We have a collection of photos from a Mary Lee Girvin. Mary Lee Girvin spent some time on Salt Spring Island and then moved to Ladysmith, She had a photographic studio.


Does anyone recognise anybody on "Ganges School Board"

2007040001 2007040002 2007040003 2007040004
2007040001.jpg 2007040002.jpg 2007040003.jpg 2007040004.jpg


anything on "Beaver Point"

2007040010 2007040011 2007040012 2007040013
2007040010.jpg 2007040011.jpg 2007040012.jpg 2007040013.jpg
2007040014 2007040015 2007040016 2007040017
2007040014.jpg 2007040015.jpg 2007040016.jpg 2007040017.jpg


Many of these photos are in very poor condition.