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Is it 1885 or 1887?
Is it a consecration or a wedding?

New evidence from Emily is shaking Salt Spring History

The bell was bought in 1887

Ledger of Troy New York 1887


Link to St. Paul

New evidence from Emily is shaking Salt Spring History

I was always under the impression that this photo was taken when the church
was consecrated in 1885. Of course, I wasn't there! The bell may have been
purchased a couple of years later. Are you sure there's a bell in the tower
shown in the photo?


The bell is in the steeple, the enlargement shows that.

I love the logo!
Too busy to consider the question properly at the moment (re bell, St. Paul's 1885 or 1887)
Love the evidence.

Maybe it's a consecration of a new bell...

Bob Akerman swears the picture is the consecration of the church. To me it looks more like a wedding party.
Barb L.

1885? I don't think so... but must dig a little deeper into some dates.

I agree with Barb about the wedding. In fact, there may even be more than
one bride and groom in the picture. Why all the bouquets and boutonniere? At
that time the priest was not resident on SSI and given the clergys'
misadventures on the water this may be a photo of the marriages that took
place on a spring visit - "caching up"...

The cemetery is already fenced with some headstones... will check the burial

There is no evidence of a bell or cross on the old butter church (source of
many of St. Paul's building materials). Could check with St. Anne's...

I have contacted the diocese in Victoria and hope to visit their archives to
look at the records.

Will keep you posted!

your opinion is important SBI