Timeline Unit
Part 2 Salt Spring Community Timeline
Time Required: 2 periods
Introduction: You live in a community of people and other organisms. What is the history of that community? How has it changed over time? In this activity you will read about the history of Salt Spring Island and choose the most significant events, the ones which have had an effect on the area, and record them on a measured graph, a timeline.

Part A Preparing the Timeline
With a partner, tape two pieces of unlined paper together vertically. Prepare a timeline as for the personal history assignment with a scale of 1 centimeter equals 10 years. Start the timeline at the year 1700 with the aboriginal people, end it in 2005. Add at least 15-20 main events.
Part B Collecting the Information
1. On the internet go to the website www.saltspringarchives.com
2. Click on “A Brief History of the Island.” Read this page, making notes for specific years for your timeline. If the two books mentioned at the bottom of the page are available use them as well.
3. Go to “Key dates as compiled by Charles Kahn,” Read down this list. Choose only significant items. Add to your timeline.

Evaluation Criteria:
/10 timeline drawn to scale with units neatly marked
/10 accurate scale recorded
/10 at least10 detailed events
/10 neat organized work
/10 title, date, name

/50 Total