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Early Schools

Central School (Vesuvius)

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log schoolhouse at Central c1894

Central (called Vesuvius) 1860 or earlier

Log Schoolhouse at Central (c1894) (Doris Rogers/Myrtle Drinkwater) With Edward Harrison’s wagon and oxen.

Original Central (log) Schoolhouse photo: Toynbee Collection:

Alfred Temmel mural about John Craven Jones
John Craven Jones
North End schoolhouse

North End being at first merely the other building used by “Vesuvius” students - the same one teacher on both places — until 1882 when only the Central location was used, until 1891)

North End schoolhouse
Central Settlement
Vesuvius Central School frame building
log schoolhouse at Central c1894
Vesuvius School (Central) 1894

Front L-R: Mr. Edward Wakelim & Mr. Edward Harrison beside the yoke of oxen, Walter Norton, unknown, Lionel Beddis, Dorothy Norton, Margaret Mouat, Joel Broadwell and Luther or Charlie Bittancourt. Rear L-R: Francis Norton, Will Mouat, Gilbert Mouat, Howard Wakelim, unknown, Arthur Walter, Elsie Norton, Mary Walter, and Mary Mouat.

source: Mrs. Myrtle Drinkwater & Mrs. Doris Rogers;
Vesuvius Central School c1908 Vesuvius Central School c1908
Vesuvius Central School c1908 (Jessie Toynbee)

Teacher Archibald John William Doods Rear: Jerry Mouat, Chester Martin, Lyndell Bittancourt, Madge Barret, Mary Barret, Pearl Norton, Edith Lundy, Jean Purvis, Bert Bittancourt, Glen McIntyre

Front: Frank Mansell, Mary Wright, Kate Nelson, Cremo McIntyre, Jessie Mouat, Viva Wood Ethel Purvis, Alma Wood, Mary Nelson, Herbert Purvis, Helen McIntyre, George Nelson, Bill Purvis, Gerald Mason
Vesuvius Central School 1921
Vesuvius School March 22, 1921 (K. Smart)

Teacher in background
Central Settlement c1900
Central Settlement c1900 (Henry Caldwell)

Central Hall and to the left of the Hall, the school house. To the right, the jail. “The gaol, a small square white building, containing a hall and two cells, was built nine years ago,but has only been occupied about five times, once for cattle stealing, twice for killing game out of season, and twice for fighting: this speaks well for the peaceable condition of the community.”
Vesuvius Central School c1894
Vesuvius Central School c1894 (Bob Hele)

This frame building replaced the older log school at Central.