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History of the HMS Ganges

Bob Harwood, SSI Historical Society, 11 February 2004

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Date February 11, 2004 Location Central Hall
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Unknown Speaker 0:10
In peacetime by understanding is in use is always avoid creating

Unknown Speaker 0:17
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Unknown Speaker 0:21
a during the war for the for the growth, you might say, basic seamanship and covering training. And that's what I did. And the odd thing I was quite surprised when I, when I started the thing in the driftwood, and I would like to be presented with an overall discount all those years ago, only six years ago, and I managed to hang on because all my time there was presented to another customer and I asked for a unique event at that time

Unknown Speaker 1:07
so I went

Unknown Speaker 1:08
from there to a number of other things are going on at that sort of rather busy time at volleyball. But I still have kind of a poor memory of it. And and the fact that I've been getting to know what's wrong maybe was on the enemy list. Why

Unknown Speaker 1:39
he said it

Unknown Speaker 1:43
was It must be so because

Unknown Speaker 1:48
I never in any way I've never achieved the kind of range in which I would talk to the both of them. So trying to represent the

Unknown Speaker 1:57
local IODP when you

Unknown Speaker 2:08
another quick phone call of this morning in relation of ATMs getting us in the local politics have you lived through the whole history of it because it was 100 years ago, less than enough I have a lot of scrapping pages left three chapters at one time, the call is done so we can scan the stuff that was the empty anyway, on Wednesday, September 23 1930. The proportion of personalization of scanned images with a broad name placed on the captain led the cost of character before and this was seen as a great tool for fortunately effective for an offer to send when you send the mass of the mainboard alive to be closing on foot appears again before they have the one fan coming in. For the third direction was of the place. The place on the road Foreman promised to clear the proposed corner and the seven program indicated that they were having a discussion about the election confirm the one who decided to remove it from the most sensible side of the road format once again with the first understanding of a couple of trees in February, this is a site that the Truther community and I've been told that the trucking industry generally refers to the fact that some buildings are not all

Unknown Speaker 4:12
all agreed to once again offer an objection to this

Unknown Speaker 4:22
at the annual meeting, the brass plates are strong but I wonder what they have done do some things with the understanding decision making 31 substitution this is perfect function for the potential return

Unknown Speaker 4:45
of the dog this type of

Unknown Speaker 4:48
system again by I couldn't join the 1932 there was some damage done with a backhoe into that house If

Unknown Speaker 5:01
it was repaired,

Unknown Speaker 5:05
and it was very hard, it was hard to find enough dollars in the banking system to the practice reluctance for the combination the ability to present on October 27 lighting was given by IoT nationals in Toronto, the same can be done to the internet. Same time I was not about them. But that was about it.

Unknown Speaker 6:00
He came along with this model. And I've had the pleasure of taking Bob and his positivity around the village for the last two days, looking at bits and pieces of memorabilia, and assemblies and prisons. One thing that we did, I didn't know that the larger picture on the right on the table was in the high school. I didn't know anything about the war on the border than the high school. And that was evidently awarded to, I guess, this book by Williams. I was wondering if any of you know anybody? Does it ring any bells

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that drives in family and property and as they noted

Unknown Speaker 6:51
in the picture with the

Unknown Speaker 6:52
high school when they settled the property. Okay, there's a little trend that has been popping up all over the place. It's really nice. Anyway, join the Royal Navy as a boy back in 19 47 billion euros at the airport. So my principal stake was 47 must be the same as me. But no, it was boiling.

Unknown Speaker 7:25
Anyway, it's my great pleasure to introduce Vontaze let him tell us about it. And again, maybe some something like why religious identities and I'm sure many of you have requested fun. So please, welcome.

Unknown Speaker 7:56
Good afternoon. Thank you. You're welcome. I hope it's up to present and never done this before. During a petty officers training course, we all have to give a five minute

Unknown Speaker 8:14
lecture on any subject. Famous about I chose baseline measurements. Very convenient. I knew that nobody knew would know what the hell I was talking about. Because I have a captive audience. But something slightly different. Go for it as a standard slow hag platform. Some of those people in the back there started sneaking out the door. I know it's time to shut down. Now what is ancient Chinese mean to you? First, the kids have given his name to this very delightful village here on this.

Unknown Speaker 9:05
Senior myself.

Unknown Speaker 9:06
I've received so much hospitality since we've been here especially by Tom as you can take around and it's a wonderful place. We really enjoyed our time. Therefore, he was part of your history. And many of the geographical

Unknown Speaker 9:27
features around this area.

Unknown Speaker 9:31
name Dr. obsessively proposal he was up here in 1859 to 61 device. So therefore, that's where the name came from. But as she is part of your history, she was part of my life. Sorry, I would say

Unknown Speaker 9:57
you've been here Yes

Unknown Speaker 10:02
we always work on nothing at all wow we provided me with inviting we

Unknown Speaker 10:11
will always technology and

Unknown Speaker 10:18
then these will my wife

Unknown Speaker 10:41
number two please always technology sorry about the standard, but this is the HMS kindly supplied. And outgoings is the char establishment the nickname for is stone free to carry the name Royal Navy, I was still 15 years of age, when I joined then had a famous or rather infamous reputation for a strict discipline, and very swift punishment when you were it was a hard place. In fact, a lot of people. So the only bad boys when they thought it was some kind of reformatory, I don't know whether you understand that word I've been told and reformed school or something. But in fact, temporary boy was a volunteer. That discipline, however, will lead you into the other person on imposing your mask into one unit taught you to respect the other person, because for the rest of your career, you will be living close confinement with your mess. It also taught himself discipline and self respect. I don't regret. One day of the 14 months I spent at risk and essential motto, the ship with wisdom and strength. The unofficial was falling into May. My time is still in good stead for the whole of my daughter. Again, these boys also have another reputation. The training we received was first class. And when we left guide to join our first set, we knew what to do on board that ship immediately. When I joined my first fleet destroyer, I was assigned to work on the phone for shopping are reported for the leading seaman in charge. He had three badges on which when they've been in service for at least 12 years, and therefore he was over 30 years of age. For the whole band in my eyes. He asked me where I've been training. And I told him Gansey he just said, You know what it's all about. That was the reputation the game the boy had. From that day on. I was expected as part of his company. Because I was a candy boy, and I didn't have to be told anything. else for the rest of my career as a service. I became a surveyor working on surveys all the time. And when I left the Navy, I joined the contract service and carried on doing effectively the same kind of work. But mainly in Middle East and the Persian Gulf. Eventually I followed them to say it became a highway so very cool.

Unknown Speaker 14:17
Didn't come into my life again until about 12 years ago when I discovered the HMS guy diseases. And then shortly after that, a division reformed in call knowing nothing of the history of game days before by entry in the case of the young lads, I was surprised to find out that the boys training actually started down in tournaments in 1860s. And the trip would remain there until 1899. She was tempted that important occasion for a reset but otherwise she does plan from MOBILE RINGS in characters Apart from being able to show that I increase there was also a small naval Dockyard which had been there since 1805. And then it has been used to provide water and provisions for naval ships patrolling in the English Channel and the sizes and going up into Plymouth for these divisions it fell in and out of us over the years. So when a dress diaries for me is on singles single

Unknown Speaker 15:43
so when he was going to arise out we lived in Portland and the smithy and the cooperage were once again to us and one of the store houses were converted into a hospital for the boy be able to own 30 meters of man's around the dockyard but within closing that anchorage was the Milan parish church and graveyard building right with all this technology

Unknown Speaker 16:26
to make the picture bit sharper by turning that wheel

Unknown Speaker 16:35
Good night people around me

Unknown Speaker 16:46
this is the dockyard gardenhouse house and these were the cooperage and maybe the is the model parish church. And this here was a story on an old church on this side since 411 ad for the prison one is Norman construction with some later editions. The graveyard was quite small and filling up saying 1840s fits the church Garcia specifically for American barriers, burial grounds. And cotton. Off the top of it Dollar Tree was was gifted to the church with only arrival of the guide that is 1960s successful and was then given back to the arrival of people a burial of any Ganges boy. During those 33 years the trip was 53 boys died 46 of them being buried here in Milan. In 1872. A memorial was erected in his graveyard. It's a sandstone color on a granite base. With the game rank. A date of death of each boy was caused over the years. There wasn't much space left on the pillar when the ship left in 1899 I assure you

Unknown Speaker 18:38
going on almost a century. This the model is so totally neglected all that time. With the exception that for a few years members of the Association had gone to Milan in November to clear away the undergrowth and lay a wreath on Remembrance Sunday. A family started out with the intention of getting the memorial clean. I'm sorry that's not a good picture but you can see it thrown back. But as there was no one living near this digital terrain that was until the Cold War division was formed and we took over the renovation of this memorial. As you can see, it is built on quite sloping ground and it was an unknown on a wet November morning for one or two people that slipped over we got to work and this is what the site is looking like something today

Unknown Speaker 19:41

Unknown Speaker 19:44
built on here so now we have a flat surface for people to see new surface anymore

Unknown Speaker 19:58
as you can

Unknown Speaker 19:59
see it It has cleaned up considerably. From three or four people attending their November, for Remembrance Sunday prior to this work being done, we now have about 90 members every Sunday attending RYLA was involved with this for that I started to be interested in the history of the ship. One story really got me going. And that was the removal of the captain and the first six months of the shifting Commission. The title was a tyranny, abuse, beating the mothers on the rampage, male inquiries, and finally suicide. I had to know more. So I started to scour the local newspaper archives. But to call upon started, you didn't, it didn't stop there at one store sizes trips to London, the Public Records Office to read the national newspaper museum for the natural for the military, and they will give them and the Public Records Office to read the ship's log.

Unknown Speaker 21:20
Before they

Unknown Speaker 21:22
send to the Admiralty library, both in London and Portsmouth. I finally looked through 1700 copies of this packet package newspaper and expected any mention of the game. And this has resulted in a booklet in its own right. For gaining tremendous amount of knowledge of what went on it was 33 years. Suddenly, I am the expert became the chairman of the Scottish division Association asked me for a few notes about the memorial to give a talk to members. This turned into a seven page story, which was eventually published on the association's website. So I started to get inquiries from all over the world. These guys these boys go everywhere, don't they don't write the annual reunion Association. The idea that definitive history of ancient Ghandi was put out. So many people have had a go from various parts of this history, especially when I sit down in settlements, but nothing has been coordinated. So the three of us who volunteered to write this book, David McLeod, who is in Cardiff, Wales, withdrew from the fellowship in eighth in 1782 tenths of a second up to 1861. I would then do the star boys training from 1865 until 1899 and Tony Romo who is a popular would do the brain that up 1976 When the establishment finally closed the publication date is to coincide with the centennial of the boys coming ashore into the Royal Naval training, establishment and shopping in 1905. But much depends on if we can finance it.

Unknown Speaker 23:47
And if it's finished

Unknown Speaker 23:49
badly enough, having written the book before yourself before from the islands or website you will know that the first day for most games is built in 1782 incidentally on the River Thames, near London. He was at the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801 will know who reputedly put his telescope up to his blind eye and said that he didn't see the record signal from the admiral commanding the fleet and went on to find victory. He was anchored immediately ahead of the belt and apparently gave driver for the council itself. By 80 In the last five years before she was broken up. It was more than seven port as a receiving fix for French and American prisoners of war. The French were put back in their ships and sent home the Americans so we talked to them up to the staff or women tree illicit flows through that period. Report are unhappy with person was when he later found out the one Bank of America before handing back the hammer, and places that they had been. They've traveled with banks in half and made them useless. The second trip, your candies didn't have a very distinguished career prior to 1860s 1823 founder out of the West End is racing, but two years later, she was flagship on the South American station until 1929. When she was paid off on her return. She had a brief period out in the Mediterranean at 32 before being paid off again. She spent another four years out in the Mediterranean again in 1838 until 1842, to an action this time from Beirut during the Syria campaign, that was her only action. Pedro began in 1948 and spending another four years out in the military to get the full time paid off into reserve until she was recommissioned on the 25th of June 57 by Captain John Fulford. She then became the flagship of the Pacific Squadron on the 17th of October 1857. On the rear, I moved to Robert Lambert saying he was the last sailing battleship to make the passage around Cape Horn without the aid of steam. Release out here on the fifth of May 1860. I was once again paid off in CNS on the 15th of May 1861. So the first 40 years of her life, she spent 20 years in reserve to saving CMS until 1865 When she was chosen to be a voice training and she was paid around to Devonport to be converted to the syringe David's McLeod's research for a part of the book that an ancient case of directly concerns the loss of from men in 1850 during the watering expedition, of piracy in Greece, in this investigation into this accident was arranged worldwide would involve two layers, government offices, Public Record Office, museum libraries gave us boys living in Greece, the British ambassador and his naval attache and the local people. A small incident that happened 100 over 150 years ago, maybe a little bit insignificant, but help was freely given by everybody contacted. The Mediterranean sleepers painted a good bill will visit to Athens in 1850 and anchored off the island of Solomon. On Thursday the 31st of January of pennis man Burnett from a brain mix different Chatfield and 16 men sending areas for water. Having filled the car. They started back to me while ago it started a blow and there was a blinding snowstorm instead of staying in harbours he should have done for some reason the brain insisted on trying to return to the ship. On the bypass, this heavy laden tried to pack got caught in space paid off on the original cause was having no way on response, the capsid six men were immediately locked away never seen again. The remainder made into a barren island called passing a terrible night during which one man froze to death. On the ship in the shoes of the tennis had remained in harbor overnight. When it didn't return on the Friday, a surfer It wasn't until the following day Saturday. The survivor sample had to spend a second time on the island. The Midshipman captain, and five men wandered away from the rest of the group from the small cave just big enough to hold but they were the only survivors and five men have died during the night. The five men who survived both fingers and toes, frostbite, and tactility eventually became an apple suffered badly with rheumatism. For years afterwards. The body's been brought back on board, coffins bays, and according to the ship's law, they will say on an island called In saying that, David wondered if the grades were still there, could we in the association, prep go and remark and renovate them. That's where the problem started. Solomos Bay contains numerous islands as according to presents a child none of them have a need all. The Hydrographic Office came up with a detail item, but that was 200 miles away near the Turkish coast. Nobody else consulted could come up with the the web was for old charts in the great battle between the Greeks and Persians of the Salomon. Centuries before was read up. But then one evening X Penny also David McLeod gets a phone call from us, Cody, Commodore John mills. They wrote attache in acid in our search, and not being able to help himself, he had contacted the owner of a charter a young company in Paris, who didn't know either. But he took time out to go and talk to the old SeaWorld fishermen sitting on the waterfront thinking they're rude. Yes, of course. That's the old name nice. The island over there is now called fizzy Italia. The island had been found it all fitted. But that wasn't the end of the problem. Of course, fizzy carrier is being converted into the largest tourist treatment plant in Europe and is a prohibited area. And corridor however, was going to be denied. He pulled strings and talk to the directors of the construction company and got permission for himself and his role marine bodyguards to go to the island and search for these grades. One thing that is said about the grid is that any construction site is investigated for antiquities in graveyards, and if possible, they are avoided. This is what's happened I will tell you. So they couldn't be found the grades because we found the Commodore and his green classmen from the construction site to scour the island. It will be wonderful after all this, they'll say that the guys have found but I'm afraid it all turned out to be an anti climax. So another sign of what might have been drained. But they did find the headstone of a meridian could have been 13th century 1850. Just a month after the grave lessons been in the five man was probably only marked with wooden crossings, which would have long since gone. But they are probably very close.

Unknown Speaker 33:48
And somewhere on that island to close the roof approach is a foreign field and will be forever England. Why do we bother trying to find out about these experiences? It seems to me that once you start researching in any subject, you just want to know more and more. The more you get however, the more questions seem to arrive and excuse me with my part of this history that we are I think I've had to spend a lot of time investigating stories that have grown up about the time database. For instance, the number four is committed suicide because of the extreme heart racing in practice on board summaries of their bodies being buried in the head around the graveyard because they refuse burial in consecrated ground and of that of the Rosary for finding out coming out of the house. You inflation remembers that again these association was partly partly looked into. As confidently stated they have found a proof of a number of citizens they haven't come back to me. So I've had to start from scratch. Reading the history of burial records, and my folklore. Every fatal accident or unexpected death on board the ship was subjected to coroner's inquest, which was naturally reported in the local newspaper. I found only one suicide and Alexandre Russell in 1883. He shot himself just before taking a swimming lesson. I think he found a way to cope. No reason we put forward an inquiry and the remedies was temporary insanity, so he was buried normally in the graveyard beside him. Eventually in the burial records, however, was accompanied by the notation as certified under the variable loan Amendment Act 1880. As assigned by the captain, only two other boys had this rotation against loans darling in 1891. Jones in 1895 Was this the proof accepted. I asked the county archivists for the meaning of this amendment. And it's simply about a non conforming minister, a Wesleyan or a Methodist to perform a valuable service in the Church of England graveyard.

Unknown Speaker 36:56
Nothing to do is

Unknown Speaker 36:59
to further concern about finding the government inside of bronchitis and shave natural causes such as suicides story for labor risk, excuse me. I found it to report by boys who served on the game. Both of them were written servants, I'm retired. And I fear that mad faulty memories in their early days. They really stressed the hardships on board the Game Boy, but I'm afraid that perhaps rather destroyed some of that assertion, which made the remainder run something ha off enjoying the ship in 1892. A one major complaint was having to pay them on the upper deck, winter and summer with only a canvas to take protection against the wind and whatever. You have to say hips low right back to 1866 record the boys facing person in the room. Time and again, this entry appears in the load. Again, the other report relates boys having to failure in the same water they are just for this simply did not happen. To be believed, bathing and washing clothes happened on opposite ends of the day. So rather than prefer to believe the routine as written down in the log, and the members of many, many, many years later there was another complaint that parents have you ever been asked to fill out a negative 1616 year old vote. I've been through the mill myself. Another lot change between the 1800s and 1900s. As far as employee training when

Unknown Speaker 39:05
we went I was always hungry. We will go from door to door so I have to ignore that problem that was holding well. According to the regulations being enforced. The weekly allowance for each boy was embedded in the quarter pounds of soft break seven pounds of meat and over six pounds of vegetables. There was also an allowance of sugar chakra and they had plumped up twice a week. Monthly

Unknown Speaker 39:50
I had found out twice a week as well as the price twice a week this is a fake vegetable fine. And then after the start but certainly a substantial sum of one report by the staff for the training phases of some of the boys. I probably usually have digesting the reason for that. Consistently the vegetables and cereals Yes, the boys were just they were healthy. And there was certainly no reports of boys dying of starvation or malnutrition. The biggest problem I have come across in my writing is describing the changes made to the ship when converting her to Shane Rome. I have no information to go on, apart from looking at the photographs on the plan before moving on facing along, and the newspapers. I know what some phone school would have. And the use of the old, the low tech on board. But I don't know exactly what all these essentials were on board. There's a structure built right up in the bowels of the ship. But what is it I have convinced myself and it must be the bathroom where the six

Unknown Speaker 41:42
heads they recall because they're always right up in the bell couldn't have a whole room full of problems thinking over the side of the ship, especially when the excursion statements are going up and down the river. Theory money in a witness says that a boy got out of his hammock went through the school room towards the head. Now the school rooms were right off in the cabins that used to be the wardrobe or the office quarters.

Unknown Speaker 42:23
I know this because of one occasion, an admiral in your car came to inspect the game. The engine didn't go faster and faster. Nothing she poked her bowels straight through one of the cabinets. Once again, this was reported in the fabulous packet. And it said that the school room was damaged. So what are the galleries around the stone uses the nothern Commons in the sixth floor when opening the header tank to flush the head. This makes sense if they were right now. And as authors of this book, we have agreed between ourselves that if we can't prove any point that we say not to assume anything. So much of this is not only regarding the history of the ship, we don't want essentially another story of had to deal with instead of the harsh and brutal treatment of a voice that was supposedly subject subject.

Unknown Speaker 43:36
This is all part of the Suicide Story. Of course. Yes, the birch was quite often. But there are regulations regarding it. And it was the last resort in a list of seven punishments that could be awarded by the customer.

Unknown Speaker 43:55
There's a book called boys Amon Ra, written by Tom Robinson, another expensive boy. He needs a brief history of all the training system we use to train boys over the centuries before 1976 In this chapter about over 13 that were awarded between January 1867, August at 68. A total of 42. Why? Because I don't know I thought it sounds a tremendous number of beatings and it seems to support that brutal treatment theory.

Unknown Speaker 44:39
Let's look at more closely. During that period, two boys were beaten out of over 400 brands remember that these punishments were awarded by a captain who had seen his predecessor dismissed

Unknown Speaker 44:59
because he didn't punishment, milking according to the regulations, he wasn't going to fall into that trap. So all these beatings must have been justified. It's also remember the air of course, and not just with 21st century eyes, that's an annoying thing. Punishment for sure, was far more vicious. As my for Brooklyn told me, not all the guys these boys were little angels. And there were cases of boys stealing from shops and settlements. When they recall, they were put before the magistrate and awarded to three months in prison with hard labor in Bodmin prison. These are 15 and 16 year old boys. I think they might return 24 Customer versions. There was another case for a man accused of assault and stealing of what we've been given three months hard labor, and 25 letters of the cat. This was 20 years of the last recorded use of the cat in the room. So the punishments are short, were really vicious. So to avoid the most out of 400 feet with a birch doesn't really look quite so bad after all. Its basics Potter, the author of a children's book known as I found that when she was describing a tour of the southwest of England women's father when she was a child about 18 Her father had an interest in photography whilst in Thailand they paid a visit and you'd set up in camera close to the junkyard getting a very came in around the side to the boys from the game. And I can qualify for a boatload of these boys are very lucky. And having Spidey began to whisper and arrange themselves in his own efforts. He took his hat off when it finished. And to his surprise, the confusion they raised the healthiness in clean faces.

Unknown Speaker 48:54
Are we having fun because whisper arrange themselves in urban fabric. He took his hat off. And to his surprise, the confusion they raised their healthiness and clean faces and pleasures and their spirits can only be compared to ginger beer. On the result, one would expect if I had been subjected to the awesome brutal routine eventually removed from farmers. In 1899. I moved up to heritage, which is on the east coast of England that has been purchased by the Admiralty with the intention of building a training and the training of boys continued on board until 1895. When they were transferred into the newly built parents. The ship was no longer needed. When was transferred to customs in 1906 and renamed the 2003 and became part of the boring participant training establishment. In 1910, this training was reduced to who we are once again she is given another name, this time in there until 1916 When he was paid off, a final commission and name was a maintenance impregnable, three other parts of a voice training establishment. She was finally sold out of service on the 31st of August 1929 109 years after her killed first went into the water. commenced the following year. As you can imagine, a tremendous amount of timber suddenly becomes available. And in this case, most of it was reusable. The main staircase at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich is made the timbers from the Ganges and there is a massive wooden truck outside the cathedral in Surrey. Also, maybe again one of the obstacles in something completely built into the hotel on South seven. And I've been told that the other is in Trafalgar house. And by the way, who visited here a couple of years ago. Many items and treaters are also made from ranging from table to table titles, even nesting rings, which is a proud part of HMS Guide, which is complex to visited. Each item carries a small brass plate on it. This is supposed to do it authenticity. But one piece of wood is very much like another phrase. However, items keep turning up. And only just recently have contacted me from Coleman or Virginia to say that it has come into the possession of an old fifth lengthen the character's face on it. And could I tell him anything about it. This is the first actual manufactured item from the old guarantee that we have covered from all the remainder has been wouldn't it similar to this the tankard which has been various archives, and another small barrel, which is then again, somewhere we go and the from the cargo area send us a photograph of a family heirloom, which was an embroidery of the same flowers, he would have shown here, the red one as a red flag. I will buy with the rear end of the race. So therefore his ship would have carried the red Ensign. So we think of someone in the true during that period has made this embroidery apparently on canvas. And it's quite delicate now and this was offered to the association but also the associations museum. We felt that this needed an environmentally controlled atmosphere, and I'm afraid our funds cannot

Unknown Speaker 53:57
run. So we recommend this must have been guided by one of the crews during the period she was here in Salt Springs. The last part of the book at 99 until 1976 has been written by Tony grimmer. He spent many years in the center of the royal yacht and he's an extremely proud history scientist at considerably by referring to the shopping magazine, which was published three times a year once the establishment was up and running. Unfortunately, some berries and diabetes having already lost one eye and one and almost the use of his legs. How however, you can still joke about him he compares himself to a wonderful girl who will never do well That's about the end of my talk. I hope you will allow any questions that you might have

Unknown Speaker 55:27
connection between the ship and the river in India

Unknown Speaker 55:32
was something closer to build out in India is built in both sides for syphilis infections

Unknown Speaker 55:37

Unknown Speaker 55:40
that would have been borne by both the games the first game to I don't know why it gave us it shows no, I can't answer that question to be honest

Unknown Speaker 55:51
when the other person

Unknown Speaker 55:55
by my dad and I are going to attend support groups which we will be taking a look at important to us because we can always cause trouble. And there's a way you can try someone probably might have

Unknown Speaker 56:38
been from notable sociologists that history will and that's how we learn. And the arc of story I'd like to reach out to the food because my next generation of nonprofits join the Royal Navy from the Kennedy Center and then subsequently went to film but whatever they used to be called Lady important and one had annual as well. Probably what the heck and running good way to navigate those behind optimistic traces of an apple for forever

Unknown Speaker 57:44
you don't

Unknown Speaker 57:45
want to research into the death of some of the boys. But you mentioned that I think just about every threat you mentioned something about 53 boys died in a 30 year period. Let's see if they grow boys died. You know why the guy

Unknown Speaker 58:01
regretfully icon

Unknown Speaker 58:05
I haven't been able to find out how the majority of it on the memorial itself for being killed. And once again research tells me something fell from the mouse I was struck by Reagan have become for others our shows drown when ships boats capsized or they fell overboard. As for the remainder I've struggled with this. And I've found out how another level guys, Bailey through the ship's books and booklets again. You must remember in those days, simple things like influenza was a killer and TB that heart disease but 53 During that 14 years 23 years 14,000 boys so Really 53 boys out of 14,000 I think that's a very good record. I don't tend

Unknown Speaker 59:25
to the death rate in COBOL for similar similar period as the death rate was so something like 6% But this is why these boys were healthy when they start when the boys has to be healthy to be accepted on board. They are very strict about it. I think that So with that record of 53 they know

Unknown Speaker 1:00:06
what they know in no invoice that brings it down to 40 to 4044 Sorry 44 boiled down to 14,000 I think that's a very good record for that period.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:19
listed down here, they're not understanding something basic tech was broken up in the 1930s.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:28

Unknown Speaker 1:00:31
what happened between 1930 and 1976 and periods which are were involved with the training, I'm not getting that.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:42
So, in 1985, the chip was encouraged, and he got the

Unknown Speaker 1:00:55
job in no time has been moved from Selma. And 1905 The Ferris has been built on started to be built. And therefore all the voting

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
took place here. Oh, sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:15
It was then called the Royal Naval training establishment shortly. But it wasn't until 1927 But the Admiralty decided that short training establishments could be commissioned as shifts and therefore they are entitled to be called ATMs. It was natural for this place to be called ATMs Gansey the crest that you will see all you have seen up here that was designed by the college apparel and just features the Indian elephant unfortunately a lot of the crests that you will see elsewhere African Indian African

Unknown Speaker 1:02:07
American right once

Unknown Speaker 1:02:12
we settled on the drug testing phase in the atmosphere Welcome

Unknown Speaker 1:02:19
back yes

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
there were quite a few Yes I mean world for some boys just couldn't take the life and they wanted to go home and they deserve it. Most of them were caught because pelvis was quite isolated. And

Unknown Speaker 1:02:40
they had very little money

Unknown Speaker 1:02:42
to do anything and then fall back and that was one of the reasons why they could be beaten was another punishment which could be used and gross insubordination? Yes, they were

Unknown Speaker 1:03:03
so the report was happy

Unknown Speaker 1:03:05
evening some boys went over the fence didn't get it was isolated

Unknown Speaker 1:03:23

Unknown Speaker 1:03:25
those failing backcountry areas down

Unknown Speaker 1:03:28
the road

Unknown Speaker 1:03:36
I'm sorry I I'm not too familiar with details in that period I'll concentrate my dissertation rather on the same data in the cloud will keep you will keep you in thrall for about six days

Unknown Speaker 1:04:05
on both cheeks and hold up to nearly

Unknown Speaker 1:04:09
543 Jeroboam

Unknown Speaker 1:04:23

Unknown Speaker 1:04:27
anybody else got a question you turn it over

Unknown Speaker 1:04:46
this video

Unknown Speaker 1:04:53
when they went to the moon they were really be nice to me and cigarettes or heavy There you go to this side of the wall, cigarettes and cigarettes

Unknown Speaker 1:05:29
rely on story about code in our code and it's now oldest member George. He joined Kennedy in 1931. Now he was a 15 year old boy. So you will have oh, he's he's nearly 90, but he's most upright man you could ever see because dancing two or three

Unknown Speaker 1:05:51
times a week when he was a candy seen as a leading boy

Unknown Speaker 1:05:59
in the class, but there was a ship's company. And two others found a way of getting into the gymnasium where the adults can help. And they found the case of ports, which hadn't been used. So they appropriate not to steal records out. So these boys think they were beaten, of course. But George carried on in the service. And he finished up as the master and

Unknown Speaker 1:06:34
the chief of police.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:37
Thanks very much, Bob. A couple of sites on the Internet, you want to Google Ms. Kennedy to get your association to get the ship and you'll get candy. Out there the information if you have further information about me to get into that later then he'll be meeting on Friday. He brought up some souvenirs and pictures and mementos on the site for you to look at other people have brought things into this and you might overwhelming the number of people who have come forward with information on Spotify. We're looking forward to the book

Unknown Speaker 1:07:17
coming out today and thanks everyone for joining.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:19

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