Pappenberger Family Genealogy PappenbergerPappenberger

George PAPPENBERGER was the eldest of 5 children born in Marktheindenfeld, Bavaria.
The names of his parents are not known. His brothers and sisters were:

Walter Pappenberger
Thomas Pappenberger
John Pappenberger
Girl Pappenberger


Pappenberger Family of Salt Spring Island

George Pappenberger immigrated to Vancouver Island in 1857 from Bavaria. He married a native woman from Cowichan and had 2 sons: Thomas and John.
In 1886, Thomas Pappenberger moved to Salt Spring Island and had a son with Emma Purser. Thomas left almost immediately to work on the sealing ships. He drowned in 1904 when the ship Triumph sank. There is no indication that he ever lived with Emma and the son.
His son, John Pappenberger, carried the name Siinusustun, and married Mary Ann Pielle (Q'ut'q'it), from Puneluxutth (Penelakut) on Kuper Island. They had 8 children. John was the first mail carrier for Beaver Point.

    Born: 1832, Bavaria
    Died: 1880, Pennsylvania (source: 2, 3, 4, 5)
    Spouse: Unknown [5 children]
    Born: Cowichan
1.  Thomas Pappenberger 1864 m. Mary Emma Purser
2. John Pappenberger 1866 m. Mary Ann Pielle
3.  Leonilla Pappenberger 1867 - 1880  
4.  Annie Pappenberger 1869 - 1883  
5.  Cathelina Pappenberger 1876  

  1. Thomas Pappenberger (son of George Pappenberger of Bavaria)
    Born: 1864, Victoria
    Died: 1904, Aboard ship "Triumph" (source: 6)
    Spouse: Mary Emma Purser [1 child]
    Born: 20 Jul 1870, Saltspring Is
    Died: 07 Aug 1952, North Vancouver 1952-09-007866, B13212

The Triumph, a 72 foot schooner, set sail 12 Jan 1904. She was last seen 28 Feb and found wrecked on Cape Cook with all hands lost, including Thomas Pappenberger and Arthur Pallow. After the drowning death of Thomas Pappenberger, his wife Emma (Purser) married Joseph Edward Tahouney (born 1869 in USA). They had one child, Joseph Henry Tahouney, born 1889, Saltspring Island. When Emma married for a third time, to George Douglas, she already had another son, Chester, born 1897. Chester went by the surname of Douglas.


Arthur Pappenberger
Born: 04 Jul 1886, Saltspring Is (source: 7)
Died: 10 Mar 1930, Campbell River 1930-09-432814, B13138
Spouse: #1 - Susannah Jane Williams [4 children]
Born: 09 Feb 1892, Saltspring Is 1892-09-905713, B13813
Married: 19 Apr 1909, Victoria 1909-09-018365, B11369
Died: 17 Oct 1973, Vancouver 1973-09-014444, B13327
Spouse: #2 - Mae Fletcher [2 children]

Arthur Pappenberger spent his working life as a high rigger in the logging industry. At the time of his death his residence was listed as the Lamb Lumber Co, Menzies Bay. He was buried at Sandwick, BC. The informant was his son, Roderick Pappenberger, of Menzies Bay.

At age 23, Arthur married Susannah Jane Williams, age 18, of Victoria. She was working at the Owl Restaurant in Victoria. She was the daughter of George Williams and Henrietta Susanna Emma Trage.

Susan left Arthur when their daughter Juanita was only 5 years old, about 1918. Arthur had 2 more children with Mae Fletcher. When Mae left, Juanita had to quit school to take care of the little boys. Arthur died when Juanita was just passed 16 years old.


Lillian Margaret Pappenberger
Born: 14 Jun 1909, Saltspring Is
Died: 04 Jun 1976, Fulford Harbour 1976-09-009103, B13352
Spouse: Wilfred Harry Kitchen
Born: 18 Dec 1896, England
Married: 27 Jun 1927, New Westminster 1927-09-324792, B13754
Died: 19 Apr 1966, Victoria 1966-09-005726, B13277

Lillian Margaret Kitchen is buried at Fulford Roman Catholic Cemetery. Informant was her son Alfred Leslie Kitchen, 50 Crease St, Victoria.
Wilfred Harry Kitchen immigrated to Canada at the age of 12, approx 1908. At the time of his death, his address was RR1, Fulford Harbour. He is buried at St. Paul's Cemetery, Fulford Harbour. Informant was his son Alfred Leslie Kitchen of 1015 Brock, Langford.


Baby Boy Pappenberger
Born: 1910
Died: 25 Jun 1911, Saltspring Is


Roderick Horace Pappenberger
Born: 25 Oct 1911, Saltspring Is
Died: 23 Apr 1975, Vancouver 1975-09-006894, B13341


Juanita Janice Pappenberger
Born: 28 Jul 1913, Saltspring Is
Spouse: Lawrence Ernest Warburton
Born: 16 Mar 1910, Eng
Married: 30 Dec 1936, Vancouver
Died: 02 Jan 1958, Van 1958-09-001139, B13235

Lawrence Ernest Warburton was the son of Henry George Warburton and Ruth Shore, both of England. He immigrated to Canada with his family, at age 2, approx 1912. He was self-employed as a carpenter and lived for 45 years in the Province of BC. He is buried at Ocean View Cemetery in Burnaby. Informant was his brother W.C. Warburton of 1275 Government Road, Burnaby.


Lesley F Pappenberger
Born: 02 Apr 1919, Haney


Laurence Pappenberger
Born: 11 Jun 1922, Haney
Died: 25 Jun 1972, Campbell River 1972-09-009989. B1331

Laurence Pappenberger worked as a logger. His residence at time of death was 2790 Vargo Road, Campbell River. He is buried at the Campbell River Cemetery. There is no headstone: Section F, Division 7, Highway 19 Cemetery, Campbell River. Informant was his brother Lesley Pappenberger, of the same address.

Mae Fletcher Pappenberger left Arthur and her 2 little boys. After Arthur was killed in 1930, Juanita, Rod and the 2 boys went to live with their Grandma Douglas on Lasqueti Island. May tried to see the boys but Grandma Douglas wouldn't let her.

Note: Susannah Jane (Williams) Pappenberger remarried in Vancouver
Spouse: Christian Sigfred Morten [3 children]
Born: 15 Feb 1889, Denmark
Died: 26 Jan 1959, Vancouver 1959-09-002315, B13240

Christian Morten immigrated to Canada from Denmark at the age of 29, approx 1918. He spent 40 years in Canada, the last 35 of them in the Province of BC. He worked many years as a seaman for Union Steamships in Vancouver. At the time of death, his residence was listed as 3026 - East 3rd Ave, Vancouver. He is buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Burnaby. Informant was his wife Susan Jane Williams of 3026 - East 3rd Ave, Vancouver.

William Christian Morten
Born: 04 Jan 1927, Vancouver
Died: 30 Jun 1951, Vancouver 1951-09-006832, B13208

William Morten was employed as a seaman for Coastal Boats of Vancouver. At the time of death, his residence was listed as 3026 - East 3rd Ave, Van. He is buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Burnaby. Informant was his father C. Morten, 3026 - East 3rd Ave, Van.

Thelma Morten
Born: 1929
Spouse: Harry Nemeth
They had 3 children: Gary, Susan, and Neil Nemeth


Sigfred Morten
Born: 18 Oct 1930, Vancouver
Married 22 May 1954
Spouse: Monica Nolan

They had 5 children: Brigid Morten 1955
  Patrick Morten 1956
  Daniel Morten 1958
  Monica Morten 1960
  Eric Morten 1964



John Pappenberger (son of George Pappenberger of Bavaria)
Born: 08 Oct 1866, Victoria
Died: 03 Jun 1960, Saltspring Is 1960-09-007644, B13247
Spouse: Mary Ann Pielle [8 children]
Born: 1866, Kuper Is (Penelakut Indian Band)
Married: Jun 1889 (source: 8)
Died: 11 Dec 1959, Ganges 1959-09-015290, B13245
John Pappenberger was a farmer at Beaver Point, Saltspring Is, and also the first mail carrier from Beaver Point (source: 9). He was buried at St. Paul's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Fulf ord Harbour. The informant was his son Thomas Pappenberger of Beaver Point.

Mary Ann Pielle was born on Kuper Island. At the time of death her residence was listed as Beaver Point, Saltspring Island. She is buried at Fulford Harbour Roman Catholic Cemetery. Informant was her son Thomas Pappenberger of Beaver Point.

2.1 Thomas Arthur Pappenberger 1887 m. Josephine Silseemult
2.2 Arthur Pappenberger 1890
2.3 Annie Lena Pappenberger 1894 - 1910
2.4 George Richard Pappenberger 1899 - 1900
2.5 Walter John Pappenberger 1901 m. Laura Fraser
2.6 Mary Pappenberger 1905 m. Dennis Underwood
2.7 Jerome George Pappenberger 1909 - 1956 m. Doris Irene Johnson
2.8 Richard Pappenberger 1911 m. Nancy Lazzar


Thomas Arthur Pappenberger
Born: 13 May 1887, Kuper Is
Died: 19 Nov 1976, Ganges 1976-09-017299, B13356
Spouse: Josephine Silseemult [2 children]
Died: Pre 1976

Thomas Pappenberger worked most of his life as a logger. X\t the time of death, his residence was Rainbow Road, Ganges. He is buried in the Ganges Cemetery. Informant was his daughter Dorothy Monti of Lake Cowichan.

2.1.1 Unknown Pappenberger
09 Jan 1927 Stillbirth, Duncan, BC 1927-09-379058, B13130
2.1.2 Dorothy Pappenberger
Spouse: Mr. Monti


Arthur Pappenberger
Born: 1890


Annie Lena Pappenberger
Born: 18 Jun 1894
Died: 22 Oct 1910, Saltspring Is 1910-09-023721, B13081


George Richard Pappenberger
Born: 1899
Died: 23 Aug 1900, Saltspring Is 1900-09-013997, B13079


Walter John Pappenberger
Born: 1901, Saltspring Is
Died: 05 Dec 1965, Sidney " 1965-09-015062, B13275
Spouse: Laura Fraser
Died: Pre 1965

Walter John Pappenberger was a fisherman. Prior to his death he lived at Beaver Point. He is buried at St. Paul's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Fulford Harbour. Informant was his brother, Thomas Pappenberger of Ganges.


Mary Pappenberger
Born: 1905, Saltspring Is
Spouse: Dennis Underwood
Born: 1900, Duncan, BC
Married: 18 Oct 1925 1925-09-009901, B13891


Jerome George Pappenberger
Born: 1909
Died: 1956
Spouse: Doris Irene Johnson
Born: 04 Sep 1914, Port Simpson
Died: 08 Sep 1945, Duncan 1945-09-667318, B13188

Doris Irene Johnson Pappenberger was a housewife, living at Beaver Point at the time of her death. She is buried at Fulford Harbour. Informant was her husband J.&. Pappenberger of Beaver Point.


Richard Pappenberger
Born: 11 Dec 1911, Saltspring Is
Died: 31 Jul 1975, Victoria 1975-09-020006, B13348
Spouse: Nancy Lazzar
Born: 14 Aug 1910, Sooke
Died: 03 Nov 1931, Victoria 1931-09-451732, B13141

Richard Pappenberger spent his life as a fisherman. Prior to his death his residence was 501 Pandora Ave, Victoria. He is buried at St. Paul's Catholic Cemetery, Fulford Harbour. Informant was his niece Bernice J. Sam of 15 Cooper Road, Esquimalt.

Nancy Lazzar was the daughter of Andrew Lazzar and Annie Jones of Sooke. Death registration shows she died of TB at age 21. Prior to her death, her residence was Saltspring Island. She is buried at Sooke, BC. Informant was her mother Annie Jones Lazzar of Sooke.


My name is Pat Morten, second child and first son of Sigfred and Monica Morten. Both they, and Sig's sister and her husband, have passed on. Here are their dates of passing

Harry L. Nemeth - June 4, 2003
Mary Monica Morten (Nolan) - December 9, 2004
Thelma Christine Nemeth (Morten) - November 26, 2008
Sigfred George Morten - July 11, 2010