August Sylvester

The fitst 100 seconds of this recording are very poot due to background noise. Please bear with it.  

August Sylvester lives with his wife Laura in the ancient village of Penelakut on Kuper Island. The Sylvesters are fluent in the Hul’qumi’num language and both are active in the traditional community. On December 6, 2004, we traveled to Kuper Island where August kindly allowed us to interview him in his home and to share this information with others through our website. August shares memories of visiting Salt Spring Island in the company of his grandfather Basil Charlie and provides information on place-names, Creation stories, and traditional resource activities such as shellfish harvesting, seaweed gathering, duck hunting, sea mammal hunting(seals, sea-lion, and porpoise), fishing, and medicine gathering.

Accession Number 2004.014.001 Interviewer Chris Arnett and Barbara Lyngard
Date December 6, 2004    
Media   digital recording    
ID 131AugustSylvester