 1:05:49
Came down when the minister and most times Okay, Archdeacon homes. She used to live who's a marriage?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:02
A car? Who? Is the minister have a car?

Speaker 2 1:06:06
Yes, he had. He had to go to be FoId used to do those services on Sunday used to go to be avoided. Wow. Do service thereafter in the afternoons. That'd be a long circuit. Well, takes his mind by complains about having a second place to go. Three police now Yeah, and one Sunday. One after the other.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:36
Did you go to the city very often.

Speaker 2 1:06:39
City. Oh, we used to have Pollock's used to have a boat. And it was the ferry like just a passenger boat. And we used to they used to start at the wharf and it pick us up when we roll out to the low tide sort of area and put the anchor out on the boat and get on the launch. And go to Sydney and that was the end of the railway you get on the train. Oh, I remember the train running the last time I was when I was six. Anyway, it went to Victoria. We got their dentistry work done or whatever it was that we went for. Came back the same way in getting the ball rolling and sure it was a lot better than trying to go all around floor yeah after the day view you had enough

Unknown Speaker 1:07:44
amazing to be picked up

Unknown Speaker 1:07:48
was just on top of books. They made them

Speaker 5 1:07:57
so you would do it in one day like you wouldn't stay over night in Victoria. Have you

Unknown Speaker 1:08:04
ever seen an overnight anywhere? Where you come back the same day?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:11
Nice life. Yeah.

Speaker 2 1:08:13
Otherwise it was a bus I guess she caught me I don't remember catching versus train. I remember getting off the only thing I can remember doing it. I couldn't tell you what it was like on but I remember getting off it was the it was the end of the trade and the train isn't running anymore. Oh, the railway went right down to the wharf when you were about six Yeah. I had to I had all my teeth in the first molars or whatever it was because I don't know why they didn't carry on very well. The water and stuff you know he don't know what causes everything. And that's that's memory part. So everything that started when I was six I can't remember what happened in between there and some others.

Speaker 1 1:09:15
So you're talking about your teeth are you meaning that's why you had to go

Unknown Speaker 1:09:21
to dentist the dentist

Speaker 2 1:09:25
know after you're older you had a man called the old and he did all dentistry works wonders.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:35
You have a remarkable memory for names

Speaker 2 1:09:38
because surprising. I detrimental. They're not fading like they have been. But if I start talking about somebody right recently, they get on that Yes. I've done very well.

Speaker 1 1:09:55
Thank you for There, there are bits that I'd love to know if you can remember how you learned to count the mathematic side of teaching? Oh, is it?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:12
The chicken or the egg? is definitely their fingers.

Speaker 1 1:10:21
But at school did you didn't have an abacus that you remember or textbooks and exercise books.

Speaker 2 1:10:29
We also had books of course, everything was hand books, or anything I don't like remembering above was silent reading. never really got to that. There's always questions after you read it.

Speaker 5 1:10:44
Ah, oh dear here

Unknown Speaker 1:10:47
to answer them.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:49
So it wasn't silent reading for fun

Speaker 2 1:10:55
reading that I wanted to read. But that's so many questions. I never got very far I think it was because I was too slow with the reading. Everything had reading to do Yes, true. In respect to risk protect pretty good. I was always pretty good at recounting their chicken. And I took mathematics as one of the subjects when I was in correspondence. learn quicker ways of counting. Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:11:32
So what other courses did you take by correspondence? Nine and this is on on your own with Mrs. Hepburn. Yeah, and you're just every now and then you had to

Speaker 2 1:11:45
biggest trouble. You do it all. In correspondence. You have anybody to help you say anything. You are the one that writes it down. And you read in your write and you read and you write in your write up. And it's a long process and they send you very lonesome program.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:08
Why did you do the correspondence?

Speaker 2 1:12:11
Because the high school wasn't a high school. My sister Mary went for a little while but it was the old horticulturally building or something? Yes. Chickens and chickens please just like your chickens and put the kids in. That's what it sounds like.

Speaker 1 1:12:41
You know, and it was a very long way away she was no way getting

Unknown Speaker 1:12:45
there except for for the weather we had like this this now. It was a long way to go after school. After a while you've got to ride a bicycle. Well we can have bicycles

Speaker 1 1:13:05
in every corner I'm not sure that riding a bicycle all the way from the agricultural grounds would have been a good idea

Speaker 2 1:13:17
no we didn't have that part that would have to be left to fulfill that full year but you know how many hills and so on do it I didn't we didn't have the money to supply the bicycles. I don't I never learned to ride a bicycle.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:39
So you had nine courses? Nine subjects subjects I mean yes. And so that's covering just about everything anyway

Speaker 2 1:13:50
history or social studies and that was a subject I had to take a test what do you think I didn't want and that the the inspector to the school that we had to go to Burgoyne school to do this test if intelligence test one was passed, pass them on but that was the one that was 13 was May credence to the NES was all my problems no no I have always had no one to help with the same in the same class. Always have everything by myself. Oh it's been that way. Oh my oh my life Wow. I'm on my own. Yeah. Her long session, right? Yes,

Speaker 1 1:15:03
yes, that would be that would make it much, much harder to learn.

Speaker 2 1:15:08
The law of correspondence she she managed to get through, I don't know how many subjects she had. But you had to send it Victoria. Somebody corrected it. And they figured you had to recreate you know, you had to do it. And you'd have to send it back and then see if it was finished and all interrupted in the new page. Oh, couldn't do any more until you're done the old stuff. Oh, boy, boring. Boring is raid entire so I still write letters and things now. Everybody likes them because it's like a story. You get a story what's going on? Yeah. I don't like getting a letter just says. Hope you're doing all right. And sort of thing by and that's it. And you don't know anything.

Speaker 1 1:16:05
So that's the kind of letters that were worth throwing all the way to the wolf to collect.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:12
Yeah, and

Speaker 1 1:16:19
now when you went away to when you left Saltspring Island, I

Speaker 2 1:16:25
went to Victoria, and the same day went to Vancouver. And I stayed there for two weeks while they're getting up making uniform. But I could have been home all that time. But I learned what to do with the old priory, St. Mary's priory we were with Army girls, other girls along with them. All right. And we went to Edmonton. On the train. I don't know how we got there. But it was evident we had to go to vermillion. I mean, we was three people in an upper bunk. And you can imagine whole hot beer on the edge. Where's his room? Yeah, if you were in the middle, they were like the filling in the you can't turn over. Stand up because of the roof is there. You had to get down. bled, there was too many nights as well. But we had to make our own beds. More often than not. Or you never got to bed. The Porter was so slow and he was never getting there. I remember going to the going out of the room so he could make the bed and when we came back there was a party going on. carried on for so long. Oh, there it was people on the train. And they were all getting together it wasn't so great.

Speaker 1 1:18:18
So what did it feel like to be leaving Saltspring Island Was it exciting and your life?

Speaker 2 1:18:24
Poor? I guess I managed to get too tired or too lonely or anything. It was all just take it as it comes right? Yes. I couldn't tell you anything about it really. I don't remember getting too excited or anything else. She's gonna fill us up with some more tea. Just want to try that lemon square. Because I make it and I don't know if she makes it same as I do.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:56
Test out that recipe checkup

Speaker 3 1:19:04
I actually made some of these out of the cells.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:11
Oh, okay,

Speaker 3 1:19:13
that's all I had in the fridge and it actually works I always use it better

Speaker 2 1:19:20
No, especially butter too much for you. Yeah, that's too heavy.

Speaker 3 1:19:27
But I didn't think you could bake with the sale but you can. Sure you can. No surprise surprise

Speaker 2 1:19:40
oh my goodness, I need it anymore. There's some in there but I will gladly do it right up. past March to dish

Unknown Speaker 1:19:59
don't sell it to Hello I don't want you to fly

Speaker 1 1:20:05
this is another gift from me to use very bad printing and much better photographs

Speaker 1 1:20:17
so that your parents celebrate celebrating 55 years of marriage and also in the driftwood and account of them celebrating 50 years of marriage. Yeah and then on the back is your father's obituaries when he died

Unknown Speaker 1:20:42
April 7, was that when he died?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:45
Um, no, I think that's just the drift.

Speaker 2 1:20:50
He was at three most of the men nowadays are die at that age and find 8483

Unknown Speaker 1:21:00
and women keep going

Speaker 2 1:21:03
negative 90 Something night at 94

Unknown Speaker 1:21:08
Men just earlier to get away from the women

Unknown Speaker 1:21:17
me nasty

Speaker 2 1:21:25
is terrible the way way so many men died. They were wanted or needed. Yes. All women have to end up holding the fort.

Speaker 1 1:21:36
And even though your mother, all those men who went off to the First World War, yeah. And then when they came back, not not as fully fit as they had been for. So the women kept having to do a great deal. There. My mother always said she loved to be equal. Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:59
She was needed.

Speaker 1 1:22:01
My mother was very much needed. She was married to be because of her strengths. Because my father was crippled before they married

Unknown Speaker 1:22:11
important that Chief twice or three times

Unknown Speaker 1:22:14
or just for me. Oh no, not for me.

Speaker 2 1:22:17
She would bring me a cup of tea and see it anywhere yet. Not yet. She's really don't have to wait to have to worry about a big pail. It's water. Oh, I wanted it to be perfectly important to a

Speaker 1 1:22:37
perfect cup with sources and a special teaspoon as it was right here is mine. Yeah,

Speaker 2 1:22:46
we only serve tea in fancy cup. Yes, an afternoon tea. I still have a cup that I got for a quarter or something. Oh, yes. And I poured boiling water in it morning noon and night. And it remains and I have an odd saucer with beautiful rose and its partner cup has tulips

Unknown Speaker 1:23:18
to have a flower garden instead.

Speaker 2 1:23:22
My sheets on my bed are all flower prints. And I think that's get keeping keeping order is felt with it and always knit

Unknown Speaker 1:23:39
your father's name?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:42
Mining. Oh,

Speaker 1 1:23:44
yes. So I'm actually we've been right Incidentally, I wrote to the archives. I was right it's our at h Ram we have to we have to not rotten

Unknown Speaker 1:23:57
rotting rats. Pasture my

Unknown Speaker 1:24:02
my apologies for the archives. It's it's from

Speaker 2 1:24:08
two different names Rothwell and Rothwell silence and they have the same real estate man. He's Rothwell. He used to go live. Davis is his mother. And she something went wrong with the wedding. She would she got another man or another woman which which it was something went wrong there. And there was a lot of raw Rothwell's. He's still on the island.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:56
So when were you married

Unknown Speaker 1:24:58

Speaker 3 1:25:00
So you're using 22 to 44

Unknown Speaker 1:25:05
Yes thank you for accepting

Speaker 3 1:25:14
did you come back to Saltspring after after I came

Speaker 2 1:25:19
back to get my mum made the wedding dress and the cake and I took the cake and the wedding dress and got married in Kingston with a friend from in the army she was from Montreal and she stood up I had no family there there's another single time we were married and went to the in laws place she helped us put the wedding away wedding a year before from their daughter and then another wedding for me is to go out there quite a bit

Unknown Speaker 1:26:10
and when Miss Margaret form

Unknown Speaker 1:26:14
in October,

Unknown Speaker 1:26:15
October and

Unknown Speaker 1:26:24
October which year 4646 I only know about Margaret, did you have any other

Speaker 2 1:26:38
real estate? And then she's past 65 Or

Unknown Speaker 1:26:44
really? Where is she

Speaker 2 1:26:47
in Victoria? Oh, she came out and played bridge with me last time and this Saturday in those two weeks ago she had to get going can't stand for ferry I said that maybe it would be oh the bridge would be over by the time she could go after race and again I said heavyweight me watching the time it was just before this time and she said oh it's 2022 for Secretary think she was at forefront fair she dropped the last hand playing the bridge game she she made the trick and that's it she would halfway out the door but by the time I caught up and say goodbye by the car on anniversary they had hand and she had her car and she we've been out to she took me out to lunch before we went to the bridge and then we went to the bridge and plays it until 20 to four Well, it isn't it isn't to be I don't like really go into a restaurant because you don't get to talk to anybody you don't know you can't hear it's it's a useless sort of job but you you can talk I mean you you can talk but you don't say much it's nice friendly after not seeing each other for a long time. Yeah you know you don't get to know anything about anybody

Speaker 1 1:28:50
right? No private stuff would come up in a restaurant

Speaker 2 1:28:55
is just when they're going out the door say goodbye then you get to say something not very much I can tell you you don't know whether they hurt you. And when a sailboat

Unknown Speaker 1:29:10
training vessel

Unknown Speaker 1:29:14
oil is quite molecule

Speaker 2 1:29:19
there's some splashy things out there is just the waves. Whether there's porpoise or whale whales, there's

Unknown Speaker 1:29:28
lots of white cups

Unknown Speaker 1:29:32
there's some crab traps out there.

Speaker 2 1:29:34
There's something right out there. Is that a sail boat or is it just a monument or something?

Unknown Speaker 1:29:40
It's a navigational aid yeah they're

Speaker 2 1:29:45
straight out there and there seems to be still there and I just didn't know what is

Speaker 3 1:29:50
the house on Galleon right across there sometimes gets mistaken for a boat. And then there is the boat.

Speaker 2 1:29:58
sail boat don't when should we go? On some speed, it does look like it's moving.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:05
As this one here isn't cancer point. So it's a rock a

Unknown Speaker 1:30:11
lot more traffic there

Unknown Speaker 1:30:17
to get visited by grandchildren.

Speaker 2 1:30:21
Yeah, they're all big too. Yes, they give me my ramsons is the middle one. My great. Grandpa, my granddaughters in in place build

Speaker 2 1:30:44
up in the mountains balance something ending with Vail available through bail or somewhere.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:53
No, that's not the mountain.

Speaker 2 1:30:57
She was including wholeness. She had they had a place in Kelowna, they worked. They work in hospitals, and computer accounts and stuff. And she's retired. If she pleased. She retired. And her husband does the same sort of thing only he's in a different department of the same sort of thing. Computer business. And Beaverdale Beaver Dam Oh, never heard placed with money. Anyway. They, they had two places they had the summer place on the river. So on the river and they made it it was a horse

Speaker 2 1:31:51
Yeah, where they keep horses anyway. Horse barns and Horse, horse manure, stuff like that. Anyway, they made it into a house. They've got the house and they've got the horse barn into another building and this building into another building and they have a skid, do you know the thing going through the master slave. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:21
So traveling through the mountains,

Speaker 2 1:32:24
just riding around having fun. They go

Unknown Speaker 1:32:30

Speaker 2 1:32:33
whether you call that mill motoring, snowmobile, snowmobile, yeah, they got a snowboard, and they got a truck. They really remake the houses when they buy the house and renovate it and sell it and buy another one that they can build. But they've they've stopped doing that. Making the last one? Well, they still have things to do. Is that boats churning around. Oh, yeah. Anyway. She wants me to come up there, but I haven't been yet. It takes a lot of getting into the plane from here. And coming back, mother's praying. And you can't just get on the plane and go and get on the plane and come home and your home. Life or for me? Yeah. You got to get a car or bus or somebody to drive us down to the ferry if you go that far. And then when you get overseas for spay you got to go up steps. People get collected, and they get taken to the airport. I've never been that way. If somebody comes and gets me on the other side.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:09
You just need your own private plane.

Speaker 2 1:34:12
Well, I'd have to learn how to drive. Somebody else to do it for him. There's another one time learn to do this. That I have done big. Well, I've learned how to drive this net and the other. I didn't even drive a car when my husband died.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:36
How old were you when he died?

Speaker 2 1:34:39
Oh 40 He was 40 something. He died in 63. Oh my goodness. Same time my daughter got married at Christmas time. After Christmas. The same day, same year that was All these one limiting the other then that was when she stayed with me until till after Christmas, New Year

Unknown Speaker 1:35:15
so he learned to drive a car after he died

Speaker 2 1:35:19
with quite a job because you have to have insurance. Well, he didn't have insurance before he learned to drive. And who was going to give you an insurance? Well, I had a man flight insurance but he took me on. They figure women are more reliable than men. Yeah, the same. So I've got my insurance and the driving license. And I ever since I've been driving I took my daughter when she graduated. She didn't really graduate. She didn't get her graduation. She went to Redeemer she walked up the road. Anyway, I took them to Picton sandbanks and they we stayed there a week. The three of them I think in my car, and I had to cross the water at forget what the name is places, Picton and the sand banks were all the sand has come out of the lake. windblown to the tops of the trees. No, the banks are made of sand. Yeah, I used to camp there when I was a girl. You do you know what it's like? quite different when I went next up. We used to go up there for picnics. All kinds of things we use beautiful. Yeah. But it's the wind blown. Sand some other place I guess. Yeah. And the trees. I don't know. I went there and I couldn't see anything that looked like it used to have trees weren't strangled was sand. I don't

Speaker 5 1:37:34
really I haven't been back in year and so my memory is of the big sandbanks

Speaker 2 1:37:40
here is we have to hit but when we were I was there with my sister on her run and we were picnicking on the on the sand but it sloped down and but the kids wanted to get in the water and they were only young then we had to watch them pretty close because that water was deep it didn't just look like their nose no sand was rope note it was there and you had to keep an eye on him

Unknown Speaker 1:38:20
so Lucia Do you have questions?

Speaker 1 1:38:26
I have this one which is how did you get to become a queen? What was the process

Unknown Speaker 1:38:32
be to sell tickets

Unknown Speaker 1:38:37
to see you sold the most tickets?

Speaker 2 1:38:39
I don't remember do the selling somebody else did the selling No. Okay. I think I don't know we the teacher was so tickled that we got enough to be chosen as I was chosen. I still got the things that I got. I got a beautiful crystal blue necklace and a bracelet bracelet was never big enough for me. I gave it to my granddaughter and it was silver Sterling what they ever make them out of and so we're Nepalese There's pictures of me

Speaker 1 1:39:21
so how did you get chosen to be the May Queen?

Speaker 2 1:39:26
Well it was particularly all the schools there was other schools and they had to do the same thing sell tickets site and no one that's got the motion. got the chance to be

Speaker 1 1:39:44
did you go where the with the parade when you were the main queen

Speaker 2 1:39:50
in full info. We were the part of the doings where she crossed the road Oh, wait from the corner there on that side where the world TVs are in the field because it changed several times. It was up up where this The playground is one time it used to be down by the park and it wasn't a park. It was Jackson's it was across a field and around underneath trees right around the waterfront cherry trees and they are so whereas maple to everything that grows on the edge of the park and we came down from the Fulford Hall across the road and Shaw's place.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:55
This is the parade came down.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:57
Yeah, there was we were the final part you might say. There was

Unknown Speaker 1:41:07
floats. Yes.

Speaker 2 1:41:08
And what is it called decorated and wagons. We used to decorate our wagon up with twin flowers and stuff. And we that's what that's all I can think.

Speaker 1 1:41:24
So, and at the end of the parade, did everybody have a picnic together? Or was that the end of when there was some ceremony or

Speaker 2 1:41:32
something like full for days? Okay, yeah, something like 10 days was that's all like a big word. And do you know how we had sports sort of thing? Right? I guess we had running and races and stuff seem a lot more elaborate than what they do now is

Unknown Speaker 1:41:54
to do have a male made pole

Speaker 2 1:41:56
Yeah, we used to do that. I remember that design was better Paul in the field I guess put up specially for the do

Unknown Speaker 1:42:10
for the main ribbon made the

Speaker 2 1:42:11
reverse where it said field shores crossed from the hall we had it down at full you know right down by the park the park line. It wasn't a parks park there that time dramas gave us Park later on fixed up and it was on then we have added in Ganges below the schools

Unknown Speaker 1:42:43
yeah agricultural ground.

Speaker 2 1:42:44
Yeah. And then I don't think we did any other place didn't have it in Bergling but they took part in that's

Speaker 1 1:42:55
a great thing to ask you so when when it was in full set for example when you were the May Queen were there the schools from the north end also there on the for the Mayday Parade or was it a South End thing was Ganges anyway, countries was that

Speaker 4 1:43:13
Yeah. As far as I know. Yes. And Burgoyne Yeah. Oh for there's no north and

Unknown Speaker 1:43:23
it was yes. I know. It was a big Fulford thing like

Speaker 2 1:43:29
24th of MAY Yes. Oh, was it 24 It's me

Speaker 1 1:43:34
and I know that at the divide school and that the cranberry school they had a picnic Mark Maxwell then but that was much much earlier so I don't know if they and they also were in the Mayday floats in Ganges but I think that was later I'm just talking about the photographs that are in

Speaker 2 1:43:58
May Queen when I was 13 and graduated from high school first wasn't in high school in and it was just public school.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:10
It must have been an exciting year for you.

Speaker 2 1:44:14
Never needs it's not you don't know ahead the time. May the 24th and the thing just adds up to so you're ready to go. So Mama made the dress she just walked us here

Speaker 3 1:44:33
seeing did she have a sewing machine? Oh yeah. Probably made most of your clothes. eton's the hand crank. Yeah, turtle.

Speaker 2 1:44:46
No, we didn't get that for. We didn't need that much. I'm still going to handle Blender. I made clothes on it.

Speaker 1 1:44:56
So did she design and make the costume So

Unknown Speaker 1:45:03
I don't know where they have.

Speaker 1 1:45:05
Yeah, because there seems to have been many, many fancy dress parties. I just wondered if everyone was busy sewing at

Speaker 2 1:45:12
the forefront. We wish to go down that was from home before this one may we had concerts and we did all sorts of things. That's what they did in those days. I mean it. You had to do something. You wouldn't have radio or television, you know, you have to make some kind of fun. And music. I guess people had music lessons much more often than they do. wish they had a few lessons.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:54
So if Hamilton didn't teach you

Speaker 2 1:45:56
music? Oh, yeah, she, yes. She came to the school once a week or so. She did very well to do what she did. She didn't start right away. You know, we didn't have school music lessons every time when we didn't have until she was able to do it.

Speaker 1 1:46:16
Okay. Yeah. How old were you when she first came? Can you remember?

Speaker 2 1:46:22
She didn't come she was there. Okay. We would keep waking. You came. Okay. We came. Well, there they are. They came in at 97 or something?

Unknown Speaker 1:46:37
No, I meant when she came to the school.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:41
Somebody went and got her I guess. I don't know. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:47
You don't remember

Speaker 2 1:46:47
when you rely on a state? Only public school lessons. They only come from six to seven years. So seven years. 13. Yeah, we learned a lot of stuff from her. She was a great singer, too. You know? Claire singer. My mom's singer. She knew all the hymns. When they were played wrong. Somebody else was playing them. That's not the way to go. You get your show. You don't know about it. The ham if you cut the wrong two. Yeah. When somebody plays something wrong, seems to be very wrong. Just because it's the wrong notes aren't the same as you have to wait quite a lot of singing. We had plays you know when we had concerts. We all had places to play. Mrs. Heffron put on a play. That was the one that the Queen queen, Queen of Hearts Queen of Hearts, she made some charts. Maybe that was the baker

Speaker 1 1:48:12
the baker Yes, I was thinking when you said that ah that's why there's the baker it's a long poem. I should go look to see when somebody with that hat on in the poem and when they when

Unknown Speaker 1:48:25
they have that on automatically ready to cook record who's got a good album there Fire School

Unknown Speaker 1:48:42
brought this already to ask you

Speaker 2 1:48:47
better asked to hurry up is 430 Yes, it really does off their

Unknown Speaker 1:48:59
books now I've done all those in the mail.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:02
You won't believe this. If your massage. That's why you're late anyway.

Speaker 1 1:49:11
I do have one. Kathleen, in the archives. It says that you were born in 1922. And Mary was born in 1912 2020. You're wrong? I thought so. And then the others I think are probably right. Edward 1925. Harold 1927 and Ruby 1931. Yeah. Okay. So I was going to say married 10 years old. We'll fix that. And we'll fix all the Rothwell's and

Unknown Speaker 1:49:47
there's Mary still

Speaker 2 1:49:48
no die meeting underneath or 920 29 2000 not been gone three, three years or three years anyway. Yeah, I know. November The second or something.

Speaker 3 1:50:11
They say that time is like the toilet roll. It gets to the end it goes faster.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:17
Oh, yes. Okay. Yes. I feel that. And I'm not anywhere. Well, I don't know whether I'm at the end of my toilet bowl. So Edward lived on on Saltspring Island. Did he stay here?

Speaker 2 1:50:31
I live all his life. He's still here.

Speaker 1 1:50:35
He's still here. So he didn't leave and and live. We went to

Speaker 2 1:50:39
Australia and just on holidays. Alright, US Zealand. England. It was Regina. Of course. His wife was is from England. Is she still here? And Harold. How old is no, he's, he's on. He's in Victoria. Right now he's up. He had a stroke or something and disabled him a little bit. And he got over that. And his wife and he are in two different places and they're trying to find a place to get together. And she isn't capable of looking after herself. She just doesn't want to be with people and she'll she should be just take a bus to many people. She has a peculiar attitude. And she and her daughter were she wouldn't agree to be wizard daughter. She didn't want to be her daughter. Excuse me have indicated her and she her mother is with her daughter now when she needs to be with her husband and that he got to find place Victoria's not easy find that kind of what hap Harold be alright. But sell and this the one she's been Alzheimer's. I don't know. It's not not fat that he has it. But she's had the attitude.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:32
Something like that.

Speaker 2 1:52:33
Counting something to discard her daughter. It was sincere daughter was a nurse, children's nurse in the General Hospital in Victoria. Until she lost the use of her legs. They had she had some veins stripped and stuff and it caused her to let down on that sort of thing. She had to quit work. And in how do you quit work and and keep a living going? Yeah. Well, this business, Harold collapsing. And he was taken off to the hospital and Duncan. This is only what I've heard you. Talk to him on the phone. Now I can talk to him. But I don't know what to talk about. When he's stuck, so he can't do anything much. And is no one needs to get to be with him. But he has to be well enough to see to her actions. But he is but he is in driving the car. At least. They have been driving the car. They were only a few yards apart. In the grocery store, and they could walk there. Yeah. And to have them walk there and get what they need and how well they were feeding each other. It's hard to say right because they've had an episode before that. Anyway

Unknown Speaker 1:54:27
castling your health?

Unknown Speaker 1:54:29
Oh, not too bad. She'll be able to get up and go.

Speaker 1 1:54:34
Yes. I saw that. We've seen that right now. Yeah. You come into the fall fair again this year.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:43
We wait till the fall vehicle Yes. And

Unknown Speaker 1:54:45
find out. The old timers the old tone the old timers here.

Speaker 2 1:54:52
Are you having something Yeah. I still read the

Unknown Speaker 1:54:55
dress. Yes,

Speaker 2 1:54:57
I want to see that was show off give it If I haven't watched it yet, then tend to watch it. Put it away, but I'll put it away all rolled up when I do.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:08
I keep it out until after you wear it again.

Speaker 2 1:55:10
No, it needs washing. It's alright, once it's washed. It's just business, getting it out and fixing it up.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:20
Lots of little bits of lace. Oh, it's always

Speaker 2 1:55:23
it's it's got irises all over it. I don't know how it was made. Absolutely. over 100 years anyway. Oh, yeah. It doesn't take long. My mother was this 30 years since she died. middle of September. No, no. My mom had nothing to do with it. Here's the shorts. was glad Shah gave it to me. And I've worn it two or three times. Three or four times. I got a picture on the wall.

Speaker 1 1:56:00
I've got a picture in my house. Be with the children in your beautiful dress. They remember

Speaker 2 1:56:08
Oh, I got great grandchildren, too. And then birthday is today's is the young lady's birthday. Melissa will be four. Oh, and on the eighth Keith. Samuel V eight is in grade two.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:26
And where are they?

Speaker 2 1:56:27
In Regina? Oh, yes, that's what Denise wants me to go there. And she misheard me, but I don't see how she can miss me. You've got so much to do. They've separated you see, things aren't going over the border. It's awful, tragic thing. For the kids. But evidently they get I was talking to my granddaughter, the older one when Beaverdale. And she says that children are beginning to understand the the cruel. The change over father. He's angry. People get angry. So angry most times is over themselves. Yeah. Yeah, what they should have done. But it's way they brought up. You go to the see how the parents live? Before you get married. Yeah. And then if you find out something's going to be different than the looks if they be in depends on how long they've been in that contract. Well, evidently, the father died some long time ago and the mothers

Unknown Speaker 1:58:02
got friends and all other things changed. It changes their children. And their children have a different attitude of how to live.

Speaker 2 1:58:19
Nature needs to parents with good conditioning. Yeah, they gotta know how to live as well. Yeah. And the fathers in the old days are away all the time. When do they look after the children? Never How did he bring them up?

Speaker 3 1:58:40
Yeah, that's true. It's very different now. Fathers are very involved and

Speaker 2 1:58:46
very little chance for them to do anything. And now mothers are working. So where are the children getting their education, home life

Unknown Speaker 1:58:59
really changed.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:02
You got to do what everything