Salt Spring Island Parish & Home (Italics = added information, not in original)

December 1898

Attention is called to the new advertisements in this issue. [See note to same notice in November 1898 issue]

At the Confirmation held at St. Mark's Church Sunday, November 6th, three male and three lady candidates were confirmed.

His Lordship, the Bishop of Columbia, gave an excellent address at the Temperance meeting, held in the Public Hall on Monday, November 7th. About twenty adults have signified their readiness to become total abstainers, and about twenty-five children are ready to form a Band of Hope.

Mr. George Furness, whose illness was alluded to in our last issue, died October 27th. He was a native of Norfolk, England, and had been eighteen years on Salt Spring Island. He leaves a widow and four children. The cause of death was appendicitis.

Mr. T. W. Mouat, after a short illness of only eight days' duration, died also on Thursday, October 27th, within three hours of Mr. Furness. His complaint was pneumonia. He leaves a widow and eleven children, the eldest of whom (a step-son) is the only one that is grown up.

Mr. Thomas Scovell, who had gone away for his health, and was stopping at the Sanitarium, Banff, was there attacked with typhoid fever, as noted in our last, and died Tuesday, October 25th. He was a native of Dublin County, Ireland. His brother, Mr. J. Scovell, was with him just before he died, and he was buried at Banff by the Rev. Mr. Panther, chaplain of H.M.S. Imperieuse, who happened to be there on a visit.

The relatives of the late George Furness, of Burgoyne Bay, wish to thank their many friends for their kind enquiries and expressions of sympathy during their recent sad bereavement.

Weather report for October—Kuper Island:— Mean temperature, 46.9; maximum, 61.5: minimum, 32.8. Hoar frost on 5th, 6th and 7th. Mean proportion of bright sunshine, .308: maximum .813 (on 6th); days completely clouded, 6; rainfall, 4.23 inches.

There have been a number of cases of illness during the month, principally at the North End. Mrs. Rosman has been suffering from an attack of bronchitis, Mrs. Mahaffy was ill in bed several days with heart complaint; little Willie McFadden was very ill with pneumonia.

Miss Furness has resigned her position as teacher of the North End School owing to ill health. She will be very much missed.

It is rumored that the Government grant of $200 per annum towards our local doctor is to be withdrawn. This may necessitate Dr. Baker leaving us, which would cause universal regret.

St. Mark's Ladies' Guild has completed the first year of its existence, and there is every reason to feel gratified at the progress made. The treasurer's report shows receipts of subscriptions $1O.50, donation (Mrs. Booth) $4, sale of work $31.60, total $46.10. Disbursements —Bills- of material, etc.. $21.25; material for next year's work, $8.80; insurance of St. Mark's Church, $10. Balance in hand, $6.05. The next meeting, for election of officers, etc., is to be at Mr. Broadwell's house, Friday, Dec. 2nd.

HOME SUNDAY SCHOOL— December 18th to January 8th (4 weeks) —Matthew, chapters I to VI., and Luke II. First Class: (1) Where was Jesus brought up? (2) What happened at the River Jordan ? (3) How did Jesus answer the devil? (4) Tell about Jesus calling Peter and Andrew. (5) What does Jesus say about "the pure in heart"? (6) What does He say about being angry? (7) What does He say about prayer? (8) What does He say about serving God? Learn Catechism to "People of God." Second Class: (1) What is the meaning of the name Jesus? (2) Why did Mary and Joseph flee into Egypt? (3) Who baptized Jesus, and where? (4) What did the devil tempt Jesus to do? Learn Catechism to "Life's end." Third Class: (I) Where was Jesus born? (2) Where did his mother lay Him? (3) Who first came to see him? (4) What did the angels sing? Learn the Lord's Prayer. Note.—First Class: Answer all 16 questions —4 each Sunday: Second Class: answer the last 8 questions: Third Class: answer 4 questions. Examination on and after January 9th.

The following are the newly elected officers of the Island's Agricultural and Fruit Growers' Association: President, J. T. Collins; Vice-President, Wm. Caldwell; Treasurer, A. Walter; Secretary, Joel A. Broadwell. Directors: John Norton, J. P. Booth, L. G. Tolson. J. C. Scovell, H. W. Bullock, J. Nightingale, H. Caldwell, E. F. Wilson, J. J. Akerman, John Richardson, H. J. Robertson, W. Grimmer, E. Macklim, R. J. Roberts, W. Deacon.

At St. Mark's Church, Salt Spring Island, on Tuesday, November 8th, were married Lieut. Frederic H. Walter, of H.M.S. Egeria, son of Major F. E. Walter, and Winifred L. Wilson, third daughter of Rev. E. F. Wilson. The ceremony was performed by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Columbia, assisted by the Rev. C. E. Cooper.