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Cusheon Cove

Cusheon Cove

Bulman Museum at Cusheon Cove

Cusheon Cove was the site of Salt Spring Island’s first major sawmill. A company village, Cusheon Cove was driven by the Bulman Lumber Company established in 1905. Seagoing ships loaded lumber at the mill’s wharf for international markets. The mill grew to a major industrial operation employing perhaps 150 men at its peak. At that time children from Cusheon Cove filled more than half the seats at Beaver Point School.

Tools, bottles, dishes, pottery, even footwear have survived in pits around the property. Many pieces have been restored and are on display in a museum on the property.

map of area around old sawmill

The Sawmill

Times-Colonist article 29 May 2005 “Forgotten Cusheon Cove”

Chris Hadfield and the Cusheon Cove Museum