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Manuel Azevedo

How the Portugese Diaspora Reaches Salt Spring Island

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Date April 14, 2004 Location Central Hall
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Unknown Speaker 0:00
So, today what I thought I would do in about 45 minutes is talk a little bit about where the Portuguese pioneers, not only to solve, but also British Columbia. And then I'll speak a little bit about the pioneers in British Columbia, who were here for the very founding of this province, and then finish off with the Betancourt's of Salzburg. And one other pioneer you had to Manuel duets, preempted 100 acres at the head of Fulford Harbour. We don't know very much. First of all, I distributed a little map, a little article on the Azores, because this talk is going to be about islands. gold rushes and tourists. First article users you can read at your leisure. On the back, I tried to copy a copy of a map of basically Atlantic Ocean identifying Portugal and North America but also three sets of eyes. And most of the early pioneers to British Columbia came from one Toby's sense of Oh, perhaps I should start with Henry the Navigator. He's probably known to most of your son, Felipe of Lancaster Trotter fathers John, king of Portugal is often associated with the great explorations of Portugal. And it was he from his school of southern Portugal and cybers dinners that we have somebody from the Algarve, who launched expeditions that encountered these uninhabited island, northern islands or the Azores. I happen to be blind. And both Betancourt's in the Northeast were from the Azores. And many people often think the Azores are further south or off the coast of Africa. And I should have the same latitude as New York City. And they enjoy a southern Mediterranean climate because of the effects of the Gulf. There will Canada islands, there are nine islands are spread over a range of about 200 miles. And they're volcanic in origin. So very rock, Rocky, black lava. Depending on the island. The soil is often fertile. The current population is about 250,000. I didn't bother checking see what's population 100 But there are severe problems. Next, we have Madeira, which is Portuguese for words. There are two islands, but there is often close to being identified as a British colony. English vacation they retire there. We have Madeira Park from the Sunshine Coast, named after Joe Gonzalez, who came who knew 78 to gas down to making 74 to look after his uncle, Gregory Fernandez, who was from deer. And then further south off the coast of Africa. You have the Cape Verde Islands on the Cape Verde basin. For some reason, initial CB it is also a group of nine islands. Cape Verde is now an independent country. There was a revolution in Portugal in 1975 that overthrew a 40 year dictatorship. Portugal maintained African colonies still in the 70s in Cape Verde became independent. The Azores and Madeira are part of continental Portugal. Sort of like new for many, but not quite because both islands have our autonomous regions with their own partners. But they're not calling Cape Verde which has a large black population. It was used as a slave trading station, then become independent. And there are some of the earliest pioneers in British Columbia are from paper. They have been largely ignored by researchers who have been researching Portuguese because they tend to be black. Now the common thing with all these three islands is waiting. And that's shows how the pioneers came to British Columbia was because of the Americans established whaling industry in the 1700s, and a fellow called Aaron Lopez in the 1750s or so. Out of Newport, Rhode Island, established the sperm oil industry He had been born in Lisbon, and had escaped, fled Inquisition to Georgia with 33 Portuguese Jews, and wound up in Newport, Rhode Island where he helped build the first synagogue in United States which happens to be Portuguese. And of course being familiar with Portugal, he recruited his waiting groups from the and also very fertile Willie Brown. And the industry was based out of New Bedford, Rhode Island. And Massachusetts in that area, and there was also Pacific women. So most of these pioneers who came to British Columbia, started out as deckhands on whaling in Cape Verdeans, were specially desirable because they would work harder and it was very dangerous work. Many accidents, many people lost their mind. And many of these children started out very young, would not be unusual to be 12 years old. Taking the board and American whaling vessel at some point in the Azores, it would be 200 whaling ships, not only hunting whales, but picking up crew members, and then may work for two years, and then being dumped off. Massachusetts, the Novocaine, anything sort of this is your passage to America. The official statistics, for example, to the United States in the early 1800s 500. A decade settled in the US but all through women, for example. It's interesting that in in in in British Columbia, one of the founders of the whaling industry, here's Peter Smith, early Gastown. Believe it or not, he was also known as Portuguese. So you can see it's a challenge to do research. Peter Smith was described by Trauer the poet is let half legendary whaler he worked with the connected hunting whales in Berlin, and up to Bowen Island and Portuguese Joe Sylvia, also with Douglas hunted whales a little different than Saltspring. But it is interesting to note that of the two Betancourt brothers, the one that's more known here is of course, Escalon josei Betancourt perhaps the most successful economically of all the Portuguese pioneers in British Columbia. When he died in 1917, his estate was worth about $20,000. He had a mortgage on the mortgage for more remote family for 6000 and left papers in the archives. For example, Portuguese Joe and he died in 1903. His estate was valued at $1,000. John Norton sustained 6200 So I think it goes without saying that Haskell was the most economically successful. But his brother Manuel and Todd were which would be a correction of Antonio or Tony today. The census lists him as a seaman. I've not been able to find what happened to him. If anybody knows, let me know. He left a wife and six kids in James Bay at 91 is not listed on the Census. Abraham read that record. Most of you heard of it was probably one of the greatest builders in Salzburg. It was his son was Eskimos nephew. But in 1881, since Abraham is listed, he's 12 years old. He's listed as an ordinary seaman. Already 12 years old. And his father is listed as an ordinary seaman as well. And the family lore is it that they sailed from the Azores to Australia. goldfields here. It's difficult doing research, how much is fact how much is family Lauren, and most of it, somebody picks up some of the newspaper it's just transmitted. I think that the Betancourt brothers, and this was rather unusual BC there's no other place where there were two brothers who settled together, especially here two sets of brothers. In either case, in both cases, the courts in an ordinance one of the brothers mistake. The according to family information, they were from the island. They were from Punta Delgada which will be the capital content,

Unknown Speaker 9:55
which means zero point of the island of St. Michael in the Azores, which is The largest. The current population, the Azores is about 250,000 people, St. Michael or So Miguel has 125. Now that's not in any of the official documents, but it is. I have communicate with a couple of family members. That seems to be common ground that this is where they were from. On the other hand, we know that Norton's which according to federal legend, again, his name was the capital of the ship in which they work. It's from the island of floors or flowers. It's a very much different island it only has about currently 10,000 People have not been able to find out what their real name was all gold beneath the larval seems to come up with some of the articles. Hidden back to the Betancourt's. The other family lore is that they swam ashore in 1859. They don't buy that. The no buy that they came to Saltspring together I think they welcome first. He preempted land here. I haven't quite chased down what happened to his land and then by 1880 81, he's over in James Bay in Victoria. north north and also had a brother. It's also been well Nordmann, that was trial here. And according to Escalon, Norton's grandson Francis, whose father, frankly Father Francis found in the Northwest Creamery, that brother went to New Orleans. I understand the freight orders not too well. And in fact, me passed away a couple weeks ago, and I'm sure I interviewed him a few years ago, and he said that he remembers his Father Francis Norton, saying that when he was about 13 years old, they went on a road trip to New Orleans to visit the uncle. So I think that's where John's brother went. Like I say, nobody will find out where Escalon federal courts brothers don't seem to have gotten along too well. They were there is correspondence and Land Commissioner, where they're fighting over a piece of property over a house and then well built before the island was surveyed. And then after the official survey, they were jostling as to on the piece of property. In terms of my belief that said we'll take first do have some dates on which they became to build the belief legions naturalized British subjects. Genes book on Portuguese Joe Sylvan indoors from the photograph. So one of the Sobeys lives here was aware of that is being published by Herbert publishing and promoting the robot that we have in the back is when she donated the Portuguese Benevolent Society. They are $10 each. And I think the claim is made in the book that Portuguese Joe Sylvia was the first Portuguese in British Columbia to become a naturalized British subject. Probably too late for the press, but that honor probably belongs to John Norton. He became a naturalized British subject in 1863. He and John Enoch enough was actually first is April 1863, and John Norton's October 1 1863 joining us, John Ignacio. We're actually translated into this but the national seem to became in our sculptures BC, and in the United States as well in Oregon. And everybody would notice Portuguese drove whether they were enjoying John, John. So first European settler on the newspaper, there is inoculate. And he interesting. He lived to the ripe old men and Victoria. The shamans looked after him. He's the only one to have gone back to the Azores. He went back to look up his old childhood sweetheart. Things didn't work out when he came back. He's a very early pioneer in Nanaimo worked in the coal mines and building bridges were first purchased. And so John north in 1863, and then the next one is Banwell time veteran could still be here, T. and cure he becomes, takes his oath of allegiance. September 13 in 67 whereas Escalon I believe the esto is 12th of July 7 into correspondence with from Manuel's to the Land Commissioner disputing the location of the house, there is a comment by the plant Commissioner that men will says he was here for five years before his breath. So the dates of the oath of allegiance seem to bear that out. As I see the brothers didn't get along too well. Then well applied for one of the first divorces in the province

Unknown Speaker 15:50
the exact date there I believe it's 1879. Yes. And then meetings 79 Men well applies for divorce from his wife, Mary Ellen Holden, from Ontario, and the there wasn't enough material with the correspondences drawn by the character on the other night here. Interesting enough jocks at Booth swore the affidavit for the improvements on Escalon slips. Before so something's going on. And then he meant well appears to disappear shortly after. He doesn't file for divorce in 79. The last child was born Walter Solomon, that record in 79 Perhaps his son and he's gonna fight in any one census there's only the mother was a dressmaker with her six children in Detroit, so I guess probably. Abraham started working very early. And Abraham's older brother was listed as a carpenter. It's evident from the buildings that I've pictures I've seen buildings. I have seen houses on the island. Thank you very much for taking me around. He was very fine. Perhaps learned from his older brother who was John was Arthur John was 15 years old in 1881 and is listed as carpenters probably working in Victoria already. The name Betancourt the note some of the

Unknown Speaker 17:37
most of the pioneers in British Columbia are Azorean in Cape Verdean there are a couple from the mainland continent of Portugal discovered a couple of new ones and promo portal the more you think the more you find, of course, I think it's never a new job on this island. For example, at 93 Anthony Oliver, probably only Vader from Portugal and there is one or one person listed from Lisbon. John Silva from Gabriola Island is another pioneer. Although he was never on Saltspring, but he had a story of Victorian 1862. He did occupy a pre planned village Bay and main man planted the first orchard on the Gulf Islands, but two of his children drowned. He wound up in government, where silver bass today is named after often insisted that he's from Lisbon. I'm not so sure. The Betancourt's are definitely not from the continent. Certain names are found on the islands that are not found on the continent. That included the ones it's common in certain islands in the Azores and Madeira. Bettencourt was actually to graphical place. Belgian French Quarter many of them got wiped out. wars were granted refuge in the Madeira. And from there they went to the Azores. So there are a large number of people in the island of St. Michael and disorders by the name of Betancourt, although there are Betancourt's another island. Well, but it's not a common name in continental Portugal, where Silva wouldn't be silvus Perhaps the most common Portuguese name is also new Christian, the fortunate one time perhaps, was the most Jewish country in the world. The Jews were never expelled from Spain. They were simply baptized. There wasn't order expelling Portugal's about a million people in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue, and the Jews were expelled from Spain that year. A large number went to Portugal joined an already existing community to 4096 The order was given to expel the Jews that formed about 25% of population. But the king changed his mind because they were very valuable citizens they were professors, doctors, etc. And so he said regarding that they all be baptized. There'll be no no inquiries that their religious practices so hence the develop the new term old Christians, new Christians. And new Christians were offered people who are overly Christian, secretly practicing the Jewish faith, and still still people in Portugal. A small group managed to survive. Many fled the new world because by 1497, of course, North American been discovered so the oldest, the oldest Jewish cemetery in the North America is Portuguese. The oldest synagogues in America are Portuguese. The synagogue in Amsterdam, still exists built in 1670 Portuguese synagogue and Silva is not also this would have been new Christians, but it is new Krishna for his Betancourt is not north and of course, we all know what his real name once again

Unknown Speaker 21:21
the other pioneer that have found on Saltspring guide and the very recently had very little information on him other than that in 1873, the Mindwell direct the u e, t t, and have given me a copy of this for your archives. And probably the Portuguese name would have been duart t u a r t e, which is again, not a common name of the continent, more common in the Azores because it's Flemish in origin. The Azores are a real mixture of people from southern Portugal from the north of Portugal, but also a very large Flemish population. Bit of Heinz 57 There were slaves and views or if there were Jews who fled to the Azores. of the central islands. I have learned Flemish population, whereas Madeira was mostly whites from Portugal and then Cape Verde, of course, is hazard very large black population and Creole culture. The Azores and Madeira speak Portuguese, they don't speak a second language was in the capability of course there is Creole and some of you may have heard of Cessna ever. Who is from Kingery sings a song called the more neck which is like perhaps the Portuguese clogau Which is maybe like the blues. A melancholic sad, although it doesn't always have to be that way. So man, well do I assume was born in 1873. He tried he presents 150 acres just behind section 1112 owned by Welsh and so all they really know about it will be some of them will be looking into mark he doesn't appear on any of the census there is no certificate of improvement. So perhaps he could stay on Saltspring very long. And Norton's brother man Well, he does pre claim number 1242 and 1871 and obtains a certificate of improvement. 1870 560 acres in Ganges he has built a dwelling house 10 acres 820. Roger.

Unknown Speaker 23:49
He must have sure left so two sets of brothers two brothers. It's only big enough for one brother, one brother per family. We just before coming here dropped by the silliness of grabbing lunch, he said which of course was built as the one bedroom court, one of the best parts of 1873 the art and the arts interesting is little house just before the parking lot because it said that Escalon bit Betancourt finger devote Catholic that built a little chapel on the second floor and a little with a bell although the bell is no longer there. The the little triangle couple above the ground is still there. And it's very interesting. I just want to get a copy of pestilence probate because in his will is very interesting. Well He leaves some money for the maintenance of the chapel

Unknown Speaker 25:19
you he left a legacy of $5 a month to maintain the product beauty refers to it as the Holy Ghost. Now, that's pretty that's quite significant because the Brotherhood of the Holy Ghost is a Catholic. Cult, if you will, called might be too strong a word but it's a brotherhood brotherhood above the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost in its unique resource. It is not found in the continent. And it's followed his marine immigrants wherever they have gone. So in California, where there was where there is a large majority of population young kids who came whaling ships, and some of them wound up in San Francisco in California from the Gold Rush making 4850. The Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit is very to this day. There's festivals every month throughout California has big thick book bashley has been written identifying every brotherhood in California. And there is the Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit in Vancouver. They have one of the few halls. They have a hall in Surrey and they have annual feasts of religious feasts and rituals. And it looks like the Ark little chapel that Escalon Bettencourt had built beside the studios, probably the first such place for the Brotherhood in BC for sure. So I'm gonna have to tell the Brotherhood over in Vancouver that predated by seven years, and he makes provision in his will, he paid he paid duty. He left $5 a month for 10 years I believe. He also left money to finance comment and $500 and he left $500 To the Belgian console for the relief of important currently, the Belgian console at that time had a reputation for working with the Corps. He also left $500 to St. Joseph's Hospital. The rest of the money was distributed amongst his children. Like I see, his estate was worth about $20,000 and he had mortgages to Driessen Niemeyer, Harry double Louisa Mills, Gavin Seymour, and Mrs. Jane Moore. At Morgan was granted in 1912 and Alan Blackburn no read written record had a store in Victoria and also had a store here in Salt Spring Island, which he sold to the mods. Don't know if unwittingly his uncle financed the purchase or not. More than mortgage seems to have been that was the date of December 9 1912. Reinstall the store before making. I know when we came here to think about making a seven or an 18 or 16 came to the island. He did a lot of work for his uncle. He also had some shares in the Saltspring Island Creamery $10.60.

Unknown Speaker 29:01
But would like to find out more information about the sandstone quarry on the north end of the island here which records were involved with which store was used to build these final dry docks from the impersonal tail and trap several churches, perhaps even some books or articles for the San Francisco Mint, but I'm having a very difficult time getting any information about the courier haven't been able to find any primary sources. So if any of you know anything about it, appreciate all the help I don't know what time it is but does include sort of my general remarks have more detailed information. I'd be happy to take any questions and answers that you have Have you connected?

Unknown Speaker 30:13
No, I haven't. Yeah, I hadn't realized it was especially killer. Margaret and I were discussing that a couple of weeks ago. I can't say the company name across that note that the newspaper reports say she's 85 with the time of drowning, which is not correct. Six to probably early 60s. There could be so that there's no way I don't know how they came up with 85 and sometimes newspaper articles. I know Marvel's got some theories on that. The other thing I forgot to mention was age differences. I think. She was 18 and he was 44. Or the North American was 40. North was 44. He married Eddie Robinson. She was 18 I think ignored was probably 50. Okay, I was looking at some of the statistics and this is not an uncommon thing that I found with other Portuguese pioneers, for example, Portuguese Joe Sylvie. His first wife died. She was granddaughter of Chief CapitaLand. And the second marriage was native from seashell. She was 15. He's 37. Well, he's got both if you follow the documents, he comes up with come up with about four birthdays for him. He's probably about 45. So as they get older, they remarried. I think actually Jack was 44 very distinctive wife of 12 years old.

Unknown Speaker 31:44
And I was speaking to you yesterday you explained that is why there's so many Smith's because it means barrier of Smith, blacksmith. Yeah. Now a minute ago you said that silver is a very common question. What does that have to do with trees

Unknown Speaker 32:01
neighborhood plant. Silveira is a push a roadblock prickly There is a theory that new converted Jews adopted names of plants and berries. Unfortunately. I think it is a theory that's not proven. Although in many cases it is correct.

Unknown Speaker 32:30
No, no. No, they were they were both sailors. Sylvie West silver name was Joseph Silva. He was born I believe found his birth certificate. We had an I was born people PICU because his his daughter, Elizabeth used to go and see major matches in the 30s and 40s. Whatever people say, Well, Major Matthews. He was the city archivist. He recorded their conversations. So there's great material. And she was living in a rooming house and made your bed to Kylie and she would tell him that my father's from the island in the Azores. Of course there is no sunshine. But there's quite a bit of geological information on the neck of Pico not about some of the I have a suspicion that John Silver from Gabriella may be from Cape Verde, but I'm not sure we're gonna do more work. I know that there is a document BC archives that says he's from Blizzard that I find that document quite fantastical. I don't personally put much weight on it.

Unknown Speaker 33:42
We had a family on Salt Spring by the name of Greenway. And Mr. Greenway told me one of his ancestors was a Silva, who started still the family was on good. Mystery Greenway lives in Sydney. You may wish to

Unknown Speaker 34:02
give us details of privilege later. Galleon. Oh, Joseph. The other problem becomes that historians are people writing about early PC history without going into Portuguese names. Mix up the name sometimes suggest there is a connection. Joe Sylvia did briefly live on Galleon wireless, and of course he won't read it. But not as far as I know, John. So John Silver's in Victoria goes to main island, then Gabriola?

Unknown Speaker 34:42
Sure. This is not in somebody's local history, but can you explain how the Portuguese turned out to be such remarkable navigators in terms of their knowledge, skills in that area, are some extra The

Unknown Speaker 35:01
well that's an easy question there at the end of the line you know, you can't go into create a disease next. I don't know. Some personal theories I go and listen articles the oldest country in Europe. borders were not altered during either war. Salazar although he was a dictator, and described as sort of quasi fascist. There were elections with opposition members ever been elected, but he think the country after the war, and it has the longest unchanged borders in Europe, Italy and Switzerland. I know that the freeze that doesn't it Dutch people here helped take Lisbon and 1147 with flat bottom boats. And that the great advances was when the Portuguese invented the Caravelle which was a much heavier and could go greater distances. Certainly, I think that helped that the Portuguese monarchy had a customer of marrying outside of the country and was fortunate that John Mary Felipe of Lancaster, the daughter of John had gone and I think she was a very, very liberal family and Henry, the navigator, their son, homestead. Now what happens at that time, is that unlike the Spanish, there was no Spain, right? Spain was three or four different principalities. The Portuguese Jews held key positions in the society. Everybody wanted a Portuguese doc, because they were the best. They were also involved in map making navigation and developing navigation instruments. So when the Spanish expelled perhaps 300,000 Jews, about 100 120,000 came to Portugal. The wealthy ones were able to buy their way. If you were metalworker, Portugal wanted us so you could you got in by paying half the tax. Then well, the first little bit but exactly the tax. But if you're a tinsmith, or a blacksmith, they wanted to be afforded the preparations for Muslim invasions in North Africa. So they came in if they joined the Navy, they didn't have to pay any tax. So some people theorize that the ability of that period of time in Portugal to sort of get a head start on Spain was with the help of Israel controversial and the Jewish population. Because the Inquisition started before 1492 in Spain. Unfortunately, 92 they're completely expelled. But in Portugal, the acquisition rather than coming back to act is still after 1550. Okay, firstly, it's okay. You're all Catholics now. We won't ask what you do privately in your homes, and then that can be renewed. And so we have a 50 year period there 1492 4092 to 1550 the Western Jewish population is allowed to flourish. The leading and the the wealthier ones escape to Amsterdam, where they become Baruch Spinoza. The great philosophers it's an unfortunate his parents, Hamburg really establish a banking community, Venice, and in Portugal, they are involved in discoveries. And this is a bone of contention that some people in Portugal because Portugal itself has yet to recognize that it's a growing academic interest in Portugal. The University of beta has just set up a Center for Jewish Studies. There are more academic words coming out of Magellan circumnavigated the world we'll go for the Spanish was Portuguese. His captain was a Jew from Porto. The greatest mapmakers of the day were Jews. Mathematicians, they were the leading the Jews in Portugal in Spain are quite surprising, as opposed, which is Hebrew for Iberia, as opposed to Ashkenazi, which is Hebrew for German, Germany, much different traditions in the Jewish population in Spain and Portugal predate the formation of Portugal. There have been Jewish tombstones found from the fourth century in Portugal. And when Alfonso the first took Lisbon drove the Moors and 1147 when he took another town called center it there was already a synagogue there. The Portuguese have a different tradition. Even with fascism, there was no death or we don't kill them. So there is, I think, a greater tolerance than in Spain for the Jewish population. So some people theorized in the navigation

Unknown Speaker 39:52
when the Jews were baptized, were they converted to Christians? They remained Jewish In the relationship to

Unknown Speaker 40:04
follow up period. Well, from what little history I know of the king, about the fall of 96 years old used to be within seven months, that he has second thoughts in the spring of 1497. And he's supposed to provide passage for he provides no bolts in the orders 20,000 to assemble in Lisbon, in the central square of the ones who are living down here. Yeah, he takes the children away from children, I think between four years and 14 years old, were forcibly removed from the Jewish parents in place with Christian families. I was sent to the island of tomorrow off the coast of Africa where they have several 100 parents, children, but the story is that the king or the bishop vote through water, Rose said you're all Catholics. And we won't ask anything for 20 years. We will make any inquiries. And that's the acquisition have become active till the 15th. By the 1600s. They're burning the leading intellectuals at the University of Queenborough, which they use the same data box as Oxford. So it heats up later. So the Jewish state Oh, yes. Well, they can change certain period of time they're allowed to leave. Like the community in Amsterdam, Portuguese Jewish community in Amsterdam. And if any of your incidents I recommend if you get a chance to see the synagogue, it's the mother of all synagogues, all the synagogues in America, that Sephardic synagogues and then when the Ashkenazi Jews came to America are based on that community starts there in 1603. So the expulsion is 14 and six, Spain 1492. Portugal 1496 force conversion 1497. Inquisition doesn't start till 1550. So around 1550 started getting Portuguese Jews in Antwerp. Although under Spanish rule, it's an independent city state. And then from Edward by 1602. Amsterdam community starts Hamburg early 1600s. And then from Holland, they established a community in Brazil, because all in briefly defeats Portugal for northern Brazil received in 1653. Portugal takes it back. As a naked deal where the 5000 Portuguese Jews are allowed to leave in 23 winds up in New York City. And so the part of the shirt Israel Synagogue in New York City is restarting. has resulted was 23 people in 1653. So then there's a tripling of it in the great reformer of the 18th century marks the football abolishes the Inquisition in destroys the list actually a list of new questions, nope. Questions and destroys the lists. There's no more new questions in North Korea. So Spain was much better. Finland, expelling and getting rid of Jewish migration in Portugal. There was great intermarriage because the new Christians had money. The old Christians had title and pure blessing to them a lot of intermarriage between new Christians for Christians. In fact, there's a community that survived in Belmont. Some of you have heard of it. In 1926. There's a Polish engineer in Portugal do some work and he discovers a group of Portuguese in his town near the border called Belmont, which are still saying some prayers in that community has survived and now they've got the synagogue freedom of religion portrayal there's great interest in how that how those people survive for the use of oppression. Some people say scratch a Catholic and Portugal would say that

Unknown Speaker 44:12
the English names you mentioned well, they all corrupted names from Spanish or whether in fact the English name individuals living in Portugal.

Unknown Speaker 44:24
Oh, there are the English there are north is named from Portugal sometimes is a first with respect to names. Like when silver takes over the common name, it gets corrupted to silver a lot of these people couldn't read as long Bitcoin could not write the documents, the mortgage documents with the next Joe so he couldn't alright John Norton could start with Norton is that they were very young boys. This is family, Lord, no documents. I think I'll be able to Find out their family in the island before us started do some research and knowing that they were taken on as young children and there was named the captain of the ship nor took them in. They were served as houseboys in eastern seaboard at that time. So in that case, Norton, according to family lore is from the cabinet the shipper which sometimes names that literally translated like Ferreira, which means blacksmith became Smith or Machado, which means x became X. With silver sometimes actually helpful. There's a name of a letter to transpose because it's much easier now to follow Joe Sylvie from John Silva, Gabriola, also, silver is also taken there, there's John Silver. Benko ran and I haven't been able to figure out if he's somewhere different than silver silver. So there's those kinds of changes like Ignis seems to have been translated to enough's. Why I don't know. There are some appendixes and some American works. I haven't seen any definite academic about a relationship with a man was he Abraham reached? Yes. So you would have been asked Mom would have been as great as it was Abraham. Did he have any family stuff? I'm not sure to look at it. But if you speak to us, look at my notes

Unknown Speaker 46:42
next door to us.

Unknown Speaker 46:50
Next door neighbor I

Unknown Speaker 46:58
don't know, I don't think there's any Norton's left. There is, like I'd say freight freight North Sydney. And there's a young lad in Vancouver. There are I think two or three veteran courts in Victoria. The sentencing court just to comment on Linden guard. He's a family friend of ours. Boy, and his wife with Nora, and they lived on a Court Road. And her brother, Arnie Ashton are actually

Unknown Speaker 47:38
in court, several children. He did a lot of fishing on the West

Unknown Speaker 47:41
Coast. And then of course, as someone that six daughters, they they all married and had left the island, California. I know Fred Betancourt came back and lived in San Francisco for a while. I think there's some of the bed record. One of the daughters went to Washington State here. They'll think they've left the island.

Unknown Speaker 47:59
But what about Mildred, who used to live up on Norton road and who died a few years back was Mildred. And anyway, as Mary and Mary

Unknown Speaker 48:14
they had one daughter, Walter and that she died in the caribou and without children.

Unknown Speaker 48:28
A picture of a bear with a family quite extensive. on that porch. The archives here Mary maybe makes it a little bit interesting in Robinson. So we've been interested. Thanks for. Back in July of 1860, there was a running battle between two groups of native people down at the harbor started about where our House Hotel is, and it worked its way up the chain islands. There were about 200 Shots fired during that. Traditional loquacious that John Norton who had a fight with a hospital climbed up to the top of an evergreen tree to see what was out in spite of what was going on and then didn't go to investigate any further because I don't know if there's truth to that story or not. Who said yes,

Unknown Speaker 49:36
that was true. And I haven't seen it written down anywhere. I don't know. Maybe we should write that down. Great. Pinterest, outlet you're in the most beautiful position.

Unknown Speaker 50:09
Any other questions? Thanks very much man. Well, thanks very good. Excellent presentation on an interesting there are three BAM Bobby Watson books about these urges and picture books. If you want to have a look look like Prius here from St. Michael the other parts are from one aspirin copies of the newest