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The Beddis Family

Samuel Beddis, his wife Emily, their five children and brother-in-law, Raffles Purdy, left San Francisco in 1884 in search of a home in Canada.  They purchased a sloop in Victoria, B.C. but an unfortunate storm created havoc for them.  They found themselves doing repairs in North Saanich and, in the company of a Mr. Henry Ruckle, a farmer from Salt Spring Island. 

Mr. Ruckle raved about the fine farming land to be found on Salt Spring Island and the Beddis family decided to take a look.  They sailed into the little bay off what is now known as Beddis Road, liked what they saw and filed a claim for 140 acres of land.  Using foresight, they had brought fruit tree seeds with them and set about planting an orchard.  By 1890, this orchard was flourishing.

Today, descendants of the Beddis family still farm the land that Samuel and Emily first homesteaded.

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audio Don Cunningham speaks about the Purdy - Beddis Families