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Scott Family

The Scott Family

This is Margery & Hilary Scott’s anniversary in 1982 at Knowle House Addington, Croydon London, their home from 1947-1998 when my mother died.

Standing from the left- Michael & Susan Scott (Michael, descendant from Silas, still living near Leeds.) Michael & Jennifer Thornely (Jennifer is my sister, living in Yorks.) Me, Sally, my sister (living in Putney, London) & Diana my wife.

Sitting from the left- friends from Bishops Walk (the name of the street), Betty Wade ( Margery’s sister) Margery & Hilary, Jane, Hilary's Sister (the chart you have, comes from her), Gertrude, Margery's younger sister (still alive).

Sitting on the ground from the left, Thomas unmarried; Jackie (lives in Aust & has twin boys); Alexander( the son of Margery’s brother William) divorced from Zoe, they have twin boys; Lizzie lives in London & has 3 girls; Kate also lives in London & has 2 girls & Charlie, unmarried, lives in Yorks.

Hilary was a partner in a large legal company in London & was knighted for being President of the Law Society of Great Britain in 1966.

Accession number: 002187001

Jessie Forbes d.1882

Jessie must have been a strong woman to bear 15 children. She died in a guest house in Hastings.

Accession number: 002187002

Walter Scott b. 1822-1880

Walter was the father of the Scotts that went to Canada. The house he had built in Bradford for his large family at “Oakleigh” 23 Oak Ave is a private Hotel today.

He and his brother Silas entered the worsted (woven cloth) business. Walter joined as a young manager at Milligan, Forbes & Co. a trading company & married Henry Forbes’ daughter, Jessie, in Paisley, Scotland. He had been working in Manchester and continued to live there where his first son Walter (he became a doctor in London) was born. Throughout his life he suffered from an ulcer, known in those days as “neuralgia of the stomach” and died young from ‘sheer exhaustion’.

Accession number: 002187003

Reverend Walter Scott 1799-1854

He moved from Rothwell, Northamptonshire to Bradford in 1834 to become the Principle of the Airedale College (a-non conformist “Congregational” school) until 1856. He was described by historian William Scruton as being “a man of superior mental powers & rare virtues” in the Congregational year Book 1859. It was noted that his voice was husky & monotonous. He was highly regarded by his friends & supporters of the college. In his will he left his estate to his wife & children, the latter when they came of age.

Accession number: 002187004