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Bob Patterson in Conversation With Charles Kahn

Accession Number Interviewer Charles Kahn
Date April 23, 1997 Location
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Unknown Speaker 0:08
So I guess I guess I should start with maybe your your family goes back if your grandfather came here.

Unknown Speaker 0:17
My father Your father

Unknown Speaker 0:20
so your father Your father has a relationship you're related to the record.

Unknown Speaker 0:28
Yeah. My dad's sister

Unknown Speaker 0:35
right. got so many families are trying to get straight in my in my hand and your father's name was William William

Unknown Speaker 0:51
what was your What was

Unknown Speaker 0:53
your your at? All Paulie

Unknown Speaker 1:04
now when he when he first came here did he was historically the main thing that he did.

Unknown Speaker 1:11
Well, he lived here before he was his mother, Mary Lee died about four or five years old.

Unknown Speaker 1:22
Which Lee was

Unknown Speaker 1:31
born anyway,

Unknown Speaker 1:33
what was her name? What was what were your grandmother's Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:40
I don't know. I never ever met her. She was gone before I was born. I know I but I can't

Unknown Speaker 1:53
believe seems there seems to be a lot of intermarriage is that belief? Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:01
And then there was the mullet. So they kind of all injured. Married in the lower leagues.

Unknown Speaker 2:07
Yeah. Yeah, I was talking to John Bennett is just trying to get married to one. And I was actually

Unknown Speaker 2:17
learning to go to a mother. And his mother was really

Unknown Speaker 2:25
trying to figure out all the all the combinations and you actually have to call Ronnie Lee to to ask him because he didn't know the answer of the two, the two mainly. So when he was out, so he was he was born on your own and

Unknown Speaker 2:45
no, he was born in the states that came out from Scotland with his family and their mining interests and all their money and I guess he moved up to the mainland.

Unknown Speaker 2:58
So when when, when you when your grandmother married into the leaf family? That was a secondary

Unknown Speaker 3:06
grant? My grandma, my dad, my grandfather married? No, no, that's right. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 3:12
So So that was her second marriage. Okay. I think Davidson said something about. He advertised for license. Does that make sense? He advertised.

Unknown Speaker 3:29
She came for it. I know. He used to go to Nanaimo all the time. Yeah. And she after. After my grandfather died. She got a job or store. Yeah, pretty hard enough. She had two kids and no pension. Welfare. And so she was in pretty dire straits trying to kind of look after them. And this guy used to come up with store all the time on anyway, that there are circumstances to come down to feel free to beat housekeeper. And she says no way. But he would, unless he was married. He wouldn't do anyway unless you're married. How they come to be married.

Unknown Speaker 4:13
That's what dissimilar to the way he got married. I think he also met sort of a kind of arrangement. I think some pretty good partnerships developed that way.

Unknown Speaker 4:25
Yeah. Well, there was not many women I guess her own good. No, no. And I guess

Unknown Speaker 4:34
Yeah. And I guess I guess we went to wasn't too many possibilities for a woman who require yourself No.

Unknown Speaker 4:43
More for for men. No, because there was a lot more men and white women.

Unknown Speaker 4:48
Yeah. So when he first came here, then or how would he have been?

Unknown Speaker 4:57
I guess he was you know, always be grateful for and maybe Asia because he was only about five

Unknown Speaker 5:14
so what you can imagine about the school here yeah you can you can see him in your pictures so what kind of work did he go into?

Unknown Speaker 5:29
Oh he did everything he nationally he couldn't they couldn't get into high school a passing grade eight he was going to have to work on Ohio with the rest of the boys and he decided to go on his own so he went he got a job that was no comparison at that time. And he and Gilbert won't work together start off on purchases store

Unknown Speaker 5:59
Yeah. And then

Unknown Speaker 6:02
from there I think he went to the to the air cause effect shipping. How come here

Unknown Speaker 6:10
oh my god he was

Unknown Speaker 6:14
into the streetcars. He was streetcar conductor in Victoria and then he went to Vancouver and was on in Durban to Vancouver and he was

Unknown Speaker 6:27
also on speaker

Unknown Speaker 6:30
and then he joined the police

Unknown Speaker 6:35
what he did when did he come back here?

Unknown Speaker 6:42
Well he got when he got married 1915 They came up to record for their Heimo the store was vacant store on the new appliances nobody that was the build it's been several years without anybody.

Unknown Speaker 6:59
It was definitely well I think

Unknown Speaker 7:01
so overwhelmed I don't think good was there for quite a while before anyway they came up there and recovered wonderful way to run the store and look after the place. They decided they run the store.

Unknown Speaker 7:23
So they start right away in 1950

Unknown Speaker 7:35
they didn't have to buy it or anything. They just just moved right and just kept in good seems to be a kind of difficult person to find information. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 7:46
no, no, I don't know anything about him. I've never left that. Oh, we just didn't make a goal. But

Unknown Speaker 7:54
he seems to be here for a short period of time. I've got a I've got a problem myself here. If you see me moving strangely, like Sunday night, all of a sudden my hips started to hurt. And it doesn't bother me when I'm walking but it sure bothered me when I sit down. I don't think it really matters. I just sit up Rule three, but it's really awkward. I think it's getting better. Actually. I was out all day yesterday walking in. I was okay as long as I was upright. But as soon as I as soon as I sat down. I had problems getting up against

Unknown Speaker 8:32
my back. I sit down here and then I get up. Oh my goodness. As long as I love the movie.

Unknown Speaker 8:37
It's funny, isn't it? Let's see I have some information on him

Unknown Speaker 8:48
Yeah, they've got Nike but Nike 14 He was running the store

Unknown Speaker 8:55
in Connecticut with me been a couple of years. But I don't think he just left them.

Unknown Speaker 9:01
I've got I got that was taken over by being a mum and dad in July of 1952. And it stayed there until 51 I think I made a tape for the Historical Society some time ago and I've listened to it. You know you I think Oh Did she make it better? I don't know. Maybe I don't remember listening to or

Unknown Speaker 9:34
because my son took it. I don't have to get it back.

Unknown Speaker 9:40
Is that one one that they make today? Is it one they need to know what you know I might be able to find it for you if you want to make a copy. I mean would you like me to get your copy as soon as I can?

Unknown Speaker 9:59
Yeah, okay. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 10:00
okay, I'll mark it Yeah, no, I yeah, I've actually made a few tapes for people because it's kind of neat. What some people didn't even know there was one existing like I had one one of Andrew Peter. It Andrew. Stephen. Yeah. And I was talking to Joe Ingram and she didn't even know that he'd made one she certainly made one but he she didn't have a copy of it. Send me a copy of this one. It was quite a long one actually. It was two tapes so he ran the Lima store but there was also a loving operation with the paddocks and logs is that a different pattern

Unknown Speaker 10:49
Oh my God sent me down his play golf here that I've never heard never never never heard

Unknown Speaker 11:01
well if I tell you I found it

Unknown Speaker 11:39

Unknown Speaker 11:49
one The thing is dead cat come on down what they had a video over here that was over another side of the city that took over this mill

Unknown Speaker 12:03
like a timeout Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 12:05
well they were there was something

Unknown Speaker 12:14
I think references I found that material with Bob rush

Unknown Speaker 12:19
this is a tool alive

Unknown Speaker 12:29
oh yeah

Unknown Speaker 12:36
there's there's references in the Cowichan leader I think Oh for 1911 to 1913 Because I've been I've been reading that and the references in there to Patterson they mentioned I mentioned a lot boom artful first mentioned some milling I think it's mostly the milling

Unknown Speaker 13:04
through the mill out here the tie mill there

Unknown Speaker 13:13
are about eight

Unknown Speaker 13:17
of them were pattern no

Unknown Speaker 13:25
never heard no, no logging. But he was involved in some milling

Unknown Speaker 13:37
as an investment and that was on the other side

Unknown Speaker 13:46
of the end of going back

Unknown Speaker 13:53
when would that would that had been about Nike? 13

Unknown Speaker 13:57
No, no, no, that was a recent one that was 14 Grand i guess until Oh, but 1960

Unknown Speaker 14:06
Well didn't come that would have been very close to where Gordon Cudmore had its head yeah. I was chatting with coordinator He's quite a character telling me about petrography

Unknown Speaker 14:30
This isn't good for fighting if

Unknown Speaker 14:35
we hadn't taken it. It would have been laying out there maybe upside down still.

Unknown Speaker 14:39
Yeah, actually he says they're more than right because there are more than only where they are but he said you have to go in June when the ties are very well. I might take them up on that axis just for fun. i There's no way I could change

Unknown Speaker 14:53
them because they're just trying to dissolve Lea Yeah. No, they shouldn't be put up and look

Unknown Speaker 15:01
presuming Yeah. Yeah, well actually, it'd be interesting to see I guess they're they're fairly large you'd need to you'd need a pulley to pull them out

Unknown Speaker 15:13
you know the car Menomonee road gang and they would have this big battle good up here. Yeah. And they used to out through a conveyor and he found it very elaborate. Rob was a head and everything. And he said the name of the song follows him to the Museum Victoria, but they didn't ever know he never could find out. What happened. Was it ever gone? It disappeared?

Unknown Speaker 15:44
All these treasures people find.

Unknown Speaker 15:56
Wow. Where did you find me? Well, history. Beautiful. Pictures. Yeah, copy the copy details? Well, I guess so. I don't know if she had it for about six months.

Unknown Speaker 16:18
Well, that's quite lovely. So do you know much about it? Well, you know how old it is.

Unknown Speaker 16:24
I don't know. How I can we get it? My wife granddad was a doctor Kenzie. And he used to do a lot of work when they bring in a chicken or something like that was during the Depression. And the he had a confinement for the Japanese. And he didn't have very much weight. And he brought Paddy and Palin. And he follows up with them. They live in Sunset drive. Yeah. And he found it was a big tree is blown over up there. And this was under the big tree where the roots had come up. And so he gave it to my wife. Granted. He goes I admire that so much. He gave it to me.

Unknown Speaker 17:12
Maybe it's maybe it's couch in that it was up there. Maybe it's couch and if it was out there

Unknown Speaker 17:18
could be one. I think there was a I think there was civilization here long before the Indian just like the dominant in Mexico.

Unknown Speaker 17:33
But I think it could be I think it could be that

Unknown Speaker 17:37
couldn't be very much like the Indonesians have. Yeah, that type of I think it must have been an Indonesian civilization here one time. I don't think we know too much about what happened.

Unknown Speaker 17:53
No, no, we're just piecing it together. So with your your,

Unknown Speaker 18:00
your your wife's grandfather. Yeah. Which which doctors is Dr. Lawson. Well, Dr. Lawson, who used to live where

Unknown Speaker 18:11
they are right. Now I don't have much information on. Thanks very much. Was he here? He wasn't wasn't here very long way.

Unknown Speaker 18:25
He came about 1925 and he stayed 40.

Unknown Speaker 18:32
So he overlapped. On Dr. Rush and Gulia. Doctor and Dr. Sullivan.

Unknown Speaker 18:40
Dr. Solomon, before Dr. Raksha. Dr. I think

Unknown Speaker 18:45
Dr. Rush bought Dr. site.

Unknown Speaker 18:50
First Dr. Lady doctors.

Unknown Speaker 18:54
She sounded like quite a character. out there. Yeah. Well, Bob, you know, Bob Russia.

Unknown Speaker 19:01
I know obviously. I can recognize him but he doesn't know me.

Unknown Speaker 19:05
When he was he was born in 1930. So he was he was delivered by by Dr. Sivana. Just try getting started. started back when he started

Unknown Speaker 19:21
I've got Dr. Loss making 23. I have each Elan. Yeah. Elsa,

Unknown Speaker 19:33
Elsa el SPLM.

Unknown Speaker 19:36
That thing he went by that guy got open to practice in October competitive The doctor said to doctors wouldn't deal with each other's patients and we even talk to each other. I don't know what it is. Well, I read that. I read somewhere that she was very next that somebody else has come on to her turn. Oh No wonder doctor here. Yeah, yeah. And I gathered was that it was just sort of marginal as to whether there was enough for both doctors. Yeah. So maybe, maybe maybe she was so he was he was interloper.

Unknown Speaker 20:15
So how that all they had a boat? He and her husband had a booth. And he used to go around the island,

Unknown Speaker 20:23
right? Yeah. And I got here 1925 Dr. Lawson replaces Dr. Sutherland his health officer Yeah. Living in chronic komentar office a doctor's office in residence for over four years

Unknown Speaker 20:37
through American Oh really? Where he ended up

Unknown Speaker 20:43
no it became it was still with some some other doctor work there as well. And that's simply because I later on in there because I have you heard that it was It remained a doctor's office in residence for four years

Unknown Speaker 21:00
after after he left there seem to be doctors coming and going and I forget who they were

Unknown Speaker 21:05
in the same in the same building. Well,

Unknown Speaker 21:09
Dr. Francis, can I get the torn abdomen?

Unknown Speaker 21:13
Yeah. And earlier than that, I guess when when the beaches were here they were up around where they were the hospital is now the old way the old hospital wasn't the first hospital where the community

Unknown Speaker 21:26
I thought they always lived up for Luhan

Unknown Speaker 21:30
Oh, I think I thought that wasn't it the beaches who gave their land for the new hospital

Unknown Speaker 21:35
it could be

Unknown Speaker 21:38
something on that. Yeah, land donated by Dr. Beech 1914. In the hospital moved in 1958

Unknown Speaker 22:00
So basically it was the story and he didn't do anything else and your

Unknown Speaker 22:06
story as well. We worked for a while further up when their firm you know you did a job for them. When they were short handed, he worked for us from time to time he bought himself a boat near the skull and he did booting and then anything that did make money

Unknown Speaker 22:33
it did give the story well, alright, did the store do well? Yeah, it did. Well, yeah. And how did it did they find that that attracted most of the people from the South End? Because it would have been I guess, I guess most of all the other North End would go to

Unknown Speaker 22:53
just the south well in the early on my dad had worshiped over here and he had feet from elementary and he used to keep a bit of groceries that was in the 20s right going into plenty now he had this case over and he's in any use he started to delivery twice a week from we were boy and he delivered COVID

Unknown Speaker 23:26
Now at that time Cutler kind of started to cook more there's a 30 and I can now become more store must have been where Rodrigo so what the original Patterson store where it is now

Unknown Speaker 23:48
no no the currently house across the street across the street from around regal in the front door

Unknown Speaker 23:57
when you say across the house across from Rodrigo

Unknown Speaker 24:04
Oh, the front part of that door

Unknown Speaker 24:08
so when you need like beside the ferry in that Oh, I never thought of that corner. I keep thinking the other way across. So the original start out and the original store was in

Unknown Speaker 24:29
when did when the store open? They're

Unknown Speaker 24:32
all here, or they're about 1929 or 28 or

Unknown Speaker 24:40
20. And your son was there now. There are a lot of Patterson's in the Gulf Islands. Are you related to the people on Galia? No, no. Because they've been here a long time to

Unknown Speaker 24:57
get mail from other people.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
We all want to teach our cities because if someone wants you to I think

Unknown Speaker 25:05
no my dad changed his name people decide you like cookies or when he was young. He changed it from two T or one T two T. Actually the Scottish Scottish name was one key I don't know why he did that. And it is more than the same way

Unknown Speaker 25:25
Oh, that's interesting. So your dad was actually Scottish

Unknown Speaker 25:28
you know they were from Edinburgh he was born just after they got into the United States you are born in Scotland

Unknown Speaker 25:42
that's interesting. People seem to spell names quite differently. I mean like I'm here with Frederick Ford with two O's and pours the lake just has one but people didn't seem to my I've even seen increments spelled with a C in there even in old Pete Oh I think Wilson Reverend was spelled with a C and in a couple of places I guess I guess people didn't really care. So so he opened this door in 1928 and Cudmore came later

Unknown Speaker 26:15
no I got that wrong. It must have been 1919 30 because more and more

Unknown Speaker 26:27
lived in that place he had a ice cream needs to sell ice cream just as a very started

Unknown Speaker 26:35
and then he built the coffee bar and he was in there where he lived

Unknown Speaker 26:49
so in the past in store you think it was more like 1930 and

Unknown Speaker 26:54
38 because that was a year the theory started that was the year that Cudmore started in his

Unknown Speaker 27:02
new store

Unknown Speaker 27:05
so then started when people go there

Unknown Speaker 27:10
quite a bit of groceries

Unknown Speaker 27:12
but most of the most of the store doses are kept to 0.0 comma

Unknown Speaker 27:23
okay so in the store was across from Regina

Unknown Speaker 27:44
now with a much competition between Cudmore and was it was a Sunday competition it was because I didn't mind another somebody was there before they

Unknown Speaker 27:57
were actually let me know what he has his head down there. He's still down there where the kayaks are.

Unknown Speaker 28:08
Oh, that's that's okay.

Unknown Speaker 28:12
And that was a big, big business feat for the law.

Unknown Speaker 28:20
Yeah. Now it seems to me I read at some point that your dad took over Cudmore store as well. Is that correct? Well, we bought it Yeah. Yeah. When the guy

Unknown Speaker 28:42
was around before

Unknown Speaker 28:50
what time

Unknown Speaker 28:50
was running the store on oh eight sold out in the 40s

Unknown Speaker 28:54
or it was or wasn't the store it was?

Unknown Speaker 28:57
No, I don't know. Kenmore cola. No them I guess 1941 or so. And then from there on, there was half a dozen different people took it over and couldn't make it over. And then Mary Girdwood came along she made them to a funeral.

Unknown Speaker 29:16
Mary Gerber Gervin

Unknown Speaker 29:19
she's the Kim graves wife. To the girl on the course is very temporary. You don't quite

Unknown Speaker 29:28
know I heard the name. Okay. Well, what's the first name Mary?

Unknown Speaker 29:34
Mary Mary Groover. er vi n d e r, b r t e r e i am

Unknown Speaker 29:45
and she became a very and after she died, she great. She had a period you know when when was that?

Unknown Speaker 30:03
I guess we'll read from about 55 on fella by the name of Billy Prentice over here he bought it for the debt free meal

Unknown Speaker 30:17
Yeah, I don't think I have a record so when I left the date you said you cut more when you figure cut more stuff when did it

Unknown Speaker 30:31
was around 1941 I wasn't here but anyways, George's will do several hands on.

Unknown Speaker 30:42
So what there was there much else in Fulford at that time. Well, let's say when you're in the 30 Was it? Was there any any other story?

Unknown Speaker 30:52
No, no, not the 30 before in the 20s there was a corporate him word of property now there was a story there. Roger Stone you know Poppy Eaton had had a bit of a story there but it went went out Yeah, but I can't think of before.

Unknown Speaker 31:49
A scowl that

Unknown Speaker 31:53
I don't have a recommend anything

Unknown Speaker 32:00
terrible that you get all the time.

Unknown Speaker 32:02
I know I have a different section for that. Because that that was that would have been in the

Unknown Speaker 32:06
hotel. Yeah, hotel was on one side.

Unknown Speaker 32:10
Mr. blandy blandy That yeah,

Unknown Speaker 32:13
they had a store called Roger saloon

Unknown Speaker 32:18
at one point

Unknown Speaker 32:19
well, I guess first bill but then that was when I kind of remember it was the White House

Unknown Speaker 32:25
and Mr. Gladney was connected to the White House before before the

Unknown Speaker 32:31
you know the easiest to get over after brandy I guess he just took over but back in 2005 you

Unknown Speaker 32:41
find out any something about Mr. grandey I mean I just have a name I really don't have a first name you know what his

Unknown Speaker 32:48
name was on the honor roll and and the all the fences place a corporate hall but I can't I don't know what his name was. I don't remember.

Unknown Speaker 33:03
So it seems inappropriate

Unknown Speaker 33:10
it's funny you you read about somebody and and sometimes you'd have a last name and you don't know anything about that. Kind of wonder you know, there's a whole story there and that's gone. I don't

Unknown Speaker 33:23
know how he came or what do you want to be before that? Around that time there was another story for dying.

Unknown Speaker 33:33
Yeah, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 33:35
right across there was a story there

Unknown Speaker 33:38
was that way around? We're rocking around yeah. So with that

Unknown Speaker 33:45
being the head of the hardware they must have started learning about

Unknown Speaker 33:54
what they were saying

Unknown Speaker 33:54
the following Rogers had a post office at some point.

Unknown Speaker 34:03
Mr. Edwards is the one I'm thinking about the valley. He has a

Unknown Speaker 34:07
post Edward that's the one I'm taking. RP Edwards. Yeah, he

Unknown Speaker 34:11
has a store so that that was

Unknown Speaker 34:13
what it offers. Now. That was right across from where there's

Unknown Speaker 34:15
a big field retreat coming over and it sounds right alongside of that. Now I do

Unknown Speaker 34:23
what they call the grand guard

Unknown Speaker 34:30
the next next house up from Granny day for the other guys. Wait for that Ben goes around,

Unknown Speaker 34:39
okay. Is there anything that I guess nothing left for the day?

Unknown Speaker 34:43
No, nothing very tree. thing I remember I remember it a bit. Yeah. And then they told us there. They went broke.

Unknown Speaker 34:56
When the data came you know, when when the data is I must have

Unknown Speaker 35:01
been 16 or 17 Oh, it must have been better than that. I remember two or three years old I still remember the 1980s

Unknown Speaker 35:24
I haven't I actually have a record of the post office this year. And that might be a clue.

Unknown Speaker 35:31
Yeah, that's because they voted it down.

Unknown Speaker 35:34
So which which post office was so so software? Yeah. So it says your RP Edwards 1900 to 1920 work for you this is actually

Unknown Speaker 35:47
less on Ethan's came about 1920.

Unknown Speaker 35:50
Yeah, because they took it over. Now. There seems to be a couple of years out here because it says here. Eaton started in 23. The only it's only says they did it for two years. Oh, wait a minute now. Because then it moved, I guess. I guess it moves to close in 24. And it moved became full for Harbor. The second full for our reports and even continued exactly what was the first one was EJ energy. Or maybe this is a mistake. Okay, I guess it must be because once a VJ Nia This is AJ. So it was aka there. Were two of them

Unknown Speaker 36:33
might have been in her name.

Unknown Speaker 36:35
Yes, she is necessary. Because she took it over. Fifth here Hae 2428. And then Mrs. C E 29 to 31. And then it like

Unknown Speaker 36:53
Well, I think what that was

Unknown Speaker 37:00
PMB Mo, aka we took the post I was over again. He was of course part of the game progresses. Had a contract with AJ Grand Hotel was a candy and I guess his wife ran it down there. And then it will go over to Cudmore. Store. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 37:20
you're right. He is down at Ganges as well. But that's different different time periods.

Unknown Speaker 37:26
Well, I guess. I guess he didn't pick it up there. And she took it down here. I guess it was change over to her name down here. I guess he couldn't have both of them.

Unknown Speaker 37:35
I bet you're right. I bet you're right. That must have been a lot of traveling for them. They had they lived down here. But they were running a postdoc. Didn't they also have at some point have a tea room or something in town? Again? Yeah, but it was later on top of the hill. Yeah. Well, you just have

Unknown Speaker 37:54
a world with a dreamland.

Unknown Speaker 37:56
So I guess he would have opened the store, according to the post office in the store. Correspondence would have opened the store in 1900. Because that's when the post office started there.

Unknown Speaker 38:14
This is actually very good. This was put together for Sumali by some fella who is a fellow of the Royal Society. And it's got all the post offices are not exactly the exact date. So it's kind of it's kind of interesting, because it's not just for the post offices, but then I can figure out this chair. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:33
Yeah, I didn't know when he I thought he'd come around 1920 But I remember I can remember coming out to zero point. 22 leaked photo, and I can't remember. So that was the first time I remember the two boys remember?

Unknown Speaker 38:49
Yeah. Friends. You can't you can't remember 1920 Canyon, you're not

Unknown Speaker 38:58
at work. Are you? Okay, he might well be your next one.

Unknown Speaker 39:05
Gosh, I wouldn't have I would have put you in your 70s You don't look anywhere close was I and you've got a very young looking face. My dad's going to be five this year. And he's actually he's coming next week to visit he looks pretty young too. But you don't look anyway. So anyone so in 1920 You would have been you can remember from when you were four years old.

Unknown Speaker 39:38
Really, things have happened

Unknown Speaker 39:40
I can't remember much when I was a kid. Funny how some people

Unknown Speaker 39:45
things that stick in your mind

Unknown Speaker 39:46

Unknown Speaker 39:54
you know, kind of build it up in their mind.

Unknown Speaker 39:56
Well, yeah. Well, we're gonna read sometimes when you read about What happened? You think? Yeah, I was there. Yeah, I can remember that. And then of course, it's hard to know if it's really what you remember or what you've read. Or what somebody tells you to families. I know. Every family likes to reminisce. And remember the day when, of course, and of course you remember it really well. So, let's interesting. So. So you, you would remember the one and this is my 16. So you will remember the store I'd be reporting. Oh, yeah. So you spent a fair bit of time. Yeah, you will let you live there. To want to leave. When did you leave?

Unknown Speaker 40:43
Well, I went away. I went away fishing and making

Unknown Speaker 40:48
3819 38.

Unknown Speaker 40:57
According to Victoria, cloud. 9.18 40.

Unknown Speaker 41:09
So you didn't fish right on it?

Unknown Speaker 41:10
Just for some reason.

Unknown Speaker 41:13
You notice why quite a lot back and forth. How long did you live there? Did you live more? For six years? Oh, just appear? And then maybe move back. You came back here and build the house? Do you mean,

Unknown Speaker 41:31
are you married? Well, I was 28.

Unknown Speaker 41:34
You it was in that six years that you were working on the book? I mean. You came back after the war? Yeah. Did you did you go away to the world? No. Of course pushing.

Unknown Speaker 41:52
Every time that you listen to be accomplished, can't go you can't do it. You got to bring it close. And we'll fix it up for you. You're more important to hear and you

Unknown Speaker 42:03
can understand, like, why so many people want to go to work

Unknown Speaker 42:06
in such a horrible thing. Because it was a horrible thing. Because all your friends are going and made you feel you know, you shouldn't be

Unknown Speaker 42:14
going to I guess there was a lot of peer pressure.

Unknown Speaker 42:17
You know, feeling that every level.

Unknown Speaker 42:20
Yeah. And both both the wars really we weren't. We weren't. I mean, we were fighting other people's wars. Yeah. And all those people are dying. And worse, you know, well, if the battle against the people who came back and you know, were so so badly hurt. Oh, yeah. No, I know, the first one was. And that was even that was even more ridiculous to have to have Canadian. Canadian. Yeah. Did you ever see them in the movie made cover? What a Lovely War? No, it was about the First World War. I think it was made by Lindsay Anderson, British director. And he what he did was he looked at the history of the the generals and the people who were making all the decisions. And I mean, they were just moving people around like they were puppets, you know, and there was no concern about who was being killed. And there was a good movie made that wrote the Australians in Gallipoli. I mean, I just watched it again recently. And I mean, these guys just went rest assured that

Unknown Speaker 43:30
I know this cannon fodder that yeah, that was bad. This left for the first world was

Unknown Speaker 43:36
desperate. Yeah. I think I think about 600,000 Canadians died in the first Yeah, no, sorry. I think 60,000 600,010% And I have a lot of people that came back were sick leave didn't last too long. No. Different

Unknown Speaker 43:57
than ever really good after

Unknown Speaker 43:58
the burnout. Yeah. So you came back and 46

Unknown Speaker 44:05
and 4g Yeah, the Christmas time 45.

Unknown Speaker 44:14
And then, did you work in the store after

Unknown Speaker 44:17
Yeah. Well it was it was not many I could have university in case I want to return High School. Finish down.

Unknown Speaker 44:34
Yeah. Did did you Was your dad dad around it?

Unknown Speaker 44:42
Oh, yeah. We both work together.

Unknown Speaker 44:45
Did you get along okay. And the way we've been be like I went back to my dad when I had lost jobs. And I was kind of wondering what I would be doing with a young family to feed and I said to my dad, you Tell me what would there be enough enough room in your business for for me if I wanted to join you know, he said just this is a one person business so I knew I was on my

Unknown Speaker 45:12
own well they allow me to come home they kept asking me to come back because the business was gone during the war and now he would he wouldn't want to hire anybody but he kept on doing everything and every real man

Unknown Speaker 45:31
if he could keep up well yeah, your mother worked in the UFC has the right hand store here so they kept the kept the two running together for a while yeah, the beaver point three didn't close and this

Unknown Speaker 45:50
is the same year they close the year after

Unknown Speaker 45:55
I've gotten 51 here yeah, you just check the beaver point. Yeah 51

Unknown Speaker 46:05
Well, I guess it was 50 230 they still

Unknown Speaker 46:10
kept the store after the first time Yeah. Okay got the Patterson

Unknown Speaker 46:36
took them more fun

Unknown Speaker 46:39
why do you think the word

Unknown Speaker 46:42
politics I guess is the one that they're Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 46:45
They didn't mean when you say they took it out? They think they did. And did they put it up somewhere else did they know

Unknown Speaker 46:56
it just took a really crazy they just rebuild it about three or four years before Yeah, we built a whole new top on a new cloud connector. They took the creature said of a build off of corn fed they took that and put it on for sure.

Unknown Speaker 47:17
Really? That was the government operates in strange ways

Unknown Speaker 47:30
now that I'm down here, I don't know if I can get up again. I'm sure I'll be fine in a couple of days. I was walking all over prevail yesterday the hiking club went out to prevail. And it's lovely It's definitely like family to the

Unknown Speaker 47:46
theories. I don't I haven't been we used to go for picnics over there years ago the record records are quite funny.

Unknown Speaker 47:53
Yeah, I got it that

Unknown Speaker 47:55
we used to go over there incredibly cool yeah he first came over from Ireland

Unknown Speaker 48:07
Yeah, the I gather the grandfather was talking to them about it yesterday and the grandfather came out at 92

Unknown Speaker 48:16
and then he came out and and I guess he bought the violin came back out after he was a member of parliament and

Unknown Speaker 48:23
what he currently cannot make you Maggie to and he ended up coming over to Salt Springs for a couple of days. Somebody asked him to sorry. I said why don't you come over to Austin for a couple of days. And ended up he ended up staying here for two years. And he went back to Ireland and he didn't buy the 20 Oh yeah if it came back

Unknown Speaker 48:44
it was the 20 of the leaves to go over yeah

Unknown Speaker 48:48
yeah I guess you'd need a boat if he lived up there person with the original me recommend to remember

Unknown Speaker 49:08
that Henry rock senior was when I was younger. Yeah. Henry got to work longer. Right. He passed away or the client Yeah, he did. Remember grandma

Unknown Speaker 49:26
so were you working in bookstores as well as or

Unknown Speaker 49:33
I say goes out there and I come with comes out and coming here before I got married. I stayed in the store all the time.

Unknown Speaker 49:40
Yeah. And when you carrying work do the same kinds of goods at Norfolk County. This is just as just as wide ranging.

Unknown Speaker 49:49
Yeah, just interesting to see like it takes a pretty easy doesn't work like we did. So it still still do a pretty good trading. Yeah, that's pretty good.

Unknown Speaker 50:10
So how did you how did you do for things like fresh produce and that kind of thing

Unknown Speaker 50:18
nerdy time was ever shipped up my phone would be replaced the CPR femur came in at least three times a week. Yeah. We had. Things are different. Yeah. Firstly, they were waiting to get from the handle and all that kind of stuff that we used to get meat needs to sell quite often eat but we are no refrigeration. Yeah. So that was quick.

Unknown Speaker 50:43
Yeah. Yeah. You weren't allowed to sell. You weren't allowed to sell back. And we

Unknown Speaker 50:50
know. Today, one time.

Unknown Speaker 50:54
Yeah. I remember reading somewhere that you had Midwest, so but not not from your stuff. But I mean, some people did it. I was surprised because I thought that the I thought it would have been more relaxed. Back then.

Unknown Speaker 51:11
Well, everybody shot postseason and everything else we train depression people live. off the beach.

Unknown Speaker 51:19
We even even John Bennett was saying that when they were first married, he lived on Venice. Beach. Yeah. Because they didn't have any money. No, no. That's not a bad diet.

Unknown Speaker 51:36
You can't blame blame on personnel shooting revere that other people?

Unknown Speaker 51:42
Well, I think a lot of people would would appreciate it. I would imagine that when they when there were fewer of them, they probably grew a bit bigger.

Unknown Speaker 51:54
No, I don't think there was.

Unknown Speaker 51:57
I thought maybe the I don't maybe they were. They were small, because there were so many of them. And they were like things that were already really small.

Unknown Speaker 52:11
Well, they were introduced there. And they really took off. Because the enterprise

Unknown Speaker 52:18
you know, grew up there a couple of years ago.

Unknown Speaker 52:21
We were there all kinds of

Unknown Speaker 52:25
the ones that the terminal looks smaller to I think

Unknown Speaker 52:27
that they brought it over a mule deer from

Unknown Speaker 52:36
an island. And they did pretty well. But I think they've been cleaned out now. With quite a herd of them here for a while. Yeah, big, big year.

Unknown Speaker 52:45
They were a big one. Yeah. I know they raised. I think that is a totally different font here. I think our main aim is to verify how long it's been there. And then there was

Unknown Speaker 53:00
a firefight in the works of Sandy Park and he brought over a couple of really different they're big ones. He thought they might enter you know, and to breathe. And he kept them here for a while sometimes good. Bucky has, strangely a bell on and ribbon around the corner of everything else. That guy was to come to know

Unknown Speaker 53:29
why I read a story about time to see if I could find that story about some guy who who shot shot count and taking it for a year. And this other fellow said, How could you be so stupid? Anybody could tell the difference between a cow and a deer? You know, by the way, their eyes went up at night. And then the next week or so he went out and shot two of his best horses I can't remember who it

Unknown Speaker 54:07
was to see I've done I know. That showed his own dog He's a nice person colleagues is coming. He thought it was a deer. They rose in the field wait a year and he saw the field they found that shot up.

Unknown Speaker 54:21
Yeah, I got it. There was quite a few. Quite a few I think accurate to him and people were people. I want to say this again with the with the floor before your time. I read about Babington sorrow. Certainly when he was going through the 1890s there was an inquest into the death in the early 2000s. There was a rare parking sounded like he got between the other guy and the year. And I guess the other guy thought he could shoot the gear and it didn't work out that way. So the store the store was was a fairly good business,

Unknown Speaker 55:08
a really good business but my dad lost an awful lot of money and bad debt. You know, when people buy stuff they're good at buying but not very good at paying no money to pay and when you you can't tell people they can't have any groceries when you know they're starving. Yeah, but a lot of people didn't didn't worry when they did get money they didn't bother to pay

Unknown Speaker 55:27
Yeah. So that he operated like the most people would run out by Oh, yeah. I think I think in some cases, I think the molars were able to recoup or by by people would forgive them their property I think yeah, I think that didn't happen with you that was the the scale of business when your when your dad was first in business in the year first working with comparable to the moment there was moments always much bigger up. We were a

Unknown Speaker 56:03
car dealership

Unknown Speaker 56:06
before us Yeah. I guess that that started in about before 1922 didn't have the car. The car dealership? One yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:17
Oh yeah. Because roof up their car in 1914 from from the mall. So they must have been before it now. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:26
So how are the roads then? Between there and to New York and in South Africa with a

Unknown Speaker 56:33
lot a lot of potholes. They're getting now Yeah, well the thing is they were only wide enough for one car when we had another car anymore. And jockey around

Unknown Speaker 56:43
Yeah. Gordon Cudmore showed me I even some photos actually I haven't yet. He gave me someone who was one nanopi So this one the one looking up at St Paul's Church from from this end and it's just a dirt road very now dirt road

Unknown Speaker 57:06
cart for cart and I don't know when that would have been but I think that might have been

Unknown Speaker 57:16
during the shop period because I think some of those borders belong to John shop. Oh yeah. Because he bought the shop property. I don't know why these photos he found the photos every six days most of the photos he got from the shop

Unknown Speaker 57:33
Yeah, well when I first turned the drive I was that was my biggest concern meeting anybody on the road because he didn't have any place to go to some places.

Unknown Speaker 57:43
Yeah. This is interesting. I have here something in 1908 I have Pettersen lumber company and I wonder if there would have been another if I've just misspelled it wrong. But that I remember I picked that up I don't know

Unknown Speaker 58:10
I mean it couldn't be with a I've never heard of it. Never recommend no regulation. There was a big you get a big lumber mill that picks from coal. The doorman was well that was the beginning that was a part of it in the Pacific Great Western started in the 20s and was eager to have trapped ships coming in there became a big war from the working class.

Unknown Speaker 58:42
I remember reading about the worst call but so that was Pacific Western it wasn't going anywhere it wasn't gonna be great

Unknown Speaker 58:58
Oh Did you think I read somewhere that wonder for when the war class they use combat lumber to build a school but I can't remember which one it was and your school name or corporate home. Maybe when they bill for

Unknown Speaker 59:17
the recliner that another home to the ability use it for their.

Unknown Speaker 59:20
I know what it was was when they when they close the camp they use some of the lumber from the from the cabin because the lumber that fell in the in the water that was gone against

Unknown Speaker 59:31
quite a bit of a float away a lot of people picked up on me. Yeah, everybody was over there. But they had a they had a you know commentary or whatever you want to call it down there was about 100 100 people

Unknown Speaker 59:49
that live Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 59:51
we should call the dining room.

Unknown Speaker 59:54
They have a store there as well. No,

Unknown Speaker 59:57
they will we were just Denver just dickering with them Put a score up there when they when they walk. They wanted one of them to go

Unknown Speaker 1:00:05
work out. Yeah. So that was the end of it wasn't going to work.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:10
Well, they tried a couple of times I don't burn down. Yeah. The mill was already there, just the work with all

Unknown Speaker 1:00:22
seems to be an unlucky unlucky location, and

Unknown Speaker 1:00:24
it wasn't.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:29
So I think when the year quo went down in 1911, I think the manager of the Ministry of profit profit was he was he drowned in on the airport?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:45
Well, that would be that

Unknown Speaker 1:00:47
would be bowling. Yeah. But I just, I was just thinking that it seems that David had bad luck back then. And of course, you were thrown out.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
This is the last Gradius list. They had a lot of American money poured into it. And that's why they had all this money that they had a fancy boat for the executive director.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:18
What kind of ready to

Unknown Speaker 1:01:21
leap read a little bit. I think it's really awful.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:33
Like, I like baking bread. It's very, very physical thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:37
Well, this is a bread maker. We

Unknown Speaker 1:01:42
don't I don't use them at night. I like the

Unknown Speaker 1:01:47
kid my mother made bread all the time to get in a punch of a risk teammate and a big, big, long round thing and system all come up from being put to have a clock or punch, it could be canceled in the event too. Anybody makes

Unknown Speaker 1:02:14
it funny. I've been talking more and more people seem to be getting back into it. Because if you need the time, you have to if not, it doesn't take a lot of your time, but you have to be around be around punch it down at the right time and put it in the Kingdom Hall right to get the children. Yeah, yeah. I had pretty good luck with it. So So you you would have I know people keep talking about how much of a strong community experiences offered. So people really didn't, didn't go much beyond. I mean, you probably would be down to go to dance. Or you could go to get into that function. They felt like the record is quite active in Fulton Hall.