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Rock Art

David Weatherall, 1999




Unknown Speaker 0:02

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Test 1234

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Anyway, I

Unknown Speaker 0:38
started so that was my place

Unknown Speaker 0:41
and I'm here today in lieu of my wife that died over a year ago

Unknown Speaker 0:47
that's almost reveled in the opportunity to give a talk such as this

Unknown Speaker 0:53
Indian rock art

Unknown Speaker 0:56
and she was the instigator of

Unknown Speaker 1:00
this which unfortunately is now

Unknown Speaker 1:06

Unknown Speaker 1:11

Unknown Speaker 1:14
the presence of this presentation today is what used to be called a slideshow

Unknown Speaker 1:21
I don't know it is it is medium madness for the slideshow there So recognize

Unknown Speaker 1:27
the portion of the

Unknown Speaker 1:29

Unknown Speaker 1:34
that should really

Unknown Speaker 1:39
have put together a slideshow but it was clearly biased in the academic side

Unknown Speaker 1:48
when she died she turned over a lot of our slides to be seen

Unknown Speaker 1:54
and also a member of

Unknown Speaker 1:58
Detroit so I found myself coming around without perhaps less academic

Unknown Speaker 2:06
aspects of this whole business

Unknown Speaker 2:10
which we'll see today is

Unknown Speaker 2:13
the augmented by

Unknown Speaker 2:16
shot strong

Unknown Speaker 2:18

Unknown Speaker 2:25
I would also like to say that

Unknown Speaker 2:28
I have

Unknown Speaker 2:30
dropped some books today about throwing a number of books I

Unknown Speaker 2:35
think there are about six of them still at

Unknown Speaker 2:38
the table in fact probably price has dropped

Unknown Speaker 2:52
they're available in bookstores, but you don't have to buy them back

Unknown Speaker 3:02
so first what does it

Unknown Speaker 3:05

Unknown Speaker 3:07
to our

Unknown Speaker 3:09
our babies that are actually decided

Unknown Speaker 3:13
to weigh so

Unknown Speaker 3:19

Unknown Speaker 3:21

Unknown Speaker 3:24
picture graph on the other half

Unknown Speaker 3:29
picture that

Unknown Speaker 3:32
a lot of people

Unknown Speaker 3:36
I suspect that the number of steps are also the graphs

Unknown Speaker 3:43
of course

Unknown Speaker 3:46
well I think you know we want to say

Unknown Speaker 3:56
anyway, I think maybe I'll start

Unknown Speaker 4:16
Okay, first picture is the area that we study.

Unknown Speaker 4:23
That's the coast of North America there

Unknown Speaker 4:26
leaks up and goes around in the Alaskan part of the site, the area

Unknown Speaker 4:34
the area of study runs from above the Amira river which is on on the Russian side, right around the semicircle around the top down as far as Oregon.

Unknown Speaker 4:47
This seems to be an area in which there are quite a number of similarities in the in the rock art, and for that reason, it seems to make a group

Unknown Speaker 5:00
similar study that I plan to do the elastic part of it, I see a lot of flex she went to Cambridge and studied in.

Unknown Speaker 5:10
But she tried to learn Russian and she studied some of the Russian aspects of these electric ghosts, but the facilities really weren't there for it so that she sort of gave up before she has completed that part. Consequently, we don't

Unknown Speaker 5:27
predict on the on the Alaska or the route of the Russian part of the country.

Unknown Speaker 5:33

Unknown Speaker 5:43
okay, there is a site which is in the Alaska part, sorry, not the Alaska part of the Russian part.

Unknown Speaker 5:51
laid off period I can't pronounce the name I don't think

Unknown Speaker 5:55
share my tail Sherma tail.

Unknown Speaker 6:00
That's Russian area, you can see that the bass part there is fairly similar to the ones that we'll be looking at.

Unknown Speaker 6:17
And there is this is in the, in the Amira River. It's the annual River, most of the day on the river. You could see 100 with the projection there, which

Unknown Speaker 6:31
is not too impressive, but it does have the same stylish

Unknown Speaker 6:36
Touchstone and window that is still petroglyphs are always installed.

Unknown Speaker 6:42
I should have mentioned

Unknown Speaker 6:45
this one is from the barren off Island.

Unknown Speaker 6:52
And this one, I'm taking the photograph of one of the tightest catching as you can see, the Patrick both appears with one eye above water and one eye below water. Partly chalk, so the photographs would reveal the shape a little better chalking is one of those things that is dealing with some degree of scoring. But on the other hand, it does

Unknown Speaker 7:18
tend to make it much clearer as long as you're willing to accept the interpretation of the person who doesn't chocolate.

Unknown Speaker 7:26
Sometimes it gets confusing. Anyway, that's in Alaska, had a cold Alaska

Unknown Speaker 7:33
flew to Dallas, which is dominant Columbia will pick up the area in the middle as we go along. But this represents a site on the Columbia River called the Dells. The stones were originally in a most attractive area, it was a more or less a convention center, a trade Convention Center practically, where Indian tribes from all over the areas came together and did their annual fishing and presumably trading of beats and various other things that went on but came down to the interior. And this meeting point at the Dallas was the absolute mecca for for the Indians to get together and have their their convention so to speak. There was also a good site for a dam. So the the Americans built the dam and what you see rising there is now

Unknown Speaker 8:31
on the chisels a lot of the petroglyphs out of the rock, brought them down there and watched among them, I guess they didn't want to do it.

Unknown Speaker 8:40
So they're they set

Unknown Speaker 8:42
far removed from their original site of work by them, but it's kind of

Unknown Speaker 8:49
there is one force of aspect and that is the one they flooded the area behind them.

Unknown Speaker 8:56
There were 1000s More petroglyphs that touch with us that were covered over so that they will probably be preserved for

Unknown Speaker 9:06
a long time.

Unknown Speaker 9:08
Anyway, those are some of the stones that you see what they face in the wall in the background.

Unknown Speaker 9:20
In 1970 71, I think a lot of somewhere in that area. They had such things that lift grants, you probably remember them. You always tried to pick up some kind of zany project for a Lovecraft and Mark Simon's set to death one time What would you do if you wanted to get over the ground? That's sort of offhandedly, I'd apply for one of the rough all the petroglyphs on Vancouver Island.

Unknown Speaker 9:50
Bargain loans to Beth applied for that and got so that was invited to join in which she did. Anyway this they hired two or three

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Yeah, teenage kids, for obvious reasons to go after some of these petroglyphs and you see that we saw the rocks there. This is down near Victoria, it's

Unknown Speaker 10:11

Unknown Speaker 10:13
beach, she had the location of this one. But there's some some playing goes on record.

Unknown Speaker 10:22
They're recorded by stretching cloth over the federal rug and rubbing it with something called heel ball, which is a type of what we call cobblers wax. It's a sort of hockey part of wax. And you rub that over a tightly stretched bar.

Unknown Speaker 10:41
This particular one here is actually a

Unknown Speaker 10:45
fish and it's very difficult to see tracking these petroglyphs down is a real chore.

Unknown Speaker 10:52
This one has been chalked and you can see up there

Unknown Speaker 10:56
I may have an even closer picture

Unknown Speaker 11:05

Unknown Speaker 11:09
despite the fact that

Unknown Speaker 11:13
around the outside of the island, up along the West Coast Trail is a site where there are some what we call historic Dr lifts those are things that we can identify such as the steamship or a sailboat, which was not part of the native Indian culture. And this is close

Unknown Speaker 11:36
and striding up the beach to where you see

Unknown Speaker 11:41
those two petroglyphs there there are others higher up which have not been chalk yet so that you can see the benefit of using chalk

Unknown Speaker 11:49
in making it obvious for toxic

Unknown Speaker 11:57
the ship there was one of the things that got death interested in another follow up for us as part

Unknown Speaker 12:07
of this.

Unknown Speaker 12:10
There is a rubbing one, the rubbings were all together.

Unknown Speaker 12:16
I have set them up on the wall of the workshop garage with some calibrated

Unknown Speaker 12:24
slides, I guess you'd call them or sides. They're one foot intervals that you can see two on the left hand side, on the right hand side. Those give you some scale as to the size of the Pentagon. But better weapons roughly are a little over two feet five, perhaps it's almost three foot six.

Unknown Speaker 12:45
And I think the interpretation of that one was that it was de vivre since the beaver did spend some time

Unknown Speaker 12:56
there's the artists that work

Unknown Speaker 13:00
on their site in that area.

Unknown Speaker 13:04
At the global site, it's called

Unknown Speaker 13:07
it's also in the same general area.

Unknown Speaker 13:14
The gold beach it's

Unknown Speaker 13:16
an old graveyard of Pacific tracks from for many years. This is just an actor that

Unknown Speaker 13:24
may or may not have been part of some shipwreck.

Unknown Speaker 13:28
The beachcombing was fun on these episodes, we would get out there and there would be all kinds of stuff that would be available to

Unknown Speaker 13:36
any art Beachcomber like myself.

Unknown Speaker 13:42
collection of stuff, fishing boats and all that sort of thing.

Unknown Speaker 13:51
Now this one is very close to home and set the CVS that is not affected by petroglyphs. It's a pictograph

Unknown Speaker 13:59
Vesuvius beach

Unknown Speaker 14:01
or at least it was not on facility as the

Unknown Speaker 14:04

Unknown Speaker 14:06
it's gone now. So you will find it

Unknown Speaker 14:10
pictographs the road fairly quickly and this one probably wouldn't have been made in 100 years prior to the

Unknown Speaker 14:20
by the way, a lot of these pictures go back a fair bit.

Unknown Speaker 14:27
There is the one that you probably recognize as being a foolproof petrol book.

Unknown Speaker 14:32
It's not in its original site. It's in its second site.

Unknown Speaker 14:38
The original site was partially submerged at the end of

Unknown Speaker 14:43
great water for use before.

Unknown Speaker 14:47
Matter of just getting locked out to get water.

Unknown Speaker 14:52
It was hauled up to this point that high tide line on the top there for a good number of years, at which point it was stolen.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
and put onto a piece of property and land about a mile or so.

Unknown Speaker 15:05
And there was a great hoo ha about that and it was eventually returned to its current site

Unknown Speaker 15:11

Unknown Speaker 15:13
fairly close to the original site of its original location.

Unknown Speaker 15:19
And it's now a

Unknown Speaker 15:21
slightly more dramatic way I guess the one you see here

Unknown Speaker 15:28
this is Helen point on main island. And that's one that you might

Unknown Speaker 15:34
hesitate to call attention look at. You might call it a figurine or a rock carving

Unknown Speaker 15:42
because it's more portable.

Unknown Speaker 15:46
One of the problems with the ones that are done on small stones is that being portable people tend to come along and pick them up

Unknown Speaker 15:55
that happened with this one I think it's I don't know where it is now. I think it's gone.

Unknown Speaker 16:03
Thetis Island

Unknown Speaker 16:06
another one not too clear.

Unknown Speaker 16:10
Further up Island cedar by the sea. I think this is one of the houses that was associated with brothers well.

Unknown Speaker 16:18
Anyway, it's boasted the water and these rock gardens appear on the beautiful flat stones in the area. And

Unknown Speaker 16:28
this shows the rubbing process more or less completed for

Unknown Speaker 16:43
Gabriel Allah. This is on the island of Great Gabriel. There are large numbers A fetcher but fairly recently discovered over there, lady by the name of Mary Beth Lee is

Unknown Speaker 16:55
more or less the authority on those. But there's some good ones over there.

Unknown Speaker 17:05
This is the monsell site which is

Unknown Speaker 17:09
an animal river it's just about

Unknown Speaker 17:13
the point where you turn off the highway to turn into cedar by the sea

Unknown Speaker 17:18
up there can't remember

Unknown Speaker 17:22
this one there will get thrown off the site and was forbidden to return because he complained about the fact that the guy was driving these cars over at all

Unknown Speaker 17:32
part of the driveway.

Unknown Speaker 17:34
He didn't take too kindly to this degree of interference.

Unknown Speaker 17:40
Anyway see,

Unknown Speaker 17:42
there's a rubbing of the same panel

Unknown Speaker 17:52
this next one is Patrick Park.

Unknown Speaker 17:57
Hetrick of the park was fairly dramatic when we first saw it I think in the 50s

Unknown Speaker 18:04
since that it's been

Unknown Speaker 18:06
cut away on all sides it's got an auto cord on one side and the highway has been widened on the other and there's

Unknown Speaker 18:13
it's really left as a sort of isolated little knob of rock with these patches of soft tissue trees it looks kind of boring, but it's a very dramatic site there's a photograph of the actual

Unknown Speaker 18:30

Unknown Speaker 18:38
other one of the

Unknown Speaker 18:40
rubbing up the same thing

Unknown Speaker 18:45
and this one is also affected with bark

Unknown Speaker 18:52
good little fingers with

Unknown Speaker 18:55
these things are all

Unknown Speaker 18:58
mythical significance but it's very difficult to to attribute them nowadays to any particular mess.

Unknown Speaker 19:08
Central Park has some interesting things which I do

Unknown Speaker 19:13
put them on moment

Unknown Speaker 19:18
Jack boy

Unknown Speaker 19:21
this is set the site was associated with salmon ceremonial first salmon ceremony

Unknown Speaker 19:28
right now it's

Unknown Speaker 19:30
done is located just outside the museum so it's quite easy to see this one if you go out and watch out the

Unknown Speaker 19:39
there's there's the current location

Unknown Speaker 19:49
once again, I think we're on Gabriola.

Unknown Speaker 19:55
This is

Unknown Speaker 19:57
another site where that

Unknown Speaker 20:00
got into trouble quite often that is in trouble. They were they were logging around this area and they didn't know anything about them and they were sort of logging

Unknown Speaker 20:10
I think that decided that they were not being looked after. So she got the museum and the museum although it doesn't have any teeth at least has gotten

Unknown Speaker 20:21
so that it gave them a bit of a chilling out.

Unknown Speaker 20:24
And I think the logging didn't get stopped and once again, I've gotten through

Unknown Speaker 20:29
the site so she has to sneak on all the

Unknown Speaker 20:35
Sproat Lake probably you've seen this site, it's

Unknown Speaker 20:41
marked I think there's a there's a part of the site of government campsite

Unknown Speaker 20:48
that the grid of the government said campsite and proceed through it you'll find a

Unknown Speaker 20:55
few peering out there

Unknown Speaker 21:04
Englishman's river

Unknown Speaker 21:07
This is a

Unknown Speaker 21:10
bowl and I think it's there and you can probably just make it up in any case there's I think a rubbish slide

Unknown Speaker 21:18
showing you the general shape there and you can see the river in the background so

Unknown Speaker 21:26
one thing about these these petroglyphs they usually are located in fairly what I would call powerful places

Unknown Speaker 21:36
it's usually a dramatic place in the natural scheme of things

Unknown Speaker 21:43
often on a cliff or by some particularly

Unknown Speaker 21:50
serene quiet for the role like setting so that

Unknown Speaker 21:56
I think they were places that were

Unknown Speaker 22:00
prone to causing the spirits to flow

Unknown Speaker 22:08
hold on like

Unknown Speaker 22:12

Unknown Speaker 22:13
the gear

Unknown Speaker 22:16
I think there's two slides on that one now there's a closer up on the figure

Unknown Speaker 22:24
probably a dancing shaman with

Unknown Speaker 22:29
your best will be sure of your ground that I have

Unknown Speaker 22:33

Unknown Speaker 22:35
on that statement.

Unknown Speaker 22:38
Can't much there's a lot of boulders on the beach of cave mines that have that you're gonna sign them and there's a piece of material stretched on a rock there. I'm Robin he has to be done.

Unknown Speaker 22:48
The boulders have been gathered together for the most part and moved to the new Cape much Museum. Cate Blanchett are fairly powerful progressive band of Indians and they've got

Unknown Speaker 23:03
quite a bit of support going for a museum for what other projects they have on Quadra Island

Unknown Speaker 23:10
particles to move these stones back into the village

Unknown Speaker 23:18
and there's another one

Unknown Speaker 23:23
of the stones

Unknown Speaker 23:28
another one that's close to a figure indices in the Corky museum

Unknown Speaker 23:39
Jarvis inlet This is a pictograph to give you some idea of what they look like

Unknown Speaker 23:49
because amongst as well as they're not to say there was only one that I found that had been charged and that was up in the future where

Unknown Speaker 23:58
they normally are just painted on

Unknown Speaker 24:08
Fort Rupert

Unknown Speaker 24:11
there was

Unknown Speaker 24:14
supposed to then a slave slave connection with this particular collector.

Unknown Speaker 24:22
This has been recorded by

Unknown Speaker 24:26

Unknown Speaker 24:28
on early in the Explorer whose name escapes me back around the time of cooks but I can't

Unknown Speaker 24:36

Unknown Speaker 24:42
there's the old fort.

Unknown Speaker 24:46
That chimney still stands, even though this picture was taken, I think 1968

Unknown Speaker 24:54
That's 30 years old.

Unknown Speaker 25:03
Knock them Island some of them are eroding and eroded

Unknown Speaker 25:08
obviously the eyes of this one are clear because they are higher up on the rock

Unknown Speaker 25:22
MacArthur's point

Unknown Speaker 25:31
forward harbor there are several in the forward harbor about halfway along I think it's a place called robbers not it's my memory serves me

Unknown Speaker 25:40
and to make them clear you sometimes splash water all over them that tends to help to a degree with photography

Unknown Speaker 25:51
there's three or four slides on the robbers site called the fiber

Unknown Speaker 26:07
there's one that was not splashed with water and

Unknown Speaker 26:11
probably wouldn't have been clear

Unknown Speaker 26:15

Unknown Speaker 26:26
list I was jumping across Creek. That's one of the

Unknown Speaker 26:34
one of the most dramatic and interesting places I've run into on Throughout my travels up the coast. It's not easy to get at. It's just north of Jarvis and I think it's an authentic arm.

Unknown Speaker 26:48
There is a creek that comes out here and it comes out through a crack between the rocks and

Unknown Speaker 26:54
about two or 300 feet up the creek. Through the rock there is a large bowl about probably a couple 100 feet in diameter. And the waters come down into this bowl, swirl around and then squirt through the crack in the rock.

Unknown Speaker 27:11
I was able to drive the bullet up through the crack into the rock and into this bowl, which was kind of neat, a small amount of both

Unknown Speaker 27:21

Unknown Speaker 27:22
fairly agile. And I was able to get back out by keeping my nose pointed upstream and gradually backing down letting the water take me out otherwise smashed against the rocks I'm sure.

Unknown Speaker 27:37
Anyway, the petroglyph site is is a good one.

Unknown Speaker 27:41
We were working with the site and you can see how common is

Unknown Speaker 27:46
suddenly we heard the noise of sort of a whispering sound up in the in the trees up the mountain.

Unknown Speaker 27:54
We looked back and I think you might even see the star but the water was agitated by the waves further out. So we decided to get out of there. The reason of course being that Anchorage is extremely difficult in these inlets because the water is about 500 feet deep. So you can't get an anchor down except in certain places. And the place that we were able to get it down was at the mouth of the creek. So we got our anchor down into the mouth of the creek and sort of on the back as the as the Waters forced the both way.

Unknown Speaker 28:27
And in fact, we were able to get ashore and do this, this work. So we heard the sound and

Unknown Speaker 28:35
the Sure enough, we just got on the boat before the thing struck and the waves were very turbulent at that point. We were

Unknown Speaker 28:45
spent about three hours pounding down to some safe anchorage which way the distance down there.

Unknown Speaker 28:51
But this scene

Unknown Speaker 28:55
does not give any indication of turmoil that follows.

Unknown Speaker 29:00
Maybe we had violated the silence.

Unknown Speaker 29:03
In any case, there's the

Unknown Speaker 29:06
stuff that I was rubbing at that point

Unknown Speaker 29:13
no non functioning slide.

Unknown Speaker 29:17
Just have a look and see what it was

Unknown Speaker 29:20
like river well.

Unknown Speaker 29:25
Here's another one that's Park River and there's no petroglyphs in the site. We were anchored on a month with the creek about a half a mile back and took the coin up through the shallows of the water. Looking for the big site which was referred to in some museum report, checking all the rocks on the way up and we rounded a point much like the one you see ahead and about 20 feet away we both noticed that there was a grizzly bear.

Unknown Speaker 29:55
He rose from his labors I personally was eating and

Unknown Speaker 30:00
and looked at us and we looked at him and of course, there was no way that we could get away from it chose to go afterwards because we were walking out slippery boulders in this in this thing carrying all the camera gear.

Unknown Speaker 30:12
So he just slowly turned and started to walk away and he did the same as we get glass door are shorter but it's one of those sort of things that makes you wonder what the hell you're doing.

Unknown Speaker 30:26
Like an owl

Unknown Speaker 30:29

Unknown Speaker 30:32
chalkboard Island.

Unknown Speaker 30:35
This is up close to Robert.

Unknown Speaker 30:42
Now here we have Tom Wright slide

Unknown Speaker 30:50
one this was all over, we took our country, rubbings are not the gymnasium, the old school, the secondary school, what used to be the secondary school. And that's that's standing in front of one of them.

Unknown Speaker 31:06
There's some idea of the scope of the display.

Unknown Speaker 31:13
They went all the way around. Of course, this is just one site.

Unknown Speaker 31:17
These rubbings are now Museum at Victoria. And they vCPM there, presumably on a storage area or the archives. I'm not sure which one we completed that all the rubbings were turned over to the

Unknown Speaker 31:35
and I guess we'll

Unknown Speaker 31:38
be a record of the state of the art rock art of the time this was done.

Unknown Speaker 31:48

Unknown Speaker 31:51
we following this,

Unknown Speaker 31:54
got interested in doing a dig. Because I had put through a book raft.

Unknown Speaker 32:01
The place I ended on Churchill rock is an island that we had the the big house out at the end of the point at the end of Churchill Road, where the guy with the helicopter now lives whose name escapes me. But then we subdivided that, and I build a place down on the shoulder of the same piece of property.

Unknown Speaker 32:22
And I put a boat wrapped down and this is what we found.

Unknown Speaker 32:27
Of course, by this time, I wasn't

Unknown Speaker 32:30
beginning to clue in that there was something significant

Unknown Speaker 32:35
here, which was to have a Donald.

Unknown Speaker 32:40
So we contacted the museum at this point and ask them

Unknown Speaker 32:44
what to do about this. And they said, Well, we've got to have a dig and see what it's all about. Because we're contemplating a guest cabin on the site too.

Unknown Speaker 32:54
Anyway, the big one they had they build a structure and

Unknown Speaker 33:01
all our friends gathered around we were going to

Unknown Speaker 33:05
move for a year to England, and Beth was studying archaeology at Cambridge at that point. So we invited our friends to help us with this dig and

Unknown Speaker 33:17
we pay them by meals we have a freezer full of food so we the BC Provincial Museum paid $1 a meal and we provided the food and of course our friends all

Unknown Speaker 33:31
got rid of the freezer for food

Unknown Speaker 33:36

Unknown Speaker 33:37
one of the pits that was put down on the site

Unknown Speaker 33:46
this was a fairly large as these things go that took over a month

Unknown Speaker 33:55
and there was a tremendous number of artifacts that were turned over to the museum on

Unknown Speaker 34:08
sifting sand or sorry, sifting the stuff from

Unknown Speaker 34:16
the beans on the lake.

Unknown Speaker 34:18
They figured that was probably Marple phase about 3000 years ago

Unknown Speaker 34:25
for most of the site

Unknown Speaker 34:31
it's a lot of fun it doesn't look like much fun but it is it's a

Unknown Speaker 34:35
great way to spend your time anyway with the backhoe cumin layer and straighten it all out we found all kinds of stuff of course it was the actual thing but then people were standing around working with backhoe was working with

Unknown Speaker 34:49
the shows you that you can

Unknown Speaker 34:51
do a thing with a

Unknown Speaker 34:59
few other

Unknown Speaker 35:00
two slides this one is Wilson's ball which is in the same area as our house was at that point

Unknown Speaker 35:11
another figure this is the grade bowl this is great as well we were a little bit off the business of the petroglyphs but we're still in the territory.

Unknown Speaker 35:22
This is a sort of carving that was discovered by Mrs. Gray on her beach I think it was discovered in two parts partly on the patient partly in the farmer's field so

Unknown Speaker 35:33
it was put together

Unknown Speaker 35:41
there are categories of these things seated human finger bowls seems to fall in one category that did a study on what are known as bedrock and bolder goals which means it's an excavation in the

Unknown Speaker 35:54
bedrock was presumably used for the grinding of Walker farm products pictographs on production for ceremonial dances and that's where

Unknown Speaker 36:09
there's another set of human figure goals I

Unknown Speaker 36:16
sure where that came from, I have written down here five assorted bowls.

Unknown Speaker 36:22
These are from the coastal areas here

Unknown Speaker 36:41
this one it was assumed that that stone was used as a sort of marble in

Unknown Speaker 36:48
sort of mortar and pestle operation perhaps the same thing Grinding

Unknown Speaker 36:53
Rock ramshaw or poker or

Unknown Speaker 37:03

Unknown Speaker 37:11
now this point

Unknown Speaker 37:19
this is not alone the cooler by going

Unknown Speaker 37:22
this is

Unknown Speaker 37:25
up the coast and the Indian islands which are about just in the general area Belarc Bay

Unknown Speaker 37:31
and there are some figures here this is the schoolhouse and I think the black in the foreground is

Unknown Speaker 37:38
mementos of a schoolteacher who taught here for a while

Unknown Speaker 37:44
there is

Unknown Speaker 37:47
our daughter Sarah No sir after my daughter Francis

Unknown Speaker 37:52
skipping a generation

Unknown Speaker 38:10
erosion seems to be taking place in the form of three four

Unknown Speaker 38:17
this is probably about seven days now we've got it we're

Unknown Speaker 38:23

Unknown Speaker 38:29
I suppose beans

Unknown Speaker 38:38
these are all nominal Tula

Unknown Speaker 38:41
this total mostly two parts this is the upper part of

Unknown Speaker 38:47
the lower part of the side this is

Unknown Speaker 38:53
68 this was still standing and looking quite impressive.

Unknown Speaker 38:57
Last trip that I've made in there it's gone

Unknown Speaker 39:06
this one I think is further up

Unknown Speaker 39:12
no I've got Kirklees here

Unknown Speaker 39:18
no sorry. The last one was because this is Hope Island up in the area of

Unknown Speaker 39:24

Unknown Speaker 39:26
up in the area all harbor. Remember when they used to get a weather report from bull harbor all the time. This was

Unknown Speaker 39:35
just a disk abandoned on the beach and falling over falling over?

Unknown Speaker 39:41
Was not the thought of

Unknown Speaker 39:44
beyond repair back in those days.

Unknown Speaker 39:53
Got here

Unknown Speaker 40:00

Unknown Speaker 40:02
was only 100 of the year so you don't need to worry and we're pretty well up there about 80 Now Kate much 57 No

Unknown Speaker 40:11

Unknown Speaker 40:13
than a house on the beach

Unknown Speaker 40:17
there's two

Unknown Speaker 40:19
houses were built on the beach

Unknown Speaker 40:25
back in 168 All right I think it's not a little

Unknown Speaker 40:30

Unknown Speaker 40:40
don't want to go back

Unknown Speaker 40:46
okay Kate much this is probably one of the earlier slides that I've done this was 1957 6740 years

Unknown Speaker 41:02
these three we're still standing in Cape March

Unknown Speaker 41:14

Unknown Speaker 41:20
a poll

Unknown Speaker 41:25
Oh just a few shots of sort of randomly dressed when we first came to the island and about 6062 This is

Unknown Speaker 41:37
this is a grave and it's um, shingles spin Valdez.

Unknown Speaker 41:44
I think the natives came and retrieved their that because

Unknown Speaker 41:51
they were not daring to well and use graves. I don't

Unknown Speaker 41:57
think they probably worked on Cooper.

Unknown Speaker 42:01
They weren't shortly after 16 to

Unknown Speaker 42:07
do probably are familiar with this place. This is

Unknown Speaker 42:12
millstones, no stone holes

Unknown Speaker 42:15
the site is in real life and it's about a mile up the hill from the ferry dock on the right hand side going up.

Unknown Speaker 42:27
They use them for the milling of

Unknown Speaker 42:31
the probably ship them out. Grindstone thing the grindstone so we've got shipped up 94

Unknown Speaker 42:42

Unknown Speaker 42:47
but Allah could spit

Unknown Speaker 42:49
one of the beauties of this whole business bombing around the post in those days that you could

Unknown Speaker 42:55
visit these places and feel quite welcome

Unknown Speaker 43:02
it wasn't built out that's a long house down there and thirsty clamshell living going beyond their distance

Unknown Speaker 43:11
old fish boats still the same beach

Unknown Speaker 43:23
so just bandwidth on the beach

Unknown Speaker 43:32
we cars traveled in the style

Unknown Speaker 43:38
anyplace you could find somewhere to throw down your bed roll wasn't gonna get flooded when the tide got I used to consult your timetables to some degree

Unknown Speaker 43:48
we did occasionally wake up with the air mattress flooding

Unknown Speaker 43:54
that's typical camp beach know how

Unknown Speaker 43:59
you just find these places and go

Unknown Speaker 44:03
don't even bother putting your tent where there always seem to be beautiful.

Unknown Speaker 44:08
We were traveling in a much smaller boat in those days it was a 17 foot boat that I felt was my father

Unknown Speaker 44:17
got into a lot of trouble with that I was here my daughter was born and I spent more time working on changing diapers

Unknown Speaker 44:27

Unknown Speaker 44:31
is cave on Galliano probably

Unknown Speaker 44:36
it's for Montague Harbour about

Unknown Speaker 44:40
I would guess a mile

Unknown Speaker 44:42
somewhere in that range, a little side entrance there that you can slide in at this picture with that light of flooding into the country.

Unknown Speaker 44:51
I'm gonna be used during the days when

Unknown Speaker 44:58
there's a strange one

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Hi, this is Mrs. King's Fall on Asana board to figure in slip said to have been found on Dalian.

Unknown Speaker 45:09
I know nothing about it. I don't think it's

Unknown Speaker 45:13
anything associated with people I think it's easier if somebody has used themselves in fact without our it's been brought in from somewhere else.

Unknown Speaker 45:25
There is my 45 year old daughter

Unknown Speaker 45:38
couple of slides that might be of interest This is the

Unknown Speaker 45:44
house, which was at Musgrave Smith place

Unknown Speaker 45:52
there used to be the place is turned into I don't know it's a park or an ecological reserve but we all kicked in 100 bucks and did something about it. I think it's not officially designated something

Unknown Speaker 46:04
certainty of some kind. Anyway, this was one of the houses that was on the farmers spot a couple years after

Unknown Speaker 46:12
it was supposed to officer to post officer in fact, when we we didn't touch anything but we opened the diary because there there are long pieces of nothing. And then there was one entry a man rode by on horseback

Unknown Speaker 46:32
anyway, this was probably

Unknown Speaker 46:40
there was a waterwheel associated with this place I'm not sure whether it's sending I wasn't able to get foreign physical was to find it. Last time I was up there

Unknown Speaker 46:52
was a water

Unknown Speaker 46:57
and there's Ganges winter last.

Unknown Speaker 47:02