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The Islands Trust Story
Islands Trust

Peter Lamb, 2011

The Saltspring Island Historical Society meeting on September 14 will present a program on the History of the Islands Trust. Peter Lamb a former Trustee will be the presenter.

In 1974, in recognition of the special nature of the islands in the Strait of Georgia and Howe Sound, the Government of British Columbia enacted the Islands Trust Act to protect this unique part of the world.

The reasons the province created the Islands Trust as a land use and planning agency 38 years ago are still valid today - to preserve and protect the trust area and its unique amenities and environment for the benefit of the residents of the trust area and of the province generally. This mandate underlies the work of the Islands Trust, including the development of official community plans; zoning and other land use bylaws in each of the local trust areas or island municipalities.

Former trustee Peter Lamb's recent publication “The Islands Trust Story” provides an overview of the Islands Trust‘s history.

Islands Trust Story full text (pdf)

Accession Number Presenter Peter Lamb
Date September 14, 2011 Location SSI Historical Society Address Central Hall
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