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Tahouney Family

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William Naukana was one of the Hawaiians brought from Hawaii by the Hudson’s Bay Company.  Each of these people was hired on a 3 year contract and many stayed in B.C. after the contracts expired.  (See Kanaka section of website.) 

William worked in B.C. for a period of 10 years.  When he returned to Hawaii, he discovered that his land had been turned into a sugar plantation.  William subsequently returned to Canada with 17 of his people – among them, Joe Tahouney.  These Hawaiians, known as Kanakas, settled on Portland Island and on the southern parts of Salt Spring Island. 

Joe Tahouney built a house at Isabella Point next to another Kanaka family, the Lumleys.  Descendants of the Kanakas still reside on the island today.  More information on the Kanaka families can be found in Tom Koppel’s book, Kanaka.

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