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Mouat Collection

Mouat Collection - People

William M. Mouat

Accession number: 2006031370

William M. Mouat

Accession number: 2006031371

Jane Manson Mouat

Accession number: 2006031372

Gilbert James Mouat
1886-1946. Founder of G.J. Mouat and Company

Responsibility: photo off Anniversary Board

Accession number: 2006031373

Gavin Colin Mouat

Responsibility: photo off Anniversary Board

Accession number: 2006031374

Jane Manson Moaut ca.1930

Date: about 1930

Source: Chris Marshall

Accession number: 2006031375

Thomas Mouat

Accession number: 2006031376

Jane Manson Mouat

Accession number: 2006031377

Jane Manson Mouat and family

Accession number: 2006031378

Jane Manson Mouat and family

Accession number: 2006031379

Accession number: 2006031380

Field Hockey team,
Dermott Crofton (centre standing), Des Crofton (far right, same shirt), Tom Abbott (3rd seated), Frank Speed, (seated far left)

Growing up as the younger daughter in the household of the Reverend Wilson, Nona Crofton would have been no stranger to the practical arts of Making Do. When her son Desmond became a keen field-hockey player, according to the amused Lang sisters, Nona, not being able to afford boots for the boys, lent him her own high lace-up ladies’ button boots. Usha Rautenbach

(Source: SSIA audio tape #233BCF Lang Sisters Oct 15. 1975 “Des Crofton used to wear his mother’s laced up high boots, up to here. Funny little legs he had, he was rather scrawny. Oh, most people played in boots, in those days. He hadn’t got any boots of his own, they were so poor.”)

Accession number: 2006031381

Westcott Family, probably in England. Frank Westcott, young man standing

Accession number: 2006031382

Bill McAFee (standing far right),“Aunt Barbara, Aunt Barbara (two young women standing) Gilbert and W.M. Mouat standing, (standing,too), Malcolm and Purvis famlies also.1907?

Date: 1907?

Accession number: 2006031383

Accession number: 2006031384

Mouat Brothers Picnic,1926.Rear: Tom Leversitch, Alan Cartwright, Ken Buttersfield,Jesse Wagg, Gerald Ringwood, Gerald Ringwood, Arthur Meacock, Bill Page, Walter Norton, Oliver Stacey, Arthur Elliot, Laurie Mouat, and Herbert Kingdom. Centre: Gavin Mouat, Miss Zasa Rogers, Miss Margaret Newson, and Will Mouat. Front: Colin Mouat, Gilbert Mouat, and Oliver Mouat.

Date: 1926

Accession number: 2006031385

Mouat Park Dedication and Official opening, September , 1961. Tom Mouat, Olive Mouat, Effie Mouat, W.M Mouat, Torrie Mouat, Gavin Mouat, Earle Westwood(MLA), Jessie Toynbee, Mary Wood, Clinton Wood.

Date: 1961

Accession number: 2006031386

Mouat’s 85th Anniversary, Dick Manson, Tom Toynbee, and Jessie Mouat Toynbee.

Accession number: 2006031387

Mouat Family Reunion, 1993

Date: 1993

Accession number: 2006031388

Community Picnic, Ganges, 1913

Date: 1913

Accession number: 2006031389

Retail Men’s Credit Association picnic, Ganges Agricultural Grounds, Mahon Memorial Hall, Ganges, July 20, 1918.

Date: July 20, 1918

Accession number: 2006031390

Ganges dock (1907)

Date: 1907

Accession number: 2006031391

Fernwood, circa 1910

Date: circa 1910

Accession number: 2006031392

Bob Collins, Alice Collins, Miss Munn x2, and Mrs. Munn.Circa 1913

Date: 1913

Accession number: 2006031393

W.M. Mouat (at wheel), Gavin Mouat (far right), 1915.

Date: 1915

Accession number: 2006031394

Henry and Anne Stevens (ht), Walter Stevens (lower), Mr. and Mrs. Joel Broadwell. Circa 1888

Date: circa 1888

Accession number: 2006031395

H.W. Bullock,Willie Palmer, Circa 1912

Date: circa 1912

Accession number: 2006031396