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Daisy Cartwright née LANG (1888- )

Mrs. Cartwright briefly describes her family’s arrival on the Island in 1910, and her subsequent marriage. Some details of the Lang and Cartwright families are included.

Accession Number 989.031.018 Interviewer Tony Farr
Date July 10,1982 Location Greenwood’s Old Age Home
Media tape Audio CD mp3
ID 18D




Unknown Speaker 0:04
This recording is of Mrs. Daisy Cartwright at Greenwood on July the 10th 1982. This is caught right you came to Salt Spring Well,

Unknown Speaker 0:17
I came in 1910 to which pause to the to that well again just out again use up the hill to the one doctor because here I mean his family doctors family, you

Unknown Speaker 0:34
you remember his name, doctor and did you come with your family?

Unknown Speaker 0:42
No, I came with my father. My father in law came out. He came to the two he was he determined to move his family out from England. And he came to buy things over. And he went over to Vancouver Island couch Oh, and Duncan and nothing he likes the well as fun wooden farm here. As was for sale.

Unknown Speaker 1:08
So he left you Yes, he

Unknown Speaker 1:10
left. That was October and he left me he went home then. And I stayed out to help as I help them the family and he went home and the whole family came out. Next do with all every bit of furniture we had at home.

Unknown Speaker 1:29
Which way did you bring it? Did it come up Ruffalo who funneled to Montreal?

Unknown Speaker 1:34
I suppose so I don't I don't know how it came Panama. Panama yes

Unknown Speaker 1:45
so you were established on the farm which was a quite a big one. Was it not a 400 acre What did you actually do on the farm?

Unknown Speaker 1:59
Oh, it was about it was a working farm. You see the owner of it the former owner had left it for sale and he's gone doing the New Left For Good. And he left him a man who would be working for him for a good many years and knew the thing inside out to keep it running until at least was so he was so so good. And he lived near that place anyway we kept him on as a yes it was still was run as a farm. And then my brother had been to Australia to learn from him which I don't think he did at all I have a wild I'm out and he came home and put him on the phone. So between the two he and the man that was there it was kept running on the phone.

Unknown Speaker 2:42
Was it sheep or fonecare? No.

Unknown Speaker 2:46
Cows. I don't think we had the sheep. Were cows and pigs and chicken

Unknown Speaker 2:53
in the orchard

Unknown Speaker 2:54
Yeah. Well yes it was. This is a lovely good house. Never our own furniture came up with a blue phone line was cryptid to packing cases to them. I can see them now all standing out. Now. Elephant doll waiting to be unfair. All it's just like just like living at home. Maybe it'll change but

Unknown Speaker 3:22
we knew where it was home before Luke come

Unknown Speaker 3:32
then I understand you he married the cornishmen. Yes, logical.

Unknown Speaker 3:37
Funny yet down as he was falling out

Unknown Speaker 3:46
and how long had he been here before he mentioned?

Unknown Speaker 3:49
Oh, we're going to have two or three years he had a brother here. He was with him.

Unknown Speaker 3:57
With him you move to down the island to what's now Fruitvale

Unknown Speaker 4:05
we went straight there. He was working on and with anyway before the marriage

Unknown Speaker 4:11
and you had the original orchard? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 4:17
Yes, it did it. You don't realize it. I wonder if it is still there where they pulled out some of the older houses.

Unknown Speaker 4:24
We have some of it's gone. But you can see parts of the original you can. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 4:29
I always wondered if barnacle bandhgala was still standing but I don't suppose it is there's only a modest level

Unknown Speaker 4:38
I don't think so because there's only two out three or four houses

Unknown Speaker 4:41
and they're all nice houses down and just really very near the beach.

Unknown Speaker 4:49
Did you do any fishing from them?

Unknown Speaker 4:52
No, we didn't do much fishing. It wasn't the last time really. We had to go every day in the boat. So professional mail. When I was doing when I had one child I put the bottom of the boat over get them in a pot and chopping

Unknown Speaker 5:08
it was a lot easier than to Oh cause them to go round

Unknown Speaker 5:12
that's much easier than bulking I liked growing anyway we did local rowing at home

Unknown Speaker 5:22
Yes, I used to go up the East Lou river Did you want me with you Louis? Oh yes. Quite well

Unknown Speaker 5:32
when you don't remember the placement part that's gold Hannah fall on that is on the west.

Unknown Speaker 5:37
It was the West Point Yes. The point of the open sea is yes

Unknown Speaker 5:43
I think points no no point goes off opposite the island. I think I'd like to say is West Yes, it was West and this was the first house built on that step top of the island right across I've been back lonesome.

Unknown Speaker 6:08
What was the road like then in from Fruitvale to Ganges was it Oh, it

Unknown Speaker 6:12
was it was rough because you sort of expected it you know, it was as much as possible. The clubs are no cons and

Unknown Speaker 6:24
what was it you had an oxcart?

Unknown Speaker 6:25
Oh, and after the OXCART that was right at the beginning. It used to live out north in New Jersey. I think it was the only transportation they had slow flow flow, but strong I've got like a hole in it

Unknown Speaker 6:46
will take you quite a time to get in from Phunware to

Unknown Speaker 6:50
make the trip the Ganges and back. It got back for the young of these days.

Unknown Speaker 6:59
No it wasn't.

Unknown Speaker 7:11
And you said that your father had set up the water system up at the Salt Lake? Yes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 7:17
Me investigated all that stuff.

Unknown Speaker 7:19
It was very late. No.

Unknown Speaker 7:23
Next, Next, we'll

Unknown Speaker 7:24
leave Knoxville at noon

Unknown Speaker 7:37
I think he left his law. Yeah. And they he was very stinking good. This should be two swords here. He said with a bazooka. No, it's two here and they would this is a tale I wrote I'd like to pass on but don't you better not ever say anything about because it might mean there are boys here now. But he went into the store one day and he was asked to dye something and the man came and served him and then him five hours I said what's the price and give it was invalid he was upstairs in a wheelchair. And he called up isn't giving us the price of something. But who says Paul? He's his father him once he said that's not gonna change and he got together with a you know several people that had a bit of money to spare other men and they got together and started the trading company. I think it was I think he did is a bit

Unknown Speaker 8:35
out here. Yes. Oh, yes. It's nice to have a bit of competition

Unknown Speaker 8:47
and your husband went off to the first wall? Yes. Right. And then you go overseas?

Unknown Speaker 8:53
Yes. Thank you have to do with my sister's husband too. So we moved them together

Unknown Speaker 9:05
you managed all right, then he ended up period then your son Peter was How old was he then in law? Oh, the first

Unknown Speaker 9:17
of all because he was so hot. The next floor he was kept as airplane. Instructor on the clothes. He was kept. I think you'd like to go over it. No.

Unknown Speaker 9:33
No, yes. Oh, any instructors were very valuable, I suppose.

Unknown Speaker 9:47
Now you mentioned that you started the grass hockey team here. Yeah. What do you remember about that?

Unknown Speaker 9:53
Oh, it's really funny. All the things they pound the play with a stick and the And they haven't I remember one girl she sat in the middle of fuel and she hit the ball helped along with we ever weighed when she was doing a bit there was just very few minutes but we got together a good team and we used to go to play next because she used to go to Victoria to go to dark come to play and we were quite good I have a sister doesn't just have school she was a very keen enthusiast he was a good

Unknown Speaker 10:35
Where did you go to school with

Unknown Speaker 10:37
my when we most of us when he went to Cheltenham maybe the last one is Steve splurged on we all went to a school in West Hills excellent school and of course it didn't hurt at all no I've never been oh it's full of schools but it's a healthy place and load them boys and girls school we've always having matches with the schools just a good place

Unknown Speaker 11:10
what other social life was going on the beginning of the first floor

Unknown Speaker 11:16
oh what cost things fell apart very much when the men when they would never moved down so there wasn't anything doing just very very slow inspected

Unknown Speaker 11:30
only and go along with it had been quite fun before

Unknown Speaker 11:33
we had yes that was a game when they came back

Unknown Speaker 11:50
know when when your husband did come back you left Fruitvale and went back up?

Unknown Speaker 11:54
Oh yes. We had to you see I have to get out from there. And they had to get a new manager in it during the war. I don't know who they are. But they manage down there we've finished with troupville and I went up to my sister's place which was halfway up the Miss steep hill from Ghandi and we lived together there until the men came back and then her husband came and went back oh we always had the home home house to go food was the life of a as an author and the mom was still there and we used to go home whenever it pleases us nothing none of the mind leave we did the work and they were in and managed very well

Unknown Speaker 12:50
what did you do back home the same farming routine that you had before?

Unknown Speaker 12:55
Oh no.

Unknown Speaker 12:56
What were you doing

Unknown Speaker 12:59
after the wall yes to the wall you see that? No I happen to know what you've been doing there he came back and bought some of the soldiers settlement the the place that we have now took a long time to pay off to because maybe he got it done. He used to work out most times the guy who is great gardener he got some requests for word lucky the man used to come around to collect I think about once a month or something I don't know the land that we have to pay to and it's a car to spare anything not even $5 And you're saying no your title revealing that eventually you did oh yes. Absolutely. It belongs to V and now I'm I've handed on to migraines

Unknown Speaker 14:07
by that time that was the car on the island.

Unknown Speaker 14:10
Oh yes. Yes. The not not many does afterwards. Everybody has

Unknown Speaker 14:23
the horses didn't like

Unknown Speaker 14:26
didn't that he or he must have visible it was very good bringing the car down I think twice a week into the show downs and anybody could bring their horses get used to

Unknown Speaker 14:39
sort of trading places it it's just sort of training place so people do have fun with the idea. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 14:47
And I there was only one calamity that I heard all it was the eggs and eggs and butter being taken to the I mean eggs and cream being taken to the button to the Creamery and it met the event recall just round the hobbit house corner and completely independent so the end of all eggs and cream

Unknown Speaker 15:21
What else did you do and then when you're getting into the into the 30s How did you manage to go through the period of the 30s

Unknown Speaker 15:28
that is wherever they intent is that must have been remember that was after the war yes

Unknown Speaker 15:36
yes between the wars between oh well

Unknown Speaker 15:39
oh, oh wait we started on our first place we will love that place we bought that before that

Unknown Speaker 15:58
before which, if

Unknown Speaker 16:01
you want to know about which period

Unknown Speaker 16:04
will not in 30 to 40 in that period roughly.

Unknown Speaker 16:08
Well, I think we were already on that on that husband worked on the role he worked he did anything gone down and kept his own nice guy. It was a tough life for him to work with. He got it done

Unknown Speaker 16:30
did Peter help with the work?

Unknown Speaker 16:32
No, he's a bit of a way he was yes, he was up with Prince Rupert and they were they have a single mill over phone Oh, he was there and he got married.

Unknown Speaker 16:53
They said I went there once and then when he left he just came down here

Unknown Speaker 17:11
he was the head of the water system here

Unknown Speaker 17:17
which was serving just Ganges What did it say?

Unknown Speaker 17:24
Where's it go it goes everywhere. Well, it's a Maxwell Lake

Unknown Speaker 17:38
How often did you go off the island to Victoria or oh nothing

Unknown Speaker 17:43
nobody knows the transportation wasn't too good. There were no boats a lot used to go from the south end and Mr. Pollack used to go to from Portland to Sydney I don't have a problem twice a week that's what we used to that's how we used to get off down and how we got to or have to dry the hole for this but I don't remember that just the other opposite end of the island

Unknown Speaker 18:14
it was the was the railway running them from Sydney to Victoria.

Unknown Speaker 18:17
Oh yes. We traveled on that I follow everyone around that long time back isn't it just is still running

Unknown Speaker 18:48
how many of the early pioneers Do you remember? You remember Mr. Bullock?

Unknown Speaker 18:54
Oh yes because you did this the blog used to give wonderful dinner parties and Tea Party is very social. And of course was so stout he never he could never do anything act in and wish to ensure the he had a very nice house and housekeeping.

Unknown Speaker 19:16
Did things very formally only have

Unknown Speaker 19:18
the frightfully good old lady's earrings and lungs and I'm telling you about them too. I have heard that Yeah. He's a noted for that.

Unknown Speaker 19:30
Did you get a pair?

Unknown Speaker 19:32
I didn't qualify at all and I couldn't really it wasn't my style

Unknown Speaker 19:52
Who else did you that time you remember

Unknown Speaker 19:59
what the cost was? The book sister was married to one of the crop men and they were they had a nice face and the roller crops and family and with dozens of children at Harbor house is the lot of nice people are nice to them and they all know a lot of English people

Unknown Speaker 20:46
when else you lots of cool, hold

Unknown Speaker 20:48
on, I've been thinking about what I could tell you and I really don't know. We have wonderful dances in those days. You know, we're at the man Hall, private dance parties and the bachelors every every farm had a nice a nice English boy working. I was a tomboy, they came out I used to come out and there was a place for collecting numbers collected here a man used to collect them in England, sending them out in Europe to send and we had they were awfully nice. And they used they gave him dance and all joined together and gave us a dance because they were always being asked and sent out the bachelors was we were invited to the Barefoot dance and was with a team that's printed Of course that was all it did very well. Of course if it hadn't been for them, we'd be dead because we would need us to be able to play with mixed hockey OC open water to like better levels and it's very nice. Very good time we had so we thought man you got to settle down

Unknown Speaker 22:08
the cavemen worked on the various farms did they help people with the fog or did they do other jobs?

Unknown Speaker 22:15
Which made the bachelors no they Oh, they weren't they weren't kept on the farm. There was no family. No. and No they were kept on them. They've been in the room Yes. Suddenly you took one on we had one when we were in about barnacle Mundo down the Ganges it was two of them it was a farm and there were cows and there was an older farm to look after it was a big job. So we had nicing this was staying with us this afternoon and we always have when we once we got to Jeff and he lived on the cottage on the place and it was episode it says factory I don't know things seem to fit in

Unknown Speaker 23:16
I'm sure I should be able to tell you lots of bad memory you wake up at night before

Unknown Speaker 23:23
going to the store it is hard to remember

Unknown Speaker 23:44
you haven't gained very much on faith this morning.

Unknown Speaker 23:46
Oh a little a little interesting things. Oh yeah. I'll stop it at this point.