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The Stuart Family
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He was born July 30, 1873, the son of Charles Stuart and Emma Eliza Radford, in Sheffield, England. On March 25, 1894 he married Kate Ellen Hulley. They had seven children (that lived) Kate Ethel, Charles, Herbert Leonard, Florence Lilian (Janet's mother who married John Hayne), James William, Stanley and Douglas. Charles Stuart immigrated to Canada in 1904, settling in Winnipeg. He brought the family over in 1905, including the first four children who were born in England. Charles Stuart, like his father, was a "Cooper", but after moving to Canada he worked in the sheet metal and tin smith trades.

Kate Ellen died in 1929, and he subsequently married (we are not sure of the date) a woman who had been their housekeeper, Janet P McDonald (the Janet P on the copy you gave us). She was loved by the family and my wife Janet was named after her.

Sometime after my wife was born in 1940 he moved to the home on Saltspring Island. Janet does not think he built it, although the one he had built in Winnipeg in 1905 is still standing. he dammed the creek on the north east edge of the property and built a large pond in which he kept Trout. He also built a large water tower which was fed by the creek, so the house had running water.

He also loved to "Lawn Bowl" and built a Lawn Bowl "alley" on the North corner of the house. We could still see this strip when we took pictures of the current property from the road. One of the other things we noticed is the concrete sidewalk he had built to the front door is still there, or least the current one is the same shape with a bend to the left in the middle.

The earliest photograph we have is dated 1944, although most are 1948 or 1949 (dates will be on them along with a description). Charles died in 1949 and Janet P within a couple years sold the Saltspring home and moved back to her native Scotland.

As my wife Janet told you, she and her brother Stuart Hayne and their family spent many summers over there from 1944 to 1949, and she has many fond memories. The most notable seems to be spending much time swimming in the Booth Canal with Inner Tubes.

We think Charles Stuart bought the house on Saltspring Island probably in the fall of 1942 or spring of 1943. We now think, based on other pictures we have found, that he moved first from Winnipeg to Vancouver in the mid 1930's. He then opened a hardware store on Cambie Street in Vancouver which he operated until early 1942 when he sold it. We have a picture of my wife with her brother and mother in Charles' back yard in April 1942. The next pictures are in the summer of 1943 and are on Saltspring Island.

We have received confirmation from Don and Wendy Shea that their home at 221 Booth Canal Road, is in fact Charles Stuart's house, which they have extensively renovated. They think the people they bought it from probably bought it from Janet Stuart in 1949 or 1950. We think it was 1950 as Janet returned to Scotland, and our cousin has a letter from her in Scotland dated October 18, 1950 which appears to have been written just after she arrived back there.

This information has been provided by Herb and Janet Barge

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