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Maxwell Lake

Ted Brown

Ted Brown talks about Maxwell Lake.

Accession Number Interviewer Tom Gossett
Date June 30, 1988 Location
Media cassette tape Audio CD
ID 189 Duration




Unknown Speaker 0:01
by saying that my name is Tom godson, and this is Ted Brown. I have with me, and we're

Unknown Speaker 0:10
gonna get to that

Unknown Speaker 0:13
nationally. And we're going to talk about Maxwell Lake and some of the people that lived around the lake in the old times. And Ted, you've been

Unknown Speaker 0:24
originally, I think, colored people built a shack there. I remember it. Were they the first ones? Yes. Apparently, the lake. Okay, Harry Woods told me that Jim Anderson, started to preamp there. And he was away for some time. And then he says John Rogers and the main charter fall chapter direct, she says, and got to preempted these properties.

Unknown Speaker 1:05
Where was where it was Jim Anderson, where did the

Unknown Speaker 1:08
DNA was this piece? Just south of us? Yeah. And this one was John Rogers and

Unknown Speaker 1:14
John Rogers. And this is where we are now on on Rogers old homestead. Yeah. Can we start with with John Rogers? Sure. Okay. What year? Did he move up here?

Unknown Speaker 1:28
About 19? Two, I think. I'm not too sure of the date, but I think that she wanted to be he moved in from Victoria.

Unknown Speaker 1:41
And he had raised his family here. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:47
I think his two eldest ones were born in Victoria. In fact, Bella was young. And Dora or Dorothy is the second daughter

Unknown Speaker 2:01
or a first daughter in between, there were twins. That died in infancy, I suppose is some form of epidemic going round locally then.

Unknown Speaker 2:24
Did then the next one was always okay. And she was a little older than I am. They're all dead. And then came Stanbury. Oh, yes. We just recently died. Yeah. And of course he's dead now. Yes. And then Archie and Lauren. Lauren is the youngest. She's Mrs. Henry Cooley.

Unknown Speaker 3:02
When when it When did you come to the cranberry

Unknown Speaker 3:06
19 tenders when I came and they came in 19 sick. I say took up the property.

Unknown Speaker 3:13
I see. And how old were you? When you when you came here? You're five years old.

Unknown Speaker 3:18
And they came to me? And I say

Unknown Speaker 3:22
okay, and and you came with your mother and father? Yes, my brother and your brother.

Unknown Speaker 3:30
And the father came back. And in 99, before Christmas together. And we came over in January of 1910. London Victoria, he said it was the 19th of January. And he had a job there and stayed there until the summer made the trip up to the island one day. Back I suppose it'd be in bulk the end of May. I remember the firm was back and turn which branch and the roads were dusty, fine weather. And then we moved in I guess in August sometime in August or early September. I'm not sure just like January or Boston. Those days. Never bothered to find out.

Unknown Speaker 4:35
Oh, that's remarkable. You remember when you were five years old. And what is your father do?

Unknown Speaker 4:44
He was a carpenter and cabinet maker. All right, the old hospital. He and the neighbor took on the contract to build it. Oh yes. That was 1913 I see her see he worked and other buildings on the island.

Unknown Speaker 5:09
Can he worried? How about Moses? Did he do something in March?

Unknown Speaker 5:12
Yes. Ebert in March that they are new star. Yes. That's the one that expression. He put in all those front windows. Do you know?

Unknown Speaker 5:22
They still are there today? Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 5:28
Gilbert card says we have to send a town to get somebody put those windows you know, Father says why? Mr. Bell? There's nobody here. Easter dice put in words, which wouldn't if you were seen. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 5:46
What was your father's first name? What was your father's name?

Unknown Speaker 5:49

Unknown Speaker 5:50
It was John. Yeah. Well, going back to the Roger's family. What did did John Rogers work as a farmer? Did he farm

Unknown Speaker 6:09
the farm here? Small fruits, small fruit cattle. And a car she raised an orchard to Oh, yes. And then of course, in later years.

Unknown Speaker 6:23
Yes. He made cider up made

Unknown Speaker 6:25

Unknown Speaker 6:30
And once the he must have did he have a lot of fruit trees up here?

Unknown Speaker 6:33
Yes. There was quite a bunch. I don't know how many. But all below the old house. Orchard. Well, you had your quarter of an acre of strawberries in one time. I came up and cultivated before and was a little power cultivator I have all this when Stanley and I send of course Archie had gone to Vancouver. US Minster. He worked for Gilman rumble.

Unknown Speaker 7:12
How were they? What were they like? Were they? They were hard working? Oh, yes.

Unknown Speaker 7:17
Good workers. industries. And, John, he always hung on to a nickel.

Unknown Speaker 7:26
Yeah. Yeah. Did. Were they the only people living up here?

Unknown Speaker 7:34
No. Demand slipped over on the lake. Right. Going by the lake. They had the house. Yeah. And the man had a preemption check up on the hill there. He preempted the peace. Right to the sea. Hi, George. No, I don't think he lived in the shack Norden one or two days a year instead of steady six months.

Unknown Speaker 8:01
And that's what you have to do. You have to live

Unknown Speaker 8:04
Yes. Five Acres and think is wider. There's certain amount of acreage generally. Before you could get your crown grant. And you had to apply for a tax. We've been here five years.

Unknown Speaker 8:23
So what was the the process? You would you'd come in and stake out the land that you wanted? Yeah. And then

Unknown Speaker 8:32
if it was, it should be. It should be surveyed later. US put in your own state if it wasn't to drink. And then when we surveyed you to find out, you were encroaching on the other loss.

Unknown Speaker 8:47
I see. What about where did the Mr. Domain come? What was domains full name? Do you remember? George demand orange domain and you might have Okay, sorry. His wife

Unknown Speaker 8:59
was happy, happy. I suppose Henriette was her name, but she's always known as happy

Unknown Speaker 9:06
and they built a cabin. Right? North of the lake.

Unknown Speaker 9:13
It was a log house to be fair, a member

Unknown Speaker 9:16
and the orchard is still there. Yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 9:22
The man died in 1936. He was 96.

Unknown Speaker 9:29
Well, how old was he when he when he came here? Was he come here when? When he was?

Unknown Speaker 9:35
Oh, he was middle aged middle

Unknown Speaker 9:36
aged man.

Unknown Speaker 9:37
He came when he came here. I don't know the time he came. But I suppose it was just about the same time as John came, I see. And she was younger. She was his second wife. He had a wife in England, you see and she died and are they He came out to Winnipeg I think she died in Winnipeg

Unknown Speaker 10:07
is that DMA i n? E

Unknown Speaker 10:10
demain? D? Capital M AIMD.

Unknown Speaker 10:14
Okay. Okay. What did what did he do when he was here?

Unknown Speaker 10:21
He just farmed his farm. You fruit and had a cow. Nearly all of the mutes take him to the creamery. Surplus, use the milk. Right, raise a few things. They had shaped

Unknown Speaker 10:47
the he had a horse and buggy. Mr. White Horse for quite a number of years. I don't know whether he had one before I came or not. That was different.

Unknown Speaker 11:00
How did he get to his home from the road?

Unknown Speaker 11:04
You still originally the road came around through here? I guess you still have that. Yes. The road is still that way originally. And then 1912. They put this piece through from the school corner. Yes. From the right road. Yes. They put this two up here. You see, I said he went in this way. I say, you know where the gate is that road

Unknown Speaker 11:29
came up here then in 1912. I say? Yes. No, that's the maximum mountain row today. Yeah. And it's

Unknown Speaker 11:37
1912. Summer.

Unknown Speaker 11:42
And would that have coincided with the water line that went from Nashville lake to the town.

Unknown Speaker 11:50
The water came in later. Water line Canyon later? And it came right down across there. Yeah. And I guess we pretty well followed the job. When we put the new line in and 52

Unknown Speaker 12:04
That's right. That's right. Do you remember anything about when that line? Do you remember? What year that water line within?

Unknown Speaker 12:14
A Jewish before just for the war broke of

Unknown Speaker 12:17
19 1714 1314?

Unknown Speaker 12:20
I think it was completed in 1914.

Unknown Speaker 12:24
I think it was all done by hand, wasn't it?

Unknown Speaker 12:27
Oh, yes. Yeah. Yeah. Each person had to dig a certain distance. Yes. And they got to two and a half a day for that. They're marked out a certain distance. Yeah. A day. I don't know how they did when they hit grok that maybe they paid something extra. But it was 25 cents an hour. Which

Unknown Speaker 12:54
way was the wage? And how many? How many men worked on that?

Unknown Speaker 13:00
Know that I couldn't tell you. There was a trine between deadly see more.

Unknown Speaker 13:19
Proud probably Harry nubs. Probably Wait, I wouldn't say Sure.

Unknown Speaker 13:31
Charlie Gardner and Frank NURBS. Or Fred knows. You used a team of horses and their wagon to hold the pipe. Would pipe wire wrap

Unknown Speaker 13:44
wire around and turn? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 13:47
When we were at school we used to go along and grab these blobs of tar that fell off the pipe you nice to hear the sun and rich

Unknown Speaker 13:56
and shoe it really? How did that taste?

Unknown Speaker 14:01
Oh, it didn't taste too good. After you to read a bit you didn't mind? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 14:09
It must have been a little bit sweet. Did it taste a little bit so

Unknown Speaker 14:12
you don't think there was any sweetness?

Unknown Speaker 14:15
It was just something to chew. Yes. Yeah. Well, the How long did it take them to to dig that waterline? They had to go all the way down the Ganges?

Unknown Speaker 14:27
Yes. Right from I don't know how long it took. But to be about two, three months of the summer of 1914.

Unknown Speaker 14:41
And you were in school at that school at the school right down the corner of right road and Mona Michael wrote

Unknown Speaker 14:49
the original school started down on Charlie garden. But there's no Stepanek. Oh yes. Just about 50 yards from where Buckley's hosting the old log cabin. And they used it as a church as well. On Sunday we went there first 19 elevens they opened a school. Otherwise did the children use tab to go to the device down there on the Blackburn road

Unknown Speaker 15:33
was there anybody else living up here besides demain and Rogers dwelling

Unknown Speaker 15:40
on the Carter place on yes, there's a fella named Phillips Mac Phillips. I think it was. He was a member for Victoria. And I think Carter bought him out. He was away quite a bit. And

Unknown Speaker 15:59
what when when he What year would he have been living there?

Unknown Speaker 16:02
I haven't done the idea. That was before my time for your time. Okay. card here. I think Carter was here when I came. I'm not too sure.

Unknown Speaker 16:15
What was Carter's for full name.

Unknown Speaker 16:18
Thomas Edward.

Unknown Speaker 16:19
Thomas, Edward.

Unknown Speaker 16:27
Okay, and then there was somebody else that was this.

Unknown Speaker 16:31
farther out. Yeah. Oh, father. Was Smith. Oh, Joe Smith, Joe Smith. He accidentally shot himself.

Unknown Speaker 16:42
He had a cabinet up there.

Unknown Speaker 16:43
Yes. To log house with the jalapenos too. Roof. All Yes.

Unknown Speaker 16:50
Oh, yes.

Unknown Speaker 16:55
I think he was living while he was building it. He was living on the carpet place. In Matt Phillips. That was before my time.

Unknown Speaker 17:13
Did you say MAC MAC Phillips?

Unknown Speaker 17:16
It might be Mac Phillips but Phillips Rison.

Unknown Speaker 17:20
Would that have been that the log cabin right. directly east of the Carter? Place?

Unknown Speaker 17:26
Yeah, yeah. There was a log cabin on Carter's right. Yes. He built the house too. Oh, I pulled it down for him. 20 years ago, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 17:42
What about the property right. North of the Carter?

Unknown Speaker 17:48
Which bowler sours? Yes. And then Stanley bought Stan Rogers bought. Yeah. And then he goes to a logging company.

Unknown Speaker 18:00
What was Bauer's? Joe Bowers. He had the Mac and blow. What today is Mac and blow property has just been sold. Joe Smith was in the Carter. No. Justice was above the Carter place. Okay. And what can you remember? For instance, now let's talk about Joe powers.

Unknown Speaker 18:29
He had two children hedgelaying And plethoric. And it's about 10 years between them. Clifford was the youngest he's still alive as far as I know, lives in Victoria. But Headley was old enough to to join up 1914 joined the army. And he he moved out then. And I think the next year Joe Bowers died, had a heart attack. Headley was home on leave at the time. I remember seeing him go and galloping down on the horse. Yes, he called cricket down for the doctor. The doctor came up and he told them he said on the last day and he died 15 minutes after the doctor left. My gosh. Have we stopped her beach?

Unknown Speaker 19:34
Did he come all the way from Ganges? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 19:40
He lived right across from the police station. They were while he Edward Snowden. Yeah, I don't know who's there now somebody else got it. I say that right by the Kingdom Hall. Oh, yes. That was part of the property. accursed old Colonel beech, owned all that piece and on there, they give that pitch for the hospital and the son when he moved out, he went overseas as a doctor, and B sold out there. And each had several changes since then. Carter had their family and Leslie conquer his eldest son. He was just old enough to join us. He was killed overseas. And the next one was Phyllis. She was going to school when I was LC at a network. Elsie, Edna and Natalie are still alive. They're all married. They're all married. All race families. Yes. So was the youngest chief, she was born I think about 19 calendar. 11. Not sure we call it what be 1911 Oh, it could be 1912 because we were in a new school then. And the doctor used to come up and the road was muddy. And he gets stuck. And he borrowed a board from school to put under his wheels. Sorry to drive up. He had a Model T Ford.

Unknown Speaker 21:49
What did Carter did? He just didn't Thomas Carter. Did he just farm and raise animals.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
And he also used to work. Ganges he worked for Wilmore occurred. Somebody else. Most of us worked out when we could eke out the prime doesn't pay very much. Just enough to keep you alive.

Unknown Speaker 22:28
A crush from Carter was the Masons. Oh, we called it rollin part. Robert nation.

Unknown Speaker 22:41
He's us. He was a Dane and a stone mason by trade.

Unknown Speaker 22:52
Did he raise a family?

Unknown Speaker 22:53
Yes. Robert was his eldest son. And Joe was the second son. They both went overseas. Joe was killed overseas. There was Laura. Annie and Maggie. Were the three girls. That may have been more Oh, yes, there was another elder son Willie. And the youngest son was George. Maggie and George went to school with us here. The other day, Dell already completed their education. Mason owned a block, I suppose the quote and Victoria. And you built a whole bunch of houses. Whether he sold them all or just rented them, I don't know. But he came up can live here for a time and then move back to Victoria. And the place was vacant. Demand she looked out for him.

Unknown Speaker 23:58
Would that have been right on along the road right across from the Carter place? Yeah, this was now as the water district property. was moved in. Here's an old orchard. Right. South of the water district property.

Unknown Speaker 24:15
Yeah, that was our third bar. Click on a bright right. She was the first place and Bartlett to the second one.

Unknown Speaker 24:27
A bright WRI DHD a break today right? Yes. W ri ght. Yeah. And both of them and they both had families

Unknown Speaker 24:43
know, oh, he never made that tip. Archer Bartlett loves that property. I think he he turned it over to the soldier settlement board after the war. He went overseas and he came back, and he married a girl from the island here. And they move to somewhere on the Croatian, then to St. Mary's in Ontario. They're both dead. He raised a family, but I never saw them. And a hate move from there. He still kept the property. But he moved from there over onto the other road just below Fred Walters place I guess you've been up the right road. Yes, I have the first property there. Yes. Well, that was aimed there until he got burned out. And then he sold out to I guess his Johnny Vannak and sold the timber you see, drawn a trip to timber off that he sold to a fella named Dan.

Unknown Speaker 26:07
I forget what his first name was. He lives down at St. Mary's Lake, and he had a plane used to fly off the lake. I'll probably remember his name after a while

Unknown Speaker 26:32
then it's changed hands. I don't know how many times and the last I heard. There was a man named young

Unknown Speaker 26:47
a doctor from Victoria. I met him once when I went up there

Unknown Speaker 26:58
whether he was depressed he a therapist or a psychologist or what? I don't remember one of those professions. You might be a neurologist, Steve.

Unknown Speaker 27:16
John Rogers had a brother.

Unknown Speaker 27:18
Yes, he had a brother Harry lived down below. Harry Wright came in 1980.

Unknown Speaker 27:25
All right. He lived in lot 13. And he had a big family.

Unknown Speaker 27:35
Yes, he had a family. His eldest son was Harold. And the second one was Leo. Harold is dead. Leo is still alive as far as I know.

Unknown Speaker 27:51
Ryan will be non-g Terry. Harold died quite a number of years ago. And they both raised families. How long Ella was the third daughter, the third child's first daughter,

Unknown Speaker 28:16
then us road. He's dead. He'd be at h last March. If he lived. And violet, the youngest chill. She's still alive as far as I know. Somewhere in the states here in Washington.

Unknown Speaker 28:42
And they all raise right down in a log cabin. I'm not there yet.

Unknown Speaker 28:46

Unknown Speaker 28:53
sometime after the war, First World War. They all moved left. His wife and daughters went to Ella. She married a young fella named air that lived out in Washington. I guess he was a logger. I don't remember why. They all moved out there and never came back.

Unknown Speaker 29:22
What was her name? What was her name? Mrs. Harry Rogers rose rose Rogers,

Unknown Speaker 29:27
but what her maiden name was I don't know. What what was John Rogers? wife's name ours

Unknown Speaker 29:49
What did Harry do for? What did Harry do?

Unknown Speaker 29:52
Oh, he was sort of

Unknown Speaker 29:54
farming and taking our jobs.

Unknown Speaker 29:57
Oh, he went a bit liked the place for a time and went to Victoria and worked on the building of the Empress Hotel? Oh, and then came back. I suppose when that Job was finished, probably no more work. So they don't come back to the island

Unknown Speaker 30:26
Yes, he'd work on the public works with the rest of us. In those days, it was political. There was so much granted for the road. And those that were on the conservative side that their conservative Touren got a little more than the ones on the liberal side. And so on. They zigzag back and forth to Nord each election too

Unknown Speaker 30:52
much. You'd have a different road crew after each Alaskan.

Unknown Speaker 30:57
Yeah. Then they got just just when the social credit came in, just before they came in, your could work your taxes on the road. Oh, and we used to do that. And then during the depression years, we could get direct relief. You see if we didn't have a job anywhere.

Unknown Speaker 31:27
You got three days in a month. 11 something for the month. And if you happen to work another day for somebody else to where they cut you down one day of the next month.

Unknown Speaker 31:47
Well, there there was quite a number of people living up here then. Yes, from 1910 through 1920 and 25.

Unknown Speaker 32:01
Yes, so till 1917 I guess. Charlie knows where Wooldridge is

Unknown Speaker 32:16
Oh, that was that was

Unknown Speaker 32:17
Charlie No 19 For uncleared that.

Unknown Speaker 32:23
That's no VBS. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 32:31
Okay. He had quite a family. Lizzie. She died a couple of years ago 90 Some years old. Lizzy, and Lake

Unknown Speaker 32:51
what was Mrs. noms first name? What was Mrs. noms first name? Sara Sara.

Unknown Speaker 32:58
They came originally from Ontario. I think kids, their grandparents from the knobs came from England. I remember him grandpa now. She used to come up. Every once in a while to the island. He lived in Victoria. And he did live for a year or so over here. It's where Roy yeah

Unknown Speaker 33:34
yeah, I'm on. Now. he ranted that for a year or two during the war

Unknown Speaker 33:44
is the knobs road named after after Tralee knobs? Yeah, I see. That No.

Unknown Speaker 33:58
Am Billy Ray he died last year or year before Ray nubs he went overseas first read of war

Unknown Speaker 34:17
he and Bill Rogers went in partnership falling and bucking on Vancouver Island after the First World War.

Unknown Speaker 34:31
Curious about something Did you notice on the way up all the foxglove flowers Flowers on the road? How did they get up here did somebody plants at one time.

Unknown Speaker 34:46
Smith had a garden of them. And she left there and went to Ganges to work for Mr. Bullock. Oh, she had a cottage on the road. She bought a little property there and moved down there when her children were getting big. And they went to school in Ganges they had to offense got down, and John Rogers sheet and a bright use to get in there. And they got their seat in the wool and scattered around. All they did any graduate spread all over. And

Unknown Speaker 35:37
so that was Joe Smith's wife. Yes, Joe Smith, and he lives above the Carter place. What was her first name? Emma, Emma.

Unknown Speaker 35:51
Her maiden name was Hutchinson.

Unknown Speaker 35:59
So it was Mr. Smith's garden that all your fossils came from.

Unknown Speaker 36:04
I forgot to tell you the rest of Joe Smith accidentally shooting himself Yes. When his son was quite small, his daughter was only two weeks old. Just had the son and daughter and he wanted him to shoot and burn for him. And he loaded the 22 and went out and so they told me tripped over a shoelace and the gun went off and shot him in the liver. However, other people's told me that they thought he hit the dog scared the bird. Yeah. And he hit the dog with the budget the gun and it went off. I said, I know Bill Rogers told me he said We tried the gun afterwards. And he said just a bump knitted go off.

Unknown Speaker 37:03
So you've may have taken swung at the dogs. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:09
And however they sent for Dr. Baker, that was the doctor that was here then. That'd be about 1967 I think. Anyway, the doctor came up and he operated on him on the kitchen table and the sodium up again. Gangrene and check in. And the new live two days afterwards.

Unknown Speaker 37:41
He must have been a young man when he died.

Unknown Speaker 37:43
I guess he was a very young man. I never heard you say

Unknown Speaker 37:53
Well, tell me. How about the property that the Smiths own now?

Unknown Speaker 38:01
No, that was Mr. Leinen.

Unknown Speaker 38:03
lineup? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 38:09
lineup. The elders. I don't know what his first name was

Unknown Speaker 38:21
was a real estate man. He and a man named Most Dale had real estate business in Victoria.

Unknown Speaker 38:37
And we're one of the houses there's just a little piece of his property to cross the lake is the line cut across the lake. And that there was just a corner there. And he sold it to Mr. Lena did domain domain and later on line and bought their property down to the waterfront on the other side, and I suppose he sold out different parts of it. And I think they still own their acreage in there. I don't know for sure.

Unknown Speaker 39:17
It's I think it's passed to the Taylor family.

Unknown Speaker 39:21
Anyway, Mrs. Smith is the granddaughter.

Unknown Speaker 39:25
She's the granddaughter. Mrs. Taylor is the granddaughter. Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Smith are the granddaughters of Mr. Lena.

Unknown Speaker 39:35
I don't know Mrs. Taylor. But they're sisters. I've seen I met that son some years ago, but I don't remember what his name was. And he had two sons used to come up here that may have been daughters I do Oh no, clipper done and Harold Lyneham and which one is Mrs. Smith's? Father? I don't remember.

Unknown Speaker 40:12
How do you how do you spell Iman?

Unknown Speaker 40:15
Li n e h a m?

Unknown Speaker 40:18
I am eh

Unknown Speaker 40:27
okay. And they used to have friends come up there by the name of Yulin. But I never knew them well at all. There is

Unknown Speaker 40:40
somebody told me they used to somebody told me they used a boat over to the Phantom Narrows and and and then walk up the walk up that steep slope and to get to their place.

Unknown Speaker 40:53
Yes. They had a boat there and they used to roll across the lake.

Unknown Speaker 41:00
Yes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 41:04
and Mrs. Demain kept a boat there for a time. And then upon. I think it fell apart. And we built a boat and sold it to her. And I guess that's all gone long is

Unknown Speaker 41:19
an old boat in my swamp. There's an old boat in the mud swamp and I bet it must be maybe it dates back to

Unknown Speaker 41:27
it's a double ended

Unknown Speaker 41:31
What do you mean by double ended?

Unknown Speaker 41:33
Crank it both ends.

Unknown Speaker 41:34
I know. It's got it looks like it has a little motor in science that still propellers still visible it's an old old boat.

Unknown Speaker 41:49
Yes, there was there used to be a couple of old dog sledding there. That host they were I don't know. Demain took charge of them. And they weren't used very much

Unknown Speaker 42:03
to the people of the community that we're talking about now. Did they use the lake? Did they go to the kids did you as kids did you go up there and go swimming?

Unknown Speaker 42:13
Yes. You did? Yes. We used to swim there I guess from 1914 on I don't remember when the last time I was in your cell picnics there you know 24 To me generally. And I have a picture of a bunch of them. When we were small the whole community I get immunity would go up there the only thing John Rogers this minute I guess he took the picture I forgot about

Unknown Speaker 42:59
it. Were on the lake. Would you go for that picnic? Where would it be?

Unknown Speaker 43:04
It was on this side when it was a new mains near right near where the old house Wise Orchard orchard. And one year we were on the other side that Mason Mason had a stare.

Unknown Speaker 43:27
Oh, now we haven't talked about Mason. Have we did you? Did you tell me about Mason's Yes?

Unknown Speaker 43:36
Mason, Robert

Unknown Speaker 43:37
Mason. Oh, yes, yes, he was right across from Carter. Okay. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 43:45
All right. So Mason, would he have been when you had when you had the picnic? Mason's would that have been on the upper side with overlook the lake?

Unknown Speaker 43:58
Yes. Yeah. I found the top up on the top. I guess you've seen the remains of the foundation of barbed Yes. They were jumped above from that. I see. There's a log house. And it was the only one that had a bathroom in it at that time. There was a little bath in there a small bath. And somebody stole that. years later. Yes, he had to be clustered routings inside lath and plaster was he from Victoria? was Robert Mason from Victoria. Yeah, yes.

Unknown Speaker 44:44

Unknown Speaker 44:48
it was a it was a nice house for and what did it what happened to it? Did it burned down or oh, it

Unknown Speaker 44:56
dried surely decayed and Yeah. We had a hurricane here in Turkey three that knocked down tradisi it blocked every road on the island I think it scared the house a little bit. The Bauer sandwich. It certainly took it off its foundations. It was allowed host to and it was moved off.

Unknown Speaker 45:28
What direction did the wind come from? West West. Oh.

Unknown Speaker 45:35
It was a westerly Gale. It only lasted about two hours, but boy oh boy.

Unknown Speaker 45:44
It did a lot of damage. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:50
It killed a lot of John Rogers COEs. Is that right? They were up in here somewhere up in the bush feeding. And I think it took him a couple of days to find them. They were all dead dead.

Unknown Speaker 46:06
trees fall over on them. Yes, I see.

Unknown Speaker 46:09
It was a sudden you see. There was a gust of wind blew a tree across the road down below with the forks there. Before you get to Howard's just coming across there when the trees came down across the road, and they phone down for the public works. And they came up with the truck. And we're cutting this tree out. When the next hurricane came. And blocks come in they couldn't get the truck out. There had to cut their way out. And I happen to be in Ganges we had the host and I happen to be there because of the extra high tide that I knew was coming to see that it didn't go afloat. You see we had it blocked up. And I see a sudden when trees and branches going in slip from one the worst went into the water. And then another one phrase kept going down. I was kinda sheltered just across where the Information Bureau is. We had the House vote they are just just up against the bank. And when it was all over and I started up home, just

Unknown Speaker 48:03
the storm was it predicted? Was this gone predicted at all? No. Suddenly, suddenly this came? Yes. And were there any people injured?

Unknown Speaker 48:13
Not that I know of. Very few tackles killed deaths.

Unknown Speaker 48:25
I met the constable and Robin justice coming down the hill that was done treat hope he'd been planned Santa Claus. That was 20th of December. He'd been playing Santa Claus for all the schools in their school country. And he got through the one at Central and started down a nice car and the tracer coming down behind him all the way down the road. He got into Ganges he was supposed to go to divide school. And he got up the hill. They are Nick. He couldn't go the trace route costs around. So he walked up Friday and he got Robin Gustus. And Robin started out with him and they got to the fruits of their Cranberry Road and there was trees from their arm. They couldn't get by. So they were just coming back when I got there. And they told me you better start cutting trees when you get home. So I was I was watching that time. I walked home. And just before I got home, I met the road Foreman Bill Evans, and his crew walking down. And he says you've got a song and I said yes, I got a couple of them. And he says we're lucky we'll get them and get Jim Gill your brother and how ready A Neo and you start working on this road and work down out the timber. So we started again, this was only three o'clock in the afternoon, four o'clock maybe. And we started again and we went down and then we started along the pole for drones when we got that cleared and I left at midnight because there was another high tide. I came home and just since I got home, it started to snow. I went to bed. When I got up in the morning at five o'clock, here was my brother sitting alongside the stove with a fire go. He said there was a couple of feet of snow. He said that they'd worked until four o'clock in the morning and their hands were getting so cold they couldn't hardly handle the tools and everyone's come along neater. Granted, you're better call it off until daylight. So I started out in the snow, walked down to the house and saw it it was all right. And it should have come along and it rained and I walked all the way up back to the Fulford road to the Blackbird road, I expected I'd have to start working there again. But they had a tremendous crew had come from Fulford and got through, met them. So I walked all the way around and up there. Night. Nearly all the snow was gone. There was just patches here and there. But there was quite a wind blow for about two hours afterwards. And then it come down.

Unknown Speaker 52:07
Well, that was quite a that's quite a story. I bet the school. The children were sent home from school that day.

Unknown Speaker 52:18
Yeah. Yeah, they were closing up for the Christmas holidays. Yeah. And of course I bumped out the old divide road. I thought it took me about three days for the schoolteachers to walk in that way. But that may have been the next month, January. You said remember she was coming by while I was working?

Unknown Speaker 52:50
Said what happened to your brother.

Unknown Speaker 52:52
So he got killed. He went to board a logging truck after in February, it was hauling logs.

Unknown Speaker 53:05
What year was

Unknown Speaker 53:07
down from here? These trace does it come down in the storm. You see which logs been logged off on the Ellen place. That's the part of the lake to print. Oh, we're

Unknown Speaker 53:26
all we're talking about. 1933 Yeah. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 53:29
see, they did taken all that down. Oh, and they were he had it. They had no brakes on the trailer at that time. And it was his friend Harry your Neil was driving the truck. It was a huge drive from Victoria show. And my brother's walk into Ganges. And when he came along, like he went to Bard to crush the porch stop

Unknown Speaker 53:59
or Yes.

Unknown Speaker 54:01
He slipped, fell under the back wheel. Run one leg off and shattered his back. Apparently, you only lived a few hours. Right out deadish road.

Unknown Speaker 54:20
Right but that is rare.

Unknown Speaker 54:21
The doctor lived right across and he heard him beat him out right away, took him to the hospital mayor and one foot was just hanging by a tendon. He took that off and then phoned Victoria to hold the ferry. And they loaded him in the island freight on the stretcher. They had no empty ambulance. Don't touch him right through. Hold up the ferry long enough for him to go aboard. He died by when they were going by the experimental farm. Circulation just ceased. As the doctor said was shock Yeah. That was

Unknown Speaker 55:11
well then that was right after the storm and

Unknown Speaker 55:13
February 8 to February. The storm was on the 20th of December

Unknown Speaker 55:25
Well Were there any other people, any other people living around the lake that you can remember? What at night we first we first started talking when we first started talking. You mentioned that Jim Anderson. Yes, he was a

Unknown Speaker 55:45
fella. Yeah, I don't know that he was quoting a grower whether he was part Indian, but he's a very tall slim man. And when I came, he was living out the north end somewhere. He had property out there. And he sold that house and he moved to Beaver Isabella point and he built a short river park there and he was there when he died. He used to wear running shoes in winter. And in summer he went barefoot he walk all the way from his develop point to Ganges

Unknown Speaker 56:26
he was back at the long walk yes.

Unknown Speaker 56:34
Yes. Was each old building there it was a very a steep roof shape. The shapes it short. lugs up so high. Yeah. shapes the rest of the way that a roof.

Unknown Speaker 56:48
And where was it that his first place was up here?

Unknown Speaker 56:51
Not not very far from where demain had? No, I see. Just you know where that the road takes the steep dead down? Yes. Well, let me just on the right hand side. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I guess there'd be some remains there likely yes.

Unknown Speaker 57:08
Well, would have been Yeah. Would have been on top of that rise. No, no. Right down right down by the water. Yeah, right down by the water. Right where there intakes are now for the Saltspring.

Unknown Speaker 57:22
Yeah. into the intake goes right past the front of it. Yeah. Yes. The intake actually goes out where the original Creek was. You see from the lake. Where it is? No, yeah. The main dug it. Oh, there and cut through that down. I guess you know, there's a sort of a dam across the orchard. Yes. Well, that apparently was what the Indians put there to run the Trojan. They get a net confusion there and, and run the Trojan did that shallow water because they could catch that many of them thought when they cut that down. They found a log in there. And they thought with a beaver down. But later, I thought it was funny for a beaver dam. And later I learned that it was the Indians and done it.

Unknown Speaker 58:25
I think I know where that is. It's

Unknown Speaker 58:28
it's only about the child. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 58:32
And yeah. Well have there always been fish in the lake? Yes. Did you fish there when you're a boy?

Unknown Speaker 58:40
They were always hard to catch.

Unknown Speaker 58:43
They still are? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 58:48
Then back in the 20s the fisheries put in Kamloops and cutthroat trout when the Kamloops choke didn't grow for a long while. And the brightness told me says well it's just lack of food if they don't grow, and they figured that wasn't enough wind to stir the water to to get the plants to grow that the larger burn insects feed on that the fish feed. Oh yes, we used to go fish in their late 20s And we catch the cutthroat mostly. Once in a while we took an old rainbow

Unknown Speaker 59:45
with rainbows bait.

Unknown Speaker 59:46
Yeah, some of them. My brother and another fella. Go to a couple of work over three pounds, three and a half pounds. I think one was

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Good size,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
which phishing on worms?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:03
Outstanding take offense.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:07
They all didn't take it just to be a float just went out about 30 feet,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:14
probably logs being made of logs helpful knowledge.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
If you flank to cry across

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
the pipe which are only about two feet below the surface, and John Rogers used to go up and clean out two holes. He had a special brush used to go up every week and clean out the whole show the wage didn't get him still flow your floor. That was before they put in their new intake in 52.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:54
They put a

Unknown Speaker 1:00:55
number 5152 They extended the line from Harbor house out to the Soviet

Unknown Speaker 1:01:10
Yeah, and I think 52 They put a cement and asbestos pipe in

Unknown Speaker 1:01:17
Yes, yes. Yes. Translate they can say they call Yes. It was very strong but vertel when we were unloading the truck out of the lake there one pipe rolled off. And it hit on the ground. There is a hauler between the two ends. And it snapped it in the middle. They were heavy. On the quarter inch. Yes. That Oh my. That sure was an awful job. Unloading loading and unloading loads.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:57
May does that. They dug that line with machines, I suppose. Yes. Yes. Did you work on that project? Yeah, yes, you did.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:08
Yeah, we went to Victoria and loaded trucks of railroad cars of these men when we got back here we had to unload them.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:20
You say that was for it was it wasn't that six inch? Wasn't that a six inch

Unknown Speaker 1:02:24
pipe or four inch four inch pipe? They put it in six inch? Or maybe it was eight inch from the tank down to Ganges the mile. Oh yeah. See, the rest of it was only 40

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41
How big was the cedar? The cedar line the original line

Unknown Speaker 1:02:45
the original was a two week

Unknown Speaker 1:02:54

Unknown Speaker 1:03:01
worked on that for quite a time before. And if we got a blockage or a leak we didn't dare shut it off. We had to work. flood the leak under pressure. Otherwise it had burst the pipe. Oh, that's right. It was getting so old. Yes. And once in a while you get a quake come along. It wouldn't be enough to bother us potentially. It did very corrupt off that it had got through in there Nikki go and plug the pipe that we helped her to bore a hole here and there to find out where then cut out that whole section of finance. Oh yeah. clump it up again.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:47
Oh. Did you work? Are you on the cruise that would take care of that one.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:55
I worked on it for quite a while of non like washing steady work for me. It was only just when they had a break. The only steady work was the winter of 2048 4748. I worked from November until March steadily looking out for Morris thing. The boss went to England to visit each father for a day. You got there just in time enough to see

Unknown Speaker 1:04:45
was the what? What was the structure of the water company? From let's say 19. It was the line when in 1915. You said

Unknown Speaker 1:04:59
that named Tom Lang Tom Lang Yes, he did the all the work and odor and taste Maurice was burned in case Maurice was his son in law. And he took it over you see when Lang died

Unknown Speaker 1:05:30
and they it was it was a company was it

Unknown Speaker 1:05:33
later, the company later government bought in IC, O there was quite a few had a shares in it and gathered more, I think bought out all the other shares.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:48
And they, they sold the water. It was all metered. It's all metered. Yes. When were the first meters put in? When were the first meters on the line put in.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:04
There was one for Charlie Gardner but he never used it. No, not until 1924. Then when he put his new house he got burned out. He built a new house.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:21
Did anybody in the in the cranberry use the water? No, he was all for the talent. The John Rogers. Yeah, you use it.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:31
How high rate Rogers had to tap? Oh, they had free water you see for going through their property. And then they'd be knobs hairy knobs where Howard is now. And H O. Allen. Were across the road. That was all had water in the cranberry

Unknown Speaker 1:07:02
with the knobs, which is the waters place now. Yeah, I see. They had that

Unknown Speaker 1:07:09
was Harry No. Harry Knox. Yeah. Where grandpa, obviously. All of the first people there, I suppose were vegans. And Mr. Mrs. Dagon. Jorja slate curiously, a year or two ago, a car stopped and a woman got out and came to me. He asked me if that was the marsh where Dagon lived in a mud hut. And I said no. I said it was farther over. I said, I don't know the exact place. But it was on the next property. I think. She turned out to be the great granddaughter of the Dagon. I see. So I didn't know exactly where this was. So I wrote to Leo Harris. And Rogers. Oh, yeah, little rascal. I wrote to Leo No, I just ask him who was on that place first, you see, and where the dragons mud hut was because I'd heard that the name David. And he said he knew them really well. And restaurant was taken. And he said, he says he might have called it a mud hut. It was I think it was a mud floor. But it was a log cabin. Right next to the old knobs house. Well, I remember that old cabin quite well. And when

Unknown Speaker 1:08:52
you're talking about the property,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:54
where Wooldridge Yeah, we're Howard Smith.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:57
Yeah. Oh, we're Howard's live. Yeah. All right. Okay, that was the

Unknown Speaker 1:09:01
prospecting. Okay. And then nubs took it over. I went down to the land registry office to kind of find out when it was taken up, you see, and there's no record of it until Harry nubs. Got to read your shirt title in about 1914.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:32
What was Harry knobs a, a son of Charlie knobs. Harry was Was he a son of Charlie knobs?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:41
Yeah, he was a brother.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:42
He was a brother. Okay. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:44
Okay, that was the four knobs.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:48
So in Charlie knots, Liz, where Wooldridge I see and you're talking about Harry nobs who's now who live where Howard's now live. Yes, yeah. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:59
and Good Friday through they are Fred knobs down they branch off the coin be rogue oh yeah that was no news nubs road UCS from Jones here from the school corner down to Fred now there's no shroud then now the other road is branched off is known as the time B roll that never said another road took off of that of the knobs road known as the train be Rogers road. That was the other time they on the other side of mounter Steezy and Harold Rogers had a piece there next to Fred nubs he married Fred now to daughter Annie

Unknown Speaker 1:11:05
What about Harold was he he Rogers Harold Rogers was he a son of John are eldest son of Harry Harry. Okay, yeah, okay. No sorry. And he moved down there. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:19
He died long before Harry gates and Harry left his. This property give him your seat. And when he died, he made the new will and left it Joe Leo are line the second son and line are sold out.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:50
Irel Bradley and I are loved it. And you son Wayne was running. The yarder bulldozer and they had an arch for hauling the logs. And they had two or three crew in there. And their fellow named Holmberg sin I think he was he couldn't speak English very well and I guess he didn't understand it too well. And one day, the lug stuck up in the arch. She didn't drop down when when back up the bulldozer. And that's when he went in there to loosen the cable instead of keeping out they tried. Some of the others yelled at him to come out but he didn't come up quick enough. No dogs come down on him and killed him. And his widow is still living here. Mrs. Holmberg. She's still in Ganges here little woman. I don't know whether she's she had one property whether she's still on it or not. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:17
There was a a railroad tie industry. up in this area. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:26
Those were cut to 1925 2425 they tie Mills came in and cut all around these properties. I don't know how he sold any timber to them or not. But John did.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:47
I think it was a mill right? Yes. north of here. Yes. Out here. Yeah, it looks like water district

Unknown Speaker 1:13:56
that upon the right place there the dry lake as they called it. Yeah. Right. And

Unknown Speaker 1:14:07
then Jones of Victoria got it. bought it from the settlement board. I think. Bartlett turned his part over to the soldier settlement board named right to Eisley. And Mike Jones got it. What

Unknown Speaker 1:14:26
did you mean by as turned it over to the settlement board.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:32
When the soldiers came back to the property they had, if they wanted to take up another piece, they turned this into the soldier settlement board for a down payment on a new piece, the settlement word and carried the mortgage on their property until they paid it off.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:57
We were talking about Len Van Jones is it

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
And yes when Jones and he sold to Moulton brothers they had a metal in here oh this is

Unknown Speaker 1:15:19
around for ak 4748 Something like then when they came in with the mills they were first down on the prop property on trying to be rode there and they cut out that property and then they moved the mill up in here and then they moved from there they went to down Sydney way just beyond short space somewhere there on I suppose where would that Marina Yeah. And they were there the government took over the property and I forget what they paid them quite as some for the mill that wasn't worth re establishing apparently. And the brothers sold them to the government I don't know what happened to the mill property.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:31
Did any of the people in the cranberry did they work in those meals?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:35
Oh yes. Yeah, I've worked in some of them they were all up here around here ever singer male of Chick fil A named Howard singer

Unknown Speaker 1:16:51
Why did they like

Unknown Speaker 1:16:53
Frederick M singer the older owner and a sudden Howard took over when he died but he was I think in partnership with Mike Mullen and metal unwanted go expand. So I understood mortgage get a mortgage John knew his property you see our next expanded video property takeover and big property and singer was more conservative he wouldn't let him do it didn't want to go broke. You see they were only operating on a shoestring apparently. But we always got paid.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:43
What? Why was why did they like the timber up here for their for their ties? It

Unknown Speaker 1:17:51
was tight timber, and easy access apparently low loaded under skull and gantries was it?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:58
Was it the grain of the

Unknown Speaker 1:18:01
what did they like? Yes. A nice tall grain. Small Grain. Yeah. And no, Inspector there was some Coast house. prison near every load the be one or two close ties.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:16
Was it all virgin timber? Yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:21
And Howard singer, or Frederick singer died. And Howard took it over you see you son. And I guess melon got the controlling interest then. Anyway, Howard singer was unloading and bulldozer from a flat car and the ramp that he was coming down, collapsed, turned the bulldozers on him and killed him. And I guess that's when Macmillan took over. And from then on, he sure went

Unknown Speaker 1:19:04
Oh, my goodness. Yeah. Well, let's see. Could be in the 30s as in the 30s.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:10
Yeah. The time males moved out of here. And 2930 and one or two come back in the 30s. Phil De Bruyne he came back. But he pretty well went broke. He was running on a shoestring.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:38
And then the moles interested in all the James brothers, James Canadian seeds. They had a broader time mill they'd had a tie mill at St. Mary's lake in the 22 encase and before they left the island, moved over to Bartow had Corfield farm. They had they borrowed 40,000, I think from the government, Conservative government for their farm to buy this Corfield farm for raising the seeds. And then been trained time when they weren't farming. They had a time mill, they brought it over here and went on Mrs. stopwords property, Mrs. Smith, you see original Smith. They went on that property on on right road. And they, they monkeyed around, they didn't have a proper motor. They were using a marine motor, and they couldn't keep it cool enough. So they monkey around and lost a couple of warriors by not being able to fill them.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:06
And they put in their Packard motor last. And they finally went broke on that. And they lost the fire. They had to vote. I think it was 4000 interest to pay every year you see.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:31
And they went short on that. And we did work there. We lost some money in it. I got some of mine in hay and the others took theirs out in lumber. And Gilbert Ward wanted me to take out what they owed me in, in lumber. And then he paid me $5 less than what I'd have to pay for that. Getting the lumber you see. So I didn't do it. But I managed to pay my bill. What more they gave us credit you see, as long as we were working down. And that ran us into a hole when we didn't get paid.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:20
Oh yeah, sure. What did you bring with you and what did you bring with you?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:28
Oh, that's actually one of Leo's letters. Oh, I couldn't find the one that told me about

Unknown Speaker 1:22:38
oh, this is when you asked him questions about

Unknown Speaker 1:22:45
that's, that's the letter he sent me when?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:55
Oh, about the Roger's family. Yeah, I see. Okay. Well, I will read this. I will read this. But I won't take time now to read it. That'll be that'll be interesting. This is from one of the Rogers which Rogers was that Leo rewriters. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:37
Yeah, read that. And I like to read. I guess we'd better get on with Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:42
Is there anything else that any particular events up here that you would like to share with us? Up in this this area? Maybe? Sorry, Max will wait. Are there any other big storms or

Unknown Speaker 1:24:03
hair? Mercer's demands brother, Harry Kelly? Oh, yes, Harry. I don't think he came up here very often. He and domain were at loggerheads. And he claimed domain tried to kill him. Oh, and he he stepped down. Victoria again. And there was another brother. I forget what his first name was Kelly. He had a daughter Mildred used to come up and see and tacky. And before that Robert Kelly was the other third brother. He was a prospector used to prospect to run you're probably found day on Prospect Hall. Yes. And he had a canoe and he had a cabin apparently across the lake. He used to come in for his groceries. Once a week, you see. And apparently, he came in for his groceries one day and they never saw him again. He disappeared and they hunted the whole island. Everybody was out that able bodied man was out hunting for him and never found him. And they suspect there was a fella named Franklin left down near where Fred nubs took over. They suspect he was a drug addict and murdered Kelly and Harry Kelly claims to don't Demesne murder. But when Mrs. Demain died, Harry Kelly took over her property EWZ and he sold the cheap to Morris stabbed Rajesh and I would have bought the cheap if we'd known that he wanted to sell them. But he didn't consult us at all.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:15
Did Gavin mode buy that property from Kelly them?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:21

Unknown Speaker 1:26:27
He probably took it over.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:31
And he ended up with

Unknown Speaker 1:26:34
a fellow named Jackson, Harry Jackson from the States. He was a racehorse fan. He took it over, but whether he bought or just rented, I don't know. And then he moved out of there

Unknown Speaker 1:27:00
I think Gavin Ward probably took over then. I say water works anyway.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:06
Got it. Yeah. That was the beginning. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:18
Most of Demesne got burned out. And the snow was on the ground. There's about two feet of snow at the time. And she lived here. I guess the cottage that was here when you came. She lived in that until they built her a small coffee. One room cottage area, two room cottage? I guess it was they built her down there. Anyway, when the waterworks took it over, they pulled it down.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:52
Yes. Wonder what year what year was that? Was that event when the water works? And that was enough?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:00
I'm not sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:02
And maybe the early 50s?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:05
Yes, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:08
Well, she misses domain continued to live up there after her husband.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:15
She lived up there. And one day she went to visited a neighbor and she felt sick to see and they said to him at RISD, Bennett's over on Dukes road neutropenia. And they said to her, You better see the doctor, you're, you're pretty safe. So they took her down, and and then took her to the hospital. And she said to the nurse, just when she took her into the room, she said, No, I'm thirsty. I want to drink. And the nurse went out to get her a drink. And she just flipped over on the bed and said, Oh, my poor sheep and died. And the Bennett's from Dover. And Stan Rogers took over feeding the sheep until Harry Kelly came. He was in Victoria.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:23
Now the animals did they just free range? Yes, they just free range the cattle and the sheep.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:30
There was no pound. And when they round up, you know you'd get some of your neighbors sheep in and you tell him and he'd come and get on Shira. And sometimes you get some of his tell him they all have all the rear marks, you know, Oh, yeah. And I don't know what year that was. But I think it'd be Around 1960 When Robert Kelly disappeared

Unknown Speaker 1:30:10
the only person that can tell you is

Unknown Speaker 1:30:19
they will Patterson and He's in hospital with a broken hip or he was a couple of weeks ago well he is to get non towards 100 He's the last old timer I understood he came to the island when he was two years old. So he's the only old timer you might say of course there's Mrs. Tried b She's 90 years old Yeah, I think she's 90 No she was born on the own she's the youngest did the more brothers we say Hey, she's the mother of the deck triangular deck and Tom and yeah Manson yeah

Unknown Speaker 1:31:16
in that we don't have too much time left What about John Rogers what happened with the he used to make cider up here there was some incident you

Unknown Speaker 1:31:32
told me I tried your for sale you see was that legal in those days in which legal can make tighter but you weren't

Unknown Speaker 1:31:42
but there was a there was a lot of people coming up here to this place. Yeah, get cider

Unknown Speaker 1:31:48
used to come up and get cider and there is a use to make vinegar to add 1939 1940 winter style standard a round up a whole bunch of apples. Made cider I had some some of my apples. cider and a neighbor she had a bunch of apples. No brought them up and got some ground and they were putting a barrel to ferment for her

Unknown Speaker 1:32:32
you added What did you do? How did you make the cider? Just ferment just for math. Um, did

Unknown Speaker 1:32:38
you add sugar if if you wanted sweet cider, you added sugar. But otherwise you didn't need to give you make hard cider if you'd let it go long enough. And then do a little longer It was certainly good. And that was all in there. And a certain constable had just a whole barrel, a cherry wine fermenting day and

Unknown Speaker 1:33:16
they were doing it for him.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:22
It turned out that an Indian got drunk on cider out at Costello's invaded Costello's place you see trespass and the caretaker shoddy. And you didn't tell him of course. And the police took him in charge. And they won't know where he got decider. Evidently it returned okay headquarters out the North entity and they pestered him so much that he wouldn't tell them, you see. And they pestered him so much that they said was it John Rogers who got it? So to get rid of the pestering? He said yes. Or John Rogers has never sold anything. But so they raided him.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:15
They raided John this place. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:18
Come up one evening. Yeah. And standard seven and I were falling and bucking new timber on his place. He all he loves that winter. And I happen to look out the window. I heard the truck coming by. I saw the truck with Jack Dodge truck all loaded up with barrels going down in the mood light and a car going just ahead of it. And when I come the next morning to work with Stanley, I said Would you read it last night? He says, Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:04
And what are they? What did they do with it? They dumped it in the sea.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:07
They dumped it down the sink. In valley station, the police station. You can smell it for weeks after it resolved. They pull John Rogers for selling keeping liquor for sale.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:28
They charged him. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:31
Gavin mode, told him to, to plead guilty. And he'd get off onto mainland suspended sentence. He didn't know what they had against him. You see, he couldn't do. It didn't know if any other people that he'd sold it to would tattled on him. So he pleaded guilty, and he got off on suspended sentence. But he never made any more stay there.