Material on various Island Families from Sidney and Gulf Islands Review. Suitable for basis of further research. 1912-1916 (on microfilm BCARS): 1916-1939 not yet on microfilm. Newspapers held only in Legislative Library, Victoria. Also some material from ST. Mark’s Cemetery, Baker Road and bits and pieces. Sue Mouat



See Goodman tape



Times Colonist Sept. 6, 1981 p.8 Mag Section

Took bell from Divide School by Abbot for Kat Scott (she was not well, bell to call husband)



Storekeeper 1890 Voter’s list

See Garner, Joe

Akerman G. E. July 22, 1912. As J.P> he sentenced man to Common Gaol at Victoria. N Hennan released Mr. A. exceeded his authority. Gr. 55 Vol. 8. BC Police



Graduated St. Joseph’s, Victoria 1933. Relief RN at LM until 1936. Worked under Tait & Ross (matrons)

$25 room & board & laundry. 12 hr. shifts. Made porridge at night for breakfast; boiled diapers in copper; sheets, bed spreads, pillow cases to laundry in Victoria

See letter WM. To Bob Akerman in correspondence file- this box



Sidney Review Oct 9/24 Obit Mrs. JJ aged 48

Son Joe, daughters Mrs. George Heron p Vi. 4 sisters, 4 brothers Nee Horel

Oct 7, 1926 – Mrs., A’s 90th birthday Lives with son G.E. Akerman. Trip to Victoria from England 114 days.

Dec 15/27 Thomas A. Obit.

June 14/28 Joe A. House burns North SSI

Oct 4/28 Jim A. takes position at Creamery

Mar 14/28 Joe A. Letter to editor re dismissal as road foreman

Dec. 30/33 Martha A. obit. 97yrs. Husband died 1919

See Mctyhe

Notes from Bob A. Joseph born Cherton, Wiltshire 1838. Left Nov.9, 1855. Worked as longshoreman. New W. and gardener in Victoria. Married Martha Clay in Victoria 1862. Martha, born Hinckley, Leicestshire. Arrived Victoria 1862; 2 sisters, Fanny & Emma

Children: Fanny married Nightingale. Daughter Belle married Gilbert Mouat

2. Joe-m. Tina Horel. 2nd wife-Jack James’ sister

3. Ted m. ellen Gyves

4. Marth m. !. Cartwright 2. Bill Page

5. Jim

6. Tom m. May Urqhart

7. Bill

8. Dorothy m. Harris




See Charlesworth Memoirs p. 19



Engineer on Cy Peck after O’Flynn



Had mill at Cusheon Cove   Bulman


George W.

Reel 126, 1861 BCPA

See Goodman tape re orchard on McPhilips

See Hepburn article, Colonist Sun. Mar 11, 1973 SSIA



Old BORRADAILE HOUSE WAS HER PRIVATE SCHOOL> WAS ON SITE OF SEABREEZE: HOUSE MOVED DOWN BRITTANCOURT RD> CIRCA !(()> Married Oxenhum, a teacher. They bought Ward house on Jackson Ave. and opened Formby House Boys’ School. Daughter married Les Jenkens. School opened Mar. 12, 1914, SR.



SR. Aug 23/61 leave Island


Dr. Gerald (Paddy) Rumsey

Daily Colonist, p.6 Mag. Sect. Sept. 14, 1975

Sydney Review Dec. 8/27 Bakers to move into new house, Rainbow Rd. bought from Mr. Eaton

Brother of Cecil Baker


Ralph Hugh

SR Nov. 8/28 obit Buried St. Mark’s SSI



Buried St. Mark’s cemetery, 1941

SR obit July 16/41




re Barker on SSI 1869? See Archives report on charge laid by John Copland re owing of L 10. See article Nov 15/1970 Colonist. John Adams, BC Museum wrote to discourage any correspondence with A.B. (S.M>)



SR Dec 1/37 obit 66 yrs.

Replaced Rev. Wilson – See letter 1909 to Rev. W. from family. Still on SSI. Daughter Mrs. Jack Green, Cowichan Bay.



File D. 19

SR -  Nov. 5, 12/58 Watmough

Times Colonist, May 15/88

Letter re building St. Marks SR Jan 25/37 or 39

SS Past Present Col Apr 17/21 p. 52; Apr 24/21 p. 21; May 15/21 p. 32.

Wealthy Club Col. Oct. 3/26 p. 1

Times Oct. 4/26 p.9

Connell Times May 3/31?; June 27/31: Library Times Apr/60 p. 29

Massacre Col. July5/31 p. 10

Deer Times Jan 16/34 p. 14

Population June /46 p2. Col.

Ernest H. Times Mar19/54 p.7



Henry & Charlie

Born in Nebraska. Built addition to Steven’s boarding House. Rowed to Ganges then walked to Stevens.  SR -Nov. 4/59

Water – SR Dec. 30/59

Decie Beddis SR. Dec./1916



Died Mar 16,1906, heart disease, aged 33



See File D-19 Newspaper file BCARS

SR – Nov. 5, 12, 1958 (Watmough article)

Times Colonist – June 3, 1981 (Mort Stratton)

Decie – Engaged to Stanford, he returned from WWI badly wounded; she nursed him until death circa 1926. Had also been engaged 1911 to man lost on Iroquois (Prophet ?). Niece Decie Mrs. Gordon Sword



Samuel Beddis died June 9/93 “of lungs” aged 44yrs. Left England in 1871 and farmed in Nebraska. For some reason, they decided to come to BC in 1884. Samuel, his wife and four children and his wife’s brother, Rafffles Purdy, sailed up from San Francisco to Victoria where they bought a sailing sloop. They encountered bad weather, lost their dinghy, and landed on one of the San Juan’s where they were ordered off by custom’s officers. They managed to get to N. Saanich where several families took them in. There they met Henry Ruckle, who urged them to come to SSI. They found a suitable bay where they put up a big tent and the next day felled the first trees for a log house. In 1893 there was a big snowfall, Samuel working hard, got pneumonia and pleurisy. They wrapped him in blankets and rowed out to stop a steamer going to Victoria, but he died in the old Jubilee Hospital. His last child was born after his death.


Dr. Lionel

Father of Dr. Alan Beech. Retired Surgeon Lt. Col. Came to SSI 1909? MHO.

Retired 1912 when son came to practice. Came from same area in Manitoba as Bellhouses. S.P. Beech obit SR. Mar 4/36


r. Alan

See SR obit 19/Dec.1918. Born in India, 1881, education at St. John’s Winnipeg. Graduated from Univ. of Man. Medical school in 1906. 1st intern at VGH. Joined Col. Coast mission on John. S. Antle fro a year in 1907. Practiced at Quesnel 1908-11 and was married there to Ethel Sladen in 1909. In 1915 he joined Can. 3rd Field Ambulance. Discharged in 1919, practiced in several towns, Terrace until settling in Salmon Arm in 1926. When he joined Army Med Corps until 1945. On discharge he became MHG at Burrard Dry Dock until 1949. He retired to Port. Wash. And died in 1953, aged 75. Practiced SSI 1912-1914.



Phyllis Newman tape. Rural history Prov. Archives. SR June 14/28. Property of Mrs. Beech occupied by Stagg family, destroyed by fire. Aug. 2/28 Dr. & Mrs. Beech, Salmon Arm, visiting S.P. Beech. Oct 29/31 Ida Beech obit. 80 yrs. Mar 4/36 S. P. Beech obit.



Colonist Oct. 17/1864. Has recommenced business as produce dealer, nurseryman, etc. in Cushman’s old stand, Wharf St.  Col. July 14, 1865 p.3 to patent log-splitter in Canada and USA No parents in U. I.

Dec. 15, 1865 p3. Deploring fact UI ignoring San Juan. May 17, 1866 Ingenious invention to raise sunken ships.

Letter to Pemberton re temporary absence. May 6, 1862 copy SSIA. BC Victoria directory 1863 – advert

Gov’t Gazette NW 320-05 V223gv3 unclaimed letter

Ap. 1-21, 1866. Aug 8, 1866 – letter to editor. GR 766, Box 13, File 6. See Bannister card. Aug 8, 1866 Must take Oath of Allegiance to US to take out patent there (letter to editor)



1942 – 2nd engineer on Shell Tanker. Brother of Mary Mollet, June Stevens, Eve Lee



Oct 4/20 Mr. G.C. Best of Victoria, brother of Capt. V. C. Best, making private collection of photos of SSI.

Nov. 28/34 Flo L. Best of Shailoh, Iraq here. Saw Vincent & Norman in New York.


Capt. Paul

1874-1938 SR obit 64 yrs.



Uncle of Dr. Bird, SSI 2001.  Baby christened St. Mary’s (Donald Alfred) Feb. 4, 1915. Mr. Bird – Sec. Treasurer of a group to acquire services of Percheron sire (Fed. Gov’t Service) Mrs. Bird held “at home” of residence, “Alderside” in honour of her son and heir.  In conversation with Bob Akerman, Sept. 5, 2000 Jones Road was Bird Road. Sold to Jones who sold to Pat Kyler who had big chicken farm 1940-1950, moved up country. A. Bird. 88 Battalion Con. Leader, Nov. 11/15



Aug 23, 1896 aged 24 from Montreal “Shot himself accidentally in Ganges Harbour”. A local board of enquiry looked into the sudden death. Rumours still persist he won a lot of money from some local men and possibly he was murdered. Some material missing from Mr. Wilson’s journal. Removed by family member. Buried St. Mark’s.



Driftwood May 27, 1981. Article Mort Stratton. See copy, BCARS NQ 328711 B862j 1875 Sessional Papers, 1875 p. 657-663 in SSIA.

Vert. File D-19 set 1 Reel 126

1910 business in Ganges (built 1904) sold to Mouats. Reid. B under charter to patrol coastal waters – custon’s officer.

Ganges store sold to Jim Roges, 1924. Used as boarding house for loggers. Later BC Police headquarters. Later Dr. Francis Nursing Home. Demolished circa 1964 by Albert Kaye who still has windows. First Ganges store across from Ambulance building

Estalon B. obit 1917, May 8. See BCARS FV. D. 19, set 1 reel 126.

SR. - Fred B. Sept 13, 1950

Colonist - July 22/47 Albert B. obit.

SR  - May 10, 1917. Mar 10, 1921, July 24/24

Driftwood – May 25, 1961 Shell service station built by Albert B, 1923

Bittancourt quarry sold stone to Larkin and Connelly. Montreal to Dry Dock – quarried by 160 Fr. Can.



Afro-American. In 1881 census she was 27 and had children whose ages were 9,8,7,5,3,2,1. She was found drowned at Vesuvius some time later, presumed suicide. Wife of Estalon – he was 15 years older that Mary



Said father built store Vesuvius . For $1400. 3 cottages built for $600.



St. Mary’s Lake Resort; SR. obit Jan 11/61



Cow. Leader - Nov. 11/1915 A.B. joins 50th Gordon Highlands

SR.- Oct 13/27, Mrs. Blackburn p Peter return from Scotland

June 20/29 staying with Dr. Sutherland. Returned to England

Apr/93 Ken Halley said Peter here after WWII. Ken’s father got P.B. a job at HBC warehouse.

SR. - June 24/36 Blackburn’s house burned to ground Beryl W’s Diary.



Lumbar arrived at site for house SR. Aug 27/14


A. T, (Ted)

1886-1926 St. Mark’s cemetery



Elizabeth Booth obit Jan 3/11; buried at St. Mark’s


John Patton

Died Feb 25, 1902. Widow moved to Nanaimo- July, 1902. D-19, set1, real 13 Fr. 0143-0144 copy SSIA obit

Buried with wife Elizabeth (1832-1910) at St. Mark’s


John Patten

Aged 64; farmer and speaker of Leg of heart failure. Service taken by Bishop of Columbia, Rev. Wilson, buried St. mark’s

Married Mrs. Elizabeth Griffiths, widow of nurseryman at North End. See Margaret Shaw Walter’s book. Elizabeth died at Nanaimo, 1910.



Constable, BC Police SSI. Followed by Scott, 1940 Currie, Dillbough, Lockwood, Whitehead, Meyer.

Rented Popham’s house

SR. July 7/37 arrives to replace Tweedhope



Bullock owned old P.O. opposite Central school.  Daph paid Bullock 10¢ a month rent but had to do all the decorating, renos, etc.

She remembered going to P.O. when she was just old enough to chew counter ledge.


Edgar John

Arrived 1910 obit, SR. Aug 29/34; lived at Musgrave



See Gyves


John K

Died 1891; lived at what is now Blackburn Lake; was murdered – see Peter Murray book. House later burned.

2nd burial at Anglican cemetery, plot donated by Arthur Walter. Baker Road at that time probably just a trail to Percy Hall-Brown’s canal property. Notation on Anglican burial registry – “verdict of jury – willful murder” Notation of Haslam, rector – Walter’s property, unconsecrated. Brown had several properties in England and intended to return there in 1891 and not come back to Canada. Shortly before he was to leave, a neighbour dropped into see Brown. (Brown’s cabin near Blackburn Lake, then called Brown’s Lake). Mrs. Brown told neighbour that Mr. Brown had died and his body was in the sitting room.  She said he had had a stroke or a heart attack and had fallen on the stone hearth.  There was a trail of blood from the bedroom and finger marks on his throat. Coroner in Nanaimo charged Mrs. Brown and the farm hand, Jim Darrington, with murder and they were jailed in Nanaimo.  Jim obtained a knife in jail and slit his throat.  Jane Brown was convicted on a lesser charge of manslaughter. Her sentence was 5 years in prison.  At her sentencing, she said, “I am not guilty, my lord.”  See p. 108-109 Homesteads and Snug Harbours, Peter Murray 1991.


Percy Hull

Copy of mortgage (Rev. G. Doukele) SSIA

Brown, Mrs. P (later Skidmore) see 30 years ago, Driftwood, Apr 22/92



Tape and S.M.

!st school old log cabin at Charlie Gardiner’s. Cranberry, 1911. Also used as church. Teachers – Bert Harris, Mr. Dodds, Elizabeth Marley, Jean McGreaogor, Mrs. White the Aunt Jessie Toynbee.  1915-1917. Morley boarded at Brown’s and then Jean McG briefly until enticed away to John Roger’s fro $18 board instead of $20 at Brown’s. Salary was $30.

SR. Sept 17/31 obit J.B. 58 yrs.

SR. Feb 14/34 obit Guy B. 27 killed in car accident on Ganges Hill; worked at Cusheon Cove raising dead heads for milling.

1919 first job unloading “New Era” Capt Cotsford a load of shingles for Mouats store. 1st teacher, Bert Harris. Log cabin school on Charlie Gardner’s property. Also used as Anglican and Methodist church. See note on Cusheon Cove Mill



Old Timers, 1992

Cusheon Cove Mill – had a job attaching 2 logs to dead heads nearby. Pulled them with drag saw? To bottom of chute and then put choker on the dead head to pull it up. Often cut down balsam tress. Sometimes ships from Norway and Sweden taking lumber. Talked about Capt. Cotsford (skipper of ‘New Era”) Ted with him when he took a load of shingles to Mouats Ted helped unload them. Edward, Charlie – sons of Capt. Cotsford.

Some material about schools (Cranberry Marsh) 1911-1916 and teachers. Mrs. Donkersley (Winnifred Spalding’s sister) some of Blackburn’s. Useless interview with Irene Palmer. Same with Mrs. Donkersley


Col. Jasper Moseley

SR. obit Feb. 3/60 p. 6; wife Margaret arrived SSI, 1921


Col & Dr.

SR. obit, Cecil Moron B., cousin of Col. B. Charlesworth Memoirs, p.21.

Dr. B. would locum for Dr. Eva S when Dr. doing Outer Islands, etc. Billie S. would take his wife in his launch. See Betty Drummond re Dr. B.



Had mill at Cusheon Cove with Allison

Had y camp property left to Horace B, bought later by Saunders. See Patterson tape, SSSeniors, 1977.



See Goodman tape

Rev. Wilson “Our Lives” and “Parish a Home”. Buried St. Mark’s. Told Dr. Rush that he would leave him $5 to slit his throat at time of death.  He had a terror of being entombed alive.

See Bradley file SM. Families. Sept. 9/36 Baryl Weatherall diary – Mr. B. imported blackbirds, thrushes and robins.

Islander, Times Colonist M4, Sunday, May 26/91

SR. June 24/36 – Beryl Weatherall’s diary re car frightening horse.

Parish & home Oct. 1903. Newspaper file SSI frame #1828 BCARS


George B.

SR.- July 21, 28 of 1937 obit 61 years














Henry & Harry

SR – Jan 13/60 Both worked at Booth Bay Quarry opened 1886



Left SSI with 67th Battalion has been transferred to second in command of the Timber Wolves. Colonist 27/1917



Lived on Beddis Road. Bought property from Lowthe July 16/41. Did embroidery for St. Mark’s with Joan Springford, Freena Aitkens and Violet Case-Marrio (nee Land). Sister of Mr. Or Mrs. Harvey of Courtney. SR – Mar 22/61 obit Rebecca Barnet Carvasso



SR – May 10/33 Sells 3 acres to Gordon Lees. Brother of Mary and Anne.



SR – May 4, 1932 Missing 9 days off his fishing boat.



Killed cougar with truck. Hung on maple tree in front of BC Police (Jim Roger’s house)



SR. Nov 6/30 Left Vesuvius after 10 years chicken farming to line on Isle of Wight


Mrs. Elsie

(Price) Memoirs in SSIA


SR – Nov. 10/27

Found dead in bed by nephew George Shaw on Narrow Island (Wallace Island). See Margaret Saw Walter.  Buried St. Mark’s. b 1835. Supposed to have gold buried on island. Mac Mouat remembers as a boy he and friends digging for gold. They found an iron pot but it was empty.



E5 1872-1942. Husband Lt. JM MCDCM ACLI CEF d.1939

See Laura Berton’s story of Christie in Skookum Wawa, Writings of Can. Northwest. Oxford Univ. Press, 1975. Ivan rmembered seeing large military conttinent getting off CPR ship at Ganges wharf. Full military escort and band for St. Mark’s funeral SR – June 7, 1939 J. Christie obit.


Elsie May

SR – Aug 9/61 obit



See letter from her son Francis Crofton SSIA.



SR – Mar 7/29 Mrs. J T Collins obit (81 yrs)

SR – Dec. 18/30 Alice Collins obit. See Pedder


Sybil Ellen

Aged 54 born in Illinois, died of dropsy



See Gyves tape. Rev. Wilson “Our life on SSI”



Colonist, Islander C@ Sun. Nov. 18, 1990 SSIA



SR – Mar 24/37 William T obit (77yrs)

SR – June 3/37 Francis Lewis (Cotsford) obit. See Gyves tape SSIA.



Family on Isabella Pt. RD. area; children in Ipt. RD school – contact – Kathleen Rathwell



Labourer, accidentally drowned. Buried St. Mark’s



See Rowan



Bought a good deal of property on Island from Broadwell 1891. Hoped for mining sites. Son-in-law of Dunsmuir. Crofton named after him



Crofton Rd land donated by Des Crofton (1950 hosp. Board minutes p.184) Fred Crofton’s father – Harbour master at Kingston, Ireland. Harbour House sold 1964. Frank Crofton – chauffeur. BC Directory 1918. Des Crofton 1905-1977, buried St. Mark’s, SSI.



From SR – Fred Crofton’s to move to Elliot’s house, Central. Mrs. Frank Crofton – acting matron – see health file

Apr. 20/22 Mrs. Frank C. unveils war memorial.

July 28/27 Mrs. Frank and son camping with Best’s on Galiano Island. July 3/35 Shove house built. (Now part of Greenwood’s property. Mrs. S. was Diane Crofton. Aug. 14/35 Miss E. Calhoun visits sister, Mrs. Frank C. Sept. 23/36 Mrs. Frank Crofton – Ann Butterfield’s godmother.

Des Crofton Driftwood p.13 Wed. Oct. 9/1974

Des Crofton Page 4, Daily Colonist, Dec 2/73

Harbour House Hotel frame 1964 VT. D-19 set-1 Reel 126 Frame 1964

Mrs. Frank Crofton –see Colhoun


Ernest & Susan

House started on Canal June 1914, SR. Building held up by war Aug. 13, 1914 SR

Susan – sister of Mr. Bullock



See Goodman tape

SR – Feb. 6/35 H. S. Green obit, 67 yrs. Brother of C.H.E. Cropper.  SR – Mr. Cropper bought school and Oxenham left.



Store in Fulford Harbour then Passmore, then Gavin Bitton & Alex McManus. Tape – SSIA. May 24, 1939 SR – House burns



1st owner (or settler) on Ruckle Farm Omber/ Orchard tape Sophie King #7 SSIA.



Charles Andrew & Elizabeth – farmer F.H.  Noel E. son, born Christmas day, 1909; baptized Jan.12, 1910 god parents. H W. Bullock & ColthropCecil AbbotLay Redder. See letter from Noel Curtis, correspondence file, S. Mouat box.  SR – May 30/13 Colthrop & Curtis re first auto fine



On SSI southend 1909-1910. Married Mary Wilson 1909 St. Marys? Baby Christened, St. Marys? 1910 see Anglican records also Wilson. Widower – abandoned children in England. Left SSI and emigrated to New Zealand about 1914, see address of grandchild in England under Wilson file (McMurtrie)

1909 – farmer, Ganges

1911 – Soth SSI Rancher

property – lots 4 & 5 R2 & # W. part See McMurtie letter – correspondence file  S. Mouat Box

SR – 30/13? Mar. 12, 1914; June 11, 1914.




Colonist – Jan 1,1855 (or 1955 paper?) opened Rathwell’s ½ way house on Esquimalt Road. Died San Francisco 1874. See Cheadle’s Journal of trip across Canada 1862-63. M.G. Hertig Publisher

Oct. 63 Cusheon in Cariboo running an inn at Cameron Town near Barkerville


John Dulcie

Operating inn at Cameron Town (near Barkerville) See Cheadle’s Journal of trip across Canada 1862-1863 Cheadle, Walter B. p. 249-255.




SR – June 10/20. Family leaves for Vernon. June 23/21 Stanley Dean Leaves. Sept. 26/29 Mrs. Dean obit.  July 11/34 Dean sells, 38 acres to Cleghorn of Cortez Island. See Religion file.



(Peterson, nee McDermott) matron L.M. Hospital 1944-59. Plaque given in her honour by citizens 1960. Plaque given by hospital by daughter 1998. Died April 15/75

De Main


SR – Jan 26/22 sold out to Lineham. Apr. 14/37 G de M obit (96 yrs – Apri 21?) Buried St. Mark’s SSI.



Daily Colonist 1954, Nov. 14.  Died in insane asylum Australia. 1871 (check) 1865 walked to Kamloops, then to San Francisco and out money or changes of clothes, but wearing top hat. Looked after by Indians. Times Col. Nov 14/54 SSIA.



SR – Apr 22/54 – lived in sheep shed across from school at Central 1908-16.



SR – Aug. July 9/41 Anne’s 5th birthday at home, Formby House. Vonnie Mouat, Lucille Rush there.



See BCARS V. File D & 9 set 1. Reel 126 Frame 1969 re Creamery. SR – Oct. 14/20 Purchased L. G. Tolson’s house. July 10/24 Bought property from creamery. Moved to new house there. May 14/31 Lydia Drake obit (nee Mouat)



Cottage on Dean Rd. Rented to Mr. Bennett and children after she left him (Mrs. Drinkwater???)



SR – Jan 6/21 Mrs. Walter Dukes who has been Mr. Bullock’s housekeeper for 2 yrs. Will return to Cranberry Marsh accompanied by her mother. Mrs. D’s sister of Lil Sampson (Mrs. Chesters) D. Goodman said Bullock’s


Mrs. Lottie

SR – Sept 9/36 obit.



See Gyves


Mr. & Mr.s Arthur

SR – Aug. 30, 1917. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Elliot removed from Settlement to Mr. Tolson’s house, Ganges. To continue business in premises near Ganges wharf. Ken Halley tape, re-car.



Purchased Fisher’s Lake SR – Mar. 15, 1923



Cook for many years at Hrbour House. Ask Laurie Fiander re son – article in School year book (Daphne Mouat’s year)



Mrs. Stark’s father coachman for Governor of Kentucky 1874 Saanich voter’s list. Died fighting forest fire on SSI.



V. Sun, April 11/60 p.3 re well-witching.



Arrived Aug. 24, 1938, first posting with BC. Police. Lived at Eaton’s Tea House (top of Creamery Hill, across Drake Rd, still standing). Then in an apartment above Turner’s Store (later Spokefolk). F. youngest man with skipper’s ticket in coast. Got it at age 15. Bought his discharge at outbreak of war and went into Gumboat Navy. (Son, Bruce on SSI, 1997)


Charles Philip

Killed in Belgium, WW1, Nov 1/17. Had a sister Kate, on SSI. Tracie Taylor 1-250-748-4834 wouldlike any info on Falkner.


Con & Claire

Driftwood, Oct 31.79 Con early well-known norther bush pilot. PS: I stayed with Claire in Brinkworthy the night Con. Died.



SR – Mar 23/60 – Arrived from Manchester bought Major Peter’s land near Browns Lake. Date of arrival???



Lived where Hasting’s House is. Arrived Jan. 1896. Property had been Mahon brothers. Hill by Churchill Rd. turnoff called Mahon Hill. Sold to Col. Craig



SR – obit July 8/36. See Kanaka material  and King tapes.



SR – Jan. 8/36 obit Gordon 7 Douglas Parsons pall-bearers – gt. Nephews.



Anglican rector’s wife. Buried St. Mark’s cemetery SSI.


Dr. J. C.

Dental Clinic – Mahon Hall – July 1945. SR – July, 1946.



somewhat crazy and thought to be dying” (EFW) so husband bought coffin Sold it to Perkins when she died. Purchased second coffin. Wife died, aged 790 in 1894. Remarried and second wife diess too – 1895 – aged 27 (in childbirth). Non of the three coffins were paid for so undertaker was suing him.  Old Vesuvius Burial Ground.



See Sessional papers BC 1873-74-75, 1876. See Anglican Burial’s SSI Archives – Margaret Ann, 79 buried Old Burial Ground (18?) 2nd wife buried St. Mary’s. See also “Our Lives”


J. Calvin

Dentist on SSI in Ganges 1945-July, 1946 while his dental office was bing built in Oak Bay. John C. FooteCalvin’s father was Capt. Of “City of Nanaimo”. Elizabeth Campbell R.R.I Pender Island, daughter of Dr. Foote, Tel 629-3483



Pricipal of SSI High Scholl. Mother-in-law, Mrs. Penty visiting Mar 26/41 –SR.


Miss K. G.

SR – Miss K.G. obit. 47 yrs. Buried St. mary’s Feb 13/35. Had managed Vesuvius Lodge.


Dr. Alexander Ross

Granddaughter Mrs. Daphne Stewart 1292 Eldon Rd. N. Van v7R 1T7, phone 980-2821 Aunt of above4, Mrs. S. Falkes, Box 40, Hudson, BC V0K 1S0



SR – Aug. 3,1938 Staying at Barnsbury. Rentel Bardnsbury and Wilson’s went out to Spindrift. Shep turned onto fairways to keep grass down. Greens were sand.



GR. 1362 colonial corres. 1857-76. B01330 1 114. SSI, 27, Aug. 1861



(Pronounced “furnace”) Driftwqood Sect C. Oct. 13, 1993. See Anglican’s Burials – Ganges 45 years, 1898. Vesuvius Burial Ground.



Constable B.C.P. SSI 1914-16.




Log cabin on property, first Cranberry Sc. Also Anglican and Methodist services held there. Obit July 28/60. Rev. Wilson’s “Our Lives”



Had room downstairs what had been Cudmore’s store. Adoph Trage helped build her fireplace. Mary has photo shop & coffee bar, special Sunday night dinners.



Garner House. Bruce Fiander Oct 3/98. Has 4 chairs from second hand store which was operating on ground floor before John McManus bought building and mad it into barber shop and pool room.  Lillian Henn said this floor full of odd bits of lumber and had never been lived in.



Apr. 14, 1927. SR – Family left Cranberry Marsh for New West.  May 26/27 Gava family moved to Central. Mr. G. is sawyer at McAfee’s Camp #7.



SR – Aug 23/61 Takes over Ashlee’s barber shop.



Store at Beaver Pt. Listen Patterson tape 9B SS. Seniors project, 1977.



See Tape. Isabel and Goody spent honeymoon at Abbott’s Long Harbour milking cow etc. for 6 weeks.



SR – June 6/34 Ruth May Queen, married George Heinekey. Iris – married Pattison, lived on SSI c. 1972-2000. Ken – brother of Ruth & Iris. In RCMP, retired in Ottawa.



BC Police, Islands Dis. 1917. Gro 445 Box 38, 1917. Ist yr. Patrols done by private car. Hired car from Mouats. Gro. 445



Buried St. Mary’s Opened Formby House after being guard at Piers Island. Hugh related to Cropper. Charter member br. 92 Can. Legion?



SR – Dec. 10, 1925. leaves SSI for England



Obit June 23/60 Driftwood June 30/60

Gruel (Grall?)


Lived at Captain’s Cove, boat-builder. Before Rodd?



See tape 3803-1 1977 & Caroline Gyves, Mary Brenton. See tape 9A, May 5, 1977.



Black who lived in cottage & Gilbert & Belle Mouat many yrs. Told Bill cables ran from sailing ship t Panther to Narrow Island (Wallace Island). 1st fruit trees at house planted by blacks. His father was here (mother?) Arthur’s sister married Bob Woods’ grandfather (Englishman) Bill thinks they came from Missouri.




Anglican Clergyman SSI 1890 voter’s list. Session papers BC 1890 p. 559


Dunlop (Dun)

See my education file



Taped at Mouats, 1994. Arrived on SSI 1903. Uncle came to gold fields 1894. Father of Ken, died SSI 1916. Dun Hayllet, Ken’s father. Halley’s Folly on Island, Ganges Harbour built by Ken’s grandfather. Ken & sisters, Sheila & Betty, taught by mother. Halley house on Margolin Drive built 1883. 2 storey addition on Borradale (now Best) house added by Ken’s uncle. Islander, T-Col May 3/92 M2 SSIA. SR – Nora Thel (Mrs. J.D) obit 58 yrs.



Vic. Times, Nov. 24/69, p. 19. Bea.  See Cowichan Leader Scrap Book. Mr. Hamilton, wrote “From Dromore” article, etc. Tape 800-2 D. Mrs. Davis (nee Hamilton) SSIA. Gerald Hamilton – drowned in Johnstone Strait. No boat found. Pollocks took boat up to look for him. Great sportsman. Presumed overloaded with fish.  SR – Mar 16/60 obit. Dick Hamilton b. 1904 SSI.



Child Rev. E.F. Wilson added a note after Samuel Beddis death that a child was buried in plot #2, at St. Marks, but the death and burial had been omitted. (There was probably no clergy on the island at the time and the family buried the child.) Hampton, William died Feb. 3, 1908 aged 78 cancer of stomach. Buried St. Marks.



Logger, Voter’s List 1889-90.



Told Ken Halley he went to both schools, North End & Vesuvius wherever Mr. Jones was teaching that day. Told W.M. he was very proud of being a “Colonist” (arrived before province joined Canada). J. A. Harrison obit. SR 0 Jan 6/32. Three sons- Edward, worked for Dunsmuir in Victoria, Ernest, YMCA, John, farmed on St. Mary Lake.



Charlesworth Memoirs, p. 24.



See Borrodaile Article T.Col. June 6, 1981. Mrs. Harvey in Abbot House, forerunner of Anita Baldwin’s, now Maracaibo. Also add Mss 506 BCARS/ Mss 2249 BCARS. Sir Edward Phillips-Wooley built home on Piers Island 1900. Sold to Col. J. S. Harvery. 1912, Harvey sold to syndicate. House converted to hotel-burned-reverted to Harvey., 1913-leased for sheep. Expropriated 1932, by feds. Penal colony until 1934. Returned to Harverys. Bldgs. Removed.



Farmer, voter’s list 1889-90.


Rev. Belton

Broke leg working on St. marks. Purdy set leg, left Tom Mouat in charge of school.



Ganges Boat Yard Ltd. Driftwood, June 30/60



(Wilson) marriage June 16/60 p.7 Driftwood



May 13/36. SR – After 2 yrs in Vesuvius, tok over Hoole farm, St. Mary Lake.



Nov 16/38 SR. Mrs. & Miss Eileen & Louis have been renting Ves. Lodge for 3 yrs, left for Vancouver.



Labourer, died in bicycle qaccident. Buried St. mark’s, SSI, aped 17 yrs.


Beth & Ray

See Gulf Islands Guardian, Vol 6 No. 3 Winter 1997.



SR – obit July 16/41.


Bishop G.

No Better Land, the 1860 Diaries of the Anglican . Colonial Bishop p. 223-27. 233 See newspaper file for reprint – S. Mouat box.



SR – Dec 8/37, bought 125 acres from Wintrap



Colonist, Sept. 17, 1866, p.2, obit.



Stanley Hoole in partnership with Ken Butterfield in chicken farm, probably out Tripp Road. Married Girlies Snow, daughter of Lt. Col. 7 Mrs. Snow. Daughter Heather Hives now living 8623 Lochside, Sidney. Tel 656-4586. Only son, Ronnie, killed Oct. 1944 in Can. Scottish. Memorial plaque at St. Marks church, Ganges. Hoole house, Bullocks old creamery. Ronnie’s ghost there (talk to Brenda Cornwall).



SR – J. H. Horel, obit 61 yrs.





Lt. Charles

1876-1920, buried St. Mark’s cemetery. Arthur Todd Inglis, Buried St. Mark’s 1925-1939.







SR – Sept 8/37 Guests of Glan-y-Mor, Musgrove’s Ldg.

SR – July 13/38 Renting on SSI for summer

King Bros.

Ronald O., & Colin

SR – Feb 4/26 A.J. Smith sells to King brothers ROK has worked for Smiths for several years.

SR – Oct 19/38 King (Bernard) marries?



See Harvey, Islander Times-Col July 6, 1981



Married farmer on what is now Blain Rd. House still there-across form Eldercare. Very unhappy on SSI (we visited her in Oak Bay, 1995). See Scott card.



Beaver Point. Imbert Orchard Tape, File 7, SSIA.

Logged Ruckle property, 1920 Coopsie 7 Jones logged it again 1957 with horses. Log dump at King’s Bay. King, Gladys File 16, SSIA. Sophie King canned meat fro men at Cusheon Cove.



SR – Apr. 24/19 K. bought Carey property



Teacher 1890 Voters list.



See Turner



Came with brother and family after WWII, bought Blackburn Lake. Molly Lacy came as mother’s help from England with family. Stepaniuks came too. Zenon left and boarded with Milner’s, married Norah Turner from Milner house.



Chicken rancher, Fulford Harbour, 1940-50s on Jones RD. (old Bird property). Source Bob Akerman 2000. Sept. 5 SM






SR – Aug 20/31 J. C. Land obit 76 yrs. File 47 SSIA. School with Mrs. Holley. Traded salmon for fruit with Indians. Took cherries to Ladysmith to trade for groceries. Used launch Valerie, had picnic on the way over.  2005 – Grandson from England,





1884-1981. First woman employee of Bank of Montreal circa 1910. Larnder, Lauretta – 1886-1959. Farmer, Marjorie 1891-1963. Sister of above.



BC Directory 1918 – general merchant, Fulford Harbour. Had a launch like Pollock’s. Took people to V.I.



Cathedral Reports. E. H. Lawson infant, 1862. M. S. Lawson infant, 1869. J. M. Lawson infant, 1872.



Mrs. E. H. L. convened whist drive and dance for CCF Club. SR – Feb. 20/35.


A. R.

Cow. Leader Oct. 28/15 Donna Layard new telephone operator. Came with sister Margaret to Justices.

SR – Dec 9/20 Recruiting officer for RCAF p.2

SR – June 9/21 Mrs. Guy Jones, Kamloops visiting sister Margaret.

SR – Sept 6/21 Donna Jones’ (nee Layard) son at LMGH.

SR – June 23/27 Margaret Layard to marry Harold Price

SR – Aug 23/33 Miss M. Layard, Vanc. Guest of her sister Miss (?) K. Frampton



SR – Oct 28/36. Lee, William Hudson Lee 48 obit. Ron Lee – father drove first logging truck. Milked 6 cows before breakfast, started separator, breakfast then school.



Chinese vegetable man. Had a pole with 2 baskets; house near Artspring. Only other Chinese here was Eng family.

Le Good


P & H, Nov. 1897 Rule.

P & H - Jan, June, Oct., Nov. & Dec. of 1899; Nov. 1900; Jan. May, Oct & Nov of 1902. Apr., Sept & Nov of 1903. July 1904.

Nov. 1907, O. L. Edwin dies.

Le Page


SR – July 5/28 Mrs. Le Page obit (nee Willet).

SR – Aug 9/28 T. A. Le Page obit (65 yrs)

Came to SSI, June 1904 (July 04, Church Monthly) Formerly of Moss St., Victoria



(Griffiths) tape. Colonist, July 5/31 p. 10. Archives Rec. 56, 2576. D19 set 1. Denies Maple Tree story, Times Sept. 12/33. Letter to Gov. Douglas, July 9, 1860 SSIA. Lineker E. H. obit, Times (Jan or Feb) 28th. Griffiths Dig, set 1, Reel Frames 2577-79 BCAR.



Went overseas WWI, never heard from again. Pollocks bought B. Pt. Property.



Owned Solimar



See Edward Walter. See Belton Huslam.



Obit July 12/61



Constable 1906-1911 Sessional papers GR 55, Vol. 80, BCPP.





Mill near Rosemargy Lake. He was originally a sawyer for Singer. Built house O’Donals in nov (97)


W. A.

Used swamp (now Pharmacy Parking lot) to shrink wagon wheels. Blacksmith obit. SR – Oct. 7, 1959.



McB School, Fulford – now Catlin house. Patterson’s present store built over basement of McBride house. Patterson house across the road was McBride store. Patterson farm was McBride’s. Bill P. said he added extra “t” in Patterson as school for fun. He had worked with Gilbert Mouat for Malcolm & Purvis.



SR – Dec 6/17 Edith McF married to William Cantrel, St. Marks.

SR – Dec 1/27 William McF obit. Born Bella Bella 1861, SSI as baby, Married Martha Rosman 1883. Prov. Constable then sealer.

SR – Apr 14/37 Mrs. H. E. Brown (nee McFadden) obit.

SR – Aug 1/75 James McFadden, Beggs Settlement, farmer.



SR – Aug 16, 1939, obit.



Bakery in Ganges. See June 2/60 Driftwood.

McGregor –MacIntosh


Interview with Mary Inglin, Mc& Mc lived on Price Rd. at one time, fell down well and lost baby. Very polite children, told never to shout, so whispered, “Mother, the kitchen is one fire!”



SR – June 23/27 Mrs. D McL obit 27 yrs.

SR – Sept./ 19/29 Golden wedding.

SR – Oct. 24/29 R. M. McL marries Dorothy Dewar.

SR – Nov. 6/30 Rod McL obit.

SR – May 11/22 Christening Mary e. McL at Beaver Pt.

SR – Aug 17/32 Mrs. Jennie McL obit.

SR – Nov 29/37 Mrs. Robert McL planted oak tree.



See Henn file.



SR – obit May 26/36.


Tillie (Akerman)

No isolation at LMGIH. When she contracted scarlet fever from pt Mrs. Nelson, taken with Olive Rogers & new baby to Rogers on Rainbow Rd. Tillie worked at Campbell R. hospital, Cumberland & Powell River.



BCAR U File D19, set 1, Reel 126. Frame 1989.

See Harvey file re article by Borradaile.

See Mort Stratton article, Driftwood, June 10/81.

1881-1903. Church monthly, “We are sorry to record the death of Ross Mahon, who has been a resident of SSI for many yrs. He died somewhat suddenly, after bathing on June 9. The funeral was on 12th St. Mark’s cemetery. The floral offerings contributed by friends were many and varied including wreaths, crosses and an anchor.”

Most men were recorded as ranchers or farmers. Ross was recorded in Anglican burial records as “gentleman”.



Had blacksmith shop near farm (Brinksworthy) moved to Bank of Montreal site. Cowichan Leader July 9, 1959, p.7. Blacksmith voters list, 1890. See Purvis Book SSIA. 1888 – S part 20 R 3 east 35; section 19 east 100; N part section18 east 25/160 A. Abandoned 1893 in favour of Jas. Nightingale.



BCARS D19 – 88 – 2262. 2yrs. SSI.

Died 1905. Widower in 1858. Married Louisa Townsend from bride ship. Tynemouth in 1862. Mallendaine K Miscellaneous 25645 File#20 BCARS & SSIA.

Columbia Mission Reports NW 283, G726r 1860-61 p.167,1860.



Sylie Stark p. 29.

Parish & Home Mar. 1896

Article July 6, 1981 Islander, Times-Col.

T. A. Mansel, Constable BC Police Island Div. Box 3, File 8, 1913. Daily P.P. Reports.



Parents of Jane Mouat. Came to Nanaimo in 1890. Brother of Jane (Will Manson) lived on Churchill Rd



SR – Nov 27/30 Took up residence in H.O. Allen house, Ganges. Allens to Cranberry.



Jim very strong, could lift  wagon, weight of small car.



SR – Oct 24/30 Capt F.H. resident of Ganges. New book of poems “The Rhymes of the Rendezvous” Latest song “My Salt Spring Island Home” Oct 21/35 Cecil M. holiday in Ganges on launch Pattern.



604-870-9551; 604-850-3191. Melanie, daughter of Philip, 478-9543.

Dr. Meyer solo practice here after Dr. Rush left 1940. Still here in 1947. Graduated as MD prior to 1897 when he practiced in Courtenay area. See S.Mouat Health file.



Mitchell Lake, official name of Blackburn Lake, also Conery.



Obit 96.  She & Arthur M. bought Rectory across from Golf Course from Ang. Church. Arthur had been stockbroker. Lost everything in crash of 1929. Arthur learned turkey trade in Newton with 2 Toms & 25 hens. Very poor, no bathroom but they has a cow. Moved to Galiano after war. Had terrible stomach ulcers. Came to SSI, worked for Mouats for 8 yrs & had turkeys. Joan took in boarders. Had 12 BC Hydro men for 8 months, enough to send children to boarding school. Also sometimes outer Island students. Also paying guests like Katie Marpole (nee Bell-Irving) who used to go to Norman Wilsons till Frieles rented Barnsbury for 2 seasons. (Wilson’s to cottage at Spindrift) Many SSI women earned Christmas money at turkey farm, plucking, etc.


Mr. & Mrs.

Lived on Blackburn property during 1930s. Married daughter & 2 children on Price Rd. Check with Natalie Horel. Mr. M gave McLaughlin Buick to fire dept. Uncle Dick Toynbee cut back off car and put water tank on.



SR – Feb 27/35 Ken M. married to Ethel Carter.

SR – Nov 6/35 J. C. Mollet obit 84 yrs.

SR – May 11/60 Article, bought Fourd’s place

SR – Dec 1896 Mary Mollet worked after school and Saturday’s with Tillie Akerman at LMGIH. She later worked for Barbara Hastings.



Engaged to Norman Ruckle for several years.



Married Gladys Borradaile. Son, Mike, married Pedersen. (Beth Degnen’s daughter) Beth, matron, LMGIH 40s & 50s see health. See L & D re mischief charge. 1933 worked at Piers Island Penal Colony. Got home every other weekend. Lived in Borradaile cottage. Pen closed 1936. (Colonist Apr 4, 1976)


Thomas Jr.

Left SSI 1896.



Thomas – see Watmough article – left SSI 1890.

Jane – See Ganges Inn article – SR – SSISA. See 60 yrs of Business, Driftwood Apr 6, 1967.

OliveJan 26, 1994 Driftwood.

WMM Saanich Pen & Gulf Island Review Feb 6/57 p. 6.

Gavin obit Driftwood 27/61

Jane obit

SR – Apr 7/21 Gavin married Mary Barret of Edmonton in Victoria.

SR – Dec. 17/25 W. Manson died in Nanaimo.

SR – Dec 17/25 Gavin & Mary adopt 5 yr old girl

July 10/30 Mrs. Jarvis, Denver, staying with Jane M.

Mar 23/38 Mrs. WM gets silver rose bowl from ladies Aid on Silver wedding.

Jerry’s body from Calgary to SSI funeral home fill $93, 1913. Laurie had died 1909. Minnie 1906, Grace 1899. Hydro, Gavin, Colonist Aug 4, 1943.

Thomas Mouat  SRJan 13, 1960.

See SR – Jan 13/60, Jan 20/60.




Oldtimer’s Reunion

Son of Ray Morris. Halloween – rang St Georges bell Policeman wanted to send him to Brannon Lake. JP gave him $5 fine and $3 costs which Fred Morris, his uncle, paid. Police very angry, angier still when he found judge was (Pop Eaton) Pat’s step-grandfather. Mrs. Morris, widow with 2 sons. Pat & Ray and daughter Edna. Pop & Mrs. Morris had one son, Henry.

Gladys BorradaileRay Morris Telephone operator (date?) old exchange behind Anise café on Hereford. Mrs. Kingsbury wanted a # which was busy. Rang again 5 minutes later still busy. Rang again, still busy – then said “Well, I should get through, my house is one fire.”


John Walters


Pre-cemetery burials

3 yrs old (of lungs) Nov. 1885. In open unconsecrated ground near school house at Vesuvius Bay. No Anglican Burial ground on Island. Bishop notified by Rev. Philip Dwyer. 4 yrs later a second Anglican was buried behind the school. Mrs. Ann Williams ws buried by Rev. Henry Kingham. She is recorded as dying of old age, a widow born in Scotland.

Often records of burial – “In his own orchard

Murakami – Mikado


SR – Dec 16/36 1st Jap. Can. Wedding. Performed in English and Japanese. Rev. Hakayama & Rev. Popham.



Saanich reserve, married father of Leon King. Grandmother of Hazel, Vere, Kenneth, Eveline & Lee.



1889 Jan.

50 acres

E ½ section 8 RIII East

Abandoned by Henry Collins

Cancelled by Wellburn Feb. 1889

Unnamed child of Nels & Mdeline buried St. Marks. Unbaptized, so no burial service read.

1918 BC Directory – N. Nelson, beekeeper.

SR – obit Aug 13, 1941



SR – Nov 28/34 House burned down

SR – obit Matilda Nelson, nee Sampson, Ap 22/36

SR – Feb 10/37 Nelson, Helen marries Joel /Broadwell



See Penny Newman article SSIA.



Fannie died breast abscess (?) See Wilson diary. Canoe trip to Saanich by father (Akerman) to get doctor. Canoe trip to Cowichan by Nightingale. Father then to Klondyke. Boys & Akerman grandfather. Belle to Stevens. One boy died. (Parish & Home)

Fanny taught briefly, met Nightingale in Victoria. John N. died Apr 3, 1909 Cowichan Leader.

1890 – 1st threshing machine, SR – Dec. 16/59



Arrived SSI 1912 Henry, Fred, Frank & Charles

All with families. Jessie born 1915.

Aunt Jessie & Winnie Mercer boarded with Nobbs. Jessie Nobbs stay 1 year with Jane Mouat for High School.

Myrtle Nobbs worked at Boarding School

Charlie Nobb’s sister – Mrs. Bowers



SR – May 12/21. Streeten now on property. JN arrived on SSI @ 50.

SR – Sept 30/26 Mr. & Mrs. M. Norton, Los Angeles, visited brother Walter. First visit in 50 yrs.

D 19 Set, Reel 104 BCARS. Francis Norton died Mar 5/59. Founded NW Creamery 1912. See Mort Stratton article under Bittancourt. Driftwood, May 27/81 p. 17.






SR – Mar 17/21 owned Weston Lake & it was called Ohlson’s Lake in 1921.



1st engineer on Cy Peak



GR56 Box 28 File

1911-12 Constable SSI

Phone # Ganges Hbr.



SR – Deadman’s  Island owned by him July 2? 1941

See Goodman tape.



Built Gyves house – see Gyves tape

Buillt first W.I. (Fulford) Hall.



SR Sept 8/21 Mrs. P and son Willie take over Evans house on Bullock estate.

See Goodman tape SSIA.

W. Palmer – beekeeper 1918 BC Directory. Buried St. Mark’s SSI 187-1968.



Obit June 9/60 P.5



SR - June 25/25 re H. Fletcher, Ted Parsons (nephew) had arrived 1912.



SR – Mar 23/38 Silver Rose bowl from Ladies Aid on Silver Wedding ann.



SR – Oct 24/13 (Palau) drowned.



File 9B SS Seniors Project April, 1977.


Ellen Mary

1845-1923. Rev. Wilson felt she was put upon by her family. Ceased going to church when her horse and buggy were no longer safe with cars on the road. Lived near Blackburn Lake (later Twa house, destroyed by fire)



Oct 31/34, Myrtle marries Vic Bettis

Jan 6/35 Garfield P. marries.


Walter George

1889. 160 acres S of land on W. L Pollard. Lot 13-160 acres. Abandoned by Edward Lee. # 145

Perkins abandoned 1893. See Wilson diary re Mrs. Perkin’s coffin, etc.

Petersen (Peterson)


Info requested on this family 1900 until 1920-25, by Ann Tasker & Cliff Walker Te. 250-763-0460. 1019 Guisachan Rd., Kelowna V1Y 7X2.


Mr. & Mrs.

Came to SSI after Lacey’s, from Westwold. Built house where Grants lived on Isabella Pt. Rd. Clayton Hope – Mrs. P’s brother, lived in cabin over chicken house.



See Perkins



Bought from Longstaff ($2000 – back taxes) at age 13, Lotus worked at Pollocks B. Pt. Resort (1st resort or was Layards?)




Lotus Ruckle (nee Fraser) worked at PollocksSolimar after she left school. Solimar purchased from Longstaff.



Owned Solimar, bought from Longstaff.


Charles Homer

1884-1955 Anglican rector SSI Buried St. Mark’s cemetery.


Ernest Samuel

1857-1918 a retired engineer, died of umbilied hernie St. Mark’s cemetery.



See Memoirs, Elsie Charlesworth, nee Price. Augusta Price 1895-1980 (Gussie) buried St. Mark’s. A.R. Price 1885-1945.



Voter’s List: 1885-97 taught school. Boarded with Red Haslam at Steven.  1910 to England, married there 1911. SR – Mar 3/37 Mrs. Purdy obit.



Imbert Orchard Tape File 7 SSIA. Buried near Stowell Lake.

Purvis & Malcolm


See article – Ganges Inn. SR. SSIA.

Serves as arbitrator re Mouat claim 2ess. Papers 1898.



Post mail delivery, Beaver Pt. SR – June 10, 1959



SR – Nov 16/38 worked for Foord from 1873 for 20 yrs.



Shoemaker SSI.

Started huge fore fire 1932 when he got Naturalization papers (see Rankin’ file S.M.). Fire started at his property at Booth Bay – burned N. side much of Erskine.

Rames (Raynes)


Alf – wife left for California

Fred – 2 or 3 daughters, Ida, Minni, Flora; 1 sone. Carpenter –built part of McLenner house. Geo Laundry has info.



Sess. Papers 1900 re Ganges Hbr. Wharf.

See “Our Lives SSI”

SR – Jan 20/37 Alfred obit –82 yrs.

Raynes, Alf obit. Arrived 1882.



Gilbert Mouat lent him money to start logging at age 15. Gavin and his mother went to see Gilbert. “Is he reliable?” Gilbert asked. “Yes,” said his mother and Gavin got the money.



Looking after W.I. oak tree.

SR – Mar 22, 1939.



Worked at Ganges P.O.

Grace played with Cara Ringwood.

Lived in Eaton’s house on Ganges Hill, just above Drake Rd.

Ringwood Ward in old LMGIH.

Collected many artifacts from small bay over which store (Mouats) was built. List at B.C. Museum which he offered for sale.



SR – July 21/21 Owned 2500 acres at Cusheon Lake.

Feb 8/33 obit. 84 yrs. Had sheep ranch Cusheon Lake for 80 yrs. Dec 9, 1959.



Lived at a lake which still has his name officially, but now called Allan’s Lake. Roberts was a coloured minister who John Bennett told me about. SM.



See “Law & Order:

Undertaker, early thirties.

Gro 445 1918 Box 45 File 6.

Was constable 1913-1914 in Boundary Police District.



See Anglican Burial Records re: Mary.

Lydia, retarded, worked at Formby House. Had a baby, which she strangled. See Curtis letter re conditions at school. Formby House???



SR – Jan 6/21. Purchased Col. Craig’s estate, previously Fisher (now Hastings House).



Oct 26/38 Charles Peter married Florence Shepherd, Alberni.



Original Ruckle House (See Sue Mouat’s – card for layout of house)Building to right of kitchen – dairy – foundation only left. Two big chestnut trees, always tea table under one.

File 12A SSIA. The house, buildings and farming operation of Henry Ruckle SSIA (Parks’ publication )




Grandfather Fraser’s a photographer (Fraser Naugton)

2 sons in business. Grandfather a painter too. Gave up business. Lotus’ father went to Boston and took courses in dramatic art. Married an actress and they did rep. Theatre around New England. Wife died. Remarried went to BC. (Beaton?) Married widow with children. Her husband had been killed in train accident. She was given his jobs (PO, Recorder of claims, etc.) This second husband killed in dynamite storage shed blast. Assumed he had his pipe lit and an ash sparked explosion. Lotus, about 8 yrs. Old, remembers it well. Most windows in village broken. Mrs. Fraser remarries Mennkenick. Came to coast to ge away from mosquitoes in summer & cold winters. Had friend on SSI who told him about some property Bridgman was selling. Had a friend from Trout Lake who bred horses (Brantford) he and Hill had a property on Musgrave. Later most of horses went to front.



To Shaughnessy Military Hospital, 1942. See Lawson re whist drive CCF.

To New York via Panama. Dr. Helen, locum SR – Apr 3/35.




V.F.d-19, set1. Reel 126 Frame 2426

Constable. See Sessional papers BCAR 1872-75. See Rocky Sampson papers. 1875 see Sess. Paper Summoning jury, etc. Sampson, Lizzie, 3801.


Marshall & family

SR – Family arrives Jan 11/61


Jeremiah Chivers

Buried St. Marks cemetery

Shaw-John 1875 –1918, child of John & Margaret.

Shaw (later Walter) of Galiano. Came from Scotland to Galiano Island at age of 2 yrs. Later became a deckhand on CPR steamer, rose to become officer of CPR. First officer of Princess Sohpia when she was wrecked in Lynn Canal, Alaska with loss of all on board 343 men, women & children. See The Sinking of the Princess Sophia, Coates & Morrison, Oxford University Press, 1990.

Shaw, John 1832-1890 (consumption). See Wilson scrapbook and Margaret Shaw Walters writing SSIA.

His son-in-law donated SW corner of his property for St. Mark’s cemetery (son-in-law was Arthur Walters). John first burial in cemetery, 1890.

Shaw, Margaret, wife of above 1823-1920.



Bought Benson School, 129 Dean RD in 1931. School, 1927-31. Scoones returned to Galiano Island in 1936. Bennett family there until 1937. House sold to Tweedhope, BC policeman. Bennetts moved to Duckworth property, next door.



Taylor’s rented  Scoones house, also Verinder (early dentist)


Harold Wilfrid

Aged 26, drowned. See Smedley.


Mrs. Will

Maiden name “Innes”, very popular society girl in Victoria. Daughter – Maude Innis, called Tommy because a son wanted. Bob born later, Eileen escaped SSI by spending many months in Jubilee Hospital, later nursed by Tommy on SSI. Eileen joined SSI Dramatic Soc, but missed the stage, dancing, etc. in Victoria.



SR – Mar 10/21, Maude Scott joins Mouat Bros.

Scott, Harold – drowned with Smedley, 1898.



Carl wounded at Vimy Ridge, 48th Battalion- 2nd son, (Colonist Apr 27, 1917) Ran jam factory SSI.

Donald, 1st baby born on SSI in Landy Minto (nickname, Donkey). Carl’s father was Irsh nobleman. Raymond, Maureen (R.J.H. grad) Desmond, Jackie, Ralph—children of Carl.

See Garners “Never Fly over an Eagle’s Nest “

Didley, Carl’s brother, also Wilfred

Vera Seymour married Alf Nicolls (she was daughter of Wilfred)



SR – William S. (obit) Sept 15, 1937. See Gyves tape, SSIA.

R.C. p.9?

SR – Dec 2, 1959.



See Gyves tape.



Lived on point, Captain’s Cove. On ferries later. Lived in Fulford Harbour on property later owned by Mollie & Edward Lacy, Beaver Pt. Rd.




Blacksmith, Central SSI 1890 Voters’ list. See Parish , & Home. Buried St. Mark’s SSI.



House was originally owned by blacks. Two or three cabins added to one another. Mrs. Walket moved cabin from ridge to Rocky Bay (presnt site of new house). Owned by Green Wilkinson before 1914. 1924 Simsons came from Saturna where they had been 4½ yrs. They had farmed at Maple Ridge for 17 yrs. Lost pigs, greenhouses in flash flood, 1919.


George Frederich

Aged 22. See window over altar, St. Mark’s church and Mr. Wilson’s diary. Parish and Home





SR – obit Sept 4/35 84yrs.

SR – obit Jan 11/33 59yrs. Came to SSI 1903, retired 1926.



May 12, 1895, aged 76.



G.I. 1881-1908. Aged 30, labourer, accidentally shot himself. June 8/08 Buried St. Mark’s.


Lt. Col. & Mrs. A.B.

Veteran of the Boar War. After WWI was stationed at Saint John, NB in charge of cadets. Moved to SSI to retire because married daughter here (see Hoole). Son, Jim Snow, now living in Powell River (2001) Te. 604-483-4169.



Builder, F. H. Planned Norman Willson’s addition, 1912.



See Gyves tape.

SR – Jan 20/37 Sparrow J.C. obit.

SR – Feb. 3/37 Emil Sparrow obit. Brother of Mrs. Dick Maxwell.



1828-1897 aged 68. Tailor from Orkney Islands, died of stomach cancer. Buried St. Mark’s, SSI.



SR – Mar 26/36, Eric married Alice Campbell


John P.

1855-1927 (brother of Cecil)



Saanich voters’ list 1874-98 (Virgin, VE)?



1860-1941. Buried St. Mark’s cemetery. Anne Louise 1864-1956. Buried St. Mark’s cemetery.



SR – obit. School teacher, lived on Kingfisher site



SR – obit. Aug 23, 1939. Ron Lee’s mother-in-law.



SR – Aug 25/21 obit. Engaged to Decie Beddis before war. She nursed him after return.



Shaved Jesse James when he was a barber on Mississippi Riverboat.

Friesen & Ralston p.XIX Howay.

Friesen & Ralston p. 181-182.

Colonist Aug 14, 1896 p. 8. Aug 23/96 p.1. Sept 1/96.

CB 30 71K St2 Correspondence inward from Louis Stark – 3 letters 1869,1870.

Driftwood Series by Mort Stratton, Nov. 7-14th, 1979 re Stark family.



Tape BCARS 3931, 1 & 2.



Arrived 1883 – Cowh May 4/11

Tape BCARS 3931, 1 & 2.

SR – obit Jan 16, 1919

SR – Dec. 16, 1959 first horses


Betty (Scoones)


Lived in big house on Dean Road. It had been Benson’s School. Three huge dorms with stone fireplaces. Rev. Popham came to Formby House and taught scripture. Remembers Miss Dean singing, “Run on home, nigger” to them. Betty graduated VGH, 1946, UBC, 47.


Dr. William

Bella Coola Courier, Oct 23/15.  Appointed physician in charge of hospital. Had been there a number of years. Was recipient of 19 medals, a scholarship, numerous prizes (usually instruments). Had R.N. on hospital staff for first time.

Mar 3, 1917 – to Victoria for 2 weeks. Wm Sutherland enlisted in navy at Esquimalt, going on active service on Atlantic patrol.

June 26/17 Wm. Sutherland discharges back in Bella Coola (T.B.)

Oct 6/17 Every bridge for 60 miles washed away. Paper ceased publishing. Townsite wrecked – all roads gone.


Dr. Eva

Ted B. said she first rented old Best house then moved up hill to house later owned by Dr. Rush.

Joan Milner said, Dr. S was great friend of her mother, Mrs. Hardy. Mrs H lived on SSI with Dr. S. when Joan was in training at VanGH. She acted as receptionist, etc for Dr. S, who was deaf. Dr. S, graduate of Edinburgh, honour student. Married Dr. Snowball, had practice in Liverpool. He was very high strung, became drug addict and disappeared. Eva had nervous breakdown, saw Harley St. doctor who said she had brain tumour, 6 mths to live. Hired detective, found husband in Bella Coola, where he died. Took over his practice, met Sutherland (officer on Brit. Navy ship). Had him for pt with TB. They moved South for better climate. Didn’t get along with Dr. Lawson. Eva drove little car right down the middle of road. She was tubby and had 3 pairs glasses pinned to blouse. Mrs. H. came in 1926. Eva loved to entertain, had 100 prs of shoes, lots of Japanese help. Eva gave up practice when Mrs. H left in 1930. Billie S. buried SSI. Eva died in Victoria.

SR – May 26/27William S obit 47 yrs old



See Barry Cotton’s article under Box #39, S. Mouat Box



Carpenter. Lived on Rainbow Rd. House burned in Nov. 1953.

SR – Jan 20, 1954. He & his wife both musicians, played for many dances.



SR – Aug 30/17 Percy Beech rented Tolson house. Possible Public School site. Mr. & Mrs. A Elliot moved from Central to Tolson’s house.

SR – July 19/28 Passenger & Frank Crofton at Burgoyne when car backed over rail on wharf.

SR – Sept 15/37 Eleanor Rhodes Tolson (Mrs. Len) obit. Tape from Megan Davies Aural History BCARS, copy in SSIA.

W.M. MouatJane & son, Gilbert, purchased property from Malcom & Purvis, previously owned by Leonard Tolson who had got it from brother Charles.



Charlie took Van Alvanstein fruit to Sydney Cannery in his bout, The Hunter. Jessie Nobbs. Liberty Hall was cabin on edge of ravine. Bert & Charles (twins) Tom Frank and Fred. Built a barn, accidentally burned it down 2 wks later. Hopeless farmers, argued all night, slept all day.

Toynbee, Charles Arthur, buried St. Mark’s 1887-1961.



Operated a store at F.H. wharf briefly about 1907-08. Later he sold the building. Mr. McBride although it was not operated as a store until 1930 by Mrs. Patterson. The Paterson family had been selling groceries out of their feed shed on the dock. Mr. Patterson would bring stock over from his Beaver Pt. Store. Mr. Cudmore built at store on the present site of café. It operated from 1930. Across Morningside. Cudmore operated a garage where Patterson’s store now stands. See Gyves tape.



SR – Jan 18/33 Maj. Turner & Len Cropper return to Piers Island (worked at jail)

Major Frank Cecil 1868-1952

Mrs. Elizabeth Susan 1883-1954 both buried St. Mark’s.

Turned Vanc. Grain and Mercantile building (latterly, White Elephant, then Spoke Folk) into ladies wear store, across from Trading Co. Driving sheds. Later moved to new building south of Pharmacy, run by daughter, Nora Kropinski and her husband. Rats a problem in first store.



SR – July 10/24 Died 64 yrs at WM Mouat house. 2 brothers in Victoria. 20 yrs. On SSI. Sold out chicken farm to Hoole & Butterfield.



BC Police, SSI.

Feb 2/28 moved to Rev. Dean’s property, recently occupied by C. W. Baker family (Nancy Patterson’s parents). Obit 51 yrs. SSIA.

SR – Sept 23/36 Tweedhope arrives

SR – July 7/37 Tweedhope moves to Courtney.




Van Alvanstein


Van Alvanstein booklet on subdivision to SSIA.





F. A. (?) Franklin

Cemetery at Central (Union Cem) has grave 1869. W. M. Mouat said he was killed by Indians in 1867.

Walker Hook & Walker Rock


Trincomali Channel. After Edward Walker, one of the earliest residents of Nanaimo, employed marine service, HB. Born N. England 1826. Came to coast 1851. In 1859 with Dr. Benson bought Stephen’s schooner changed the name to Nanaimo Packet, schooner Merlin became Victoria Packet, sloop Flora for coasting trade. Walker in charge of Nanaimo Packet. In 1859 schooner Alpha built for coasting trade. Walker told Capt. Richards of survey ship Plumper about rock and so it was named after him in 1859. Stone beacon on rock 1865. Light 1900.



SR – Nov 11/31. Mrs. Winnifred obit 58yrs.


E. & R.



Dr. Edwards

18 Kildare Ct. Renforth, St. John, NB E2H 1C4 Walter, Mary – see letter, corres, file, S. Mouat box.



SR – Aug 19/20 Arthur Ward drowned in Ganges Hbr. A sister, Mrs. Cecil Walter, in Crofton. Wards had lived in Crofton before coming to SSI in 1903. Daughter Valdez, married widower Ernest Crofton (1st wife, Mary Bullock, Harry’s sister)



Worked for VanAlvanstein and eventually bought him out.



SR – June 7/33, 20 yrs in Queen Charlottes. Team of oxen took out spruce for planes before WWI. Then to Barkerville. Ran early movies Mahon & Fulford Halls. Grandparents of Gladys Campbell, Patterson family.



Nee Scott. See Diary, SR – Apr 27/36.



Working for E. Walters and for Conery (Ted Brown)



SR – Feb 10/37, Bertram W. M. (obit). Gertie Ritchie – Greenwoods resident, had been Mrs. Welfare.



SR – Sept 13/28, William obit (85 yrs.)

SR – Aug 9/33 J.Robert W house burns.

SR – Oct 17/34 Ronald Whims (child) obit

SR – June 4/26 Wick Whims obit.

Anglican Burial Reports – Rose Ellen 16 yrs. 1901.

Bertha Whims 15 yrs 1901.


Hiriam & William

William’s grandson, Sanderson 642-5587. Seeks parentage of grandmother, raised at St. Ann’s from age of 4 (1881). Telephone conversation with Mrs. Terry Sanderson, Sept, 2000.



See Charles worth Memoirs, SSIA.



SR – June 18/41, visited school.



Used to own Shaw farm, S SaltSpring. Bob Akerman said his father used to swim with Wilson boys 1880-90. Granddaughter of Mary Wilson in Archives SSI July 2000 – Mrs. Sallie McMartrie, The Birches Heronsgate, Rickmansworth, Herts, UK. WD3SDE Tel 01923 282598. See Charles Curtis.



Blacksmith at Burgoyne. Same Wilson as owned Shaw farm?



1924-1943 Buried St. Mark’s. Wilson Bishop, 1897-1961 (father) buried St. Mark’s.



SR – May 26/21. N. Wilson visits James Island.

SR – Nov 3/21 returns to Barnsbury.

June 24/26, Mrs. E. F. W. dies in Victoria.

1918, BC Directory, Harbour House Summer Hotel M. W. Wilson property.



Buried St. Mark’s cemetery. Parents of Adrien Wolfe-Milner.






See under Lee.





Indian Charlie

SR – Mar 15/23 Missing with wife Mary one week.