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“Her Story: Salt Spring’s Early Woman Artists”

Gwen RuckleThe next meeting of the Historical Society on Wednesday, April 11th at Central Hall, features Salt Spring Arts Council visiting curator Regan Shrumm. She will present her research on the histories and artwork of four early female artists of Salt Spring Island, discussing how their art intertwined with their community work, and how work like this continues to build community today.
Shrumm’s recent curator in residence exhibition “Forgotten Females of Salt Spring Island” at the Salt Spring Public Library showcased some of the paintings and sculptures created by local women who preceded the famous influx of artists to the Island in the 1960s. Florence Walter, Sophie Purser King, Jessie Beryl Weatherell, and Mary Gwendolyn Ruckle were all self-taught in their art forms, working in various mediums from watercolour and oil, to sculpture, knitting and installations of flowers. “The main connecting factor between all four women is that they all built communities on Salt Spring through their artistic practices. However, the way that each individual woman built their community was very different from each other.” (Regan Shrumm, “Forgotten Females of Salt Spring Island” pg.5).
Join us at Central Hall, 2pm on Wednesday April 11th for this special focus on some of the early women artists of Salt Spring and their stories of building community and belonging.
Free to attend, all are welcome.

All are welcome.
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