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Lesson 7: Timelines

Time Required: 4 lessons


Timelines are an important visual organizer in history studies. In this unit students will examine a variety of timelines, construct their own personal timeline and a Salt Spring history timeline. A focus will be on developing an understanding of the concept of historical significance: what is placed on a time line and why it is considered important.

Lesson Prep

Activity 1

Timelines Intro

This site has many timelines that can be printed, e.g. food, music, the history of many countries:

This site contains a technology timeline:

Each group reports their findings to the class

Discuss why particular events were picked. Hypothesize as to what criteria was used in their inclusion.

Activity 2: Personal Timelines

Activity 3: World Timelines

The teacher may want to add key events to the class list.

Activity 4: Salt Spring Timelines

After studying the photos ask them to decide on the most important 10 events and include reasons why.

This should include a lot of discussion.

Teacher Resources

Salt Spring Timelines Photographs