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Simone Chantelu

John, Simone, and Paulette Chantelu, c. 1905
John, Simone, and Paulette Chantelu, c. 1905

See the Bion-Chantelu Fonds.

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Unknown Speaker 0:03
It is August and it is 91. And I am at the home of Simone Shante Liu on FM drive on Saltspring Island. And I hope it's alright if I call you Simone.

Unknown Speaker 0:18
Your family

Unknown Speaker 0:19
came in 1870 1907

Unknown Speaker 0:27
No, my family came out here you meet?

Unknown Speaker 0:30
Yes. No. 19 came in 1910 and what family came out at that time? I'm gonna add key and my mother has father your uncle was Paul beyond Yeah. And

Unknown Speaker 0:42
not more. Yeah. Yeah. And then my father and my mother and Johnny, my brother Johnny.

Unknown Speaker 0:57
Yes. And Paul beyond son Pierre was born after you

Unknown Speaker 1:03
go. He was born in 1913, just

Unknown Speaker 1:10
before the war was.

Unknown Speaker 1:13
Do you know why the family decided to come to Salt Spring?

Unknown Speaker 1:16
Well, we provide for my mother's partnership in the church, we thought it would be good. My mother had TB and they thought she should lay instead of living in the city. He should come to a country like Canada where there was not a fresh air and they had decided my uncle was the one who was going to shuffle. The UCP candidates, I knew they had intended to live on the same path. And then my former due date passed away from Quicken student getting better and when she arrived

Unknown Speaker 2:02
whereabouts was the original farm then?

Unknown Speaker 2:06
They're definitely the first farm. Why do you right here?

Unknown Speaker 2:09
It was still this property?

Unknown Speaker 2:11
Yes. And the only thing that there was no house to this house, but it was just below before you start coming around, it was not kept.

Unknown Speaker 2:24
Then was it a government preemption or did they buy it from someone?

Unknown Speaker 2:29
No, they bought it from the Mr. Eckman. Oh, okay. He had a bond and she were a cow, and the house and

Unknown Speaker 2:43
so they bought it from him. And then he bought my uncle book

Unknown Speaker 2:49
from him and

Unknown Speaker 2:52
so did the two families then live together,

Unknown Speaker 2:55
together for a while and my poor mother passed on touchstone for everything.

Unknown Speaker 3:05
Yes, I can see that it did. Then Maria continued to look after you children.

Unknown Speaker 3:11
civa became what we call a second lesson. The three of us my father called me broken down land when he lost his wife. My mother died. He went to Vancouver.

Unknown Speaker 3:34
So I'm old were you then?

Unknown Speaker 3:37
When I showed up don't know how long my mother when we arrived. We were just three little over three years old.

Unknown Speaker 3:42
Do you remember your mother at all? No, no. Who did did it once? She could remember. Isn't it? Sad? It is sad. Yes. And you were very fortunate that you had Maria to to

Unknown Speaker 3:58
to watch me even when Pierre we launched we just had good children as

Unknown Speaker 4:06
if we were her. Oh, so he was like a little brother really? To us? Yeah, she was like when did you girls help look after

Unknown Speaker 4:19
the English so different clips. They know. Your phone. You have a doctor on the island but you have to walk over to try if you wanted him. You couldn't recall any of the details.

Unknown Speaker 4:33
How did you get around on the island yourself? By the horse and buggy or did you children have horses? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 4:40
We had a horse. Two horses on the beach. My uncle Bob. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 4:46
But were you children.

Unknown Speaker 4:48
Did you write them all? No, not for writing. Not in old days. They were only made up workhorses. So if you

Unknown Speaker 4:57
went anywhere you had

Unknown Speaker 4:59
that Oh yes, just for fun and good, but they were not really very good. And every one of them tried to show me off all the time. And he stood up on his hind agent. So they weren't, they weren't your mate but no one was very good in the body. Be made for riding horse in those days is considered a luxury. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 5:27
Did you have jobs to do on the farm? Oh, yes.

Unknown Speaker 5:30
As soon as I was old enough, I began to milk the cows to do nearly always have to sometimes

Unknown Speaker 5:42
was that was for your own milk soy.

Unknown Speaker 5:48
Milk with cream made the pottery. Did you sell it at that time to know just the beginning but no afterward? Of course many quite a few years after we would. And she said we have a very good query and we used to sell a cream to the cream really we turn now so what had been a mountain but at a certain rate that we wanted them and give you a check

Unknown Speaker 6:14
for the rest of the now. This was the Ganges cream where you so your uncle was part of that group then who? Yes. Did he take the milk in or did someone come and collect it to your windows

Unknown Speaker 6:29
and have to take the creaming as soon as I got when I was 12 years old, I used to drive the chemo host to carry myself.

Unknown Speaker 6:39
Ah, now this was what I was wondering. Yes. If you had been

Unknown Speaker 6:45
creamed, you know, to make a little money if nothing was a price that we know. Everything else was cheap.

Unknown Speaker 6:54
Did your uncle have any vegetable gardening?

Unknown Speaker 6:58
No, not a vegetable gardening? is a thing that I did wants to go.

Unknown Speaker 7:08
Many years.

Unknown Speaker 7:09
See? Yes. So. So he was mostly a dairy? Yeah. You said dairy? And did you have chickens then

Unknown Speaker 7:18
for few years? Not for Sonny? Not just a few for their house? Probably.

Unknown Speaker 7:28
How did your uncle make a living then?

Unknown Speaker 7:31
Well, he did for a while he didn't do it. He didn't stay very long, because we didn't like to treat him busy doing the house and everything. So we took his own by and then he went off to do them. Whoa, you know, the war broke out in three years after in 1913.

Unknown Speaker 7:50
With new lead to Britain. Yes. During the

Unknown Speaker 7:53
war, so of course he didn't have a chance to do his job. But when he came back, he was teaching for a while. You know, Victoria? Oh, and then he got into war with another man from the dollar. He got into the correspondence school. Yes. He's not too busy with that calendar.

Unknown Speaker 8:18
So Maria was here on the farm. Yes. was transferred back by the

Unknown Speaker 8:27
farmer. I don't know how long it Vancouver then he went to San Francisco. Do you? Well, by that time, my brother which no matter you know, yes. No doubt then he took my brother. They both lived in San Francisco. My brother became what you call the sea? Change trailer? Yeah. train conductor conductor on the

Unknown Speaker 9:00
San Francisco trial. Yes. How fascinating. Keep in touch with you. So you've had letters from

Unknown Speaker 9:12
when my dad was still in Vancouver Mikey used to take us with a steamer.

Unknown Speaker 9:19
Oh, I'd love to hear about that.

Unknown Speaker 9:21
We're going into going along to Vancouver and still do civil with him and come back and forth. Oh, wow.

Unknown Speaker 9:30
All right now that see your two little girls and you're all dressed up and your aunt is going to take you to Vancouver? Yeah. How do you get from the house to Vancouver?

Unknown Speaker 9:43
Tell me about it. From you need from here? Yeah. Oh is a horse and buggy. Okay, you vote you should stop at I don't know whether we did it. Sometime they came to even turn over. Whether we took her death Fair. Under all veggies I can't remember what we used to go quite often and spending several days but of course once he went to that until we're center fiscal we didn't do it goal will be to send them to school now. Was it I didn't Shepherd Cisco very much later in the year.

Unknown Speaker 10:27
Yeah. Was it unusual for people to go from Saltspring to Vancouver? Yes. So you will be quite busy telling you

Unknown Speaker 10:43
I didn't care much to go but I really do have to get to Vancouver but I do like to dream. I'm not a single

Unknown Speaker 10:55
did you stay with your father there? Or did you stay at a

Unknown Speaker 11:00
boarding house? They were able to stay with him?

Unknown Speaker 11:05
Have you any idea where it was?

Unknown Speaker 11:07
Cool? No.

Unknown Speaker 11:09
It's hard to record change the word yes.

Unknown Speaker 11:13
I wouldn't know Vancouver. Heavily to Vancouver. It's a big city.

Unknown Speaker 11:20
How old were you when you started school? When I started

Unknown Speaker 11:23
school at I think it was 11 in those days you know that took quite a while but I just published over 30 authority was trying to make us go to school so I went for a short time at atention fair would move the UCB a little red schoolhouse

Unknown Speaker 11:44
we went to full width school

Unknown Speaker 11:46
why and then and then after that we checked my auntie managed to get the dashboard it and it was cool. It was cool was Mrs. Holly she lived just not on the property where Johnny is oh yes yeah the house I think it's still there where they don't know whether the people are stealing did they enlarge our built another house the one that are leaving the goose down

Unknown Speaker 12:18
they built another house they rent that one they have rented that one oh yes

Unknown Speaker 12:24
the house with the blue roof

Unknown Speaker 12:30
were there any other children going to Mrs. Housing yeah

Unknown Speaker 12:32
if you have a wish six six or seven Do you

Unknown Speaker 12:34
remember any of the names?

Unknown Speaker 12:36
I remember your Peter copyrights and peach in the garlic Yang and Peter Turner care costs my cousin here what do you still already go to school? Because by that time we're quite a quite a bit older. I don't know what I've been teaching you

Unknown Speaker 13:02
before. Had Berea taught you at

Unknown Speaker 13:05
all. Oh no. We do. After one is when I went to the other school my brother had gone being to lambda school to for a while but then you then we might do how? Yes, I didn't like it

Unknown Speaker 13:27
did you speak French in the home at all? Oh yeah. We spoke French too. Yes, sir. That you were bilingual from Yeah, baby.

Unknown Speaker 13:36
We learned from playing with English children. You know, that's the way children learn from children. Yes. We never went to school to learn English. We learn English with the children without children around us. Yes. Wonder Girl go to have them were marked our agent they were speaking French as well.

Unknown Speaker 14:00
Do you remember who they were?

Unknown Speaker 14:02
Yes acheivement we were eight them and she was belonging to the Big Eight group and the joy convinced children oh, you should be on water we have the cold air

Unknown Speaker 14:19
now you speak of them as being almost neighbors Yes. So but they weren't new children traveled around quite a bit I think well, of

Unknown Speaker 14:30
course we go when the war broke out. You know, not all murder but the man who came and lived on the farm to take care of the animal. So my auntie for a while left this this house and went near the joy commenced on oh you moved over there key that used to be a man that called capital, capital capital and we used to have In a regular house so we live there for a while but this person was on the phone took so bad care on the phone but largely focused solely on the phone

Unknown Speaker 15:15
now, at that time John and your father come by No, they

Unknown Speaker 15:18
didn't know they didn't come back. Oh, my God, we still where we buy them each time for Well, I can't remember now

Unknown Speaker 15:29
after the First World War, yeah, the First World War.

Unknown Speaker 15:34
Paul came back. Oh, yes, he came back

Unknown Speaker 15:38
and continued on the farm and you girls continued living here. Yeah, being here and helping with the farm. And then Pierre, was in the Second World War. He went to the second world did he leave before the war? Or did he help on the farm to

Unknown Speaker 16:01
win he helped quite a bit on the phone first, and then he rejoined PPCLI. And then after that, from there, he joined the army there Airforce with the Canadian Air Force. Men, white men listen to Julian.

Unknown Speaker 16:24
If he came back safely,

Unknown Speaker 16:26
yes, you came back. You had one one crashed it was not her.

Unknown Speaker 16:35
Now, I was interested to find out that the Santa Lou family were Catholic and the Beyonds were

Unknown Speaker 16:42
when I was listed. Yeah. How did you

Unknown Speaker 16:45
get along with your church?

Unknown Speaker 16:49
We didn't do at that time we get lucky, Richard. But when? When we were both old enough, we were always going to the Anglican. So then we changed my name. Or would you call that when you didn't you choose? So you were not confirmed?

Unknown Speaker 17:13
Yet? You were confirmed in the Anglican Church? The Catholic Church? No,

Unknown Speaker 17:18
no. Oh, one when we were little I'm sure we I don't know what to do with children. My brother, we still are Catholic, but good. I deny we both see, my auntie with prostitution. And so with my uncle.

Unknown Speaker 17:38
So then that that's one of the ways you went.

Unknown Speaker 17:41
He was born a Catholic, but she became

Unknown Speaker 17:45
she turned. So I just wondered because you're rather at the north end of the island, and the only Catholic Church. Time was

Unknown Speaker 17:56
way down.

Unknown Speaker 17:59
And I wondered, did you know the bidden court will Yes. I wondered if Maria had gone to church at their chapel at all. For your

Unknown Speaker 18:15
time doing no wobei. And you must say wasn't a church going? She

Unknown Speaker 18:20
wasn't strong. So it was difficult in those

Unknown Speaker 18:23
days. And yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 18:25
This is what I was thinking.

Unknown Speaker 18:30
When it passed away, and we got going, we don't put the thing on the farmer sells out.

Unknown Speaker 18:39
Remember when she died?

Unknown Speaker 18:40
Yes. 4545

Unknown Speaker 18:48
years. So the war is the first world war was ended and the men have come back. Yeah. Now you didn't carry on with schooling then after Mrs. Halley. Well, no,

Unknown Speaker 19:01
we went up to the tree during the trip, but I didn't do any more schooling. No, I began to work more

Unknown Speaker 19:08
on the phone. So you helped out on the farm. After the First World War? Did they expand the farm at all? If they did, they grow anything in the way of vegetables or more. So

Unknown Speaker 19:22
my uncle but my sister and I did yeah, we are not in active mode admit the death of my uncle.

Unknown Speaker 19:34
Yes, yeah. That happened when we were left on the farm and but when you were children, you just stayed around? Yeah, help.

Unknown Speaker 19:46
Me My uncle was teaching in Victoria for one Vichy reducing government

Unknown Speaker 19:55
that correspond to

Unknown Speaker 19:59
Saudi doo doo

Unknown Speaker 20:00
with it's very much expanded you can get university courses now. So he was in on the bottom of something quite important. Now Francoise came back I understanding the 30 Yes

Unknown Speaker 20:15
DNA and they bought the phone that were missing Davis mean that horrible pieces went down to bottom row

Unknown Speaker 20:26
and that was a barren road and It adjoins this property so they had the tooth

Unknown Speaker 20:31
he also had the marsh I see if he had kicked it he was open of money Yes we all say that those days

Unknown Speaker 20:43
those are the families that did very well did you go into Ganges very often

Unknown Speaker 20:53
we go into the fish once or twice a week and even Where did you

Unknown Speaker 20:56
get your mail?

Unknown Speaker 20:58
Because gotta have to have to go to wherever mailboxes are now right at the end of the road it's never never got my note closer than later on maybe we will win the people by the locks here I don't know but I used to go to get the name we usually have these old fashioned mailbox you know knock the remit is to go and get the mail well I don't say wait every day every day but every so long to get to me

Unknown Speaker 21:29
Did you have a car by that

Unknown Speaker 21:31
not not right away? We just started driving one of the small early for what do they call them teams for for Special Needs Yes. And who that who did that belong to my my uncle. But he didn't like driving in every single as soon as we go to college and now you're going to drive so you were

Unknown Speaker 22:03
the driver the family that was unusual in those days to

Unknown Speaker 22:07
teach your lesson you taught yourself or you know

Unknown Speaker 22:11
you weren't very old who know

Unknown Speaker 22:15
when I started driving Mauna Kea and then after that I got the model and then for a long time we were just using an old wagon box

Unknown Speaker 22:32
did you go to many parties or have much of a social life?

Unknown Speaker 22:35
No Not very much. Anyway so we're on Discord at Christmas time and know what Truman and Ozy used to where we had to work on the phone we have to do anything you know you must remember we didn't have water coming down we had to go and carry out your from the screen so all that took a lot of energy and time so we didn't have very much time to work very much we get plenty of exercise I always love and so be put out in the scenery

Unknown Speaker 23:19
enjoy trees and things do you remember when the electricity came in the

Unknown Speaker 23:25
50s but what exactly

Unknown Speaker 23:36
before that we did use a bit of the gasoline maps over Adelaide you know mental

Unknown Speaker 23:46
hanging last map it gave a very nice start again and you have to fill out every day so many things took your time

Unknown Speaker 24:04
you didn't have to worry about

Unknown Speaker 24:07
wishing to have more time than we do now when they told me it takes no not very long to get together understand time seem to speed up.

Unknown Speaker 24:19
Now I understand that your sister Paulette contacted polio. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 24:26
we were up shut up. We weren't on this one

Unknown Speaker 24:35
did they take you into Victoria to the hospital?

Unknown Speaker 24:38
No, we couldn't my brother had to go and get to doctor but of course he was just a very he had just come in to practice you know you remember who it was a big change to beach. The his father was a doctor here and then his son had just graduated his Oh younger to be the young doctor. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:02
But that's how we think of him isn't it? And from then on, she was not able to work as much with you

Unknown Speaker 25:12
for watching. quite bad you crippled, but my auntie took her well while she was here my uncle had tried also do have been told that there was a Japanese doctor which was very good. We used to put little tiny keys on the back of the people in preschool to help you try that but it didn't do and then my MTM. Don't ask me the date but she went to willy nilly with a special doctor for three months in the hospital. And what did she'll didn't do very much.

Unknown Speaker 25:59
They tried everything he could, you know, maybe she would have been worse. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 26:06
She was still in relief, but she could get about with a stick release. And she was wonderful. She used to love to go in the garden and read in the garden and that she had a mother who had the most beautiful garden here the car couldn't get early on when he got and the period used to come and you couldn't see the garden and we shouldn't be to

Unknown Speaker 26:30
what did you grow in the garden?

Unknown Speaker 26:32
For the summertime it was a good deal of geraniums he's like

Unknown Speaker 26:40
flowers Did you know yours? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 26:43
And my uncle had really good quality our I refused to do so we had all kinds of

Unknown Speaker 26:57
dead dude got water piped on by that time,

Unknown Speaker 27:00
you'll hear very satisfactory because in those days, it used to be these big, long, galvanized pipes used to always clog up I don't know how many times I used to go up, way up there on screwed up and put a washer to let the water come down. So during the war, the Second World War, I finally decided to put a cover to cover all the way down which would cost a lot of money for the company and own coffee which $300 just sustaining paid off because they never clog up.

Unknown Speaker 27:42
Now you've got your own water supply. Yes. From the spring.

Unknown Speaker 27:49
It's a spring that comes into the basin.

Unknown Speaker 27:53
Have you ever had any trouble with the salt or the sulfur getting into the spring?

Unknown Speaker 28:00
So you're not near that but that he tasted the water for I don't know how many years addicted years. He would come and see can we go and test your water? That was interesting. Sure. I never heard from that. So it must be all right.

Unknown Speaker 28:13
So you don't have any of the Salt Springs on your own.

Unknown Speaker 28:17
And it comes right up on the hill. You've seen a countdown by gravity. No, hopefully it comes down to the shale and then there are two big steep hills and then you set the bottom and then in the shape that it

Unknown Speaker 28:37
isn't that wonderful?

Unknown Speaker 28:38
I don't know where it comes from. They must be an underground

Unknown Speaker 28:41
underground river.

Unknown Speaker 28:42
Just don't ask just enjoy it now and after the depression and France fall came back did your brother John come back with him?

Unknown Speaker 28:54
Yeah, he came back when they leaky and when he bought that blade that fall? Yeah, I mean they both random. They had sheets and they had a

Unknown Speaker 29:05
few chickens and things like that. And my but my brother and Sam was working more to lose the days driving trucks and get you what you call supply store in Victoria. So you read up on me and then of course he became sick he had a heart condition and also got gallbladder

Unknown Speaker 29:41
to ailments Oh dear, so your father died. Quite a good age though, didn't he? He didn't died or 1966

Unknown Speaker 29:55
where he must have been forgotten. When you die,

Unknown Speaker 30:04
and Paul and Maria had died earlier, yes, they both died earlier. So at the end of the Second World War in 1950 or so there were just you two girls. And Pierre, did he come back?

Unknown Speaker 30:20
Oh, no, he stayed in Ontario. That's where he got married. We know. He didn't come back to the well, not not

Unknown Speaker 30:35
to go. Did he come back to live on Saltspring?

Unknown Speaker 30:39
No, no, no. He stayed in Victoria. He had a business in Victoria. And he raised his three sons and for Peter.

Unknown Speaker 30:51
Did they come at all to the island?

Unknown Speaker 30:54
Yes, occasionally recover. I saw more Catholic, because he was running their real estate business.

Unknown Speaker 31:05
So you were so it was John was living on the other? And then you two girls, were by yourselves up here?

Unknown Speaker 31:13
Yes. And then my poor father passed away. About how to do drop dead in my water my fields. With a terrible shock for me. I heard the dum, dum bat and I went to see what it was.

Unknown Speaker 31:30
And that was in 1966.

Unknown Speaker 31:33
No, we're not quite sure. Now.

Unknown Speaker 31:38
What was the date?

Unknown Speaker 31:39
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's right. After that, my brother couldn't leave alone when my dad. So we came in did do with us here. And he saw the piece that was tearing your face from the marsh to my room. So that leaves with us. And then he passed away in 60. Then we're just left us to

Unknown Speaker 32:16
know at that time, did you have the chickens then after the Second World War?

Unknown Speaker 32:21
Yes, we had the chickens. when I really started in a chicken in 40. Started in a small way, how many did you have? When we were running up chicken business? I used to have a bunch of salty birds on the farm. And you know, because I would get six, three, we get 300 baby chicks every six weeks. So by the time before I have we had gotten you know, killed after a certain amount they would be able to for a while they oversell to burden and they go down and up the game again when I got my new 300.

Unknown Speaker 33:02
Did you sell the little little ones to other people?

Unknown Speaker 33:06
No, no, we did. We bought physical ones. And raised in the order chips and reasons for me. And again, you could stop within about six weeks or when you're 16 Different people who want a very small one that we keep raising and you want to keep a few big one that will go up to 10 pounds. 10 pounds.

Unknown Speaker 33:31
I see an interesting story about the Chinese people coming and buying chickens from you.

Unknown Speaker 33:41
Did I Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:42
John was telling me about it. Yeah. What did you say about the Chinese people?

Unknown Speaker 33:51
I was on my own that was when when we were still there. With my uncle or auntie one or the other. We still have them and these nice Chinese people used to come and buy all our Uber when they finished me. We would come and pick up all the birds. They would give you a pretty high centerpiece. They never gave you very much but you have to

Unknown Speaker 34:20
get rid of them. Now did these people live on the island?

Unknown Speaker 34:24
Oh no. They came from Victoria. We would come from Victoria. And they knew about the time we would have them you know some radio and he would come and pick them up. Take them off in their trucks. No they already had trucks by man. Oh yeah. We used to take them to the toilet. And he used to always bring you a job they said ginger You know Daddy ginger

Unknown Speaker 34:59
for for you To

Unknown Speaker 35:01
the family as well as paying them so you'll see nice

Unknown Speaker 35:04
people that quit and I always enjoyed Randy King because I don't know what you seem to like to life and so much

Unknown Speaker 35:13
more than one family came or was it just one person when

Unknown Speaker 35:16
I think it was fun father and maybe some two maybe three sometimes we would come I think they would have seen them

Unknown Speaker 35:26
and they were the pigtail the cue Oh no, no I don't remember maybe

Unknown Speaker 35:39
you've said before that they had taped yes

Unknown Speaker 35:44
yeah sure you say that they could they didn't in those days you know it is not too long that is not us know

Unknown Speaker 35:51
why as a child I remember that very vividly

Unknown Speaker 35:57
the question being asked we didn't see many people for for us for all i put it line by it we used to enjoy them come and go to something some interesting and then we got rid of our burden do

Unknown Speaker 36:17
Did you did you go to victory yourselves very often. When I got

Unknown Speaker 36:22
I started doing when I was driving a car. Let's go to Victoria. Would you did you

Unknown Speaker 36:30
take the car from Fulford or did

Unknown Speaker 36:35
they didn't have the I don't think he had no I can't remember how soon they had that we should use one but anyway, I used to go home because I didn't want to drive over the nose this day.

Unknown Speaker 36:50
So you would go to fall for it and into Sydney and take it and then would you drive into Victoria or we can take the train and so I haven't been

Unknown Speaker 37:00
for years and years.

Unknown Speaker 37:02
Is that where you bought most of your clothes then?

Unknown Speaker 37:05
No washing we used the catalog.

Unknown Speaker 37:10
Catalog? Yes. Tell me about the catalog.

Unknown Speaker 37:14
The catalog we used to firm they used to send us big catalogs all the time and then we used to send all our orders still nice she'll still does it but that's really stupid

Unknown Speaker 37:29
did the did the parcels come by mail or did they come by boat

Unknown Speaker 37:35
depending if it would have big enough or reordered it would send it to the boat or otherwise or not received

Unknown Speaker 37:42
would come back

Unknown Speaker 37:46
to the way depending on what you had on when you did all your things your closing shoes and things from that way there was practically nothing at that time on the island and very much

Unknown Speaker 37:59
that's what I was wondering about the moment stories they carry.

Unknown Speaker 38:04
Well not after one we've begun to deal with them. But most of them I guess we enjoy doing it by the catalog because you know you'll get on the whole three cheaper and you get more of what you want.

Unknown Speaker 38:22
And a greater variety. Yeah, probably two Yes. I understand that you do a lot of knitting and crocheting and

Unknown Speaker 38:31
we're small but I haven't done you're not doing it now. I don't do any more.

Unknown Speaker 38:38
Who taught you to do those things when it didn't

Unknown Speaker 38:47
need a wonderful show who you saw wonderfully well, she used to but I never I got so busy, which was more of an outdoor person work. So I didn't do much never did much showing or anything but I used to do with knitting and crocheting and then once you get those supplies from the Eden's catalog and the patterns, yes, we did tattoos from Manisha

Unknown Speaker 39:28
the maria Made pillow lace. Oh, yes. Did you ever do that?

Unknown Speaker 39:35
I did.

Unknown Speaker 39:36
Yeah. No. What about your sister Paulette. Was she able to do that sort of thing? Was it just your legs that were bothered? Yeah, she

Unknown Speaker 39:47
but she used to be able to do she would do credit or not to the showing to you know, she has to do something on myself. I didn't I used to do It was more watching on the outside

Unknown Speaker 40:08
and now you are just down to a few cows

Unknown Speaker 40:11
yet six skills every year for one I'll have 12 and then sell six one which are ready to be sold and winter one not next year

Unknown Speaker 40:28
and how many chickens do you have now?

Unknown Speaker 40:31
I would think together we'd have about 150 which selling a few oh they're still making a few aids now so I'm keeping them on to my did they finish meeting until not put it later he need the beads

Unknown Speaker 40:52
and you sell them we're going to be repeating ourselves here but you sell them to people around this North Island

Unknown Speaker 41:00

Unknown Speaker 41:04
who do you sell them to again cheese

Unknown Speaker 41:07
different people in game Oh ice I leave some at the pharmacy for doesn't the pharmacy go to severe he can he or

Unknown Speaker 41:23
she takes two doses Do you have a special day when you deliver all your anguish

Unknown Speaker 41:29
except when we shot a budtender otherwise I'm supposed to go out three days a week and four days home when I go out on them monday wednesday and friday that's my eighth day

Unknown Speaker 41:45
I see the base you just raise and then sell to local people or

Unknown Speaker 41:55
Yeah Should

Unknown Speaker 41:56
people older than me then they take care of getting the beat down you know what you call who

Unknown Speaker 42:09

Unknown Speaker 42:12
and you manage all this completely by yourself now

Unknown Speaker 42:18
it's up to help manage your thing but everybody's going to

Unknown Speaker 42:31
don't give me a hand locked he was here today he helped me water the birds and

Unknown Speaker 42:39
I I suppose I should ask is there a specific kind of chicken that you go by

Unknown Speaker 42:46
present gifts and just what they call them like for them I think he got Nick up just in lumber now not a name to number but I forgotten the number there are little brown hand

Unknown Speaker 43:01
and they produce brown eggs which are almost exclusively sold on salts pronounce

Unknown Speaker 43:10
for some reason prefer the brown eggs and then of course we have what they call what Jen and I do is what we call fish farming you know you don't go to the stores

Unknown Speaker 43:26
and what about the vegetable garden? Is it just for your own use or

Unknown Speaker 43:30
I don't have any vegetable garden now but I'm lucky I got two or three different people come to get chicken the new for me from the beginning in the end and then he surprised me all summer long was really nice vegetables so all summer I don't buy vegetables.

Unknown Speaker 43:50
Isn't that nice?

Unknown Speaker 43:54
That's all and it just marks you mentioned during the winter that I put our freezer lot to anything that can be frozen if you freeze them as soon as you get to them it's very nice and juicy is good distraction

Unknown Speaker 44:13
I'm fascinated by this home which is delightful out do you happen to know when it was built?

Unknown Speaker 44:21
No one except that they came in 1910 and Easter Myoko started building very soon. I would say 912 Or maybe are very late 11 or 12

Unknown Speaker 44:35
And did he build a by himself or did he have

Unknown Speaker 44:39
Mr. The old and you have to call him all again. Almost there be no beach. The road name is Charlie benders choose named Charlie very cheap. Real cup of coffee.

Unknown Speaker 44:59
Yes He built a lot of homes

Unknown Speaker 45:03
to build fish whether they had served no no no no not when you think always heavy means you wonder how two men could do it but maybe they did

Unknown Speaker 45:15
well of course at that time too There was friends for as well so they would be three good sturdy man

Unknown Speaker 45:23

Unknown Speaker 45:24

Unknown Speaker 45:26
yes it well for a while there was a shoe that made three minutes time we still

Unknown Speaker 45:35
saw the net went up quite quickly then.

Unknown Speaker 45:41
But they never quote their attic is meant to be finished with the two World Wars it put a kink into it Yes.

Unknown Speaker 45:49
How did they heat it in the beginning? And do you still you've got electric heat now.

Unknown Speaker 45:53
I used to have you all Yes. And then I gave up the oil because oil stove for cooking the you couldn't get the pouch pouch. Yeah, I know when you would ask me to do you're still aware it wrong one time the left me five days. We don't. Not one person would come on your show.

Unknown Speaker 46:25
I was wondering about that. When as knows Do you have problems getting in and out of your driveway? We're

Unknown Speaker 46:33
not no but did we did Yes. We did we

Unknown Speaker 46:41
eat your own

Unknown Speaker 46:42
all the way out to walk to the deep deep snow and the garage comes to feed. Each of them comes to feed my steer in the winter. She comes back with their skis in cross country ski.

Unknown Speaker 46:58
This is September the 15th. And we were again talking to Simone Chantal Liu at her home. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your family like to learn a little bit more about the area. Now if you could help us Simone, you were telling us about the different people that lived across the road from you. I believe the Hollies had property there and who was beside them

Unknown Speaker 47:25
aside they had a

Unknown Speaker 47:30
desert desert

Unknown Speaker 47:32
read out Yes.

Unknown Speaker 47:37
And they later sold their property

Unknown Speaker 47:40
Yes Did they do sold their property and

Unknown Speaker 47:44
I think he felt a

Unknown Speaker 47:49
little mixed up because one of my father owned the pub downspout the marsh I don't remember what it was.

Unknown Speaker 48:00
Maybe for Mr. Leach. Nobody true

Unknown Speaker 48:03
laughter was later than

Unknown Speaker 48:05
and then the garnet Young's came

Unknown Speaker 48:08
down again. What's the next one? Mutual resolve? Yes. The next would be

Unknown Speaker 48:27
and that was that was the Fernwood farm.

Unknown Speaker 48:30
Yes. The big thing was coming. Ah, like

Unknown Speaker 48:37
and did that up front?

Unknown Speaker 48:40
Right of that.

Unknown Speaker 48:41
Did they all farm?

Unknown Speaker 48:42
No. Yeah, in those days, they all are born all the fields that go nowhere, you know, like wherever Jan leaves it. People know that you should be huge to atheists are most of them all gone over to call the toll road overdue and what you should get out of it. Where the Hackerman leaves on. punch line three. And

Unknown Speaker 49:24
then it was mostly the field crops that they were growing

Unknown Speaker 49:31
at the call your own hay, your own vegetable and everybody had two or three cows. And before they tracked your state they all had mostly horses or more. That had to be fed to you use it.

Unknown Speaker 49:51
What about orchards? Were there any orchards at the north end of the island?

Unknown Speaker 49:56
Yes, and most people had a fairly big long

Unknown Speaker 50:00
for selling to Victoria

Unknown Speaker 50:03
so not very much not sure about

Unknown Speaker 50:09
and what about the famous Salt Springs when actually mostly on

Unknown Speaker 50:19
my own there

Unknown Speaker 50:23
take young had a little bit of take the best one were on

Unknown Speaker 50:31
and were they real springs or just yeah

Unknown Speaker 50:36
you could see where they are around the board it would be there'd be nothing growing and you could see the salt I don't know what they've done with them now.

Unknown Speaker 50:47
But now you mentioned that you used to go on picnics with the whole family go together I'm

Unknown Speaker 50:59
not my uncle but my auntie and my brother were by that time my brother was already leaving either Vancouver or San Francisco with my father

Unknown Speaker 51:15
and whereabouts Would you go for your picnic?

Unknown Speaker 51:19
Well we used to we used to often stop from the turn would go fishing. What would you call that? When you go when I call for fishing and down here the

Unknown Speaker 51:36
community channel so y'all may have pointed at one time

Unknown Speaker 51:41
well yeah, we used to have big picnic then we wouldn't go boating we just have wood you mean he was very nice those days? I don't know where did he use it now?

Unknown Speaker 51:58
It's episode cold if you call wet you're cold

Unknown Speaker 52:02

Unknown Speaker 52:05
I never did like to walk away much but I didn't mind a picnic and watching yet

Unknown Speaker 52:12
would you meet with other families

Unknown Speaker 52:16
and they know today's my uncle was very friendly with Gavin not Desi. The owner of the store which is named Gilbert the partner that you never knew. Did you

Unknown Speaker 52:32
remember when he

Unknown Speaker 52:35
well anyway they had a big vocalist and Dykeman to a good friend

Unknown Speaker 52:50
is not nice so you would be out on both trips

Unknown Speaker 52:54
What did you still love it? I'm not happy on season

Unknown Speaker 53:01
two were you children allowed to go down by yourselves at all? Or did you usually go with the adults

Unknown Speaker 53:09
we used to go with

Unknown Speaker 53:13
there wasn't much free time I don't imagine

Unknown Speaker 53:17
we still kinda young I suppose.

Unknown Speaker 53:22
Now we spoke about the fall fair and I'm interested to hear what kind of things you entered

Unknown Speaker 53:31
when you're seeing your fakes

Unknown Speaker 53:43

Unknown Speaker 53:44
and age but you never my age never counted very much because they want to deal with a very orangey yolk so they discarded because that I never pay you know you have they have to be on grass laughs on teaching the AP which can eat you but you're on your visa

Unknown Speaker 54:08
yes that orange because I let them out. Oh yes. No, I know what

Unknown Speaker 54:15
my public negotiate objective

Unknown Speaker 54:22
now you mentioned the old fair. Where boats was that held

Unknown Speaker 54:28
at the Ganges where the school their big schooling? Yeah, we used to have the school wasn't there then and we used to have put up for that. We used to lay exhibit that animals do. Cows

Unknown Speaker 54:47
did you take care your cows and tuck your

Unknown Speaker 54:53
chickens I think I can't remember. No, I don't think life

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Didn't you tell me that there was a big poultry house there? For exhibiting the chickens and things at the fair? Who you think would be quite big? What they have a school?

Unknown Speaker 55:15
That's right. Yeah. How's

Unknown Speaker 55:17
school? Yeah. Did you ever win any prizes for any of your? Not many.

Unknown Speaker 55:28
I never want you to be too serious

Unknown Speaker 55:33
about knitting or crocheting. Did you ever enter any of those things? My sister and I used to do an awful lot of this. And I know the answer. Now, you were mentioning to me earlier about a correspondence school?

Unknown Speaker 55:51
Yeah. Well, that's why I'm here uncle was shocked to death. If we have a data for God, no, no wonder stuff started that. Put a man called Gippsland in Victoria. His his Sunday, the famous doctor, Dr. Williams, in Vancouver. Na, there's work to be smashed in love and documents with Harvey and

Unknown Speaker 56:22
together they will the schools will include and

Unknown Speaker 56:26
John said they're still doing they're still using at school. How did they eat to eat?

Unknown Speaker 56:36
Now how did he work? Was it for the children on this island?

Unknown Speaker 56:40
Oh, yeah. He wanted to do my cousin shall belong to it for a while and then they got it leave. They wish they had had to school at the opposite. Yeah. Yes. School why, but that didn't last very long. In that tape attached to that, but become discouraged. After the period of having a school in Ghana, they started the school. And of course, he had quite a lot to do with the healing

Unknown Speaker 57:18
happening now. Did the lessons come from Vancouver?

Unknown Speaker 57:27
You mean, the next?

Unknown Speaker 57:29
Yes. The lesson material. I

Unknown Speaker 57:31
will just talk more Victoria. Oh, I

Unknown Speaker 57:33
see. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:35
From the government. Yes, there was government governance

Unknown Speaker 57:41
was the game we're working with a school in education?

Unknown Speaker 57:46
That's what I wanted to find out. Thank you. And so your uncle then would get the material and did he help the students here on the island?

Unknown Speaker 57:57
For No, not necessarily they just whatever it was to get it going and you know, because they weren't quite how they had quite a bit of trouble they get started for the course from the jail for the children. I couldn't go to school. Of course I think it didn't have to be very young ones, you know, heighten it before high school high school.

Unknown Speaker 58:27
That's fascinating. So this would have been possibly in the 20s then

Unknown Speaker 58:39
redacted when it came back from the front many businesses a lot of chicken then he went into this business school versus schooling Ganges and it fell through there was not enough people bother sending their boards because you're just four boys. And then we got this idea of hitting the school college paper so that the children could be home and yet have been retrieved.

Unknown Speaker 59:16
Yes, it was expensive to board them in Victoria or Sydney. Some of them I think went to later on when they got their high school. And he did this after we had the large chicken. I have an idea and again all right. Now when

Unknown Speaker 59:32
he came back and had a few old we'd have some always had soundcheck. When he came back

Unknown Speaker 59:38
from World War One, he developed this much larger country.

Unknown Speaker 59:45
chicken house which year two or three years after one, the nearest to the rule comes up coming here is the one big thank you for that came out on my own Well hello there and then we have Richard held down

Unknown Speaker 1:00:08
and you said you had how many chickens at one time? I told you how you certainly didn't eat all those yourselves. So what I was

Unknown Speaker 1:00:20
doing he was able to help and my head he did but he was not she used to work there

Unknown Speaker 1:00:31
What did he do with the chickens?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:33
When we had the age you know the main hall

Unknown Speaker 1:00:37
way And who did you sell them to

Unknown Speaker 1:00:40
noise down there we have margin and they would sell them on the island or send them what to check this we go to great what the color grading station see why Dwayne has an overloaded chicken that already had his graded station? That's the best that I can know.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:08
But you sold them directly to morons

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
yes I think the notes down

Unknown Speaker 1:01:16
Yeah, and then they looked after what about the chickens themselves?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:22
Well we're not selling chicken at least once. Every once here we have to sell all the all the birds by you knock at least for your range that you don't have sale. Oh, you can see having two majors and then raised the next year. Imagine we used to certain salad when you go to China when you used to come and buy our chickens and the one we didn't want anymore.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:54
At that time harbor House Hotel was an operation Mrs. Crafton Yeah. Did you sell any of your chickens or eggs to

Unknown Speaker 1:02:06
nature nature? Yes, but that was more when I was on my own running the farm

Unknown Speaker 1:02:17
I began to do what was more fulfilling

Unknown Speaker 1:02:19
when he went to Asia for a while most of the time they had their own phone and the occasion you get hit by each other by chickens. You should have desire to use such a lot if you have some time you always have special customers that he would buy. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:50
yes. I had heard that as a matter of fact. Some of the members of the family that worked in the hotel Yeah, they made it they had gotten there as well. We have mentioned about the neighbors of what about the Gavin mower farm. You said it is joined your property

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
go down there. She used to go for a long long way in and we were to cross we go up the hill and then we have to heal and then it goes all the way down to the penny just the lead comes down to the line lionfish Fujiko never say now belongs to my eye over next for a good part of the week we were on the main page of Gavin

Unknown Speaker 1:03:52
and that farm was eventually split up I noticed that the sunset drive road is not on the earlier match. Do you remember them putting that road in

Unknown Speaker 1:04:05
remember for today putting that road going up to what I used to call it I call it gavage hill you probably do not want to hear go up? Yes but I can't remember I can take nature that they may do. Rudolph you know very terrible hills there. They couldn't go around for a while. But that can't remember what 19 is.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:30
And what about Sophie point was that

Unknown Speaker 1:04:34
well that was quite early because I know the more to use do get annoyed not getting like I mean we get a bit more used to have a place there. My family used to go there on off. Always when visiting. We went to set the point they had the stage but I imagine now there's a lot more but they used to be more guilty. It probably some other morning.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:02
Did they have their vote

Unknown Speaker 1:05:03
there or did they keep they had to vote. So that was where you your uncle would go visit to

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
public voting

Unknown Speaker 1:05:20
I think

Unknown Speaker 1:05:21
that we have got a lot of information from you. And I appreciate you taking the time to do this for us. Was there any other little things that you had thought of that too little things happening

Unknown Speaker 1:05:39
after we when we began to do our own I began to run the farm myself you know, you know running a follow up because a lot of things have happened.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:58
I'm sure there were what

Unknown Speaker 1:06:01
was different lead gen to the we will follow their country? I did I think I did tell journalists I used to get used to have a lot of cows we have quite a few cows to go once a week and pick up his skin headed to my chickens.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:19
So you sort of helped each other out in a sense then

Unknown Speaker 1:06:25
and he was also a man that vegetable to the tree we're both working

Unknown Speaker 1:06:39
and did you sell to the trading store as well as more? Or did you

Unknown Speaker 1:06:45
Oh, just to the trading store? Well yes, the vegetable only went dude, intriguing store and the good part of the tiny hot moist store. Trading that's the ordering to all our chickens practically surely very many children, very few customers. But when they changed to the supermarket, they wouldn't buy my chicken list of new people that came in. They would only have bought it but I would have to travel my head quantity they wanted

Unknown Speaker 1:07:22
needed they needed to do it again.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:26
I wasn't going to start hiring people because if you hire too much outside of casual help, we've never had people begin to lose too much trying to get to me.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:40
Were you bothered by the marketing boards that came in in the 30s? Yes,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:49
yes, but they never they never

Unknown Speaker 1:07:50
saw the Mises market

Unknown Speaker 1:07:52
you will need to know today we used to sit there had cows. We used to I never show a limb but the funny part is I wouldn't have been allowed to sell nails but I was allowed to sell cream they have funny ways of doing this he said oh you if you want you can sell cream but you can't sell milk so we sold a lot I used to go with chicken cream and vegetable

Unknown Speaker 1:08:26
loving for the people that were your customers what were you did it take anyone it was in his heyday the creamery in Ganges

Unknown Speaker 1:08:38
the creamy Oh yeah, we should take our daughter the extra cream would always go to the greenery you know like after a while when I got bigger than the chickens and bigger in the garden. We only get two cows and no washing too much but just for yourselves

Unknown Speaker 1:08:55
more that time

Unknown Speaker 1:08:59
the query also fell apart for large for the polymers once they got pasteurized milk

Unknown Speaker 1:09:09
they ruined our

Unknown Speaker 1:09:11
regular little cream that we used to have before we set all our stuff is pretty they're pretty really good but your back on them didn't have to make what everyone wanted you know give us have to discount and then when they begin to do all these fancy business heavy metal mill has to be faster I

Unknown Speaker 1:09:44
shipped the one product, the extra beat the heck out.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:51
So that's one of the reasons that the query didn't keep going and was because of that.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:56
What are you getting to yes, yeah, I don't know when to stop but it's a long time. doesn't have to be going out with free

Unknown Speaker 1:10:04
Wi Fi it was a very old and

Unknown Speaker 1:10:06
everything else to buy all that extra milk and there was quite a lot of people are selling milk as well we no longer have cows just to sell milk but they were super to stop poisoning the people we take on his nanny government because he's creamy milk and the people who eat Go me nuts you couldn't keep a bottle of milk

Unknown Speaker 1:10:34
very long before

Unknown Speaker 1:10:37
even the one that you get now you got to use it very quickly as it goes it doesn't go sound like it goes

Unknown Speaker 1:10:43
down. Did you have a cold place to keep

Unknown Speaker 1:10:48
your milk for a long time? We didn't have fridges that no so we used to keep our cream and milk industry spring which was an all wheel companies alone walking all over them

Unknown Speaker 1:11:02
No wonder I love dig with all

Unknown Speaker 1:11:06
how far away would the spring be from your house

Unknown Speaker 1:11:14
it's way past the road you know where the road can see now we have to go a bit further inland but the bottom line with that with big shock Germans you go down to go to the first

Unknown Speaker 1:11:28
when you leave the house they're all those big trees

Unknown Speaker 1:11:33
do you remember

Unknown Speaker 1:11:34
sorry Do you remember when they brought water into the house?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:38
Yes we got no dirt quite dirty mouth water but you used to have those galvanized pipes and those days do you do not dissolve galvanized and they will take the mud rushed in the middle of yellow and if we do it before you knew it you have bills to pay for I used to have to go and unscrew the pipe push your water shoot clean them every so long. So during the war years during the war that's another job that big package did for me comfortable all the way down. And I've never had problems except where the Norwich ruined Doom and then Mr. Mr. Wiggly did some jobs are here. Pieces of paper so long

Unknown Speaker 1:12:31
and Diffic betters lives. This is a big b e t t i s s this family lives nearby

Unknown Speaker 1:12:39
here. No they don't know

Unknown Speaker 1:12:43
what you're right at the bottom of turmoil, you know, you go

Unknown Speaker 1:12:49
very close. fairly close to the to the

Unknown Speaker 1:12:53

Unknown Speaker 1:12:56
And you tell me that he married a lady called Myrtle pandeli Yeah, and Myrtle had helped your aunt Yes. When was this when your young cousin was born? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:08
well not when he was born but he was

Unknown Speaker 1:13:09
still small if it to the ones who were doing it

Unknown Speaker 1:13:19
I don't know how many years ago

Unknown Speaker 1:13:21
you would you were quite small. When she also be looking after you girls as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:29
Maybe not necessarily but she would have been

Unknown Speaker 1:13:35
a house you know

Unknown Speaker 1:13:37
helped me to be here. But we also just were able to hold the baby.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:45
So she was just generally helping you around on the farm and helping you at work. What are you doing the wall? Yes, we

Unknown Speaker 1:13:57
left if my auntie left the house she is and we live down a little further than where the bed needs. One of our cat kitty volunteers. Oh, reducing poverty there. We didn't have the poem rented rented because we put a man Nike put the mask on having known

Unknown Speaker 1:14:28
and you're where you used to live. Where they used to own the place where

Unknown Speaker 1:14:39
if you weren't at the end of the road after you pass your will to go down there. Where will you go? Division house right at the end runs how used to leave I don't know where they are now.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:57
Where the Ronnie's name that was heavy yesterday. wouldn't hire you doing what they give to you live on

Unknown Speaker 1:15:03
the farm and I guess Manti didn't want to live with him here.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:07
You know?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:09
You did such a poor job that we've stayed poor job with a phone. I don't know how many years we stayed actually, I need more money. So that will be more down at

Unknown Speaker 1:15:28
the end.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:31
Know why just a matter of interest why it's called Walker's hook.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:36
No, I don't need wasn't just always called that gay members call me. We used to offer them for picnics to remind you.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:46
Yes. Well, thank you so much, Simone. This has just been delightful. Giving you in the right.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:57
Are you interested in when Simone used to drive