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Weatherell/Scott Collection

Weatherell/Scott Collection

Beryl Scott

Beryl was born in January, 1899 to parents Frank and Kathleen Scott. Frank arrived from Yorkshire with three brothers; Kathleen was the daughter of Rev. E.F. Wilson*, an influential Anglican Vicar on the island. Beryl’s early life was documented in daily journals, a tradition started by her grandfather and continued by her son David. They provide a unique glimpse into life on Salt Spring Island from the early 1900’s, the war years and the Depression as seen through the eyes of a young woman. Beryl married Cuthbert R. ‘Byng’ Weatherell on April 4th, 1925. They lived on Salt Spring Island, in lighthouses on other Gulf Islands and in Ladysmith. She had two children David and Rennie. Beryl and ‘Byng’ are buried together in St. Mark’s Cemetery.

* Rev. E. F. Wilson Collection