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Reverend E.F. Wilson

Reverend Edward Francis Wilson (1844-1916)

Rev. Wilson and wife reading

Rev. Wilson, born in London, England in 1844, immigrated to Ontario where he studied farming and theology and later ran a residential school for Indians. He came to British Columbia in 1893, settling first in Victoria, but a year later moved to Salt Spring where he purchased 100 acres at Central.

Rev. Wilson was the vicar of the Anglican Church for 18 years. He was very influential within the community; his diary and monthly newsletter, Salt Spring Island Parish and Home, published from December 1895 until October 1906, recorded much of what was happening on the island at that time. Rev. Wilson and his wife are buried together in St. Mark’s cemetery.

Reverend Wilson’s Illustrated Family Journal

1894-1908 Salt Spring Island (pdf 4.5Mb)


Salt Spring Island Parish & Home

Wilson Family Tree

Wilson ‘Photographic’ Family Tree

Mother’s Recollections

Father’s Recollections

Our Life on Salt Spring
   from Reverend Wilson’s Diaries