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McLennan Family

Alexander McLennan was living in Victoria in 1880, when Mr. Henry Ruckle came into the shop where he was working and mentioned that a neighbour of his had passed away leaving his pre-emption available. Alexander came to Beaver Point with Henry Ruckle and was shown the land, which he very soon pre-empted in his own name, naming it Glenshiel Farm after his birth parish in the Scottish Highlands. By 1882 a house was prepared and Elizabeth McLennan and their two little sons were settled in.  The family eventually grew to four sons and four daughters.

Alexander and Elizabeth McLennan were community minded and contributing citizens of Salt Spring Island. Alexander was Beaver Point Post Master for a number of years and Justice of the Peace for several years.  He was one of the trustees and founders of Beaver Point School and school board secretary for many years. Elizabeth offered solace and nourishment to those in need.

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Alexander McLennan Alexander McLennan Elizabeth (Dunn) McLennan Robert Ewen McLennan Alexander Edward McLennan
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Alexander, Ewen and Ellen McLennan McLennan Family Portrait 99049007.jpg Robert Murray McLennan Murray McLennan
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McLennan Family McLennan Family Douglass and Murray 99049013 Murray McLennan
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A family gathering
McLennans and Neighbours 99049017 99049018.jpg 99049019.jpg
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Cutting the hay on Glenshiel Farm Poppa going fishing Alexander McLennan Robert Ewen McLennan Alexander Edward McLennan
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Ellen Jane McLennan Ellen Douglass Stewart McLennan Jessie Brethour McLennan Anne Elizabeth McLennan
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Anne Elizabeth McLennan Margaret Christina McLennan Maggie and Anne Bea and Maggie Anne and Maggie, with their mother, Elizabeth
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Canoeing on Cusheon Lake m010 m011 m012  
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