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Sidney and Gulf Islands Review Newspaper - Religion Index

Sidney and Gulf Islands Review Newspaper - Religion Index

Notes by Sue Mouat from the microfiche files of the Sidney and Gulf Islands Review archive at the Legislative Library.

Nov 2l/l8

Thanksgiving Service at Shrine. Aikens & Dean

May 6/20

21 Confirmed at St. Paul's Fulford Harbour by His Lordship Bishop Macdonald. Rev. Father Ronden officiated Mass. Methodist Ladies Aid May Day Sale Mahon Hall

Dec 2/20

Father Wert of Turgoose held mass at Fulford on Sunday, at Ganges on Monday

Jan 6/21

 It is reported that the Roman Catholic Church now at Vesuvius Bay on Salt Spring Island is to be moved shortly and placed on the property owned by Mrs. Castle on Creamery Hill, Ganges.

Mar 24/21

The spit "The Maples, E. Walter" burying ground for Indians in l900 graves surrounded with picket fence; usually laid in canoes with fishing tackle etc. Purdy's property also burial ground. Walter bought from Hollin several canoes in trees then. He got Indians to remove same and bury bodies. Indian village Ganges - Bishop Hills l860.

Apr 29

Rev Father Weert of Saanich celebrated Mass at Ganges on Friday and Saturday morning.

Dr. Lawson opens office in former church room at Mr. Bittancourt's. (Roman Catholic)

Jul 28/21

Article re religion - private chapel at Blackburn's

Mar 9/22

Rev. Father Sheehan, Mass at Fulford Harbour Sunday, Blackburn's Monday

Mar 30

Rev. Father Sheehan will say mass last Sunday every month

Jun 29

Rev. & Mrs. Stoodley moved up from Fulford Harbour taking rooms over Trading Co. occupied by D.S. Harris & family. (United Church)

Jul 6/22

Church Social for Parish at deacons, Fulford Harbour. $l00 raised.

Nov 30

Rev. F. Sheelan - Mass Vesuvius on Saturday, Blackburn, & Fulford Harbour on Sunday

Jan l8/23

Gospel services in Ganges scheduled by Miss E. Jameson and Miss Smith

Feb 22/23

Above missionaries left Salt Spring Island

Mar 15/23

above missionaries at Fulford Harbour

Mar 29/23

See "Women's Auxiliary"

Apr 17/24

Catholic Ladies of the Altar to hold 500 drive at Fulford Hall this month. Great success, followed by dance.

May 15/24

Mr. Drummond repairing vicarage, St. Mary's so he can live there.

Mar 29/23

Rev & Mrs Collins held a meeting last Tuesday afternoon at the IODE rooms and formed a branch of the women's auxiliary at Ganges.

May 3/23

To hold advestionment tea at vicarage (?)

May l7/23

Mrs. W. Scott - Challenge Brand Cow St. etc etc. Miss Barrodaile winner. During tea solos by Mrs. Hoole & Robinson Mrs. Baker played violin accompanied by Mrs. Collins

May 24/23

Mrs. Bellson of Victoria gave member's history of Women's Auxiliary in Canada

Jan 3l/24

23 members

Jul l7/2/24

Garden Fête& bazaar at Formby House grounds lent by Oxenhams. Table of work for St. Marks Guild, St. Paul's Guild & Women's Auxiliary. Ice cream 7 raspberries, candy. Lady of l000 pockets, Sports Cricket match, ladies versus men (left handed) $l45 cleared.

Jul l6/25

 Formby House Gardens

Mar 4/26

Rev. Father Scheelen saying Mass Ves & Fulford Harbour

Mar 25

Last service at Central of United Church. To move next to telephone office

Apr 26/26

R.C. ladies have 500 game - Fulford Hall

Jun 3/26

May 30

Re-opening of United church

Jun 24/26

Oct l4/26

St. Mary's Guild formed, Vice-President Mrs. Jackson, President Mrs. Bryant Charlesworth, Secretary-treasurer Committee Mrs. A.J. Eaton, Mrs. Shaw, Miss G.C. Hamilton and Mrs. Davis. Will meet every three months, monthly bridge parties

Mar 24/27

Girls parish guild formed Trail Rangers hold father and son banquet, Flinton & Dean

Mar 3l/27

Father Scheelan at Akerman's - big congregation at communion

Apr 7/27

20 members at Girls Guild

May l2/27

Party held at Central by Girl's Guild - raised $70.00

Jun l6/27

Hugh Johnson buried (cemetery records)

Aug 25/27

Little Helpers br of Auxiliary will meet at Mrs. P. Beech's

Oct 20/27

Mr. J. Cairns coming down A.J. Mollet's hill - lost control of Ford truck - dropped l5 ft over bank - windshield & hood broken

Oct 20/27

Salvation Army held meeting at Institute Hall - 35-40 present

Oct 27/27

Rev. McNaughton to United Church

Oct 27/27

St. Mary's Guild - carnival bazaar & dance

Nov l0/27

Girls Guild going strong

Dec 29/27

Mrs. Lydia Pallow - Obituary - St. Mark's Church & Settlement Cemetery

Jan 26/28

List of Anglican wardens

Apr 5/28

St. Mary's re-stained, new hangings up

May 3/28

Rev. A. W. Beattie replaces Rev. McNaughton, United Church

Jun 2l/28

Rev. McNaughton gives farewell service at Schoolhouse, Fulford Harbour wharf

Nov 8/28

Girls Parish Guild raises $85. at fancy dress dance & sale of work

Dec 5/29

Rev. Allen move into W.M. Mouat house while theirs is completed. Mrs. W.M. Grace P. Gilbert to Vancouver

Dec 26/29

Little Edward Lacy presents purse to Mrs. Chaplain

(See p.4) organist at St. Mary's

Oct 30/30

5th annual military "500" at Fulford Harbour Hall by Catholic ladies

Mar 26/3l

Oak front dedicated by Rev. Canon J.W. Flinton

(what Church?) Tree grown on property estimated at 300 years old

Apr 30/3

l Basket picnic St. Paul's R.C. Farewell to Father Scheelen.

Rev. Father Williamson of Kuper Island to serve Salt Spring Island

Jul 23/3

l Fête by Guilds & Women's Auxiliary at Mr. Bullock's, opened by Mrs. Tolmie

Dec 2/3l

Guilds & Women's Auxiliary give reception for Rev. & Mrs. P.H. Popham

Feb l0/32

Ganges hears Evangelists - R. Travis of Baptist Church, Vancouver & Jack Borrradaile, Mayne Is.

Mar 23/32

Loose living creeping into Salt Spring Island - letter to editor

Aug 3/32

Lady Lake (Dioscen - President) opens Fête at "Vicarage" central. $l75.72

Aug 3l/32

Rev. Father Camirand of Brooklyn, New York has taken over Gulf Islands service

Nov 9/32

Brass tablet to honour L. Beechs unveiled at St. Paul's Church Popham Anglican Young People's Association (AYPA) formed

Jan 9/30

Rev. Allen holds Communion Beaver Point School

Jun 28/33

Westman leaves Ganges United

Aug 9/33

Rev. E. H. Thompson to United Church

Sep 27/33

Father Lanzon, Kuper Is at Roman Catholic Church Fulford Harbour

Oct ll/33

Women's Auxiliary (Anglican) serves Thanksgiving Dinner to 300 in Mahon Hall

Jun 20/34

Diocesan meeting of Women's Auxiliary (90 members from Victoria). Service at St Paul's. Meeting at Edgewood Tea Room Lady Lake presiding Mrs. H. Moorhouse local president.

Oct 3/34

2nd Annual Thanksgiving Women's Auxiliary dinner

Nov 2l/34

l0th Annual card party by Catholic Ladies Altar Soc

Mar l3/35

St. Mary's - members preparing wool for quilt

Apr l0/35

Plans discussed for building of vestry at Altar Society meeting.

Sep l6/36

New bell for St. Marks (C. Abbott) to hang under present one

Oct 2/36

Fifteen members of Japanese young people's class baptized

Dec l6/36

Twelfth Annual 500 Roman Catholic Ladies. Nearly 300 present, Mahon Hall

Dec l6/36

First Japanese wedding on Salt Spring Island, St. Paul's church

Jan 27/37

Envelope system to be introduced

Jan 27/37

Bullock paid for wiring, St. Marks

Jul l4/37

G.A. formed

Aug 4/37

Fête at Bullocks $l50.00 raised

Aug ll/37

Rt. Rev. J.C. Cody paid first official visit to Salt Spring Island

Sep l/37

St. Mary's Fête

Oct 20/37

BWD Bastin leaves, Aitkens comes Sept l2/l7

Mar 30/38

Rev. Father Scheelen to make headquarters Salt Spring Island

Apr 6/38

Rev. Father Scheelen takes up residence in cottage adjoining Church Fulford Harbour

Jul 27/38

see weather


---- was the year St. Paul's burnt down (Anglican Church)


All St. Mary's windows smashed

Jan 4

Sidney Review Jan 4, Insurance St. Paul's $2000. Chimney only remained

Sept 28/33

Rev. Popham baptizes l8 Japanese being prepared for confirmation

Jan l8/39

Women's Auxiliary members "being .... against the pulling down of St. Marks, which, helped by several donations, had been built by the late Mr. Beddis of Ganges Harbour in l889, the work of the building being almost entirely voluntary"
The source of the fire which caused the burning of St. Paul's Church, Ganges, was discovered last Wednesday when an examination of the chimney by Constable Fred Boyt, showed clearly that the mortar had crumbled away exposed a beam which must have been smoldering since the last fire had been lighted in the church 3 days previous to its destruction

Jan 25/39

Letter to editor from CE Beddis - St. Marks built in l888. Outside work done by Carl Walters. In fall l889 father and Charles did inside finished

July 27/38

Fête at Mr. Bullock’s cancelled. Weather so dry people afraid to leave home.