Family Tree Unit

Part 2 Family Tree of An Early Settler
Time Required: 2 periods and homework research

Introduction: You have constructed a family tree which puts you “into history.” In this project you will make a family tree of an early Salt Spring settler. You will also compare the pioneer’s settlement experience to your family’s historic experience.

Guiding questions:
1. How early did this pioneer come to the island?
2. Where in the world did he or she come from?
3. What kinds of challenges did were faced? (language, hard work, weather, relationships with neighbours or original peoples, travel, food, water, etc.)
4. How does their experience and background compare to your own?
1. From the Salt Spring Island archives website,, choose a family for research. Read about this family from as many sources as you can and make notes as you read about which parents had which children.
2. Plan out a rough draft of a family tree. Start with the pioneer.
Write full names, including maiden names, of both sides of the family. Include middle names and maiden names.
3. Show as many generations as possible. (See how far back you can go.)
4. Give each person's birth and, if appropriate, death dates.
5. Show where each person lived on Salt Spring Island.
6. Record each person's religion.
7. Record other relevant details about the family, perhaps on separate pages.
7. On your poster add pictures family members if possible.
Rough notes due: _________________________
Presentation Due Date: ____________________.
Evaluation Criteria: You will be graded on the following:
/40 final poster which represents your research of names, dates, etc.
/20 use of class time
/20 presentation of your poster, with reference to the guiding questions /10 your honest self evaluation after you finished
/10 your participation in the presentations of others