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Geoff Leason

The Geoff Leason Collection

Geoff Leason was bom in Belper, Derbyshire, England on February 1943. He emigrated to Canada with his wife Maureen in 1967. After travelling and seeing much of Canada, they settled in Saanichton and in 1976, purchased a lot on Salt Spring at Rourke Road overlooking Ganges Harbour.
They cut down trees from this land and contructed a log house themselves over the next few years. This was completed in 1981 with a little help from their friends. For a couple of years they both commuted to jobs in Victoria, but gradually managed to find work on Salt Spring. Once he was fully qualified, Geoff started his own business, Gulf Islands Appliance and Refrigeration Repair.

Geoff always loved tinkering with motor bikes and old cars and his last project was to work on an old Cadillac and keep it running. He was an avid fisherman, and loved nothing more than to head out with the dogs, fishing rod and camera. He particularly enjoyed black and white photography - hence this collection of photos he would take around the island while driving from one repair job to the next.
He died suddenly in a work-related accident on August 28th 1996 (4 days after his father died in England). He was a wonderful caring person and is missed by so many friends.
"He was a gentle man and a gentleman.
" (Maureen Leason-Mundy)

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