Family Tree Unit
Part 1 Personal Family Tree Poster
Time Required: 2 periods and homework research

Though we live in the country of Canada, we have mostly all come here from somewhere else. Some students may have just moved here from Europe, from Asia, from Africa. Your ancestors, unless you are native to Canada, have moved here sometime in the past from somewhere else in the world.

Definition: A family tree is a visual representation of the connections between generations. There are many ways to show these connections.

In this project you will examine your origins, as far back into European, South American, African or Asian time periods as you can go. Doing this puts you “into history.” It also sets the scene for study of other cultures. You will probably find out some very interesting things about your family. You will have to speak to or write some of your relatives. In this project you will set down some information which you might save for your next generation!

Directions for the poster project:
1. Plan out a rough draft of a family tree. Start with your self and your brothers and sisters. If your family is complicated include whatever parts you want but remember the point of the project is to record your direct ancestors as far back in history as you can.
Write full names, including maiden names, of both sides of the family. For example, if your mother married and changed her name include her maiden name and her married name. Include all middle names. Another point of the project is to see how many Family Names you are connected to. You may find ancestors in your class you didn’t know you had!
2. Show as many generations as possible. (See how far back you can go.)
3. Give each person's birth and, if appropriate, death dates.
4. Show where each person lived.
5. Record each person's religion.
6. Record other relevant details about some of your family, briefly beneath their name or on separate pages.
7. On your poster add pictures of some family members.

Rough notes due: _________________________
Presentation Due Date: ____________________.

Evaluation Criteria and value: You will be graded on the following:
/50 the final poster which represents your research of names, pictures, etc.
/20 the use of class time
/10 the presentation of your poster
/10 your honest self evaluation after you finished
/10 your participation in the presentations of others, including questions and evaluations