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Galiano Island

Paul LeBlonde

An address to the Salt Spring Island Historical Society March 8, 2006.

Apologies for the poor quality of the recording.

Galiano Island from space Paul LeBlonde
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Unknown Speaker 0:00
I'm going to tell you about the history the archive

Unknown Speaker 0:24
first of all, we all know where it is.

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wanted some

Unknown Speaker 0:52
salt spray always said this is all a barrier to people who live in the past. And it's a barrier to navigation.

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And much of the early history focuses around these tests. First of all, the very, very early inhabitants have a long way back and I was gonna spend as much time on each year of the history except for the last five minutes or so on. So the first thing we know where probably ancestors or relatives are the First Nations that live around here. Now, you see here, this is archaeological sites, there's one down arrow which has been excavated. And search is another one in South Georgia that some microhybrid this appellant flight, this is a whole bunch of excavated sites. And there's some across the border being a very modern. So some of these archaeological sites. One of the most impressive ones is the old village in the north end of the island excavated by archaeologists and UBC, and the number of campaigns studying in the six days. Again recently, they have discovered that they use for five large houses. This is the beach. This is so called maple beach, the giant maple new which is perhaps as old as 1000 years before the present, or 1500 years and there is no oral venerate, or history of this village in vanilla. People from a long time ago. How do we know these five houses were there, there were still trade places in the draft of their presence. Though to this day is the Bay Area. This is the bay from above. To hear your past, so anyway out in the bay. And in the ground, there are depressions like this, with those houses where depressions on this lead. From here there are trees to them. But you can still see the depression. And excavations have taken place across centuries. They have found 1000s of objects, hunting tools, fishing tools, great variety, places for holding the houses together. This is a fire of many artifacts. Some some very complicated this is one of the most complicated this is a mixing bowl that I found. So called human looking both of the time. 1500 years ago, there was already a population. Though were also people living to Harvard to high risk this is what the pie is today. A lot of things are falling out of it all the time. But also artifacts. And this here is a modern expression of what the village might have looked like before. So this is one of the many things that we have now who are these people? When we look at people today presentations today and find out who said if you look at the college and tribes that have come in mostly in this area, this is that claim in the BC treated coast for the traditional territory. That includes all Canadians off island. But they also went fishing the Fraser River and around the Strait of Georgia so they played all this it would be simple if they were the only ones to play it on the other half

Unknown Speaker 6:15
of First Nation also came fishing so we already know the college and drive especially the people in Cooper Island, in the valley and the other perhaps from Sydney

Unknown Speaker 6:44
in the middle, all the choices in the past

Unknown Speaker 6:58
everything went smoothly for all of time, people were fishing and hunting and fighting each other when suddenly there were European visitors was one of the later sufficient conditions to rise out of ice came by and that part of the state of Georgia or the strange show the result

Unknown Speaker 7:34
showed up the next year using the Maps on different assessors.

Unknown Speaker 7:45
This picture from the down arrows lawyers had an artist called Cordero. Basically sketch as you wait, this is before the age of tennis, every ship carry the notice provisions look like. So this is this is my Baker. And so this is somewhere perhaps know what this is. And then Vancouver was in the state of Georgia the same summer, the English and the Spanish were fighting for possession. They both thought that they might find a way to the Northwest Passage. And the British were interested in keeping the Russians away from we just lost one of these so there was almost the war but finally, the Finnish government pressure the Spanish nothing much happened and for quite a while there was a few American frigerators came by. But then eventually the Hudson's Bay Company they opened hosts in the Columbia River Valley Valley, most of those duties south of what is today the border has to be focused northwards after the border of 40. And so they moved away from the sky and moved up to Victoria. bases of operation. They also have a place in Fort Langley. And so to go from North Korea to Fort Langley, you can go to Ohio State. You don't have to go to the past. But after a while, so Jays became interested in the couch and valley and we've been putting some pioneers in their farming families. Lots of trouble with the Indians but He said an expedition to find out basically what all these items are about. And he published this in the Royal Geographical Society. And he dug into that and discovered the extreme incorrectness of the maps the month of June so he recommended surgery

Unknown Speaker 10:32
and went to the UBC Library looking for the back issues of the world society. Somebody is a famous reasonably selling antique back over the world. I'm not sure whether so anyway, so this is before the surgery. This is for a book of math from a book of maps on the west coast of North America. You can see here, this finish Oh yeah. That is the Fraser River mouth Point Grey with

Unknown Speaker 11:28
this point of pass, go fortunately, wasn't quite where we used to see it.

Unknown Speaker 11:47
Two years later, after the survey by technicians publish this map. Now we can see recognize the woodpecker head shape

Unknown Speaker 12:02

Unknown Speaker 12:08
and so obviously, the shape became no only after that. And it's the stuff that actually gave me to do the live call suffering and realize there was another guy at that time at the north end of Vancouver Island. It was italiana Valdez. The veins change so to avoid confusion, but not only one. And so by that time, the Hudson's Bay Company had ships going through their active paths here was called traverse. Originally, it was officially given the name by Captain Richard because he has he was told that the US Navy Seals have acted through them before. In order of that he was told by someone who had been a pilot on the newest ship, person who worked on us as a company and knew the local was. Well the Hudson's Bay Company was abused as the de Burro of the gun to them. And to this day, I still don't know. And I was taught by a company people before which is actually called the local name

Unknown Speaker 14:01
so, you will begin to arrive at the 50s and 60s There were two groups of people basically there was the people who were there with us as a company

Unknown Speaker 14:17
who had a background as loggers, fishermen, sailors, fighters, many other things in your life. For example, Joe silly.

Unknown Speaker 14:36
And his wife, Lucy. This is Sofia, Sofia. And she was a little boy in his

Unknown Speaker 14:48
shower. He's one of the early pioneers and the descendants of these people are still living on the island.

Unknown Speaker 15:06
On the other hand, there was another group of people there was a remittance man who came along I guess the parents the title of the business and there was a bit of social stratification for a while. For example, Archie Jorgenson thought that there was too many English people behaving in a proper fashion and they were not going to suddenly be a woman from that group says For example, if we had a hiring manager never had a meal with us there was a social stratification that was has always appeared now some groups normal

Unknown Speaker 15:56
what the people do the local resources nobody really lives at this size anymore small scale trees on the island there was a lot of farming a lot more farming today this is the Morgan farm pass this is somebody actually riding a horse position and then horses the tractors

Unknown Speaker 16:48
The next thing that people did of course was fishing the fishing fleet studies thing like this and this is one of the psalteries at the north end of Dalian so there was a very active fishing population one bird farming there was a lot of orchards apple tree and so on. There's very little fun there was a large Japanese community on the island for the solitary thing can raise his voice or one of them alone ago. But there's a whole bunch of this is one of the owners of the fact of the cameras. Unfortunately, December 4 here on December 31, that officially is complete loss salary. Categories calories was destroyed by fire a few days before Pearl Harbor catastrophe of course occurred so that the Japanese Saudis were deployed to the interior of the sea and I don't think any of them and so there's a lot of history here which is suddenly inaccessible on the island. Another activity that a Japanese and he got the charcoal production for producing charcoal for furnaces. And so here's a charcoal pit. That's an excavator on the south end of the island. It's basically a lot all round with that's to make charcoal inside in the right way. Produce incomplete combustion to get all the the water and the gases out of the woods. And we ended up with almost Jakarta it was very much higher temperatures. So this this was built in the 1890s years ago, we had an official dedication of onesies was a flat Wakayama civil society of Vancouver. People who started this came from one particular area of service mostly in the Lower Mainland. So we have elected a governor come over, dedicate this Now one important function in the Ohioans has been the lead keepers themselves reactive paths LifeStation is all Galliano but the first life you've heard was in the study Georgeson. Descendants. So that's the active life paths

Unknown Speaker 20:22
fortunately for this election the other interesting life is a jolla pass of the north end of the fast and interesting place because it's the oldest named place on Galliano was named by violence in 1791. Before Galleon before he came by the after Mr. Fournier who was the chairman of the Council of the United States and he was a very major durafast In the Spanish colonial administration was a novel by the king Marcus Marcus seen him his name was given to the past so I guess all navigators do this. They made places after the famous people at home so that when they get back, they say I've made an island afternoon sir. rewarding. So far, that was a difficult place. difficult place Galliano. His voyage relations relate how he went through, they went to get the look, they found that there was a whole mess of islands and this was really not the direction in which the assassins would be anyway. Squall just about syphilis. And then they have to factor this across against the tide. Which they couldn't do that the way from the time that they ended up going up here in the same ships backwards,

Unknown Speaker 22:05
very undignified for many, many years, many years for to pass, because because of the writing, it looks like a team people

Unknown Speaker 22:19
have heard of anybody called for here must be fortunate. So in 19, under this massive I captain was called for Japan. And at that time, it wasn't used very much because it's too difficult. And

Unknown Speaker 22:41
soon afterwards, there was a petition by the call, shoots in lady Smith, to move called away to Smith to Vancouver. And the shortest way was to the pastor position the government to put some range lights here. So that range lights with shoulder weights on the right hand side like this, fall away from the thought of fascinated survey, this was a research survey. The surveyors, Captain egeria, they notice that the neighbors in the south they notify the geographical board that they support these lights is one of the lights nowadays. This is the place for the famous lifekeeper six hours, six hours for them from 1905 1939.

Unknown Speaker 23:57
He's left his name to the left. This is a solid ground he's also unlikely to leave six hours because when he showed up on the island even had an accident in the coal mines and neither one was walking until he called the states

Unknown Speaker 24:28
because we're progressing through time. There was no invasion of course of the Canadian west coast but there was some preparation case. And this is a group of Pacific Coast militia Rangers. There was a group of those as well. They were volunteers they were issued a rifle for the back. They have to be there just in case some of the things happened. The other interesting is So what happened during the war was the fact that the Japanese launched about 3000 of these balloons, which they then sent across the pacific time fuses on them. So that they would fold out and

Unknown Speaker 25:16
ignite. All the forests of North America didn't work very well. One of the main reasons was that they forgot, in the winter, these things were not very effective.

Unknown Speaker 25:37
In the summer, well, it's still pretty wet. And so they didn't manage to cultivate the forest fires, only three to four people were killed by this fire and one of those who drowned in the United States. Many of them landed on Canadian soil in the state of the women's virus, Chicago

Unknown Speaker 26:03
don't have different pieces, but the person who saw it still just fell in Delhi. The other reason I show you this, this is one of the special exhibits that the museum organized a couple of years ago described and rediscovered by them. Now the databases of people on the island change this the other day, I found in 1949 voters list a little book that has the names of all the voters registered for the federal election in 1943 falls on the floor for your pass 35 and 16 women the women who are listed as housewives although there was also one school teacher and once but the man had a diversity of occupations and most of them were fishermen loggers. Trades of the worst one of the bad one line keep it

Unknown Speaker 27:30
up on the other hand, there were 42 retired people 27 loggers and so on and so, on over that time the demography of the island is changing from people who live off the land the various farms one farm is no fun. And so, the demography is gradually changing at that time already was basically a mixture of living off the land and retirement well progress to place on many fronts is one we know from this side of the road

Unknown Speaker 28:22
to improvements in the road here two cars this is Bozeman Hardy, mother of the present government I want to come to their husband on their wedding day.

Unknown Speaker 28:50
Tourism started so already this is a brochure from the 1990 30 brochure playing with a retired businessman in search of an economical place to build everything like this today. This is 30 status in the largest cities they have this is unfold the Galliano in the pool, which has disappeared. That's also when you see that summer tourism on the island was beginning to beginning to be a summer destination. The Galley analyzing power company this is another interesting is that people actually basically Hillstone policy another couple of times I have done some wires on poles and they create a power company. This is one of the one of the standards that I was going to say for the five years from now through the swing of the diesel diesel generator

Unknown Speaker 30:35
is another another demographic change another group of people comes in a number of areas come up a couple of communes on the island

Unknown Speaker 30:56
tribal points and there was all the people living in the Coos Bay shacks. And so, for about five or six years, there was people dripping in. I mean, it was a friend doing the kind of things that young people a lot of idealism, when they go off and this this one is a post picture, actually of a couple of upstanding members of my community actually bought the property. Some of these people are still there. One of the things that they did was to grow organic vegetables. And they began to sell vegetables on the ground. And so the person who now owns the market, some began selling vegetables, they had a farmers market. And then he bought a truck and he went and sold vegetables on Vancouver Island. And then they opened a market on Jaleo. And the old truck is still there that the market is built around. That's the source of today's competitive market. These people have now added to the mixture of pioneering families, retirees, the people who fled the city of Flint civilization and some aspects of life are free, however, continue to the big wave. And a large number, a large fraction of the island can be owned by the Vancouver coal mining and Land Company. This was two people who were involved in the mines in Nanaimo. They needed lumber, they bought the lifeblood of all the great parts of this company is bought by another one which was bought a second one by Pol river company, which eventually was merged with Dell eventually bought by wire. So all this the lines people do not live on forest. People live here

Unknown Speaker 33:32
after many years of using Glenda just not go found out. There was a poll more money by selling them houses and they weren't by cutting the trees. There were not very many trees. And they had plans to sell lots of houses. There was a lot of opposition to this on the island. The local population enacted some bylaws. We had about 10 years of values. We're not quite out of the woods, yet. That's the modern history and people are still arguing but they're the same horse land. There was a bylaws that says there was no automatic residential jobs. The bylaws were appealed and set aside in the first level.

Unknown Speaker 34:33
People began to develop a

Unknown Speaker 34:34
profit but there was an appeal and the Bible was attacked in political football. last election promises review of files. So this there's been a fair amount of turmoil. On the other hand, I wouldn't like to give an impression of the placement To the contrary, I think it's a very active and caring community, we have a million things to do, by volunteers. The volunteer club, which has been around since 7080 years old, activity centers connected to the school, the health care society, the Food Bank, community association, the Lions Club, the fitness center, Museum, Museum. And so on the background, there is a certain degree of disagreement about rules. In the foreground, there is a lot of self help. So that's a very high flying overview of history. The reason I've learned a little bit about this in the last 10 years is that I have been involved with the museum. So I had to tell you a little bit about the museum. We have a museum but we don't have the historical society and so many of the things that you're interested in Historical Society

Unknown Speaker 36:22
in addition, we have in place the place of suffering is a source of great interest. And also a lot of work was incorporated in the 1970s. This is our founder, Mr. Ross. As you may have noticed, he wrote about if it was he rather than it would tell you a million stories about the details so we started out with the slipcases school then we rented this cottage and we have this so that somebody else the owner of the car needed to die so he couldn't find another we did. The other thing we did is we have a lot of special display medical display of the archeological digs on tribal kids would have been similar to the Pacific coastal militia Ranger show unfolding this past week harvest and that we have a website thanks to the collaboration This is where the museum itself currently on holiday of the year this is called diet advice on the stage and it's it's not even it's suitable token only the summer dye was the sister of Paul and Alex schools who came to visit in the summer they'll pair a little private cottage so that you would have retired she wanted to be

Unknown Speaker 38:33
away from the village.

Unknown Speaker 38:36
Now this is a reliance park and I invite you to come and visit us we have class somebody gave us a piece of land.

Unknown Speaker 38:50
It looks like this. When Georgeson Bay Road was a usual Danielle to dialogue with the market over here

Unknown Speaker 39:02
Woodstone further into this other event, twice, seven acres. So first of all, we have the property that we have to apply to the agricultural matters. Museum and substitute agriculture. Then we have to have a design. That's okay. Now we're negotiating the subdivision and the addition of the old road game which is nothing new that somebody gave us the building, building. It's bigger than him. And so he had just moved it up.

Unknown Speaker 39:52
We put it here

Unknown Speaker 39:54
and we're going to add to it the basement plug in extension and has a new We have in the near future 1000s to the sides of salary so perhaps if you delay your visit anyway I want to thank you for inviting me it's open archives and Historical Society Museum

Unknown Speaker 40:48
very much making his way over here today I can see faces

Unknown Speaker 41:07
is the back

Unknown Speaker 41:14
anyway through the interests and talents of some of our marketing partners

Unknown Speaker 41:29
that our history is becoming organized and accessible to all who are

Unknown Speaker 41:41
in a great opportunity for breaking down

Unknown Speaker 41:46
history but how to preserve it

Unknown Speaker 41:50
so thanks to all of you for coming today. I can see

Unknown Speaker 41:56
that there'll be

Unknown Speaker 42:03
some people who may have some old so I wanted to remind everybody there you can check out

Unknown Speaker 42:16
Gillette ca and they are there is a lien on assault

Unknown Speaker 42:20 as well that you can get into the pictures

Unknown Speaker 42:27
I like to thank them all

Unknown Speaker 42:30
for making his way over here this bad weather

Unknown Speaker 42:51
as you know it only opens Occasionally special days not really what we ought to have a community of this site and so I was just wondering if you're familiar with

Unknown Speaker 43:15
that new carpet I think when people get the idea it would be nice to have the Museum The next step is always to say but it would be a lot of work

Unknown Speaker 43:42
resume of

Unknown Speaker 43:43
discovery and explanation of history and a sense of community and appreciation of

Unknown Speaker 43:54
negotiating building

Unknown Speaker 44:03
rezoning and one way that we we were looking for a permanent home farm museum. First before we were given a little piece of land we were considering joining forces with the library

Unknown Speaker 44:28
that would have helped both of us

Unknown Speaker 44:33
shared some facilities session

Unknown Speaker 44:46
after we had the last question became more attractive. But you might wish to consider that go along with some other things that much room to make

Unknown Speaker 45:13
Part of the last floor of the Heritage House, they have a peculiar situation that they're on the National Pipeline. And so the the rental house restrictions on how they can use it as modified. But on the other hand, there's an advantage also, with respect to secure to construct a place is expensive and complicated. So I guess if I had if I had any advice, unless you have a windfall, somebody gives you something would be to perhaps try to join forces with another group that might attract a similar interest, like a library. I don't have much experience with this is the only museum that ever been involved? Other than

Unknown Speaker 46:17
they will thank you for that. There are some very good museums and some quite small community SPC. When I see it

Unknown Speaker 46:33
I am sure there would be it would be an extremely interesting history about finding where do we get our money. We don't spend much money because we don't have any expenses, but we have had a budget of about 10 to $15,000 a year when we were renting a building much of this winter rent, telephone displays thought display cases by the artifacts join the visa Museum Association and so on and then we then every society has expenses related to its corporate nature. Accounting, reporting communication we have spent a fair amount of money also on special events

Unknown Speaker 47:43
invite inviting guest speakers coordinating excursions on the island we made a movie for example about for your past

Unknown Speaker 47:58
a movie maker who had some film from interviews with lighthouse keepers. And so he brought his up to date. Money for that it's kind of usually money for for special projects has come mostly from grant applications to the Heritage Foundation, the Victoria foundation

Unknown Speaker 48:18
cases like that.

Unknown Speaker 48:21
Operating Costs we've had grants from the BC Gaming Commission for two years and we have had a summer students work to greet visitors do some archiving specification for us paid mostly by the federal government summer so we have a little bit of money now for improvements to our cottage. We have a bigger well installed solar system in the foundation. A lot of people on the island help with machinery and material labor. So I spent a mixture of begging for

Unknown Speaker 49:21
cataloguing of heritage buildings, Dalian or any way I've been identified of plaques or anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 49:29
Via the little WSOP

Unknown Speaker 49:31
any of the heritage buildings are they are they cataloged and oh

Unknown Speaker 49:36
we have one building which is certainly a heritage building in Canada

Unknown Speaker 49:46
This is the one that's at the tree code

Unknown Speaker 49:54
no not McCluskey is a little further down the hill maneuver harmless. It's made out of squid laws

Unknown Speaker 50:10
Yes, you

Unknown Speaker 50:11
have one pair of pictures up there. And one of them said at the height of the salmon runs and the other one said in the 30s What year would you put the

Unknown Speaker 50:18
salmon run? What I could have been in a phase two I don't think there was a day for that. This isn't a day before the St. Louis when the salmon fishery was mostly small so there could have been anywhere

Unknown Speaker 50:40

Unknown Speaker 50:49
1000 people and I'm not sure what the mix is in terms of who came when where and which group they belong to perhaps 3030 Retirees

Unknown Speaker 51:12
there's a lot of seasonal visitors 1000 is steady by the winter

Unknown Speaker 51:23
Well, how about communities?

Unknown Speaker 51:26
Oh, I think I know two people. One or two it's not an easy for the one guy who rides his bicycle to the ferry ride his bicycle

Unknown Speaker 51:44
to some parking lot in philosophy. Somebody who lives in downtown Victoria goes every morning at 645 Eight o'clock

Unknown Speaker 52:04
so there's a lot of people who actually earn a living on Galliano by doing things remotely by electronic other kinds of payments

Unknown Speaker 52:27
ready to sell their books

Unknown Speaker 52:39
thanks very much. We'll be around after for tea and baggy and further questions. Stay with us.