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The Toynbee Collection - Family gatherings, farms


219Stevens Family and Friends (c1888) (James Stevens)
Henry and Anne Stevens (left) arrived from England in 1884, settling first on Ganges Harbour, before moving to Central where they established a boarding house in 1887
Their Nephew, Walter Stevens (lower) joined them that year.
Mr and Mrs (Sally) Joel Broadwell (right) farmed on the mountain above Vesuvius, he being at that time, the largest farmer-landowner on North Salt Spring.

Collection Toynbee collection Accession number 1994.137.219
Location Toynbee collection binders Dimension 8.5cm x 11.5cm
Date [ca1888] Extent and Physical Description copy, good condition
Responsibility R.M. Toynbee    
Source James Stevens