_ _ Village Jan'y 1863

Dear Friend,
I have arrived at last - in this place after spending 8 or 10 days in Birmingham among the manufactures. I have purchased a quantity of goods on which I can do well. In fact I have purchased so much that I have almost run myself out of money as I left to be sold in New York a quantity of peas - the proceeds of which I expected to find before me in Aberdeen but on arriving behold no funds had come to hand hence I am left in a fix if no speedy relief comes to hand. I wrote to George for the loan of 15 or 20 pounds from Birmingham about the 2 or 3 of this month. I directed the letter Chatham. I hope he has received it as I shall be in a pretty fix if he has not got it and fails to remitt me, as I shall be receiving a quantity of goods this spring it will be necessary to have all old scores settled up and as I have a small debt which I owe to Patten & Co of old which I suppose he will compromise for 5 pounds I would feel obliged if you would spare that amt. so as to have the thing settled before I come. I entrusted its management with John Le (ys or gs) - and if you would deposit that amt. with him for me I will pay you on coming out. I suppose you will be expecting to hear a great deal about this country. All I can say is that I am tired of it and wish I were home again. About me & Mr Wishert (sic) you want to hear something. He is a smart good workman but the way times are it is impossible for him to do more than keep things square. My father and I are living in one room at present and you may guess it did him good to see me although his fare is not the best he seems happy & contented. He lives plainly here. If not so he would not be so well. He is very thankful to Margaret for the presents sent. Wishert is a man resembling very much Julian Davison in fact they are in every particular as like as two peas and when you see the one you can calculate what the other is like. Provisions are prodigiously high here at present 4 lb loaf 10d oatmeal 25/half yet there is no proportional rise in labour hence the harder the times. I was 38 days in coming to Liverpool and the voyage was rough and stormy and I have been bad with a cold caught on it for several weeks. As you requested I visited Edinburgh to make the necessary enquiries about your property and spent several days in it on that account. I am happy to be able to inform you that I was fortunate enough to find out (from) Mr Miller the property in GrassMarket/Dewertown and see your uncle William but I am inclined to believe that little or none of the property belongs legally to him. Bye the bye Mr Miller showed me that great legal Document the receipt for the 50 pounds and it is with pleasure that I am able to inform you that it is no final Instrument at all as it was not done on stamped paper neither is there any witnesses attached to it. Indeed it is a curious looking Instrument to debar an honest person from his rights. The only names to it are James Robert & William Chisholm. First is James and then is the other two below it, but not in the place of witnesses, as all that corner - the left hand below the word witness is torn out, you may rest assured there is no legality in it. Miller sent your uncle word that I had come to town regarding the property so accordingly he payed (sic) me a visit at my hotel but it was a short one & it was painful to see how little he seems to care about his brother's welfare or how little he seems to want to know about his conserns (sic). The few moments he stayed with me was mostly consumed in talking about the property and vindicating himself & Brother from any blame. Indeed he and Millar wanted to conceal all they could by giving incorrect and equivocative answers to my enquiries. I spoke to an able and distinguished la(w)yer (sic) in Edinburgh about it who seems to think that the Document is useless - his name is Mr Raymer of the firm of Scott Raymer&Scott. He is a most honourable person I am informed, Residence 38 Frederick St., Edinburgh. Give him the whole details and he will tell you what can be done.
I am thinking of going out by the Glasgow on the middle of next month if the fund arrive in time. If not I should be stuck as I have been dissappointed (sic) from New York.
If George has not been residing at Chatham write to him acquainting him of my case - as I directed my letter to that place. My expences going to Edinburgh has been about 5 dollars. I am making arrangements with parties here so that I shall be able to buy any quantity of wheat or peas in your neighbourhood when I go out.

Yours truly
Jonathan Begg

Bye the bye I forgot to mention that it was my honour of drinking some of the Royal Lochni_ _ whisky out of the glass Her Majesty Queen Victoria did take a sip at the distillery. Now much it improved its flavour to be sure. I spent the other evening with Mr Begg & family on that notable occasion. Snow storms hear (sic) has been dreadful and half the folkies (sic) in the highlands was nearly buried I have bought a New Zealand mammal for you